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!Ack Ack! (pre-Area / Moon Seven Times) Automatic 12" 29.00
"Robot" Content / Weem Koenigjohannes For Princess Perfect 8" 15.00
ててラ もな MC 99.00
→ ↑ → ; (Tch Tch Tch) Muzak, Rock & Minimalism - The First 3 EP's by → ↑ → LP 59.00
(a'-pop) Art of Persuasion 12" 5.00
(Ad) Vance (d) (ex-Vance Orchestra) Flushing the Veins DVD 9.00
(Ad) Vance (d) (ex-Vance Orchestra) Poem # Red 128 Dot CD 9.00
(Ad)Vance(d) (= ex-Vance Orchestra) 24 10" 8.00
(ad)vance(d) (ex- Vance Orchestra) Two Events LP 9.00
(Hypothetical) Prophets Around the World with... LP 29.00
(Hypothetical) Prophets Person to Person 7" 15.00
(Hypothetical) Prophets (= Bernard Szajner) Back to the Burner 7" 22.00
(Il Teatro Magnetico) Vogler / Ludo Mich & Kommissar Hjuler & Frau A Volte / Sometimes EP 9.00
(pi) Art aka Mr Mamadou / Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Bär Anticipation Dub MCD-R 25.00
(Virgin) Prunes Lite Fantastik LP 5.00
...Of Tanz Victims 1876 - Scanning Elle Dementia 12" 9.00
0 (Zero) 0.000 CD 11.00
1-2-3 Cocks & Lions EP 9.00
10,000 Maniacs Human Conflict Number Five MLP 19.00
100% Manmade Fibre Green for Go 7" 69.00
122 Actualites Minute Madagragra / Le Fer MC 12.00
13 / Thirteen Can That Be True? LP 9.00
17 Pygmies Welcome LP 9.00
19 Ninety Seven Circles LP 59.00
2 Cheval Le Systeme 7" 29.00
23 Skidoo Coup 12" 12.00
23 Skidoo Language 12" 19.00
23 Skidoo Tearing Up the Plans 12" 25.00
23 Skidoo Tearing Up The Plans 12" 9.00
23 Skidoo The Culling Is Coming CD 11.00
23 Skidoo Urban Gamelan LP 12.00
2nd Decay Killing Desire 12" 29.00
3 P Swaet Too Close to the Moon 7" 8.00
30 Seconds Automatic 7" 5.00
35007 Especially For You MC 5.00
39 Liquids / KMFDM / Sascha Konietzko Demo (Probably Unique Master-Tape) MC 299.00
3rd Man / Kjott / Dobbel V/Hiss (Son of a Kitsch Vol. 1) Bla Natt / Nei, nei, nei / Uten tittel FLEXI 19.00
4 X (= Paul Sinden) …Ballet Dancer… LP 9.00
418 (Adventures Of Twizzle / Nails Ov Christ side-project) Deus est Homo MC 49.00
44 Magnum 4 Figures 12" 7.00
48 Cameras B-Sides are for Lovers LP 25.00
4D Fauve Moderne FLEXI+MAG 49.00
50 Ways To Kill Me / Kingdom Cum (= Jonathan Meese & Tim Berresheim) Sex, Drugs and Suicide / Nature of the Beyond LP 13.00
8 Eyed Spy (= Lydia Lunch) Live MC 9.00
87 Central same LP 6.00
A Bao A Qou D'Ecailles et de Granit LP 9.00
A Certain Ratio Brasilia 12" 12.00
A Certain Ratio To Each... LP 9.00
A Certain Ratio Sextet LP 13.00
A Cha Cha At The Opera (Zeus B. Held) same 7" 5.00
A Produce (ex-Afterimage)(w./ Scott Fraser / Richard Franecki / The Clearing LP 19.00
A-Tonal Sculpture same CD 9.00
A.M.B. / Hyware / Kapotte Muziek A Big Cloud / Into the Void MLP 7.00
A.M.K. (w./ Small Cruel Party / Con-Dom / Gen Ken Montgomery / Crawl Unit / Gino Robair) Needle Hit the Groove MLP+FLEXI+ANTI-FLEXI 19.00
A.N.P. (Null) Ultima Action LP 39.00
A.T.R.O.X. (w./ the help of Tuxedomoon) The Night's Remains LP 59.00
A.V.B. (= Alexander von Borsig?) Floater(s) CD-R 15.00
Aa Big A Little A MLP 9.00
Abrasion Ensemble Music for the Same 500 People, Part 1 & 2 CD+CD-R 39.00
Abraxas Nature Coils MLP 5.00
Abraxas Acid Leprosy MC 29.00
Absolute Grey Green House LP 14.00
Abwärts Beirut Holiday Inn 12" 9.00
Abwärts Olympia 12" 9.00
Acapulco Gold Unter einer Decke LP 12.00
Achternbusch, Herbert Wellen BOOK 5.00
Achternbusch, Herbert Der Maler BOOK 12.00
Acker, Luc van same LP 7.00
Acker, Luc van same 12" 19.00
Acker, Luc van VPRO RadioNome - December 18, 1981 MLP 9.00
Acrobats Of Desire Parking Boys EP 9.00
Action Transfers The Light 7" 5.00
Activity Center (= Burkhard Beins & Michael Renkel) Möwen CD-R 5.00
Actor Covergirls MCD-R 7.00
Actors & Famous People It Don't Matter When You Get Down On The Floor 12" 7.00
Actuel Monuments LP 19.00
Adamson, Barry Black Amour VIDEO VHS 29.00
Adamson, Barry As Above So Below CD 5.00
Adamson, Barry The Man with the Golden Arm 7" 5.00
Adler, Gunter Kiebitzreihe 7" 4.00
ADN Ckrystall Synthesizers and Other Electronic Masturbators LP 25.00
ADN Ckrystall Minilab LP+7" 19.00
ADN Ckrystall Cod-Adn EP+MCD 15.00
Adult Fantasies For the Time Being LP 8.00
Advocate / Idolise No. 3 (Flexi: Advocate / Mag: Pseudo Code, We Be Echo, 400 Blows, Vittore Baroni, Nature & Organisation, Bourbonese Qualk,...) FLEXI+MAG 75.00
Advocates Of Das Bang! Anxiety is our Pleasure CD 15.00
Aeolian String Ensemble (= David Kenny , member of Nurse With Wound & Current 93) Lassithi Elysium CD 11.00
Aethr Myth'd A Night Outside CD-R 9.00
Af Ursin Murrille LP 15.00
Af Ursin Aura Legato LP 59.00
Af Ursin Aika LP 65.00
Af Ursin Aika LP 15.00
Af Ursin Trois Memoires Discretes LP 17.00
Af Ursin Hauskaa Joulua! 7" 49.00
Af Ursin Aura Legato LP 15.00
Af Ursin Trois Memoires Discretes LP 15.00
Af Ursin Korale EP 29.00
Af Ursin De Overkant LP 17.00
Af Ursin Itinera LP 59.00
Af Ursin Itinera LP 19.00
Afflux (= Eric La Casa, Eric Cordier, Jean-Luc Guionnet) Bordeaux Tnt CD 5.00
Afraid Of Mice same (Official Bootleg) LP 25.00
Afterimage (A Produce) Take My Hands 7" 15.00
Agata, Morio Le Mizeraburu LP 39.00
Agent Side Grinder same LP 9.00
Agents Provocateurs Missing Persons LP 18.00
AGF Aka Antye Greie-Ripatti / Kommissar Hjuler & Frau / Marc Hurtado Ich Werde Sein (Ulrike Meinhof) LP 22.00
Agog Magnetic Phenomena of All Kinds MC 25.00
Agog (ex- Points Of Friction) Dust is Their Food & Clay Their Meat LP 12.00
Ain Soph / Circus Joy Baltikum/Desolazione 7" 5.00
Ain Tow (pre-Vance Orchestra) Unwilling to Suck/Intolerant CD-R 15.00
Airway Beyond the Pink Live EP+2CD 19.00
Airway (= Le Forte Four / Joe Potts & Vetza) Unconscious? 7" 179.00
AK Process (= AK 47) Electronic Music 7" 49.00
Akita, Masami (= Merzbow) / Azuma, Reiko / Haswell, Russell (= both of Senssurround Orchestra) / Sakaibara, Tetsuo (= Universal Indians) Ich schnitt mich in den Finger MLP 7.00
Alberorovesciato Skorpio Cassette MC 5.00
Ales, Germain Hubert Mini 33 tours EP 39.00
Alesia Cosmos Exclusivo! LP 39.00
Ali B. Hier sta ik! MCD BUSINESS CARD 9.00
Alien Brains (w./ Rupenus of New Blockaders) Live at the Basement MC 99.00
Alien Farm Desperation Asks LP 13.00
Alien Sex Fiend Here Cum Germs 12" Metal Master 79.00
Alio Die The Way of Fire EP 12.00
Alio Die Introspective MC 29.00
Alio Die / Opus Vix Inchoatum Sit Tibi Terra Levis MC 29.00
All-Out (= Freetar) New No MC 12.00
Allan, Norman Critical Seconds LP 15.00
Allegory Chapel Ltd. Demimonde Voices MC 19.00
Allegory Chapel Ltd. Assaults On The Human Body MC 19.00
Allerseelen Knistern / Löwin 7" 7.00
Allerseelen Nornar Nagli / Panzergarten 7" 7.00
Allerseelen Alle Lust will Ewigkeit / Traumlied 7" 7.00
Allerseelen / Blood Axis Käferlied / The March of Brian Boru EP 14.00
Allerseelen / Circe / Dakshineswar Canco de Somni / Marques de Pubol 7" 7.00
Allerseelen / O Paradis Funke / El Astro Rey 7" 7.00
Alma / Disaster Plan Singles Club #1 Featuring 7" 8.00
Almond, Mark Jacques CD 4.00
Alpha Rin LP 25.00
Alphaville Paisajes Nocturnos EP 25.00
Alshaibi, Usama (of Magic as Kuntmaster) Solar Anus Cinema DVD 12.00
Altai Chamber Orchestra / Alex & Android Llaw/Pyramid EP 25.00
Alternative TV The Force is Blind 7" 9.00
Alternative TV Live at the Rat Club '77 LP 12.00
Alternative TV (w./ Genesis P'Orridge) Vibing Up the Senile Man (Part One) LP 19.00
Alternative TV / Here And Now What You See...Is What You Are LP 12.00
Althoff, Ernie (known from Terse Tapes / Innocent Rec. / 2 Tapes, Australian electronic avantgarde) The Way I See it/You've Got the Option MC 39.00
Alto Alter Ego LP 15.00
Alto Bruit Tales from Anywhere Else LP 9.00
Alu Ungesunde Traumbilder LP 25.00
Aluminum Group Happyness LP 9.00
Alvaro Drinkin My Own Sperm LP 59.00
Alvi & the Alviettes (Die Hornissen) I'll go to 7" 29.00
Amber, Christine What Have I Done MLP 13.00
Ambient Temple Of Imagination Sonic Acupuncture / Eleusinia 2CD 15.00
America, Tom & Hanlo, Jan (w./ Henny Vrienten, Hein Offermans, Vincent van Warmerdam) Tjielp Tjielp CD+BOOK 15.00
AMK Hi-Fi EP 5.00
AMK Scan MC 15.00
AMK & WM. Zarate Embedded MC 8.00
AMK 1990 / Gum Assemblage 2 7" 9.00
AMM / Merzbow Split Series #4 MLP 15.00
Amor Fati Will to Live MLP 9.00
Amor Fati IV - Body w/o Organs MC 19.00
Amor Fati / Vandal-X Against Nature LP 9.00
Amos & Crew (of Amos & Sara / Homosexuals) True Tears MC 79.00
Amos & Sara (Homosexuals - related) Go Home Soldier 12" 49.00
Amos, Daniel Doppelgänger LP 5.00
Anakrid Banishment Rituals of the Disenlightened CD 9.00
Anatomical Gift / Kollege 360 Live MC 9.00
Anderes Radio Berlin same MC 9.00
Anechoic Chamber (Hans Myer of LPD) The Blood of the Flower LP 9.00
Angelo & His Egos Egotrip LP 29.00
Animal Magic Get it Right 12" 5.00
Animas, Las Inside Music CD 12.00
Ankersmit, Thomas / O'Rourke, Jim same LP 15.00
Ankersmit, Thomas / O'Rourke, Jim Weerzin / Oscillators & Guitars LP 15.00
ANKH Still Life 7" 13.00
ANKH same CD 7.00
Anode / Cathode Punkanachrock EP+7" 99.00
Anomali / Richard Rupenus (New Blockaders) Nitya-Baddha 10" 9.00
Another Headache Nothing Definate MC 12.00
Another Headache / Drome Cacophony Concerto 2nd. Mvt. / Father 7" 5.00
Anschluss (pre-Idea Fire Company) The Mobile Plumb Bob LP 19.00
Ant-Bee (ex-Frank Zappa / Mothers of Invention) The Bizarre German EP EP 9.00
Antek (sound) / Franklin P. Carpenter (text) Weh mir Messenger MCDR+BOOK 25.00
Antena, Isabelle Tous Mes Caprices LP 5.00
Antigroup The Delivery LP 9.00
Antigroup (= T.A.G.C.) Broadcast Test 12" 8.00
Antigroup (= T.A.G.C.) Big Sex 12" 8.00
Antigroup (= T.A.G.C.) Ha Zulu 12" 8.00
Antigroup / T.A.G.C. Meontological Research Recording - Record 1 LP 19.00
Antipop (Büsser, Martin) (Krautrock, Jim O'Rourke, Loren Mazzacane, Jello Biafra, Arnulf Meifert (ex-Faust), Henry Rollins, Techno, Melvins, Phil Collins,...) BOOK 12.00
Antony and the Johnsons The Crying Light LP 15.00
Anxiety, Annie Bandez Jackamo LP 8.00
Anüll, Ian / Archetti, Luigi / Zeier, Marc (= G-Park) Made in China MLP 15.00
Aphex Twin Ventolin E.P (The Remixes) 12" 8.00
Appel A Tous (= Jerome Noetinger) same MC 9.00
Appi Wie ich dir, so do mie LP 15.00
Appi Mahnfaktor Katharsis EP 5.00
Applegate, David / Lotus / Wad Squad same 2CD-R 19.00
Aranos One Live Duck Budges Surf 7" 29.00
Aranos No Religion EP 7.00
Arcane Device Trout CD 12.00
Arcane Device Diabolis Ex Machina CD 7.00
Arcane Device Also Sprach Zarathustra CD 7.00
Arcane Device / Asmus Tietchens / David Myers Speiseleitung CD 9.00
Arcane Device / PGR Fetish CD 7.00
Arcane Device 1 Engines Of Myth LP 13.00
Arcane Device 3 Improvisations For Feedback 2x7" 13.00
Archaic Braille Ossification During Improvisation LP 14.00
Architects Of Desire Beyond the Pale LP 5.00
Architexture same MC 6.00
Archon Satani In Shelter CD 3.00
Archon Satani The Final Completion 10" 9.00
Archon Satani Memento Mori LP 13.00
Archon Satani (M. Stavöstrand / Inanna) Beyond all thee Sickness LP 44.00
Aria Elles M'Entrainent 7" 5.00
Arizigoku Big Present MCD 7.00
Arkitex same LP 9.00
Arkus 1914 LP 25.00
Arling & Cameron We Are A&C 2LP 5.00
Armchair Migraine Journey (w./ Edward Ka-spel) Cosmic Space Drone MC 12.00
Arms Of Someone New Burying the Carnival MLP 39.00
Arnadottir, Bergpora / Smith, Graham Pad vorar LP 15.00
Arrache-Coeurs (w./ Pascal Comelade) Les Feuilles Blanches 7" 17.00
Art & Technique Diabolus in Mecanica LP 29.00
Art Division Tears of a New Dawn 7" 19.00
Art Of Parties Last Time 7" 29.00
Art Zoyd Phase IV 2LP 39.00
Art-Errorist & Zsolt Sörés (w./ Babs Santitin, Jonathan Coleclough, Peter Strickland, Jean-Herve Peron) The Wasp Boutique 2LP+DVD 25.00
Artificial Memory Trace Distori (noah) CD 6.00
Artificial Memory Trace Vol. 13: Erozion LP 9.00
Artossa Citylights 12" 13.00
Artpop Combo Car Park Drama 7" 19.00
Artwork Madremonio CD 6.00
Arurmukha 14-11-90 (Ein akustisches Psychogramm) LP 25.00
Arvo Picture in the Paper 7" 5.00
Arvo Oriental Exotique 7" 4.00
Asano, Koji Crevasses CD 5.00
Asano, Koji Zoo Telepathy CD 5.00
Ashley, Doug Do ya wanna Know me 7" 15.00
Ashtray Navigations Plaster Projection Instruction Record MLP 9.00
Asja Auf Capri Novi Ronde LP 9.00
Asphixiation L'Acrostique D'Amour 12" 49.00
Asra (= Timo van Luijk / Af Ursin & Raymond Dijkstra) Souvenir a Asra LP 15.00
Astro's Snake-Bite EP 8.00
Asylum Nothin' to be a Friend 12" 29.00
Ata Tat Dark Promises MLP 12.00
Atavar, Michael Cabral Dynamic EP 19.00
Atrax Morgue New York Ripper MC 22.00
Atrax Morgue / Lunus Necrophilic Experience MC 25.00
Attachments Why Don't You Come Back MLP 5.00
Attrition Smiling, at the Hypogonder Club LP 5.00
Attrition In the Realm of the Hungry Ghosts LP 9.00
Attrition / Schamanen Circel Deliverance MLP 14.00
Attrition / Schamanen Circel Deliverance MLP 19.00
Au Met Life 2 - Recycling CD 7.00
Aube RM 4 CD 9.00
Aube 108 CD 7.00
Aube Live in Besancon 1997 CD-R 9.00
Aube Sacrament 7" 15.00
Aube Maze Head Shift EP 9.00
Aube Spiral Tricle Distillation MLP 19.00
Aube Pulse Resonator LP+7" 49.00
Aube Flush CD 5.00
Aube Ricochetentrance CD 5.00
Aube Drip MC 19.00
Aube Saturation Transfer 7" 6.00
Aube Quadrotation 4x7" BOX 15.00
Aube Autodecision 7" 5.00
Aube Throb in Manic Red LP 29.00
Aube Vas in Euthymic Violet LP 15.00
Aube Sigh in Depressive Blue LP 17.00
Aube Cerebral Disturbance LP 13.00
Aube Deglaze LP 12.00
Aube Luminescence VHS 49.00
Aube Aquatremble EP 15.00
Aube Monochordattune 7" 9.00
Aube & Telepherique R-S+C LP 9.00
Aube + Cock E.S.P. Maschinenwerk CD 7.00
Aube / Grunt Loom Hatching Doom / Fresh Image for the Car Merchants 10" 15.00
Aube / Noaidi Empa EP 19.00
Aube / Smell & Quim G-Radiation / The Transubstantiation of the Shit of Christ MC 9.00
Aube / Source Direkt Sight Forward Aberration / Es gibt kein Zurück 7" 8.00
Aube / Sshe Retina Stimulants Video Field Recordings LP 15.00
Aube / Telepherique Daseinsspanne EP 9.00
Audible Pain Mehrzeitiger Hirnstamminfarkt LP 5.00
Audio-View (Metamkine, P.B.K., Alio Die, Temps Perdu?, RRRecords, Multimood Records, Fünfundvierzig Records,...) MAG 5.00
Aufwind Der Mythos Mann 7" 6.00
Aupheus Stay With Me 7" 29.00
Aural Exciters (= Bob Blank / Tom Malone / James Chance / Walter Steding a.o.) Spooks in Space LP 7.00
Auscult (ex- Iron Curtain) same MLP 69.00
Australian Crawl Semantics 12" 5.00
Autechre Incunabula CD 5.00
Auto Da Fe Man Of Mine 7" 12.00
Autograph Watched Run 7" 6.00
Autonomy A Faction of Mercy EP 4.00
Autopsia Palladium CD 9.00
Autumn (pre-Twilight Ritual) Synthesize 7" 99.00
Avant Gardeners The Church of the Inner Cosmos LP 9.00
Avantgarde De Luxe Jorden under mig LP 55.00
Avantgarde de Luxe Edge of Time LP 79.00
Avarus Kirppujen Saari LP 9.00
Aventure (w./ Philippe Besombes) Comme un Équipage 7" 12.00
Aventuriers, Les Sourirs Innocents 7" 12.00
Aviador Dro Vortex 12" 35.00
Aviador Dro Amor Industrial 12" 35.00
Aviador Dro La Chica de Plexiglas 12" 89.00
Aviador Dro (pre-Esplendor Geometrico) La Vision 7" 69.00
Avila same LP 12.00
Avril A Paris Is For Lovers 7" 29.00
Axinen (Un Departement) Souffles MC 29.00
Ayres, Ian Breathing Between Us 7" 39.00
Azreal Vol. 4 - Impressionen zu Gott CD-R 15.00
Aztex Camera High Hand, Hard Rain LP 5.00
B-52's same LP 6.00
B.A.L.L. (= Kramer, Don Fleming, Jay Spiegel) Four "Hardball" LP 4.00
B.S.E Noturno MC BOX 12.00
b9 See you at the Go Go 2x10" 19.00
Baader Pop Gruppe Zappenblitz EP 49.00
Babel Brennt Kein Platz für Andere MLP 49.00
Baby, F.V. Concertos EP 9.00
Babyland Reality Under Smrow-Toh 12" 5.00
Bach, Jean Hit Mix (Zeit für Zärtlichkeit) EP 5.00
Bach, Jean (Little Brutal Rave Bastards Series Vol. 4) The Super 8 Inch Series # 8 8" 15.00
Bad Baby same (w./ Beatles Cover 'Cry Baby Cry') LP 19.00
Bad Doctors Distractions MLP 9.00
Bad Examples Slow Music - The Exciting Sounds of... CD 9.00
Bad Kharma / Lasse Marhaug / Grunt Scandinavian Noise Manifesto CD 6.00
Bad Sneakers Beat the Meter LP 6.00
Bad Tune Men Jail Head Rack 12" 5.00
Badly Drawn Boy Nothing's Gonna Change Your Mind 7" 4.00
Badowski, Henry (of Alternative TV) My Face 7" 6.00
Bailey, James Dimensions LP 29.00
Baker, Aidan Book of Nods CD 15.00
Baker, Aidan & Ultra Milkmaids At Home With... CD 6.00
Baker, Aidan / Buckareff, Leah / Nadja Trinity CD 15.00
Baker, Aidan / Infant Cycle Rural CDR 15.00
Bal Perdu Melecass 7" 9.00
Ball and Pivot E.P. 12" 16.00
Ball, Dave (w./ Genesis P'Orridge, Gavin Friday, Virginia Astley) In Strict Tempo LP 19.00
Ballet M.Ecanique (= Martin Hall) The Icecold Waters of the Egocentric Calculation LP 19.00
Ballroom Heroes I'll Give You All My Love MC 19.00
Banabila, Michel Des Traces Retrouvees MLP 15.00
Banabila, Michel Marilli LP 19.00
Banabila, Michel Hilarious Expedition 2CD 9.00
Band Of Holy Joy Rosemary Smith 12" 4.00
Band Of Outsiders / Certain General Far Away in America LP 8.00
Bandaid A Tour In Italy 12" 15.00
Bandana Passagers Clandestins 7" 5.00
Barbarella Plüsch d_b 7" 12.00
Bardoseneticcube Rain in June EP 9.00
Bardoseneticcube Teologic CD-R 25.00
Bargeld, Blixa (of Einstürzende Neubauten) Stimme frißt Feuer BOOK 9.00
Barker, Clive / Young, Christopher Hellbound - Hellraiser II VHS 5.00
Barmy Army The English Disease LP 5.00
Barnes & Barnes Fish Heads - Greatest Hits EP 19.00
Barnes & Barnes Soak it up MLP 15.00
Barnes & Barnes Voobaha LP 15.00
Barons Always Lurking EP 129.00
Barreca, Marc (w./ Kerry Leimer) Twilight LP 29.00
Barton, Edward (of Jane & Barton) Belly Box Brother Gob 12" 9.00
Basic Scream Tales of Intoxication LP 6.00
Basso, Alain Ab Irato CD 5.00
Batchas Live in Nevers LP 15.00
Batoh, Masaki (of Ghost / Marble Sheep) A Ghost from the Darkened Sea LP 8.00
Battery Operated Chases Through Non-Place CD 5.00
Batz Without Flesh No Memory LP 19.00
Batz Without Flesh A Million Bricks LP 13.00
Batz Without Flesh Futureshock 12" 13.00
Bauhaus Telegram Sam 12" 7.00
Bauhaus Le Paris 1983 & Session 1980 MC 9.00
Bauhaus Mask LP 9.00
Bauhaus In the Flat Field LP 15.00
Bazooka Is er meer dan dit hier MLP 17.00
Bazooka Zwevende Vlakken LP 19.00
Bazooka / Das Wesen Serie Serie EP 7.00
BBM Super! 9+1 Filme VIDEO VHS 9.00
BBR / NJR (= M.Nomized / Pol Silentblock / Guy Stuckens) A Reau...Gare MC 9.00
Bdolf (= Fleischlego) Noize Rocker 1 MC+MAG 9.00
Be-2 (= Zen Oikawa) Bright / Dark FLEXI 111.00
Beakers Red Towel 7" 9.00
Beat Rodeo (Richard Barone) (Bongos) Steve Almaas 12" 5.00
Beatniks Exitentialism LP 15.00
Beau Geste Strange Little Girl 7" 7.00
Beaulieau, Emil Gods Favorite Noise MC 99.00
Beautiful Glassbottom Boat (= Brunnen) Wild Geese Fly with the Moon on their Wings 7" 5.00
Becker Lehnhoff Solo: Observed CD 9.00
Bedel, Phil Bells On Ice EP 19.00
Beequeen White Tusk 7" 8.00
Beequeen Sugarbush CD 7.00
Beequeen Davidzdane Vanja 7" 19.00
Beequeen Sandancing Demos 10"+CD 19.00
Beequeen White Bike MCD 5.00
Beequeen Gund CD BOX 6.00
Beequeen Time Waits For No One CD 7.00
Beequeen The Surrough Gate 10" 9.00
Beequeen Do Be Do (A Live Anthology) 2LP BOX 19.00
Beequeen Natursymfonie LP 15.00
Beequeen Port Out Starboard Home CD 5.00
Beequeen / Kapotte Muziek Split LP 12.00
Beequeen / Roel Meelkop Ownliness LP+7" 19.00
Beequeen / Wander Jamaica Plain 7" 29.00
Behrens, Marc Lecture Feedback/Source Feedback/The Aesthetics of Censorship LP 7.00
Behrens, Mark Selected Minimalist Concerns CD-R 12.00
Belaboris Odotus 7" 39.00
Belchkitchen D.J.Schopschijf MCD-R 9.00
Belfegore same LP 9.00
Belfegore same 12" 6.00
Bellerue, Bob / Halfnormal Threat Level Charlie CD 12.00
Belt S/He MC 9.00
Bender, John Pop Surgery LP 179.00
Bennett, John M. & C. Mehrl / Bryan Lewis Saunders & Mama Bär & Kommissar Hjuler The Kepler-452b Woman - Section A-3/Contest LP 66.00
Bennett, John M. / Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Bär The Anticipation of the Generalized Other MCD-R 29.00
Bennett, John M. / Padilla Baltos, Bibiana / Texas Patti / Dalachinsky, Steve / Badasyan, Mischa / Kommissar Hjuler & Frau / Violet Storm / Lurie, Bor Fluxporn - The NO!art Statements MLP 25.00
Bennett, Justin Endless Sound 2 - Ocean CDR 12.00
Bennett, Justin Magnetic City CD 7.00
Bennett, Mehrl / Lemaire, Danielle / Mama Bär / PAAK / Palsson, Magnus / Siemeister, Emil Fluxus = Cars w/o Panties MLP 69.00
Beranek Trigger LP 15.00
Beranek She's a Great Dancer 12" 19.00
Beranek Dra til haelvete 7" 19.00
Berger, Bodo Wasserklänge CD 15.00
Berger, Wm. / Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Bär Lingus 31.31 (Anticipation) CD-R 29.00
Bergmark, Johannes / Hübner, Guido (= Das Synthetische Mischgewebe) Nisip Noaptea MC 12.00
Berlin From the Savoy New York City Live 7/23/83 2LP 33.00
Berlin Information LP 75.00
Berlin 23 Quand tu sens venir la mort 7" 15.00
Berlin West Snakepit 7" 79.00
Berlins, Max New Wave LP 9.00
Bernard C. Concep (DDAA-related) Les Jardins d'Espagne MC 59.00
Berntholer My Suitor 7" 13.00
Berntholer My Suitor 7" 9.00
Berry, Ron A Voice in the Wilderness MC 29.00
Berry, Ron Where Dark Forces Meet MC 29.00
Bertin Krak EP 5.00
Berurier Noir Abracadaboum! LP 25.00
Between The Sheets Late Night Radio (Kraftwerk Covers - medley) MLP 9.00
Beverly Sisters Talk, Talk, Talk 12" 8.00
Bianchi, Maurizio NH HN MC 149.00
Bianchi, Maurizio Carcinosi LP 99.00
Bianchi, Maurizio Mectpyo Bakterium LP 129.00
Bianchi, Maurizio Neuro Habitat LP 129.00
Bianchi, Maurizio Carcinosi Endometrico 2LP 222.00
Bianchi, Maurizio Industrial Murder / Menstrual Bleeding LP 79.00
Bianchi, Maurizio Armaghedon LP 129.00
Bianchi, Maurizio Plays the Clockwork Orange LP 39.00
Bianchi, Maurizio The Plain Truth CD 5.00
Bianchi, Maurizio Armaghedon CD 5.00
Bianchi, Maurizio & Les Champs Magnétiques Segment [A+B] LP 19.00
Bianchi, Maurizio & Les Champs Magnétiques Segment [C1+C2] LP 19.00
Bianchi, Maurizio (= M.B.) Colori CD 9.00
Bianchi, Maurizio (= MB) Menses + Sesnem LP+CD-R 139.00
Bianchi, Maurizio (= MB) Symphony For A Genocide + T.A.M.A.B.C.S. LP+CD-R 299.00
Big City Orchestra Raw Footage VIDEO 22.00
Big City Orchestra 30th Anniversary Disc CD-R 12.00
Big City Orchestra / Delphium Fire As Solution/Amplifier/Bruised EP 5.00
Big Red Gun Golden EP 79.00
Big Road Breaker Don't Fuck with the Angels CD 5.00
Billy? Rhizome CD 9.00
Bilting, Ulf / Karkowski, Zbigniew Bye-Bye Engine LP 19.00
Bimby, Emerson (w./ Judy Nylon) My Little Bomb 2x7" 29.00
Bingo, P.S. Sludge Mtn. MC 9.00
Bingo, PS / Pinetones Thisness / Lemon Fresh MC 9.00
Biohazard Tales From the B-Side CD 7.00
Biota Almost Never CD 12.00
Biota (= Mnemonists) Rackabones 2LP 49.00
Birchville Cat Motel Lion of Eight Thousand Generations LP 23.00
Birchville Cat Motel Cranes are Sleeping LP 9.00
Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic EP MLP 16.00
Birthday Party The Bad Seed 12" 9.00
Birthday Party (w./ Nick Cave) same LP 39.00
Birthday Party / Lydia Lunch Drunk On The Pope's Blood / The Agony Is The Ecstasy MLP 9.00
Bisca same MLP 29.00
Biscuit, Karl (w./ Winston Tong, Blaine Reininger, Marc Hollander) Regrets Eternels MLP 7.00
Biss For Who? 7" 12.00
Bitch Boys Continental LP 49.00
Bitch Boys Die Bahnhof Cafe / Sighsten H. 7" 9.00
Bitter Harvest Ritual Music for Broken Magick CD 7.00
Biv, Roy G. Patterns for the Outside Surface of a Cube MC 9.00
Bizottsag, A.E. Jegkrembalett LP 15.00
Bjerga, Sindre / Elektrodiesel Stray Bullet MC 7.00
Bjerga, Sindre / Iversen, Jan-Morten Time Lapsed FLOPPY DISC 5.00
Bjerga, Sindre / Jan M. Iversen (= No One) Amplified Crystal Rust CD-R 9.00
Björk Debut + Play Dead CD 5.00
Björk Debut CD 4.00
Björk / Sugarcubes Regina 7" Metal Master 79.00
Black Acid Laser She was a Mulligan MC 5.00
Black Humor Love God, Love One Another LP 99.00
Black Leather Jesus / MSBR Sonic Destruction LP 19.00
Black Lung Silent Weapons for Silent Wars CD 13.00
Black Sun Productions & Val Denham Somewhere Between Desire and Despair CD 12.00
Blackhouse Five Minutes After I Die LP 12.00
Blackhouse y2k EP 22.00
Blackhouse Hope LP 69.00
Blackhouse Holy War LP 15.00
Blackhouse The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost CD 7.00
Blackhouse 5 Minutes After I Die LP 33.00
Blackhouse Hope Like A Candle LP 15.00
Blackhouse Reason for the Season 7" 19.00
Blackhouse Five Minutes After I Die MC 9.00
Blacklight Confessions Of Pantopon Rose Eyelash Carpets CD 12.00
Bladder Flask & Broken Penis Orchestra / Kommissar Hjuler & Family Fodder Adskillige Titlen Fra Den Geschichten Af Det Hjernen Uden For Jorden (Alien Brains) Ikke Klavieren LP 65.00
Bladder Flask & Broken Penis Orchestra / Kommissar Hjuler & Family Fodder Arme Nuesse (Volume 2) LP 45.00
Bladder Flask & Broken Penis Orchestra / Wolfgang Kindermann & Magda Stawarska-Beavan / Dino Felipe & Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Adskillige Titlen Fra Den Geschichten Af Det Hjernen Uden For Jorden (Alien Brains) Med Rekvisitter Og Bogen Fra Kindermann LP 89.00
Bladder Flask & Broken Penis Orchestra / Wolfgang Kindermann & Magda Stawarska-Beavan / Dino Felipe & Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Arme Dornröschen LP 45.00
Blah Blah Blah same LP 29.00
Blairmailer Home of the Falcon LP 9.00
Blanchard, Philippe / Renou, Christian (= Brume) Play: Lunch CD 6.00
Blanco Estira Nuestro + Hélice, Hermana Marcel Duchamp / Antonin Artaud / Benjamin Péret / Alexandros Papadiamantis / Jean Cocteau / Arthur Rimbaud 12" 9.00
Blank Duden LP 15.00
Blast Conservatory Rage: the Viking I'm Not MLP 7.00
Blastov same MC 9.00
Blau Pause same LP 19.00
Blaue Reiter My Inner Thought LP 13.00
Blaupunkt same LP 7.00
Blausäureeinsatz Frühe Wolgawerke EP 12.00
Blav01 Blank 8" LATHE-CUT 9.00
Blaze Colour, A The New Ones 12" 49.00
Blechdom, Kevin And the Tempo of Doom 7" 4.00
Bleeker, Robert Southern Spirit MC 6.00
Blegvad, Peter Alcohol 7" 12.00
Bleibtreu same LP 9.00
Bleibtreu Revue Ungeheuer Paranoia LP 5.00
Blenner, Serge Plaisir Ardent LP 9.00
Blind Dog Stares, A Thru the Fence 12" 5.00
Blinddarm Kaiserwalzer MC 39.00
Blinxong (= Andy Blinx) / Mag: Praxis 2 Instant This Instant That (Mag: Artaud Project, Robert Fripp, FLEXI+MAG 25.00
Bliss The Pocket Opera Wisdom Magick Chaos LP 13.00
Blitz Telecommunication 7" 6.00
Blitz All Out Attack EP 5.00
Blockheads Twist & Shout 7" 4.00
Blonde Furniture Has More Fun MLP 12.00
Blondie Plastic Letters LP 5.00
Blonk, Jaap / Nyoukis, Dylan Dubbletwee LP 13.00
Blood Axis Blot: Sacrifice in Sweden 2LP 66.00
Bloss, Rainer Neun Gesänge aus Traum-Töters Knecht LP 9.00
Blowzabella Vanilla LP 4.00
Blue Law (w./ Ethan James on Linn Drum & Synthesizers) Bou Noura MLP 29.00
Blue Murder same MLP 7.00
Blue Section Two Strange Fascination 12" 4.00
Blumen Ohne Duft The Family (w./ Stooges Cover 'I Wanna Be Your Dog') 10" 9.00
Blumenschein, Tabea / Butzmann, Frieder / Gut, Gudrun / Köster, Bettina Stille Nacht Goes Disco 7" 15.00
Blutharsch The Track of the Hunted LP 19.00
Blutharsch Time is Thee Enemy! LP 33.00
Blutharsch The End of the Beginning MC 12.00
Blutharsch (w./ Edward Ka-spel) The Cosmic Trigger LP 19.00
Blutharsch, Der When All Else Fails! 2x10" BOX 29.00
Boa Govor Tijela LP 6.00
Boa Ritam Strasti LP 9.00
Boa, Philip & the Voodooclub Hispanola 2LP 9.00
Boche Tape MC 9.00
Boddy, Ian Phoenix LP 9.00
Bodhi-Beat Poets White Light LP 9.00
Body & the Buildings Sometimes in the Day LP 12.00
Body 11 Youth LP 12.00
Body Electric Presentation & Reality LP 79.00
Body Electric Pulsing 12" 75.00
Body II Body Best of Body Music 12" Metal Masters 99.00
Body Play & Modern Primitives Quarterly Vol. 2, No. 1 MAG 9.00
Body Sink (= Paul Lemos / Controlled Bleeding) Lung Ties LP 9.00
Bogaert, Jo None Of Them Are Green LP 15.00
Bogey So Mean to me 7" 5.00
Bohlen, Hermann Das Luxurieren der Bastarde oder Sag doch auch mal was LP 9.00
Bohman Brothers A Twist For All Pockets CD 9.00
Bohman, Adam Music and Words CD 12.00
Bohman, Adam (of Morphogenesis) Last Orders CDR 11.00
Bolins, Chet All American Masher LP 9.00
Bollock Brothers The Act Became Real 12" 4.00
Bombay Ducks Sympathy for the Devil 7" 49.00
Bone, Richard The Eternal Now CD 12.00
Bone, Richard Digital Days 7" 19.00
Bone, Richard Joy of Radiation 12" 6.00
Bongos Zebra Club 7" 15.00
Bongos Telephoto Lens 7" 9.00
Bongos (w./ Cosey Fanni Tutti) Time and the River MLP 5.00
Bongwater Breaking No New Ground! 12" 9.00
Bongwater The Power of Pussy LP 19.00
Boomerang Gang Rock Out 7" 8.00
Boots For Dancing Ooh Bop Sh'bam 7" 15.00
Borbetomagus Sauter, Dietrich, Miller, Doherty CD 12.00
Borecky, Karla The Still Life LP 19.00
Borgie Ad Astra per Aspera MLP 13.00
Borsig, Alexander von (Borsig Werke) / F.M. Einheit (Einstürzende Neubauten) Hiroshima 12" 49.00
Bosch The Two Three 1-2 7" 9.00
Bound & Gagged same MLP 25.00
Bourbonese Qualk The Government is my Soul LP Metal Master 79.00
Bourbonese Qualk Preparing for Power LP 59.00
Bowie, David Original Soundtrack zum Film 'Christiane F. Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo' LP 4.00
Bowles same EP 19.00
Box Of Toys Precious Is The Pearl 7" 5.00
Box, The same LP 6.00
Boy Dirt Car Live W/Out A Body 2LP 9.00
Boy From Brazil (w./ Belch) Into the Future EP 4.00
Bradford Shouting Quietly LP 5.00
Bradley, Julian / Campbell, Neil same LP 39.00
Bradley, Paul Twenty Hertz CD 15.00
Bradley, Paul Chroma CD 9.00
Bradley, Paul / Sonderberg, Adam Anoxia CDR 12.00
Bran (Another Plight of Medic's...) Pos Amantis Incongrue CD 5.00
Branca, Glenn Symphony No. 1 MC 11.00
Branca, Glenn The World Upside Down CD 9.00
Branca, Glenn Symphony No. 6 LP 15.00
Branca, Glenn The Ascension LP 149.00
Branca, Glenn Lesson No. 1 12" 44.00
Branca, Glenn / Giorno, John Who you Staring At? LP 29.00
Brand, Jens / Riedl, Waldo MiniFan Musik - Battery Operated MiniFan MC 29.00
Brandsdal, Kjetil D. / Tremel, Mickael Fifth LP 9.00
Brandstifter Brennen ab das Haus EP 9.00
Brant, Cody / Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Warensendung CD-R 27.00
Braque Jeannette MLP 19.00
Braque Dansons le Youpi Yop! 12" 19.00
Brassers same 12" 17.00
Bratty & the Babysitters In a State MLP 6.00
Brautigam, Rob This Pain LP 29.00
Breather Loves and Disloves LP 19.00
Bregger, Douglas Crystal Arcade LP 29.00
Bregger, Douglas Vampire Radio MLP 149.00
Brewskis She Said 7" 12.00
Brigitte & the Hansen Experience (w./ Achim P. Li Khan of HNAS) Frau Hansen am Bass LP 49.00
Brillowska, Mariola / Kissing, Charles Flash Fairy VHS 19.00
Broberg, Jonas Kling Klang Salad MC 25.00
Broken Penis Orchestra (New Blockaders -related) Organ Failure EP 6.00
Brokesch, Susanne Sharing the Sunhat CD 5.00
Broman, Illi Silver Dream 12" 39.00
Bronze One Night in Mexico EP 5.00
Brood, Herman Stil daar is ie... BOOK 19.00
Brood, Herman Wait a Minute... LP 5.00
Brood, Herman & His Wild Romance Modern Times Revive LP 5.00
Brooks, Mike Sacred Voyage MC 9.00
Brooks, Mike Fragile Shoreline MC 9.00
Brown, Steven (of Tuxedomoon) Searching for Contact LP 5.00
Brownskin Model After Murder 7" 12.00
Brume Les Victims sont Dangereuses CD 9.00
Brume Emergence 2CD 12.00
Brume After the Battle CD 9.00
Brume No-Thing CD 12.00
Brume Permafrost CD 7.00
Brume Mammut MC 9.00
Brume Musique Pour Les Etres Humains MC 12.00
Brume Temporary Pigments MC 7.00
Brume & Kommissar Hjuler und Frau Salicylat MC 12.00
Brume / Aphasia Series One: Round One CD 7.00
Brume / TBC House Unwillently MLP 15.00
Brume / Telepherique Dans le Silence / Schrei nach Stille 2LP 15.00
Brume / Telepherique / Tesendalo Systems of Violence / Below the Line LP 29.00
Bruncken, Hans / Azizi, Nina / Gressler, Hans / Weigand, Detlev Weihrauch + Sünde CD-R 25.00
Brunnen The Beekeeper's Dream + Bonus-LP 2LP 29.00
Brunnen The Honey Button 8" 39.00
Brunnen Swoon CD 7.00
Brunnen Swoon LP 19.00
Brunnen Goodbye Bye Brunnen LP 9.00
Brunnen Records are Not for Baking 08 LP 19.00
Brunnen Tippoo's Tiger LP 15.00
Brunnen (= 1/2 Beequeen) 666 7" 17.00
Brunnmeier, Andreas Maria Several Moments LP 29.00
Brusaschetto, Daniele (member of Mudcake & Whip) Paturnie EP 4.00
Buktu, Tim Tim Buktu's Barballongs LP 9.00
Bumble & the Beez Fools / Working Class 2x7" 9.00
Bumble & the Beez Fools / Working Class 2x7" 9.00
Bumble Bees Tasty As A Zucchini LP 5.00
Bumpers Wini Wini Punk 7" 12.00
Bundesverwaltungsorchester (= BVO) (w./ Kristian Schultze / Curt Cress) Tanzpalast LP 9.00
Bundesverwaltungsorchester (BVO) Tanzpalast 7" 4.00
Bundesverwaltungsorchester (BVO) Pink Punker 7" 5.00
Bunny, David Not that Song Again 7" 19.00
Bunnydrums P.K.D LP 12.00
Burgers, Lobke 2001 - 2005 Installaties DVD+BOOKLET 15.00
Burk, Craig The History of Decency MC 13.00
Burk, Craig (w./ Hahn Rowe & Robert James) Codes of Abstract Conduct MLP 12.00
Burke, Dan (of Illusion Of Safety / Big City Orchestra / Cheer-Accident) & Dimuzio, Thomas (of Due Process / Dimmer) Upcoming Events CD 7.00
Burnessence same LP 29.00
Burst Appendix Fly MLP 9.00
Buschband same LP 9.00
Bushido Voices 12" 9.00
Business 24 Hours 7" 9.00
Busk Welcome under the Sun 7" 9.00
Butchers All Choked Up EP 9.00
Butchers A Hardship 7" 9.00
Buttigieg, Ray Compucircuit 0.008 m/s LP 29.00
Buttigieg, Ray Music for Movies LP 39.00
Butzmann, Frieder Das Mädchen auf der Schaukel 2MLP 33.00
Butzmann, Frieder Bunte Flügel (1980) LP 19.00
Butzmann, Frieder I'm a 7 Inch Single 7" 15.00
Butzmann, Frieder Dive Bombers CD 7.00
Butzmann, Frieder / Kapielski, Thomas War Pur War LP 29.00
Butzmann, Frieder / Lunch, Chris Oi! Oi! Oi! 7" 8.00
Butzmann, Frieder / Röhrer, Wolfgang Walpurgisnacht in Staufen CD 15.00
Buzz Asylum LP 39.00
Buzzcocks Singles Going Steady LP 15.00
Bwana Dog (= If, Bwana & Dog As Master) Sacrifice Of Reason MC 13.00
Bösmann, Karl Eskalation LP 9.00
Bösmann, Karl Eskalation LP 9.00
C Cat Trance same MLP 6.00
C-Schulz & Hajsch same LP 9.00
C.C.C.C. (= Cosmic Coincidence Control Center) Reflexive Universe MC 29.00
C.U.B.S. Bone Shake Ska EP 19.00
Cabaret Voltaire The Crackdown LP+12" 13.00
Cabaret Voltaire Johnny Yes No - Original Soundtrack LP 9.00
Cabaret Voltaire Micro-Phonies LP 5.00
Cabaret Voltaire The Crackdown LP 6.00
Cabaret Voltaire Live YMCA 27 10 79 LP 9.00
Cabaret Voltaire Red Mecca LP 9.00
Cabaret Voltaire The Drain Train MLP+12" 5.00
Cabaret Voltaire The Covenant, the Sword and the Arm of the Lord LP 6.00
Cabaret Voltaire Seconds Too Late 7" 9.00
Cabaret Voltaire Doublevision VHS 9.00
Cabaret Voltaire Fools Game 12" 15.00
Cabaret Voltaire 2x45 2x12" 19.00
Cabaret Voltaire 3 Crepuscule Tracks 12" 15.00
Cabaret Voltaire Leeds Warehouse 15.9.83. MC 19.00
Cabaret Voltaire / Tecnoville Over & Over / Input Out FLEXI 5.00
Cabrio Trostlos LP 12.00
Cacophony ''33'' Onitsown CD-R 14.00
Cadaverous Condition Destroying the Night Day (w./ Nurse With Wound, Nocturnal Emissions, Asmus Tietchens, Colin Potter, Controlled Bleeding, Andrew Liles, Thighpaulsandra, Product 8, Holy McGrail, Ali Helnwein, Gjöll) CD 9.00
Caesarian Section Incision 12" 15.00
Calendar Crowd Listen In To The Heart 12" 59.00
Calif Mille et une Nuits 7" 5.00
Call Of Ctulhu Mangia CD 12.00
Callabris same LP 15.00
Calling Hearts Haunted House 7" 9.00
Calvert, Robert (of Hawkwind & Amon Düül) Freq LP 19.00
Camberwell Now (ex- This Heat) Meridian 12" 29.00
Camberwell Now (ex-This Heat) The Ghost Trade LP 16.00
Camberwell Now (ex-This Heat) Greenfingers 12" 15.00
Camera Obscura (= Matthias Becker) same LP 25.00
Campbell, Neil These Premises Are No Longer Bugged LP 9.00
Campbell, Neil / Youngs, Richard / Wickham-Smith, Simon / Walden, Stewart Durian Durian LP 9.00
Can Can Tango 7" 5.00
Can't Stop Its Getting Dark Again EP 25.00
Candie Hank Brandy Cramps LP 19.00
Cannibal (= Cameron Jamie / Cary Loren / Dennis Tyfus) same LP 13.00
Cantsin, Monty Born Again in Flames MLP 29.00
Cantsin, Monty Mass Media 12" 39.00
Cantsin, Monty Neoist Songs 12" 49.00
Captain Black (= Frans de Waard / Kapotte Muziek) Light the Pipe CD-R 7.00
Captain Black (= Frans de Waard / Kapotte Muziek) Multi-Toned Mono 10" 9.00
Captain Black (= Frans de Waard / Kapotte Muziek) Music for the Millions EP 9.00
Car Skid And Crash Toys Are Terrific 10" 5.00
Caroliner Our American Heritage - Volume One LP 19.00
Caroliner / Culturcide Bring Culture to the Treetops / Live in Antwerp EP 12.00
Caroliner / Eeyore Ass Guzzler Broken Fence of the Battered & Buried 7" 9.00
Carter, Chris (of Chris & Cosey / TG / PTV) The Space Between MC 29.00
Casa, Eric La L’inspir du rivage Part 2 & 3 EP 8.00
Cascone, Kim (of PGR) Cathode Flower CD 7.00
Caspar, C.O. Cryptosonic Project LP 15.00
Caspar, C.O. Thus Long Nights CD 5.00
Caspar, C.O. / Inox Kapell Bach Fugen CD 9.00
Catham, Peter Aman's Mouth LP 33.00
Cathedra Valediction EP 9.00
Catholic Girls same LP 4.00
Cats Can Fly Cold Hands 2x7" 6.00
Cave Bears Chain Of Skulls Vomiting Skulls Vomiting Fear Of An Owlbolweevilvulva MC 9.00
Cave, Nick From Her to Eternity LP 15.00
Cave, Nick & the Bad Seeds Let Love In LP 35.00
Cave, Nick & the Bad Seeds The Firstborn is Dead LP 15.00
Cave, Nick & the Bad Seeds Nocturama 2LP 19.00
Cave, Nick & the Bad Seeds The Road To God Knows Where - A Film by Uli M. Schuppel + 5 Video Clips VHS 9.00
Cave, Nick & the Bad Seeds B Sides & Rarities Volume 1 2LP 19.00
Cave, Nick & the Bad Seeds B Sides & Rarities Volume 2 2LP 19.00
Cazazza, Monte Stairway to Hell 7" 49.00
Cazazza, Monte (w./ Chris & Cosey) Power Versus Wisdom, Live (1980 & 1991) CD 9.00
Ce Meuble Fuenf auf der nach oben offenen Papouskala MCD 5.00
Celluloid Neptune LP 99.00
Celluloid Mercury LP 99.00
Cenizas Carmen LP 29.00
Central Unit Computer Music 12" 9.00
Central Unit same LP 89.00
Certain General These are the Days MLP 9.00
Chadbourne, Eugene LSDC&W 2LP 9.00
Chain Of Command Some Aspects EP 9.00
Chain, Max & The 86'ers Judy Jetson 7" 5.00
Chain, Paul Opera Decima 3LP BOX 66.00
Chaine, Jean & Ulterior Lux featuring Dimthings Distant Suns LP 25.00
Chainreaction Whispering Glades 7" 4.00
Chalk, Andrew East of the Sun CD 22.00
Chalk, Andrew Fall in the Wake of a Flawless Landscape LP 29.00
Chalk, Andrew Over the Edges LP 25.00
Chalk, Andrew The River That Flows Into the Sands CD 18.00
Chalk, Andrew Mutsu No Hana 10" 19.00
Chalk, Andrew The Cable House LP 39.00
Chalk, Andrew Goldfall LP 29.00
Chalk, Andrew Baroque Steps LP 25.00
Chalk, Andrew & Heemann, Christoph The Mirror of the Sea LP 69.00
Chalk, Andrew, Wehowsky, Ralf / Lanzillotta, Eric Yang-Tul LP 13.00
Challenge Of Honor A Moral Destiny EP 7.00
Cham-Pang same 12" 19.00
Chance, James & Contortions Live aux Bains Douches 13/5/1980 LP 13.00
Chance, James (w./ Arto Lindsay) That's When Your Heartaches Begin - From the Original Sound Track "Grutzi Elvis" 12" 19.00
Chaney, Allen The Sound of Musak 7" 19.00
Changes Fire Of Life / Icarus 7" 9.00
Chants Conaptiques & Metropolitains (= CCM) Nuits Siberiennes 12" 59.00
Chaos As Shelter In Absentia CD-R 19.00
Chaotik TH / Tip-Ex same EP 149.00
Chapman, Dinos Luftbobler 2LP 15.00
Chapter 24 Tin Invaders LP 49.00
Character 6 (= Frank van Mens) Eminenties MC 15.00
Charles, Evan (of Cowboys International) Ask Yourself 7" 15.00
Charlie O. Proud to be There EP 6.00
Charmed Life Don't Say 7" 13.00
Chart The Chart 7" 15.00
Chatterbox Europop LP 9.00
Cheap Gringos Move Right Out EP 4.00
Check The Computer 1985 12" 15.00
Cheer-Accident Dumb Ask CD 9.00
Cheer-Accident Introducing Lemon 2LP+CD 12.00
Chemical Toybox Too Ewe 10" 12.00
Chemische Ameisen Scheisse Heute: Kühl MLP 18.00
Chemoskin Pulse Of The City MC 9.00
Chesworth, Dave + Brophy, Phil, Duo Present Themselves EP 39.00
Chesworth, David 50 Synthisizer Greats LP 129.00
Chesworth, David Industry & Leisure EP 39.00
Chesworth, David Spiral Rebound 2LP 179.00
Chesworth, David No Particular Place LP 19.00
Chesworth, David The Unattended Serge 1978 / Five Evolutionary Things 1979 LP 25.00
Chi-Pig Bountiful Living 7" 9.00
Chihiro S. Lacrymosa EP 19.00
Child Support Inside my Room EP 5.00
Children Held Hostage same MC 29.00
Chilli Willi & the Red Hot Peppers (pre-Snakefinger) Bongos Over Balham LP 17.00
Chilton, Alex Dalai Lama 2x7" 12.00
Chin-Chat (w./ Tom Dokoupil) Introducing LP 5.00
Chinese Religion (w./ Janet Smith) My Motive 7" 15.00
Chlamydia Test Cloud / Violet Grind A World Without/The Power Of Music MC 9.00
Choir Invisible Sea to Shining Sea MLP 5.00
Chop Shop Discrete Emissions 7" 9.00
Chop Shop Scraps MC 19.00
Chris & Cosey Nijmegen 18-2-88 MC 9.00
Chris & Cosey Exotika Remix 12" 5.00
Chris & Cosey Trance LP 19.00
Chris & Cosey Techno Primitiv LP 18.00
Chris & Cosey Allotropy CD 12.00
Chris & Cosey Frankfurt 28-5-83 MC 39.00
Chris & Cosey / CTI Zeche, Bochum, 30-5-83 MC 49.00
Chris & Cosey / CTI Live 9-2-86 De Doos, Arnhem MC 49.00
Christian Death An Official Anthology of “Live” Bootlegs LP 9.00
Christian Death The Wind Kissed Pictures LP 9.00
Christian Death The Scriptures LP 7.00
Christian Death Jesus Christ Proudly Presents 6x7"BOX 22.00
Christian, Barry Biosonic Domains MC 9.00
Christmaskameraden (= Jonathan Meese & Tim Berresheim) Christmas Time 7" 7.00
Christus & the Cosmonaughts From Atop This Hill CD 14.00
Christus and the Cosmonaughts The Derelicts E.P. <200> 12" 19.00
Christus Christus The Opium Den MC 9.00
Chrome The Clairaudient Syndrome CD 15.00
Chrome Alien Soundtracks LP 66.00
Chrome Half Machine Lip Moves LP 49.00
Chrome Chromosome Damage LP 49.00
Chrome Live Palasporte, Bologna 20-7-81 MC 12.00
Chrome featuring Damon Edge Another World LP 15.00
Chrysanthemums (Deep Freece Mice) Another Sacred Day 7" 9.00
Chrysanthemums (ex Deep Freeze Mice) Porcupine Quills 12" 5.00
Chrystal Belle Scrodd (Steven Stapleton, Colin Potter, Diana Rogerson, Karl Blake, Robert Haigh) The Inevitable Chrystal Belle Scrodd CD 9.00
Chumbawamba Revolution 7" 19.00
Chumbawamba / A State Of Mind We Are The World? EP 9.00
Cima, Alex & On-Line Solid State LP 14.00
Cindytalk Silver Shoals Of Light 10" 9.00
Cioccolata Tra Special Cioccolata MC 29.00
Circle Of Friends / Live It Out Gentle Women Prefer Punx Split-Single EP 5.00
Circuit Wound The Gathering of Rust CD 9.00
Cisfinitum VS 7" 12.00
Clail, Gary / On-U Sound System (w./ Barmy Army/Dub Syndicate/Doug Wimbish/Keith LaBlanc/Jah Wobble/David Harrow/Keith Levene/Bim Sherman/...) End of the Century Party LP 5.00
Clarke, John Cooper Disguise In Love LP 9.00
Clarke, John Cooper Zip Style Method LP 9.00
Clarke, John Cooper Snap, Crackle & Bop LP 9.00
Clarke, Vince / Quinn, Paul One Day extension 12" 5.00
Clash The Cost of Living E.P. EP 5.00
Clash same LP 12.00
Clash London Calling 2LP 25.00
Clay Idols Every Day Starts Like This MLP 5.00
Clear Fill it in your Self LP 49.00
Clear Fill it in Your Self LP 49.00
Clepper, C. / Burian-Mohr, G. same CD 5.00
Cleveman, Lars The Ghost 7" 18.00
Click Click Bent Massive LP 5.00
Click Click Wet Skin & Curious Eye LP 6.00
Clinch Gefühlsalarm LP 5.00
Clinic Q Aye LP 13.00
Clinique Lutetia Aimless Music Vol. 1 MC 13.00
Clock DVA Thirst LP 18.00
Clock DVA Advantage LP 13.00
Clock DVA 4 Hours 7" 9.00
Clock DVA Man Amplified MC 7.00
Clock DVA Hacker (Hacked) 7" 4.00
Clock DVA Thirst LP 9.00
Clock DVA Black Words On White Paper BOOK 19.00
Closedunruh (w./ Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Bär) Gegen die Bretter der Welt 2CD-R 49.00
Closing The Eternity Northern Lights Ambience EP 9.00
Clox (Italia) Follow Me Into the Water 7" 19.00
Clox Italia Ageing Agent 7" 14.00
Club Moral Lonely Weekends 7" 5.00
Club Skull (Aube side-project) The Origins Of... MC 19.00
Club Wig same LP 9.00
Clutter, Robert (of Cyanosis) Apertodic CD 19.00
Cockney Rejects Flares 'n Slippers EP 7.00
Cockney Rejects I'm Not A Fool 7" 5.00
Cocteau Twins Leicester Universoty 10/12/83 MC 9.00
Cocteau Twins Blue Bell Knoll CD 4.00
Cocteau Twins Garlands LP 15.00
Cocteau Twins Lullabies 12" 5.00
Coelacanth & Keith Evans Wrack Light in Copper Ruin CD+DVD 15.00
Coen, Joel & Ethan The Big Lebowski VHS 5.00
Coil Windowpane 12" 15.00
Coil How to Destroy Angels MLP 39.00
Coil The Anal Staircase EP 12" 25.00
Coil Love's Secret Domain CD 25.00
Coil / Derek Jarman The Angelic Conversation VHS 25.00
Coitus Int. Rules for Making Love & Babies LP 29.00
Cold War Embryos Pretty Words EP 99.00
Coleclough, Jonathan Drop 7" 15.00
Coleclough, Jonathan Period LP 13.00
Coleclough, Jonathan & Chalk, Andrew Sumac MLP 29.00
Colenso Parade Fontana Eyes 7" 7.00
Coli, E. To Drool CD 5.00
Collection Of The Late Howell Bend / Warmer Milks split LP 19.00
Colley, Joe / Crawl Unit Sound Until the World Ends LP 12.00
Com-So Im a Serious... FLEXI 8.00
Comando Bruno & Avant Dernieres Pensees Muestras sin Valor LP 49.00
Combo Audio Romanticide MLP 4.00
Comcommers Een neusje met een meisje er aan LP 12.00
Come (= Whitehouse) The Prats 7" 15.00
Come Organisation / Whitehouse Ultra VHS 79.00
Comelade, Pascal La Dialectique Peut-elle Casser des Briques? 7" 49.00
Comelade, Pascal Paralelo LP 129.00
Comelade, Pascal Topograf de Sentiments VHS+BOOK 49.00
Comelade, Pascal (w. David Cunningham) Sentimientos LP 179.00
Comic Book Opera same LP 15.00
Comic's Tequila 7" 9.00
Comite Restreint Mademoiselle 7" 9.00
Commando M. Pigg Love Arben LP 6.00
Common Eider, King Eider How to Build a Cabin CD 9.00
Computer No Computers Were Used un the Making of this Computer MC 5.00
Con-Dom Glory EP 9.00
Concep, Bernard C. Lieu Magique LP 25.00
Concep, Bernard C. Socialist Realism EP 49.00
Concise (= Carlos Peron & Pierre Michel Haussmann) And Man Has Been This For Our Atomic Dancers LP 15.00
Concrete Temple / Sixth Comm Control MCD 9.00
Conditors same LP 9.00
Congo Norvell (w./ Kristian Hoffman) Lullabies 10" 9.00
Conn, Bobby / Coolhaven Bigmag. III Polytopia - For the Quasi Crystals MLP 19.00
Connect_icut Moss CD 9.00
Contact Obsession (= JC = Steev Burgess of Metrophase & Disco Volante) Because it Seemed EP 15.00
Contagious Orgasm The Examination Of Auditory Sense CD 8.00
Contagious Orgasm Loop Floor EP 5.00
Contagious Orgasm In My Heart 10" 12.00
Contagious Orgasm Seeking Sensation Scale Music LP 15.00
Contagious Orgasm / Use Your Pain (= Kadef) Split 10" 12.00
Continental Fruit Riviera EP EP 7.00
Contortions (James White) Buy LP 19.00
Contrastate Handbags & Dada CD 9.00
Contrastate i MC 15.00
Contrastate A Thousand Badgers in Labour LP 25.00
Controlled Bleeding Tides of Heaven 7" 5.00
Controlled Bleeding Between Tides LP 15.00
Controlled Bleeding Songs from the Drain LP 9.00
Controlled Bleeding Headcrack LP 25.00
Conveniens First Flip LP 13.00
Conveniens AT CD 9.00
Conveniens Clear LP 9.00
Conversion Interference 7" 19.00
Cooper Clarke, John Live 10" 9.00
Cop Shoot Cop Ten Dollar Bill 12" 4.00
Cop Shoot Cop Ask Questions Later LP 15.00
Core An Area's Era Aria LP 9.00
Core Chants of Race & Emptiness LP 15.00
Cornershop 6 A.M. Jullander Shere 7" 5.00
Cornucopia & VA C.Works (w./ Ultra Milkmaids, Francisco Lopez, David Wells, Kim Cascone, TV Pow, Lasse Marhaug, Critikal, Zanstones, Andrew Duke, Omei, Needle & Sony Mao, Black Sand Desert, RGV, Duul_Drv,) 2CD 9.00
Cortex Souvenir/Souvenirs MC 29.00
Cosmetics (= Richard Mazda) Closures 7" 5.00
Cosmic Overdose Dada Koko LP 19.00
Coste Apetrea Jojja Ja Ja 7" 5.00
Costello & the Attractions, Elvis Armed Forces LP 9.00
Costello, Elvis This Year's Model LP 6.00
Coup de Grace same LP 9.00
Courtis Live in Fukuoka CD-R 6.00
Courtis, Anla Psi gtr Avalanche EP 5.00
Courtis, Anla Cassetopia LP 9.00
Cox, Andrew Hydra MC 49.00
Coyle, Peter Selfism 12" 9.00
Cranc Copper Fields CD 6.00
Cranioclast Kolik San Art LP 15.00
Cranioclast Koitlaransk & Ration Skalk CD 9.00
Cranioclast Cris Con Tala MC 19.00
Cranioclast Carl's On Acit 10" 5.00
Cranioclast A Con Cristal MLP 19.00
Cranioclast Lost In Karak LP 14.00
Cranioclast Rats Can Coil Cats Can Roil 12" 9.00
Cranioclast Koitlaransk LP 15.00
Crass Rival Tribal Rebel Revel FLEXI 9.00
Crass Penis Envy LP 25.00
Crass / Poison Girls Bloody Revolution / Persons Unknown 7" 5.00
Cravats / A Flux In 3D Fireman / Divide FLEXI 8.00
Crawl Unit Remains EP 5.00
Crawl Unit Vs Silence CD 5.00
Crawl Unit / Maeror Tri Broken Books and Wings / Forazeihan EP 7.00
Crawling Chaos Waqqaz LP 15.00
Crawling With Tarts Lavender Bobby EP 7.00
Crawling With Tarts Operas LP 9.00
Crawling With Tarts Motorini Elettrici 2x7" 15.00
Crawling With Tarts I am Telephoning a Star CD 5.00
Crayon Rubbings Hope & Ashes LP 11.00
Crazy House We Emphatically Deny That pigs Can Fly LP 19.00
Creed, Helios (ex-Chrome) Your Choice Live Series LP 12.00
Cremaster same CD-R 9.00
Crevice same CD 12.00
Crew Of Corps same 12" 19.00
Crib Bloom 7" 5.00
Crimony feat. Paul Roessler & Mike Watt (engineered by Ethan James) EP 12" 7.00
Cristina Baby you can Drive my Car 7" 5.00
Croiners (= James Levine) Isolated MC 19.00
Cromlech Be Forewarned 7" 4.00
Cromosome Individual War Processor 12" 9.00
Cromvoirt, Tjaco van Electric Bongo MLP 6.00
Cronenberg, David Naked Lunch VHS 5.00
Croniamantal Archidascalus MC 12.00
Croox Geld Her! LP 25.00
Croox A LP 15.00
Crosse, La Sista Timmen... 7" 8.00
Cry Shark Protect + Survive 7" 19.00
Crystal Committee Forever Overhead LP 6.00
Crystal Futures The Truth MLP 29.00
Cudu Neck MLP 9.00
Culpa, Felix Terrorist Love Tourist 7" 19.00
Culpa, Felix Small Arms MLP 29.00
Cultes Des Goules Night MC 12.00
Culturcide Depressed Christmas / Santa Claus was my Lover 7" 19.00
Culturcide Tacky Souvenirs of Pre-Revolutionary America LP 29.00
Culturcide Gigs for an Imaginary Audience (1980 - 1986) CD 15.00
Culturcide Year One LP 33.00
Culturcide Nijmegen Doornroosje 31.5.'87 MC 19.00
Culturcide A Day At My Job EP 9.00
Cunliffe, Roger Rebecca Pt. 1 7" 19.00
Cunningham, Tom & the Broadcasters Germany LP 4.00
Cupol (= Dome / Wire: Graham Lewis & Bruce Gilbert) Like This For Ages 12" 19.00
Cure Boys Don't Cry LP 19.00
Cure Three Imaginary Boys LP 29.00
Cure Faith LP 9.00
Cure Seventeen Seconds LP 9.00
Curious Figures Small Things MLP 15.00
Curnutte, Jim Factorial LP 79.00
Current 93 Cats Drunk on Copper (live London 1997) CD 19.00
Current 93 Faust CD 15.00
Current 93 She is Dead and All Fall Down 7" 29.00
Current 93 The Venerable Chi. med Rig. dzin Lama, Rinpoche LP 19.00
Current 93 A Little Menstrual Night Music CD 12.00
Current 93 As the World Disappears... CD-R 19.00
Current 93 Of Ruine or Some Blazing Starre LP 39.00
Current 93 Looney Runes LP 49.00
Current 93 Thunder Perfect Mind 2LP 79.00
Current 93 Swastikas for Noddy LP 39.00
Current 93 Lucifer Over London LP 29.00
Current 93 Sleep Has His House 2LP 39.00
Current 93 Soft Black Stars 2LP 39.00
Current 93 Honeysuckle Aeons CD 12.00
Current 93 Baalstorm, Sing Omega CD 12.00
Current 93 Black Ships Ate The Sky CD 12.00
Current 93 The Great in the Small LP 19.00
Current 93 I have a Special Plan for this World LP 75.00
Current 93 Nature Unveiled LP 9.00
Current 93 Bologna 31-10-87 MC 19.00
Current 93 Aleph at Hallucinatory Mountain 2LP 29.00
Current 93 (w./ Nick Cave) All the Pretty Little Horses LP 39.00
Current 93 (w./ Tiny Tim & Steven Stapleton / NWW) Tamlin 12" 33.00
Current 93 / Anok Pe Birth Canal Blues LP 15.00
Current 93 / Harry Oldfield Crystal CD 13.00
Current 93 / HÖH Island CD 29.00
Current 93 / Michael Cashmore / Christoph Heemann same LP 23.00
Current 93 / Nurse With Wound / Sigillum S Tetragrammaton LP+EP BOX 299.00
Current 93 / Sickness Of Snakes (= Coil) Nightmare Culture MLP 35.00
Current 93 / Sol Invictus Summer of Love 7" 39.00
Current 93 / Venerable 'Chi.med Rig.'Dzin Lama, Rinpoche Tantric rNying.ma Chant of Tibet CD 15.00
Cursed Fortress Dead Mad in a Wild Car 7" 6.00
Cut Shadow Talks LP 9.00
Cutler, Chris / Frith, Fred Limoges 7" 15.00
Cy Man Space Time LP 17.00
Cyanosis The Ethereal Stairwell Suite CD 13.00
Cybotron Enter LP 29.00
Cyclops (Peter Jefferies / Bruce Blucher) Goat Volume CD 5.00
D'Ancey, Graham Philip Sacred Heart Sacred Blood Sacred Passion Sacred Dance 12" 15.00
D'Ancey, Graham Philip Alluma LP 29.00
D'Arc The Letter 7" 8.00
D.A.R.K. Its D.A.R.K. at Night EP 5.00
D.A.R.K. (= Project Dark) Excited by Gramophones / Monocle LP 49.00
D.c.L. (= Dada Cravat Laboratories) (Cravats / Very Things - side project) Laboratory Series No. 2 FLEXI 7.00
D.O.C. (Das Organisierte Chaos) (= Dirk Leitert / Circles) Chaos Pop & Cosmic Boogie LP 59.00
Da Fearful Symmetry LP 5.00
Dada 2 (= Rich La Bonte / Mayan Canals) Willoughby Revisited EP 39.00
Dada Action Group (= Yeast Culture / Enstruction / Final Solution) Anticipation-Reunion CD-R 49.00
Dadaism 999 (= Edward Ka-spel / Tony Wakeford / Albin Julius / Dave Weels / Stefano Rossello / Elena Alice Fossi / Joey Imbalance) The Misery Book LP 33.00
DAF (Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft) Produkt der Deutsch-Amerikanischen Freundschaft LP 19.00
DAF / Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft Alles ist gut LP 9.00
Dalachinsky, Steve / Eighty Pound Pug / Marcos Campello / Politi-Inspektor Hjuler & Politi-Sang Kor Flensborg (= Kommissar Hjuler) With Shelter Gone LP 19.00
Dalachinsky, Steve / Eighty Pound Pug / Marcos Campello / Politi-Inspektor Hjuler & Politi-Sang Kor Flensborg (= Kommissar Hjuler) Ancillas with shelter gone LP 55.00
Dalachinsky, Steve / Hein, Nicola / Courtis, Anla / Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Adskillige Titlen Og Plaster Fotografin Papir Werken LP 59.00
Dalachinsky, Steve / Hein, Nicola / Courtis, Anla / Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Possessed Anticipation LP 22.00
Dalek I Compass Kum'pas, LP 5.00
Dallio, Patricia (Art Zoyd) Procession CD 15.00
Damenbart Karma & Gnade MCD 25.00
Damenbart (HNAS related) Impressionen '71 LP 99.00
Dan Dan Passion for Love 7" 49.00
Dance, Randy Jersey Girls 7" 15.00
Dancing Hoods same MLP 9.00
Dancing In Exile (Fear Of The Dark) Like a Train 12" 7.00
Danger Roads It's Time to Become Robots 7" 19.00
Dangerous Pyjamas Throwaway Kids EP 9.00
Dansdepartementet (= Danse de Partement 1) Wankers! 7" 25.00
Danse de Partement 1 Besserwisser 7" 35.00
Danse Society Clock 7" 9.00
Danse Society / Palais Schaumburg My Heart / Hockey FLEXI 5.00
Dao + CoH Dzerzhinsk-9 LP 9.00
Dari, Luciano Idrogeni Superiori / Wajd MC 8.00
Dari, Luciano Wajd LP 19.00
Dark Don't Feed the Fashion Sharks MLP 9.00
Dark Alceste de Socaï Vomie Tristesse Psychotonique LP 15.00
Dark Facade Losing Faith 7" 12.00
Dark Sun Dreams of a Butterfly in a Capsule in the Ice LP 9.00
Dasn Wossm (w./ Kurt Dahlke) (musicians of Fehlfarben / Der Plan / Pyrolator) Eisbrecher LP 15.00
Data-Bank-A Spiritus Sanctus MC 49.00
Dauby, Yannick La Riviere Penchee LP 12.00
Davis, John Pure Night LP 8.00
Dax, Danielle Pop-Eyes LP 9.00
Dax, Danielle Jesus Egg That Wept MLP 6.00
Dax, Danielle (of Lemon Kittens) Cat-House 12" 5.00
Dax, Danielle (of Lemon Kittens) Pop-Eyes LP 39.00
Dazibao Sahd MLP 39.00
Dazibao Amok LP 9.00
dba Business As Usual... 9" FLEXI 39.00
DCL Locomotive King Midas In Reverse 12" 6.00
DDAA Ronsard LP+7" 39.00
DDAA Aventures en Afrique EP 49.00
DDR Verlogener Realismus CD 5.00
De Re Avrea (= Kadmon) Schwarze Sonne MC 19.00
Dead Can Dance Within the Realm of a Dying Sun LP 9.00
Dead Can Dance Spleen And Ideal LP 19.00
Dead Can Dance same LP 15.00
Dead Can Dance Within the Realm of a Dying Sun LP 19.00
Dead Fish Fuck Silence at the Eye of the Scream LP 5.00
Dead Kennedys Give me Convenience or Give me Death FLEXI+POSTER+BOOKLET 5.00
Dead Labour Process & Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Live DVD-R 29.00
Dead Labour Process & Kommissar Hjuler und Frau The Hamburg Tapes MC 9.00
Dead Labour Process / Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Bär Die Antizipation des Generalized Other CD-R 27.00
Dead Souls Rising / Into The Abyss Telepathy LP 9.00
Dead Voices On Air (= Mark Spybey) The Light of June Drowned Flowers in Your Mouth LP 15.00
Dead Voices On Air (Mark Spybey / Niels van Hoorn of Legendary Pink Dots) same CD 6.00
Deadline Paranoia (D.P.P.) The World Today MC 6.00
Deadline Paranoia (D.P.P.) Parakromantie MC 6.00
Death & Beauty Foundation (= Andrew McKenzie of Hafler Trio & Val Denham) same CD 12.00
Death In June The Wörld Thät Sümmer 2LP 55.00
Death In June To Drown a Rose 10" 29.00
Death In June Born Again 12" 19.00
Death In June The Legacy Of Loneliness BOOK 66.00
Death In June Nada! LP 49.00
Death In June Flowers Of Autumn CD 22.00
Death In June Live in Japan MLP 79.00
Death In June Flowers of Autumn LP 39.00
Death In June Born Again 12" 39.00
Death In June Oh How We Laughed CD 29.00
Death In June Come Before Christ And Murder Love 12" 39.00
Death In June State Laughter 7" 66.00
Death In June Sun Dogs 7" 12.00
Death In June Occidental Martyr 10" 15.00
Death In June The Rule of Thirds 2x10" 29.00
Death in June The World That Summer 2LP 44.00
Death In June 93 Dead Sunwheels LP 29.00
Death In June Nada! LP 39.00
Death In June The Wall Of Sacrifice LP 129.00
Death In June Perugia 23-4-85 MC 29.00
Death In June The Rule Of Thirds CD 12.00
Death In June / Fire + Ice We Said Destroy 7" 9.00
Death In June / Thaglasz / Various Artists (BOOK: Death In June, Sol Invictus, Sixth Comm, Current 93, Les Joyaux de la Princesse / CD: Kirlian Camera, Blaiburg, Order & Progress, Werkraum, Anima In Flame, Dies Natalis, Werewolf Castle, Leger Des Heils, Fear, Aurum Nostrum,...) CD+BOOK 25.00
Death Magazine 52 (w./ Philip Best of Whitehouse / Mike Dando of Con-Dom / Sean Dower of Bow Gamelan Ensemble) same 2LP 16.00
Death Pact International (Grey Wolves International Tape Project) Human Kull - Fascism MC 49.00
Death Pact International (Grey Wolves mail-art project) Peace Through Superior Firepower MC 49.00
Deathpile / Discordance 120 Days of Sodom LP 15.00
Decentz Get in Trouble MLP 12.00
Deception Bay Fortune Days 10" 9.00
Dee, Patty We've All Had Enough 7" 39.00
Dee, Patty Fade the Night Away 12" 19.00
Deep The Super 8 Inch Series # 3 8" 19.00
Deep Freeze Mice My Geraniums Are Bulletproof LP 49.00
Deep Throat & La Vida (= Richard Cameron of Arling & Cameron & Floris Sirag of Indra Karmuka) Turn Around 7" 5.00
Deihim, Sussan / Horowitz, Richard Desert Equations: Azax Attra (Made to Measure Vol. 8) LP 9.00
Delir Noir Needle in the Ass - für Karl Valentin EP 12.00
Dellaria, Sam / Sonderberg, Adam Fold Your Arms and the World Will Stop CDR 6.00
Delphium Self vs. Self EP 10" 5.00
Delphium Snowhill-X E.P. EP 12.00
Delphium / Sheephead Split EP EP 5.00
Delta Diagrams of Women 7" 49.00
Delusive Smiles A Chance to Retire 7" 19.00
Dementia Precox Mines 7" 59.00
Dendoshi 2 (= Af Ursin & No Neck Blues Band) same LP 19.00
Denham, Val Dysphoria LP 99.00
Denham, Val & Novadnieks, Oli Raw Powder CD 9.00
Denley, Jim / Vennonen, Kimmo (= Mind/Body/Split) Time of Non Duration CD 9.00
Deo Cide Wiener Krem 7" 19.00
Departement, Un same MC 19.00
Depeche Mode Music for the Masses MC 5.00
Depeche Mode / Fad Gadget Sometimes I Wish I Was Dead / King Of The Flies FLEXI+MAG 64.00
Dependenz Antezedens CD-R 12.00
Depro Art Young World 12" 12.00
Derribos Arias A Fluor 7" 19.00
Derribos Arias Inaki Fernandez 12" 19.00
Derribos Arias Aprenda Aleman en 7 Dias 7" 19.00
Desaxes, Les same LP 9.00
Deseti Brat Madona dejmi danes LP 15.00
Deshalb same LP 59.00
Design Invisible Fire LP 13.00
Desperate Dance Snake in the Grass 7" 5.00
Dessau same MC 9.00
Destroyed Music (= Emil Beaulieau of Due Process & Frans de Waard of Kapotte Muziek) Charcoal LP 15.00
Det Riti same LP 7.00
Deutsch Katholische Feindschaft Schmerzgrenze LP+EP 15.00
Deutsch Nepal / Mama Bar Klinik der reinen Vernunft LP 25.00
Deutscher Kaiser Tempo! Tempo! 10" 35.00
Deutscher Kaiser Halli-Galli Tanzmusik EP 49.00
Deutscher Kaiser Tempo! Tempo! 10" 39.00
Deux Hommes avec des Boites Horizon Vertical LP 39.00
Devens, Paul Ink Summit LP 15.00
Devine (Ludus) & Statton Hideaway 7" 9.00
Devlin, Bernardo (Osso Exotico) Circa 1999 (9 Implosoes) CD 9.00
Deyster, Edmond de Selectie 02 LP 19.00
Dial, Tony + Silouette Theatre (of Neon Hearts) You Keep Coming Round EP 5.00
Diamind I Don't Wait For You MC 19.00
Dianne, Robin The Essence LP 15.00
Dick Tracy Slim Bretzel 12" 6.00
Dickies Dawn of the Dickies LP 12.00
Didi & die Herzschrittmacher Wenn dein Herz... 7" 35.00
Die andere Nacht (oder G) (of Viola Renea / Trauma) Ubazakura LP 39.00
Dies Natalis The Bright and the Pure LP 9.00
Dietrich, Don (of Borbetomagus) Dietrich LP 15.00
Dig It Al(l) (w./ Frieder Butzmann) Volt Age LP 25.00
Digital Dance (Snowy Red-related) Treatment 7" 9.00
Digital Dinosaurs Don't Call Us 7" 39.00
Digital Pressure Grip of the Glove 7" 22.00
Dijkstra, Raymond Dadaphon 10" 9.00
Dijkstra, Raymond De Schroef LP 15.00
Dijkstra, Raymond L'opus ch LP 15.00
Dijkstra, Raymond De Gelofte LP BOX 79.00
Dijkstra, Raymond De Gedachte LP BOX 59.00
Dijkstra, Raymond Der Triumph LP BOX 59.00
Dijkstra, Raymond Die Sonne LP BOX 59.00
Dijkstra, Raymond Die Wille LP BOX 59.00
Dijkstra, Raymond Affen-Theater LP BOX 49.00
Dijkstra, Raymond Untermensch Lieder 7" 9.00
Dijkstra, Raymond La Philosophie des Chiottes MLP 9.00
Diktat AnarK.A.O.S. 2001 CD-R 15.00
Dilemma Dracula EP 19.00
Dilloway, Aaron & Smith, Tom Allein zu zweit MC 6.00
Dim Stars (Thurston Moore / Richard Hell / Robert Quine / Don Fleming / Jad Fair / Steve Shelley / Richard Meyers) same CD 5.00
Dimitrakopoulos, Apostolos In Vitro CD 9.00
Dimthings A World of Segregation / Tunes from the Garbage LP 22.00
Dimthings / Ulterior Lux Ear of the Klux Flux 2LP 39.00
Dimthings featuring Jean Chaine Dis-ci-plined 2 a Spontaneous Way of Life LP 29.00
Dimuzio, Thomas Markoff Process CD 9.00
Dimuzio, Thomas Louden CD 5.00
Dimuzio, Thomas Live at Generator CD-R 9.00
Dimuzio, Thomas Headlock LP 15.00
Dimuzio, Thomas (w./ Solid Eye, Nick Didkovsky, Illusion Of Safety, Chris Cutler, Fred Frith, Anna Homler, Scot Jenerik, Zipper Spy,...) Mono::Poly 2CD 9.00
Dimuzio, Thomas / Courtis, Alan Monk Style Or Scream LP 15.00
Dimuzio, Thomas / Custodio, Andre / Conure Street of Errs CD-R 7.00
Direct Line Stealing Wheels 7" 19.00
Disappointed A Few People Fuck with Christ 7" 29.00
Discharge Decontrol EP 9.00
Diseno Corbusier El Alma de la Estrella LP 39.00
Dissidents The (P)Residents Rule! MC 15.00
Diutesc (= R. Freisler of Genocide Organ) Mo LP+10" 19.00
Diversion Factor Scenario 6 LP 6.00
Dixon (w./ Roland Bouquet, Code 718, Peter Kruder, Jazzanova, Kiki, Tokyo Black Star, The Machine, Precious System, Ame, Icasol, Butane a.o.) Temporary Secretary CD 7.00
Dizzy Frogs Zirrr 7" 8.00
DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess (using Faust, FM Einheit, Pandit Pran Nath, Clara Rockmore, Andrew Liles, Raincoats, Guiseppe Ielasi a.o.) Meets More Soulmates at Faust Studio Deejay Laboratory 2LP 15.00
DJ Spike (w./ Keith LeBlanc/Bim Sherman/David Harrow/Adrian Sherwood) Tasteless Cuts LP 5.00
DJ Spike (w./ Keith LeBlanc/Doug Wimbish/Skip McDonald) Invisible LP 5.00
DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid Necropolis - The Dialogic Project CD 5.00
DJ Turnum (= Mars of Vance Orchestra) Rund um den Watzmann CD-R 19.00
DNA Atlantic Flyer 7" 9.00
DNA A Taste of DNA 12" 22.00
Dobbelsteen, Jan van den Schaal 7" 25.00
Dobbelsteen, Jan van den / Lemaire, Danielle / Mama Bär / Kommissar Hjuler JaDaMaBaPa DVD 29.00
Doc Wor Mirran In the Shadow of Her Breasts 12" 9.00
Doc Wor Mirran Tongue Thrust LP 19.00
Doc Wör Mirran The Music of Blood CD 5.00
Doc Wör Mirran Un(Butt)Plugged EP 15.00
Doc Wör Mirran Tongue Trust LP Metal Master 79.00
Doc Wör Mirran Don't Menschen the Wör 7" 7.00
Doc Wör Mirran Severe Pig LP 13.00
Doc Wör Mirran Edges 1 & 2 CD-R 12.00
Doc Wör Mirran Deformed Presidents Protect Each Other 7" 5.00
Doc Wör Mirran Alternative Facts - Live At Madison Square Garden LP 14.00
Doc Wör Mirran / Tesendalo Not Recorded / Scrape / Aufnahme 7" 5.00
Doctor Mix & the Remix (= Metal Urbain) Psychedelic Desert 12" 13.00
Dodge D'Art same LP 12.00
Dog As Master Conduit MC 13.00
Dog As Master Brash Pussy MC 19.00
Dog As Master / If, Bwana Symbolic Accidents Of Ceremony MC 12.00
Dog Faced Hermans Menschen Fliegen LP 22.00
Doghouse The Super 8 Inch Series # 5 8" 15.00
Dogma, Bob 1989 CKLN 88.1 FM Toronto MC 8.00
Dogmagic (= Fergus Kelly) Cycle of Sequels MC 29.00
Dogs Missing on the Subway 7" 9.00
Dolby, Thomas Blinded by Science MLP 9.00
Dolomite The Hypocritter 12" 5.00
Dom Dummaste (= Lars Cleveman & Martin Rössel) Sympati för Djävulen LP 13.00
Dom Dummaste (= Martin Rössel & Lars Cleveman) Revolverkäke LP 25.00
Dom Självlysande Innan Karlarna Kommer Hem 7" 7.00
Dome Jasz FLEXI 15.00
Dominas (Kraftwerk-related)(Manuel Göttsching) I bin a Domina 10" 99.00
Dominion (= Data-Bank-A) The Oracle MC 29.00
Dominion (= Data-Bank-A) Where Muses Dwell MC 29.00
Dominion (Data-Bank-A) Battleground LP 29.00
Domino, Anna Trust, in Love 7" 9.00
Domino, Anna This Time LP 5.00
Domino, Anna (w./ Marc Moulin, Steven Brown, Alan Rankine, Dan Lacksman etc.) same LP 5.00
Dommert, Frank & H.N.A.S. Hunsrück 7" 22.00
Donner Party same LP 9.00
Doppelgänger Misty-Eyed 33 7" 8.00
Doraus und die Marinas, Die Blumen und Narzissen LP 19.00
Doray, Philippe / Asociaux Associés Nouveaux Modes Industriels LP 39.00
Dormannu Return of Quebec LP 4.00
Double Leopards Soulless Dust, Speed and Strength CD-R 29.00
Double-X-Project This is the Day the Sky Falls Through the Glass Wall... LP 25.00
Double-X-Project Fallobst LP 15.00
Doubting Thomas (= Skinny Puppy) Father don't Cry 12" 5.00
Douris, Francis Les disques bruitistes LP 15.00
Douris, Francis Le jour arriva MC 9.00
Douris, Francois Le Disque Bruitiste LP 15.00
Doyle, Roger The Babel Project Bitmap CD+MAG 22.00
Doyle, Roger Babel, Volume 2 CD 9.00
Doyle, Roger Babel / KBBL 5CD BOX 39.00
Doyle, Roger Budawanny LP 49.00
Doyle, Roger The Love of Don Perlimplin & Belisa in the Garden MC 25.00
Doyle, Roger Light Years - An Hour of Light Miniatures from the Years 1983-88 MC 25.00
Doyle, Roger (=Operating Theatre) Babel Volume 1 CD 9.00
Dr Numa (= Yosihumi Niinuma of Sympathy Nervous) 67 Minutes Subliminal Audio Confort CD 5.00
Dr. P. Li Khan Live in Korea Vol. 2 7" 12.00
Dr. P. Li Khan Live in Germany 7" 9.00
Dr. P. Li Khan Live in Korea 7" 12.00
Dr. P. Li Khan Ein Hauch von Höllenlärm CD 12.00
Dr. P. Li Khan Live in China 7" 9.00
Dr. P. Li Khan (of HNAS) Dropoutdrama CD 9.00
Dream Sequence Outside Looking In 7" 5.00
Dream Syndicate (Dennis Duck) The Days of Wine and Roses MC 6.00
Dreamflesh La La Sequence Bruit MC 39.00
Dreaming Together 4 Edens & a World of Shells LP 6.00
Dresden Danse (Jeff Hudson) Acid LP 9.00
Drift Yellow Swans same LP 17.00
Drinking Electricity Shaking All Over 7" 9.00
Drinking Electricity Shake Some Action 7" 12.00
Dronaement The Super 8 Inch Series # 4 8" LATHE-CUT 15.00
Drone Forest Amy's Arms / Metacollage LP 9.00
Drop, Lili N LP 5.00
Druckknöpfe Fahnenflucht LP 9.00
Dry Halleys Crash-Landing Chemistry LP 5.00
DsorDNE 24 o 25 GRU/O/MO CD 5.00
Dub Sex Then & Now 12" 5.00
DuChamp Elect Me 7" 35.00
DuChamp Intimacy 7" 19.00
Duchow, Amelie Tonstich LP 5.00
Duck, Dennis Goes Disco CD 15.00
Due Process Live At the Green St. Station MC 15.00
Due Process The Wonder Years MC 15.00
Due Process (w./ Abner Malaty, Stephane Santini, Keith Godbout, Disism, Roger Moneymaker) RRRadio 26-30 MC 12.00
Due Process (w./ DDAA, Asmus Tietchens, Psyclones, Brume, Zarakas, Barry Pilcher a.o.) RRRadio 12-15 MC 12.00
Due Process (w./ Esplendor Geometrico, P16D4, Human Head Transplant, Human Flesh, Bunker Club Project, Martyr V2101) RRRadio 23-25 MC 15.00
Due Process (w./ Illusion Of Safety, P16D4, We Never Sleep, Cranioclast, John Wiggins, Glenn Gordon, Ben Opie, Lange Gargoyne) RRRadio 7-11 MC 15.00
Due Process (w./ Illusion Of Safety, P16D4, We Never Sleep, Cranioclast, John Wiggins, Glenn Gordon, Ben Opie, Lange Gargoyne) In a State Of Flux MC 15.00
Due Process (w./ John Wiggins, Human Head Transplant, Human Flesh, Billboard Combat, Bunker Club Project, Mike Wayne, Ron Lessard a.o.) Do Things They Shouldnt MC 15.00
Due Process (w./ John Ze Wizz, Jonathan briley, Lance Gargoyle, David & Ed Vaillancourt, Ron Lessard, Michael Wayne, Dennis Reilly) RRRadio 1-5 MC 12.00
Due Process (w./ Merzbow, Big City Orchestra, John Wiggins, Glenn Gordon, Nagamatzu, Martyr V2101) Live On The Fallout Shelter MC 15.00
Due Process (w./ Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock, Plasma Generation, Marc Casner, Ron Lessard) RRRadio 35 MC 15.00
Duimelinks, Peter All or Nothing 7"+MAG 12.00
Duimelinks, Peter / Meelkop, Roel / Wehowsky, Ralf Verklärte Tage CD 7.00
Duimelinks, Peter / Waard, Frans de split MCD 6.00
Duke St Workshop with Laurence R Harvey Tales of H.P. Lovecraft LP 19.00
Dull Schicksal The Boy was Too Hot to handle EP 13.00
Dumais, Mark (of Crash & Tangerine) The Hands of Time 12" 4.00
Duncan, John Pleasure-Escape / Blind Date MLP 99.00
Duncan, John Tap Internal CD 15.00
Duncan, John The Ruud E. Memorial Choir EP 9.00
Duncan, John The Nazca Transmissions LP 19.00
Duncan, John Send CD BOX 19.00
Duncan, John Incoming CD 7.00
Duncan, John Klaar CD 9.00
Duncan, John Dark Market Broadcast CD 5.00
Duncan, John Creed EP 79.00
Duncan, John At Generator - Prayer / Tribe VHS 19.00
Duncan, John & CV Massage (= John Duncan) Riot CD 12.00
Duncan, John / Chalk, Andrew / Heemann, Christoph (= Mirror) The Elgaland-Vargaland National Anthem / Old Hive EP 22.00
Duncan, John / Fanni-Tutti, Cosey / Carter, Chris Nicki EP 49.00
Duncan, John / Günter, Bernhard Home, Unspeakable CD 15.00
Duncan, John / Lopez, Francisco NAV 2CD 13.00
Dunn, Kevin C'est toujours la meme guitare MLP 11.00
Duo Duo L'assassin du 21/Vol de nuit 12" 29.00
Dupont Black Man's God 7" 5.00
Durand, Werner Remnants From Paradise CD 7.00
Durutti Column Another Setting LP 13.00
Durutti Column Live at the Venue London LP 25.00
Dust / Omit Fore-Casts EP 7.00
DV 8 Executives 7" 19.00
Dwelling Lacuna Cheap Dynamite for Expensive Silence / The Drone E.P. EP 9.00
Dynamic Hepnotics Hepnobeat! 7" 4.00
DZ Lectric (w./ Die Form) Be Eclectic! LP 39.00
Dönert, Ralf / Wilbert, Peter Zimmerpflanzen im Endstadium 7" 14.00
Dönges, Jürgen Ich bin ein deutsches Kindchen 7" 39.00
Dörner, Axel / Fuhler, Cor / Noetinger, Jerome Moov Spot CD 9.00
E Prime Cuts EP 39.00
E The Levitation Syndrome 12" 49.00
E-Vent Sequin 12" 39.00
E.M.P. (= End Of Manmade Power) Tanne tot 7" 39.00
EA 11''00 EP 5.00
Earl, Richard The Egg Store Ilk LP 33.00
Earthmonkey Deum Machine MCD 6.00
Earthmonkey (NWW / Volcano The Bear-related) Audiosapien CD 7.00
Eastley, Max / Prime, Michael Hydrophony for Dagon CD 15.00
Eb.er, Rudolf & Outandin Artaud (Psycho-Physical Research) 11.9.01 MCD 9.00
Eb.er, Rudolv / Northam, Michael / Waggoner, Amanda Black Box VHS 19.00
Ecclesiastical Scaffolding Lucid Dreaming EP 9.00
Eckloff, Jürgen (of Column One) Nie - Liest Nietzsche / Es dreht im Kreis herum LP 16.00
Eckloff, Jürgen (of Column One) Zwei Sinterflaschen in Wechselschaltung LP 5.00
Edge Bros. Video 7" 4.00
Edge, Damon (of Chrome) Alliance LP 9.00
Edwards and the Scapegoats, Terry (w./ Ian Watson of Gallon Drunk & Jem Moore of Serious Drinking / Terry Edwards played with Nick Cave & Tom Waits) I Didn't Get Where I am Today LP 19.00
Effect Abusing Myself 7" 9.00
Ego Irresistable 7" 9.00
Ehi (Brian Noring) Small Object in Eye CD-R 15.00
Eicher, Stephan (Grauzone) Rien a voir 7" 5.00
Einleitungszeit Menschliche Destruktive Zivilisation MC 12.00
Einstürzende Neubauten Kalte Sterne - Early Recordings CD 9.00
Einstürzende Neubauten Achtung! (Live Rotterdam '85) LP 29.00
Einstürzende Neubauten 2x4 MC 15.00
Einstürzende Neubauten Strategien gegen Architekturen LP 13.00
Einstürzende Neubauten Haus der Lüge LP 15.00
Einstürzende Neubauten 1/2 Mensch LP+12" 19.00
Einstürzende Neubauten Liebeslieder VHS 5.00
Eisengrau Documenta LP+EP BOX 15.00
Eisenvater Speichel MC 9.00
Ekül B. Musique Plastique ANTI-7" 33.00
él-g Armelle 7" 7.00
Elburg, Marc van / Herms, Marcel Feedback Distortion CD-R+BOOKLET 9.00
Electric Circus Hello LP 32.00
Electric Company Live in Concert 10"+7" 15.00
Electric Tibet 8 Miles High 7" 15.00
Elektronische Musik aus Köln (= Matthias Becker w./ John Peel) EMAK 3 LP 39.00
Elggren, Leif Cutting Crowns 7" 7.00
Elggren, Leif In Sleep the Knives are Sharpened 10" 9.00
Elggren, Leif 45 Minutes From Underneath the Beds CD-R 9.00
Elggren, Leif (& Kapotte Muziek) Kapotte Muziek by... 7" 5.00
Elggren, Leif / Hausswolff, CM von Elgaland - Vargaland National Anthem No. 1 CD 14.00
Elggren, Leif / Jonsson, Per / Tankred, Kent UGN LP 15.00
Elggren, Leif / Koenig, Sebastien / Antoine, Jean-Philippe Objet Metal Esprit - interprets Marcel Broodthaers & Jean-Philippe Antoise EP 8.00
Elggren, Leif / Liljenberg, Thomas 9.11 CD 9.00
Elggren, Leif / Liljenberg, Thomas The Party CD 9.00
Elggren, Leif / Svensson, Per Transatlantic EP 9.00
Elios (or Ilios) (ex-Optical Musics) Eurovision / Otravision LP 19.00
Elixir Tranquility & Seduction EP 4.00
Ellis, John Microgroove LP 12.00
Elodie (= Andrew Chalk & Timo van Luijk) Traces Ephemeres LP 17.00
Elodie (= Andrew Chalk & Timo van Luijk) Miniatures Persanes LP 17.00
Elodie (= Andrew Chalk & Timo van Luijk) Le Manteau d'Etoiles LP 16.00
Elodie (= Andrew Chalk & Timo van Luijk) Grisailles LP 35.00
Elodie (= Andrew Chalk & Timo van Luijk) Odyssee CD 15.00
Elodie (= Andrew Chalk & Timo van Luijk) La Lumiere Parfumee LP 22.00
Elodie (= Andrew Chalk & Timo van Luijk) Balayes de la Main du Hasard LP 18.00
Elodie (= Andrew Chalk & Timo van Luijk) La Lumiere Parfumee CD 15.00
Elodie (= Andrew Chalk & Timo van Luijk) Vieux Silence LP 18.00
Elodie (= Timo van Luijk & Andrew Chalk) Echos Pastoraux LP 17.00
Elodie (= Timo van Luijk & Andrew Chalk) Musique en Scene MC 15.00
Elodie (= Timo van Luijk & Andrew Chalk) La Porte Ouverte LP 16.00
Elodie (= Timo van Luijk / Andrew Chalk / Daisuke Suzuki / Ian Middleton) Echos Pastoraux LP 17.00
Eloine (Bryan Day) / Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Anticipation MCD-R 27.00
EMAK (= Matthias Becker) Elektronische Musik aus Koeln LP 29.00
EMAK 1 (Elektronische Musik aus Köln) / Matthias Becker 1 LP 49.00
Emerge Relativity EP 8.00
Empty House Cooperative Painted Plane CD 5.00
Én op. 80530 CD 12.00
En Halvkokt I Folie Ibadsi MC 29.00
Ende Shneafliet Twistin' on the Tombstones 2LP 29.00
Ende Shneafliet Spleen Concert Zondag 18-9-1983 CD-R 9.00
Ende Shneafliet Animals from Outer Space CD-R 9.00
Endzeitgeneration Basis MC 9.00
Endzeitgeneration Akt-Ivist MC 9.00
English Boy On The Loveranch (= Dave Ball, Richard H. Kirk, Flood) The Man In Your Life 12" 8.00
Enkidu (= Chie Mukai / Eric Cordier / Seichi Yamamoto) Live in Kyoto 2LP 19.00
Ensamma Hjärtan Nam Nam LP 13.00
Ensemble Pittoresque For this is Past LP 89.00
Enski Boski (= Terry Burrows) I Found Jesus in a Gay Bar LP 15.00
Entarte (= Mikael Stavöstrand of Inanna / Archon Satani & Lotten Wiklund) Fusion CD 9.00
Environs No Man Can Find the War 7" 5.00
EP-4 Lingua Franca-X 12" 8.00
Erdmännchen, Das Terrarismus MC 15.00
Erdwerk Grat CD 12.00
Erdwerk Grat CD 8.00
Erdwerk, Das Leben im Wartesaal EP 9.00
ERG / MSBR / Das Synthetische Mischgewebe Geosynclines CD 9.00
Erick (= Brian Field / Clive Richards / Johan Kloos / Bill Fairhall) (= Moisten Before Use) Fuzzy Felt LP 11.00
Ericsson (pre Sony-Ericsson Computer Company) Connection to the Future 12" 35.00
Erixma (= Brian Field & Clive Richards) Lovebomb MC 9.00
Erixma (= Brian Field & Clive Richards) Sphere of Magnetick Virtue LP 9.00
Errare Humanum Est (EHE) / Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Multimedial Slag Philosophy - Die Antizipation des Generalized Other CD-R 27.00
Esplendor Geometrico Comisario de la Luz LP 69.00
Esquisses (w./ Steven Brown of Tuxedomoon) same LP 19.00
Essential Logic (= Lora Logic) Eugene 7" 5.00
Etant Donnes Plutôt l'Exil du Cinq Dore EP 12.00
Etant Donnes L'eclipse MC 12.00
Etant Donnes El Carro 7" 15.00
Etant Donnes Le Soleil, La Mer, le Coeur, et les Etoiles VHS 49.00
Ethno Chip Nachts im Busch EP 55.00
Euler-Donnersperg, Ditterich von Pelzwurstlieder, Fünftes Heft EP 15.00
Euler-Donnersperg, Ditterich von Pelzwurstlieder, Siebentes Heft EP 15.00
Euler-Donnersperg, Ditterich von Pelzwurstlieder - Fünfzehntes Heft EP 16.00
Euler-Donnersperg, Ditterich von O Du Fröhliche 7" 6.00
Euler-Donnersperg, Ditterich von / Kommissar Hjuler Fluxus MLP 27.00
EVA 1 same MLP 19.00
Evapori Uebergangsfassaden CDR 9.00
Evapori Fumes LP 15.00
Evapori / Hyph Bewegungen / Fragmentation Itself CDR 9.00
Evelyn & the Wolf The Ball Starts Rollin' MC 19.00
Evelyn & the Wolf / Jivin' Instructors same MC 19.00
Evil Moisture Ghost Meat 7"+MAG 19.00
Evil Moisture / Metalux same LP 16.00
Ex Dead Fish MCD 15.00
Ex Lied der Steinklopfer 7" 19.00
Ex 1936, the Spanish Revolution 2x7"+BOOK 22.00
Ex War Is Over (Weapons for El Salvador) EP 19.00
Exhibet A High Technology 7" 19.00
Exotica Maximus Younger Now 7" 9.00
Experiment Nnord Neue Welt 7" 5.00
Exploiting The Prophets Code of Coincidence LP 12.00
Exterior Mirror (w./ Mark Spybey & Mr. Potts) Hupp CD 5.00
Exterminator & Machinetool, E.M. Silence, Dance & Nervous MC 7.00
Extremes He Can't Give You Love 7" 19.00
Eyeless In Gaza / Lol Coxhill Home Produce MC 19.00
Eyeless In Gaza / Top Dogs? Talking Mythic Language / Love You For Your Uniform FLEXI 5.00
Eyes Of The Nightmare Jungle Shadow Dance 7" 7.00
F.A.R. Passi Uguali LP 15.00
Fabriek, De Neveleiland CD 6.00
Fabriek, De Objects Of Desire Store CDR 9.00
Fabriek, De Sinneswahrnehmungen 3MC BOX 66.00
Fabriek, De Recycled MC 5.00
Fabriek, De (w./ Conrad Schnitzler, Mark Lane, Michael Otto, Peter van Vliet) Labish Intermediaries LP 15.00
Faces (= Huib Emmer / Lukas Simonis / Kaoru Iwamura / Nina Hitz / Joost van Veen) Tijdlus DVD 15.00
Factor X / Nicolas Genital Grinder A Framework Varying in Form According to it's Purpose T-Shirt 9.00
Factrix Empire of Passion 7" 19.00
Factrix / Monte Cazazza California Babylon - Live LP 23.00
Factual Your Way 7" 49.00
Fad Gadget / Mecano Untitled / March of the Iron Workers FLEXI 9.00
Faff-Bey Emptyhead 7" 5.00
Fair, Jad Best Wishes LP 29.00
Fair, Jad & the Pastels This Could Be the Night 12" 5.00
Fairon, Laurent Region par Region MC 8.00
Fairon, Laurent 2 Pistes (A & B) MC 8.00
Faith & Disease / Jeff Greinke Dream the Red Clouds MCD 5.00
Falk, Stefan (Martin Rössel) Motorcycleman 7" 6.00
Fall Out Mondo Criminale! LP 12.00
Fall, The Jerusalem / Big New Prinz 2x7" BOX 9.00
False Virgins (produced by Lee Ranaldo) Skinjob LP 5.00
Falx Cerebri feat. Graf Haufen Antimuzick EP 33.00
Family Fodder Coral 7" 9.00
Family Fodder Debbie Harry 7" 9.00
Family Fodder / Jonathan Meese / Mama Bär Fluxus in the Kitchen #3 LP 27.00
Family Fodder / Jonathan Meese / Mama Bär Fluxus in the Kitchen #3 LP 49.00
Family Fodder / Kommissar Hjuler Fluxus in the Bathroom LP 25.00
Family Fodder / Kommissar Hjuler Widerstand Zu Zeiten Schwarzer Paedagogik LP 22.00
Family Fodder / Kommissar Hjuler What Poisonous Pedagogy? (Dedicated To Julius Eastman (1940-1990)) LP 59.00
Farenheit 451 No Va A Suceder 12" 9.00
Fast Action United 7" 12.00
Fast Set Junction 1 7" 39.00
Fat Harlingen Black 10" 9.00
Fckn'Bstrds Sylvester im Knieschussclub CD-R 9.00
Fearless Vampire Killers Return to Roots 8" 13.00
Fehlfarben 33 Tage in Ketten LP 4.00
Fehlfarben 14 Tage/Uuh Cherie 7" 5.00
Fehlfarben Glut & Asche LP 5.00
Fehlfarben Monarchie und Alltag LP 12.00
Fehlfarben 12" Supersound Maxi EP 12" 4.00
Fehlmann's Ready Made (Thomas Fehlmann) Ready Made 7" 5.00
Feinberg, Paul Vacations EP 149.00
Feinen Trinkers bei Pinkels daheim, Die Hungerhaken's Speckrolle CD-R 5.00
Feinen Trinkers bei Pinkels daheim, Die Apfelmost und Essig LP 15.00
Felipe, Dino / Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Bär El Manic Lenguaje CD-R 29.00
Feltman Trommelt Toulouse 7" 4.00
Fennesz / Sakamoto Sala Santa Cecilia MCD 12.00
Fergusson, Alex (of Alternative TV & Psychic TV) White Label LP 22.00
Fergusson, Alex (of Throbbing Gristle) Stay with me Tonight 7" 19.00
Ferial Confine (= Andrew Chalk) The Full Use of Nothing LP 15.00
Ferraro, James Multitopia LP 15.00
Fervant, Thierry Seasons of Life LP 9.00
Fervant, Thierry Univers LP 8.00
Fetus Productions Intensive Care Unit 2LP+7"BOX 22.00
Feu Ma Mere Seasons of Mournful LP 23.00
FFWD (= Robert Fripp, Thomas Fehlmann, Kris Weston of Orb, Alex Paterson) same CD 12.00
Fictitious Names Such Splendid Things 7" 15.00
Fielding, Nick Runaway 7" 49.00
Fields Of The Nephilim The Nephilim LP Metal Masters 99.00
Fields Of The Nephilim One More Nightmare 10" 5.00
Fiendish Fib Down in the Mine LP 15.00
Figure 5 Born to Vacation LP 9.00
Film De Guerre same LP 35.00
Filmcast Admission 7" 15.00
Final Academy Night Cafe 7" 59.00
Final Program Protect and Survive EP 59.00
Final Unit Wie is daar? 12" 55.00
Final Unit Wie is daar? 12" 35.00
Finer Points Of Sadism, The / Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Anticipation of G.O. MCD-R 29.00
Finley, Karen Lick It! 12" 5.00
Finn, Simon Magic Moments CD 9.00
Finn, Tim In a Minor Key 2x7" 7.00
Fire, Teddy Fluxing Headset Man LP 15.00
Firefly Wreck same LP 6.00
Firmament & Elements The Festival of Frothy Muggament 7" 7.00
First Church Of Napoleon Solo Debbydid 7" 29.00
Fisher Turner, Simon The Garden (Derek Jarman) CD 6.00
Fisher Turner, Simon (as SFT w./ Bruce Gilbert / Ryoji Ikeda / Otomo Yoshida) Oh Venus CD 5.00
Fit & Limo Revisited LP 29.00
Fizze Kulu Hatha Mamnua LP 29.00
Flagyll Computer Music for the Microchip Mind MLP 49.00
Flak / Sayle, Alexei When the Gold Runs Dry 7" 9.00
Flamingo Neonbeat EP 39.00
Flanagan, Chris Cambridge LP 79.00
Flash Zero Doble Personalidad II 12" 9.00
Flash Zero Trans-Mission Mix (Ultra) 12" 9.00
Flash Zero Madrid-Rytmo 12" 9.00
Flash Zero Musulmania 12" 9.00
Flato, Steve Mara's Daughters MC 7.00
Fleshkult Horror Terror Dolor CD-R Box 9.00
Fleur Du Minimal Deutschland 3. Oktober 1990 CD 5.00
Flood (= Jake Liebezeit, Jump Zerlegt, Julian Dawson) Cold Cold World 12" 5.00
Floor Kiss Goodnight Moon MLP 22.00
Floor Kiss Goodnight Moon MLP 9.00
Flophouse Operation Shove EP 5.00
Flucht Nach Vorn O Cubano 12" 4.00
Flue Vista LP 19.00
Flugschädel Othniel - Zija waswarme san 10" 9.00
Flux Uncarved Block LP 7.00
Flux Of Pink Indians Neu Smell EP 19.00
Flying Lizards (David Cunningham) same LP 7.00
Flying Lizards (David Cunningham) same LP 6.00
Flys We are the Lucky Ones 7" 4.00
Fläsk Kvartetten (Freddie Wadling) What's Your Pleasure? LP 15.00
Foetus Deaf LP 45.00
Foetus Foetus Over Hamburg Kir 04.08.85 MC 25.00
Foetus Hole LP 12.00
Foetus Interruptus Thaw LP 9.00
Foetus Off The Wheel Hole 2LP 15.00
Folding Staircase Gogmagog MC 79.00
Fondation, La (w./ Bernard Szajner, Denis & Jerome Lefdub) Les Maitres du Monde - (S)Abordable MC 29.00
Food And Shelter Square Dance LP 79.00
Forbici Di Manitu, Le & Friends (MB, Nocturnal Emissions, Nightmare Lodge, Bruno Cossano, Sigillum S, Haters, My Cat Is An Alien, Mind Invaders, Noise Zona Minata LP+DVD-R 29.00
Force Dimension Tension 12" 5.00
Foreign Bodies The Incredible Truth 7" 9.00
Foreign World (pre-Catharsist) Trying to Escape LP 35.00
Form, Die Some Experiences with Shock LP 29.00
Form, Die Wiesbaden 4/90 VHS 15.00
Form, Die Excisions ATTENTION!!! WRONG COVER!!! I sell the Original 'Excisions' tape (K19 sticker on tape) in the Original K.04 cover 'Virgin Flavour - Total Remix 86' - Bain Total Sticker on Case MC 19.00
Form, Die / Mama Bär Fluxus (dedicated to Hubert Toyot) LP 69.00
Form, Die / Societe Anonyme S.A. 123 / Die Form Solo Project LP 19.00
Forte Four, Le Spin'n Grin LP 35.00
Forte Four, Le Hallucinatory Huareches LP 19.00
Forte Four, Le with Patients Boris the Spider/Priceless 7"+CD 19.00
Fote (= Sema) Perfect Sense 12" 59.00
Fote (= Sema) Shaking the House 12" 59.00
Four Star Five same MC 149.00
Foussat, Jean-Marc / Karamanolakis, Georgios Substunce Sans Scrupule LP 15.00
Foust, Scott (= ) w./ Lambkin, Graham (= New Peculiars) Here's to Love! DVD 15.00
Fowley Jr., Kim & La Bonte, Rich Son of Frankenstein LP 111.00
Fowley, Kim Snake Document Masquerade LP 9.00
Fowley, Kim Living in the Streets LP 19.00
Foxx, John Europe - After the Rain 7" 5.00
Foxx, John Burning Car 7" 5.00
Foyer des Arts Wissenswertes über Erlangen 7" 9.00
Foyer Des Arts (= Max Goldt) Die Unfähigkeit zu frühstücken LP 19.00
Foyer Des Arts (= Max Goldt) Von Bullerbü nach Babylon LP 22.00
Foyer Des Arts (= Max Goldt) Ein Kuss in der Irrtumstaverne LP 19.00
Foyer Des Arts (= Max Goldt) Die Menschen LP 19.00
Fra Lippo Lippi Small Mercies LP 25.00
Fra Lippo Lippi Now & Forever EP 29.00
Fractal Heads same CD-R+MCD-R 29.00
Fragile Je veux m'evader LP 6.00
Fragments Some Other Guy 7" 15.00
Frank Chickens (David Toop / Steve Beresford / Kazuko Hohki / Kazumi Taguchi) Get Chickenized LP 9.00
Franklin, Martin & Clare, Richard Invocation of the Beast Gods MC 12.00
Franklin, Martin / Northam, Michael An Opening of the Earth CD 9.00
Freaks Idol Nonstop Alcohltrain 7" 19.00
Fredin Comp Tystlatna äventyr LP 22.00
Free Agents same LP 99.00
Free Agents 3.33 LP 99.00
Freeman, Margaret Academy Serial MC 16.00
Freiband & Machinefabriek OAHU CD 9.00
Freiband (= Frans de Waard / Kapotte Muziek) Replicas CD 5.00
Freq 63 (Batchas side project) Genetic EP 12" 5.00
Frequency Curtain (= Rick Reed / John Grzinich / Josh Ronsen) same CD 9.00
Fresh Color Disco Nature 12" 9.00
Fresh Color (= Frische Farbe) Disco Future 7" 9.00
Freud, James & the Radio Stars Modern Girl 7" 13.00
Friday Group same LP 9.00
Fridges (w./ Colin Lloyd Tucker) Audititioning Whimmin LP 9.00
Friends Jorun LP 29.00
Frisch, Johannes / Wehowsky, Ralf (= RLW) Tränende Würger CD 7.00
Frische Farbe (= El Deux) Lass mich-ich will dich 7" 19.00
Friz Be Hmm... LP 129.00
Frizz Rom brennt 7" 5.00
Frl. Menke same LP 6.00
Frohmader, Peter Forgotten Enemy MLP 19.00
Frohmader, Peter Orakel/Tiefe MC 19.00
Frohmader, Peter Ritual LP 15.00
Frohmader, Peter / Nekropolis Spheres MC 15.00
Front 242 No Comment LP 9.00
Front 242 Official Version LP 5.00
Frozen Faces (= Deutsch Nepal) Broken Sounds...of a Dying Culture LP 9.00
Frozen Rabbit 26,000 CD 9.00
Fun House L.O.K. EP 9.00
Function Disorder West LP 25.00
Function Disorder # 1 LP 29.00
Funeral Oration Survival EP 7.00
Fura dels Baus, La Nuon LP 19.00
Fura Dels Baus, La Suz LP 19.00
Furors Little Numbers EP 23.00
Furtips Stand Back, Speak Normally CD 5.00
Fusionaires No Prisoners CD 9.00
Future Primitives Running Away 7" 5.00
Future Sound Of London (= FSOL) Lifeforms 2CD 5.00
Future Sound Of London (= FSOL) Papua New Guinea CD 5.00
Fürst Pückler & die Eisheiligen Schneemann ade 7" 9.00
FZ13 (Robert Turman, who collaborated with Boyd Rice / Non in the 70-ies) There's No Need for the Air LP 9.00
Fähnlein Fieselschweif (w./ Holger Hiller) Pluto grüßt unsere Perser EP 15.00
G*Park Yack Park CD 15.00
G*Park Geopod CD 15.00
G*Park (of Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock) Reuters LP 15.00
G-Schmitt Future Daze 7" 19.00
Gadgets (= Colin Lloyd Tucker) Love, Curiosity, Freckles & Doubt LP 19.00
Gadgets (= Matt Johnson / Colin Lloyd-Tucker / John Hyde) Gadgetree LP 29.00
Gadgets (= Matt Johnson, Colin Lloyd Tucker & John Hyde) Blue Album LP 9.00
Gaeoudjiparl van den Dobbelsteen (= Goodiepal) Mort aux Vaches Ekstra Extra 7"+5"+BOOK 59.00
Gaggiolo, Amadeo (Rat) Estratti MC 29.00
Galas, Diamanda The Divine Punishment LP 15.00
Galas, Diamanda The Litanies of Satan MLP 49.00
Galas, Diamanda Panoptikon VHS 49.00
Gambit Of Shame No Bounds 7" 39.00
Games Circus Minimus LP 13.00
Games To Avoid Neckspots 7" 9.00
Gammer And His Familiars (w./ Vini Reilly of Durutti Column) Rocket Ticket LP 15.00
Gang Of Four Entertainment LP 9.00
Gang Of Four / Five Or Six Lord Make Me A Cowboy / Black Balloons FLEXI 5.00
Gangway Sitting in the Park LP 9.00
Garland, David / Monk, Meredith Don't Shoot 7" 9.00
Gazarra, Jan Upstairs of Social Hell MC 19.00
GazHeart (= David Nuss & Rita Ackermann) same MLP 13.00
GC: 1693 (= Andrew Zealley) / Institute Of Unusual Studies (= Dianne Bos) I'll Come Running / My Baby She Moves So Slow 7" 29.00
Geekais Nincompoop MLP 5.00
Geerken, Hartmut & Puttkamer, Hubertus von / Kommissar Hjuler Souq Soulouf Cairo 1971 / Al Qa'ida LP 19.00
Geerken, Hartmut & Puttkamer, Hubertus von / Kommissar Hjuler Souq Soulouf Cairo 1971 / Al Qa'ida LP 49.00
Geile Tiere (= Salomé & Luciano Castelli) same LP 49.00
Geile Tiere (= Salomé & Luciano Castelli)(w./ Manuel Göttsching) Geile Tiere 7" 29.00
Geins't Nait Fishes LP 15.00
Geisterfahrer Schatten voraus LP 19.00
Geisterfahrer Fest der vielen Sinne LP 6.00
Geisterfahrer Topal LP 19.00
Geisterfahrer The Other Side of... LP 19.00
Gelatinous Citizen Rhythm Of Industry LP 39.00
Gendreau, Michael / Lopez, Francisco Drowning / Untitled # 185 LP 15.00
General Listening Empty 7" 15.00
Generated Progression same LP 19.00
Genitor Lvminis Deam Adessa 10" 6.00
Geno Vess Pale Blue Windscreen 12" 4.00
George & Caplin Things Past CD 7.00
Gerda Schlass (= Emanuele Carcano/Alga Marghen) Vogelsang EP 29.00
Gerogerigegege The Art of... 7" 11.00
Gerogerigegege Singles 1985-1993 CD 49.00
Gerogerigegege Veel plezier! EP 29.00
Gerogerigegege Yasukuni Jinja 7" 39.00
Gerogerigegege Recollections Of Primary Masturbation CD 22.00
Gerstein The Death Posture MC 19.00
Gerstein La Pomata Delle Femmine MC 19.00
Geschenk, Das Je suis un héros du travail MLP 49.00
Geteilte Köpfe Hitting the Past LP 5.00
Ghazala, Q.R. Requiem for a Radio CD 9.00
Ghostwriters Objects in Mirrors are Closer than they Appear LP 19.00
Gift Horse Son of Gravity 7" 5.00
Gilbert, B.C. / Raum Radiator, Plane, Bang / I Play All My Records Through the vacOrec Anti Static Discharge Cleaner 7" 8.00
Gilbert, Terry Call me in the Night 7" 25.00
Gilles De Rais Because CD 19.00
Gilles De Rais Damned Pictures CD 19.00
Gillis, Anne Devil's Picnic MC 49.00
Gillis, Anne / G.X. Jupitter-Larsen (= Haters) Encored Dust 7" 9.00
Giorbino, Andy Kredit EP 25.00
Giorbino, Andy The Art of Letting Go LP 5.00
Giorbino, Andy Lied an die Freude LP 29.00
Giorbino, Andy The Art of Letting Go LP+EP 9.00
Giorbino, Andy / Eldorado Ivanhoe! MLP 15.00
Girlfriends Geert CD 9.00
Girls At Our Best Politics 7" 4.00
Girls At Our Best Getting Nowhere Fast 7" 19.00
Glafx There is No Love - The 7 Gates of Punishment - 1st Gate LP 9.00
Glafx The Tomb of Time CD 5.00
Glafx Fantasy's Golden Feather CD 7.00
Glamatron Only the Heart Beats...Inside the Silence LP 9.00
Glass (Ciaran Harte) New Colours 7" 19.00
Glatze des Willens ?Que Dice El Oso? LP 29.00
Glaufx Viridian Green Night CD 5.00
Glaufx Garland 3rd Gate CD-R 7.00
Glaufx Garland The 7 Gates of Punishment - 1st Gate - There is No Love CD 7.00
Glaufx Garland 7th Gate 2CD-R 15.00
Glaufx Garland (= Glafx) The 7 Gates of Punishment - 3 Unreleased Tracks from the 1st Gate MLP 13.00
Gleaming Spires Walk On Well Lighted Streets LP 5.00
Glemser, Maik (known from his collaboration with Teflon Fonfara) Demo-Cassette (never released) MC 39.00
Global Guaranty Orchestra Sunset Hotel LP 35.00
Glorious Strangers (Carol & Wharton Tiers) same LP 12.00
Glotzbach, Rob / Ries, Gerrit D'Andre Kant / One Side Each LP 39.00
Gluck, Jeremy Burning Skulls Rise MLP 6.00
Gluut 20 Lustig 7" 25.00
Glycerin ...From the Depth 8" 12.00
GMBH same LP 6.00
Gnome & Spybey, Mark At Willie's Place CD 9.00
Goal, Charles de Algorythmes / Ici L'ombre CD 44.00
God Forbid Gone Forever LP 19.00
Godot Extended Player 12" 7.00
Gog (Dan Fröberg) The Beatless EP EP 99.00
Gogoplex Y.Y.O.Y. 12" 9.00
Gold Frankincense & Disk Drive Lifecycle LP 8.00
Golden Starlet Cheap Tartlets EP 5.00
Goldt, Max Restaurants Restaurants Restaurants - 22 Hysterische Miniaturen LP 25.00
Goldt, Max (= Foyer des Arts) L'eglise des crocodiles MLP 79.00
Goldt, Max / Kubin, Felix / Boombastik, Mark Fog Frog 7" 9.00
Goloka (= Samon Takahashi) same LP 25.00
Goo-q I'm a Computer 7" 9.00
Good Missionaries (= Alternative TV)(w./ Pop Group) Fire From Heaven LP 19.00
Goodiepal Mort Aux Vaches Ekstra Extra #OT409BLOV7 (puzzle-shaped green & black vinyl 6") + Mort Aux Vaches Ekstra Extra # 23EPPi (multi-grooved 7") + Mort Aux Vaches Ekstra Extra Hard-Cover Book 6" shape+7"+BOOK 49.00
Goodiepal Mort Aux Vaches Ekstra Extra #207 (puzzle-shaped red & black vinyl 6") + Mort Aux Vaches Ekstra Extra Hard-Cover Book 6" shape+BOOK 39.00
Goodiepal Mort Aux Vaches Ekstra Extra #207 (puzzle-shaped red & black vinyl 6") + Mort Aux Vaches Ekstra # 399 (5" with sound & engravings) + Mort Aux Vaches Ekstra Extra Hard-Cover Book 6" shape+5"+BOOK 49.00
Goodiepal Mort Aux Vaches Ekstra # 0 / Hacker Pack Advance = Alku 12" 29.00
Goodiepal Mort Aux Vaches Ekstra Extra #OT409BLOV7 (puzzle-shaped orange & black vinyl 6") + Mort Aux Vaches Ekstra Extra # 0 (art-etched 12") + Mort Aux Vaches Ekstra Extra Hard-Cover Book 12"+6"+BOOK 49.00
Goodiepal Zwei wichtige Fragen 7" Lathe-Cut 29.00
Goodiepal + Pals + Kommissar Hjuler + Mama Bär Penispals LP 29.00
Goodiepal + Pals + Kommissar Hjuler + Mama Bär Penispals - Blau LP 35.00
Goodiepal + Pals + Kommissar Hjuler + Mama Bär Jemand Vergraebt Erdaushub! LP 25.00
Goodiepal / Alejandra Salinas & Aeron Bergman / Jörg Piringer Three Ideophones 3x10" BOX 25.00
Goodiepal / GP & PLS / Kommissar Hjuler FLUXUS I Tyskland Og Danmark LP 89.00
Goosewind Come Smoke a Cigarette LP 19.00
Gothic Hut (= Rick Potts, Joseph Hammer, John Dyer, Doug Henry) Show Me Yer Belly LP 19.00
Gott und die Ölis (= Manfred Rätzmann & Enno P. Gramberg) / Wittlich, Manfred Die KULTuhr EP 5 EP+MAG 59.00
Gouldthorpe, Mark & Hinkler, Simon (ex-Artery / pre-Mission) Flight Commander Solitude & the Snake LP 19.00
Goz Mongo (= Inyurmania) Alliance 2EP 19.00
Grabowski, Pawel House of Live VHS 15.00
Grace Live LP 9.00
Grace Kairos (= Timo Blunck of Palais Schaumburg & Zimmermänner) Emotions Park LP 5.00
Graham, Clive & Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Rapunzel wird nur gerettet, wenn sie ihr Haar aus dem Turmfenster herab läßt. Live-Grimm with Russian Birds. Schiphorst 2010 CD-R+DVD-R 49.00
Graham, Clive (of Morphogenesis) / Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Die Antizipation des Generalized Other MCD-R 29.00
Great Outdoors World at my Shoes EP 5.00
Greater Than One London 2LP 18.00
Greater Than One London 2LP 7.00
Green Milk From The Planet Orange City Calls Revolution CD 9.00
Green's Restaurant Sömnganggarnas Motell LP 15.00
Greenfield Leisure Those Far Off Summers... 12" 22.00
Greif, Randy Bacteria and Gravity LP 9.00
Greif, Randy / Illusion Of Safety In Our Little Bodies CD 5.00
Greinke, Jeff Timbral Planes LP 9.00
Greinke, Jeff Places of Motility LP 9.00
Greinke, Jeff Changing Skies CD 9.00
Greinke, Jeff Ride CD 7.00
Greinke, Jeff Wide View CD 7.00
Greinke, Jeff Cities in Fog LP 15.00
Grey Wolves A Wealth of Misery EP 19.00
Grey Wolves The Age of Dissent LP 49.00
Grey Wolves Catholic Priests Fuck Children LP 39.00
Grief Les Nourritures Terrestres LP 19.00
Grindell, John Dawnsio ar y Sgwar 12" 9.00
Gris Regard La duel rouge 12" 12.00
Groceries Part of the New America MLP 9.00
Groenland Orchester Nurobic CD 5.00
Ground Zero Born to be Bombed EP 49.00
Ground Zero (w./ Bob Mould of Hüsker Dü) same LP 22.00
Große Fressen Contra Mutant EP 4.00
Grubbs, David The Coxcomb LP 9.00
Grupo Q La nueva generacion 7" 15.00
GSG9 Mogadishu 7" 29.00
Guerilla Toss Eraser Stargazer CDR 5.00
Guerilla Welfare Rhesus Pieces LP 19.00
Guhl, Andy The Instrument - 23 Audio-Visual Clips DVD 19.00
Gulf Pressure / Nasmak Balconi / Dishhunt FLEXI 6.00
Gum Takes Tooth Young Mustard 7" 8.00
Gusella, Ernest Japanese Twins And White Man - A Lock And Low Album LP 99.00
Gyllensköld, Geijerstam And Friends (= Nurse With Wound & Current 93 / Steven Stapleton, David Tibet & Friends) Live At Bar Maldoror LP 59.00
Günter, Bernhard Details Agrandis CD 11.00
Günter, Bernhard Impossible Grey MCD 6.00
Günter, Bernhard Crossing the River (Night Music) CD 9.00
Günter, Bernhard / Wehowsky, Ralf (= RLW) Un Ocean de Certitude 3x3"CD 12.00
H.N.A.S. Gegenstände fallen zu Boden CD 15.00
H3öH (= Hafler Trio & Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson) same CD 12.00
Ha Ha Ha Up And Down EP 12.00
Ha't Vo'i Que Huong (Holger Hiller & Walter Thielsch) same 12" 39.00
Hadjoglou, Ilias Hinterland CD 11.00
Hafler Trio Three Ways of Saying Two LP 19.00
Hafler Trio The Birds Must be Eliminated 10" 19.00
Hafler Trio The Sea Org 10" 8.00
Hafler Trio The Water has No Hair to Hold On to 10" 15.00
Hafler Trio A House Waiting for its Master 10" 15.00
Hafler Trio No More Twain, of one Flesh: 11 Unequivocal Obsecrations (Part the Third) CD 12.00
Hafler Trio Who Gave You The Ability To Envisage Perfection? 7" 9.00
Hafler Trio Kill the King CD 15.00
Hafler Trio Dislocation MC 15.00
Hafler Trio Seven Hours Sleep 2MLP 12.00
Hafler Trio One Dozen Economical Stories by Peter Greenaway CD 8.00
Hafler Trio A Thirsty Fish CD 5.00
Hafler Trio Timerape - Who Sees Goes On Part # 1 10" 25.00
Hafler Trio Intoutof LP 15.00
Hafler Trio The Name of Someone 2CD 13.00
Hafler Trio Soundtrack to "Alternation, Perception & Resistance" - A Comprehension Exercise 12" 19.00
Hafler Trio Hotondo Kiki Torenai MC 99.00
Hafler Trio A Thirsty Fish 2LP 19.00
Hafler Trio & Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth Dreamachine VHS 29.00
Hafler Trio (w./ Zbigniew Karkowski) The Hafler Trio Play the Hafler Trio CD 9.00
Hafler Trio / Luciano Dari Ben, Ruach, Ab, Shaloshethem Yechad Thaubodo / Idrogeni Superiori LP 23.00
Hagen Band, Nina same LP 6.00
Hagen, Nina same LP 4.00
Haggart, Scott (w./ Felix Kubin, Jan van den Dobbelsteen, EVOL, White Daughter, Lary Seven, Charlie McAlister) 1:17 MLP 9.00
Haig, Paul Running Away 12" 5.00
Haig, Paul Blue For You 12" 4.00
Haigh, Robert (= Sema) Music from the Ante Chamber 12" 19.00
Haigh, Robert (= Sema) Juliet of the Spirits 12" 25.00
Haindling 1 LP 5.00
Haindling Spinn i LP 5.00
Haindling Stilles Potpourri LP 5.00
Haindling Meuterei - Live LP 5.00
Haino, Keiji & Tatsuya, Yoshida Hauenfiomiume CD 12.00
Hair & Skin Trading Co. Psychedelische Musique (Lava Surf Kunst) CD 12.00
Hajsch (= C-Schulz) Nagual LP 25.00
Half Japanese U.S. Teens are Spoiled Bums EP 6.00
Half String Eclipse EP 5.00
Half String Oval EP 9.00
Half String Tripped Up Breathing MCD 7.00
Hall, Martin Cutting Through 2LP 16.00
Hall, Martin Relief LP 15.00
Hall, Van The van Hall Tapes LP 13.00
Halmens featuring Jun Togawa (Koji Ueno) Halmens Deluxe LP 29.00
Hamilton, Lucy / Lunch, Lydia The Drowning of Lucy Hamilton - Music from the Original Soundtrack MLP 9.00
Hammafest Phase 1 MC 12.00
Hammer, Joseph Dynasty Suites CD 13.00
Hammill, Peter (of Van Der Graaf Generator) Loops and Reels MC 19.00
Hananel, Bernard Sillage Oblique LP 19.00
Hanatarashi The Art of... 7" 15.00
Hanatarashi / Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock / Eb.ersonna (= Rudolv Eb.er & Masonna) Tiefpunkt MLP 9.00
Hands To SFO CD 9.00
Hands To Circumscription CD 13.00
Hands To Flatline 2LP 123.00
Hands To (= Jeph Jerman) Twin My Hands To MC 9.00
Hands To / Yeast Culture Flatline 2MLP 49.00
Hang The Dance Laughing Jack Said 7" 5.00
Hansen, Mike At Every Point CD 5.00
Hansson, Malcolm The Naked Truth LP 19.00
Happy Flowers Lasterday I Was Been Bad LP 5.00
Happy? / Carla (De Fabriek - related) Op’t Eiland / I’m in Love 7" 9.00
Haptic (= Adam Sonderburg / Steven Hess / Joseph Mills) Correction 7" 5.00
Harada, Tomoyo ??? (title in Japanese) LP 19.00
Harappian Night Recordings I Was Born with 7 Clits DVD-R 15.00
Harappian Nights Recordings Tabassum MC 15.00
Hard Times same LP 9.00
Hardt, Meryll Lichtspiel 7" 5.00
Hardware Rubberface EP 12.00
Harper, James Twig (of Nautical Almanac) Intuitive American Esoteric Vol. 1 LP 9.00
Harrow, David Our Little Girl 12" 12.00
Harry Merry First Contact CD-R+EP 16.00
Hart & the Palpitations, Dicky Hungry For You 7" 4.00
Hash'n'Thrash The Chillum Mix LP 19.00
Haters Cultivating Calamity CD 9.00
Haters Truncated Formica EP 5.00
Haters A Furthered Pause 2 & 3 7" 9.00
Haters When in Rome, Do as the Egyptians Do - S Live 2MC 49.00
Haters The Totimorphous CD 9.00
Haters Drops Ascending 2x7" 9.00
Haters Blank Banner CD 9.00
Haters Hate Italy VHS 19.00
Haters Sweet Austerity 10" 7.00
Haters In the Shade of Fire LP 19.00
Haters Nihil ad Rem MC 19.00
Haters Future Cheers MC 18.00
Haters Paraifax MC 49.00
Haters Recycled MC 9.00
Haters / Con-Dom Enraptured Violence MC 29.00
Haters / La Sonorite Jaune The Interstellar Destroyed Music Mail Project MC 15.00
Hats No Time is Good Time 7" 29.00
Hausswolff, C.M. von L'esprit 10" 29.00
Hausswolff, CM von Three Overpopulated Cities Built by Short-Sigted Planners, an Unbalanced and Quite Dangerous Airport and an Abandoned Church CD 8.00
Hausswolff, CM von A Lecture On Disturbances In Architecture CD 12.00
Hausswolff, CM von Life and Death of PBOC MLP 39.00
Hausswolff, CM von Rays of Beauty CD 9.00
Hausswolff, CM von Basic CD 9.00
Hausswolff, CM von Operations Of Spirit Communication LP+7" 29.00
Hausswolff, CM von Bark & Is LP 39.00
Haut, Die Der Karibische Western 12" 19.00
Haut, Die (w./ Nick Cave / Anita Lane / Kid Kongo / Mick Harvey) Headless Body in Topless Bar LP 15.00
Hawk & a Hacksaw, A Darkness at Noon CD 5.00
Hayward, Charles (of This Heat / Camberwell Now) Survive the Gesture LP 9.00
He Said Hail LP 4.00
He Said (= Graham Lewis of Wire) Only One 1 7" 4.00
He Was same FLEXI 15.00
Heads On Sticks Second Feed LP 5.00
Health //Disco 2LP 14.00
Hearing Trumpet Ilallopp MC 9.00
Hearing Trumpet Mad Sonance MC 9.00
Heavenly Bodies Rains On Me 12" 7.00
Hector In Paris Silent Radio EP 19.00
Heemann, Christoph Magnetic Tape Splicing 12" 39.00
Heemann, Christoph The Rings of Saturn LP 15.00
Heemann, Christoph Retrace 7" 8.00
Heemann, Christoph Aftersolstice CD 9.00
Heide, Edwin van der Witteveen+Bos Prijs voor Kunst+Techniek 2009 CD+BOOK 19.00
Heiszenberger, Andreas Solokarriere LP 9.00
Hell Cows G Spot Crush EP 9.00
Hell Cows (LAFMS-related) Toothless LP 9.00
Hellraiser 6 - Hellseeker DVD 5.00
Hellraiser 7 - Deader DVD 5.00
Hellraiser 1 - 5 (The Original Box) 5 DVD BOX 19.00
Helsem, Michael The Werewolf Suite MC 19.00
Hematic Sunsets & Okko Bekker Weihnachten im Aroma Club 7" 6.00
Hendrickx, Hans Free Music MC 19.00
Henneken, Simone / Burr, Rudi / Reznicek Das deutsche Gesicht MCD+BOOK 19.00
Henrich, Lasse / Mama Bär / Kommissar Hjuler Erdbeertelefon DVD-R 22.00
Hentai I Love you MCD-R Box 15.00
Hermine Lonely at the Top LP 29.00
Hermit / Armenia Our Existence is Pathetic / New Fuckin' Year EP 6.00
Hermit / Roy Gbiv Molotovka / When Will Roy Gbiv Contract Glycosuria? EP 5.00
Hero Where are you Now? 7" 5.00
Heroes Antifashion 7" 23.00
Herrero, Miguel Iolantha LP 25.00
Herzliyya Boardwalk String Septet Guitar 6/A Collection of Love Songs MC 12.00
Hessen, ganz groß! same LP 33.00
Hi Sheriffs Of Blue (= Mark Dagley w./ Elliott Sharp) same MLP 9.00
Hi Sheriffs Of Blue (= Mark Dagley) Ain't But Sweet 16 7" 15.00
Hi-Jinx The Streamlining Song 7" 5.00
Higher Primates Taking in the Summer 7" 29.00
Hijokaidan Romance CD 22.00
Hik, De / Hick, The Turkie, Turkie 7" 5.00
Hiller, Holger Egg 12" 5.00
Hiller, Holger As Is CD 9.00
Hiller, Holger Oben im Eck LP 7.00
Hinz + Kunz Bodyshaping 12" 13.00
Hirano, Go Distance LP 19.00
His Name Is Alive Ft. Lake CD 5.00
His Name Is Alive Livonia LP 4.00
Hiss same CD 7.00
Hitchcocks Skinny LP 9.00
Hitmachine Vile zu viel fine 7" 5.00
Hitmachine Music from Nijmegen LP 9.00
Hits Berlin Vorwärts/Rückwärts 7" 49.00
Hive Kingdom Rise Kingdom Fall 12" 7.00
Hoen, Mark van The Last Flowers from the Darkness CD 9.00
Hogan, Annie (w./ Nick Cave / Clint Ruin / Anita Lane / Gini Ball) Kickabye MLP 9.00
Hohmann, Martijn Equivocal Generation - A Study on Evolution EP 19.00
Hohmann, Martijn Equivocal Generation - A Study on Evolution EP BOX 59.00
Hohmann, Martijn / Heijmans, Marc Trendel MLP 15.00
Hollander, Marc / Maboul, Aksak Onze Danses pour Combattre la Migraine LP 85.00
Holsapple, Peter & Stamey, Chris Mavericks MC 5.00
Holy Gang (Front 242) Free Tyson Free MCD 7.00
Hombre De Pekin, El Usa Silex 12" 9.00
Home And Garden How I Spent My Vacation 12" 19.00
Home and Garden (Pere Ubu) History and Geography LP 9.00
Home Current Uncertain Twilight 7"+MCD 29.00
Home Service (David Motion) Thin Hours 7" 8.00
Homler, Anna & Moss, David / Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Bär Fluxus EP 39.00
Homler, Anna (w./ Ethan James & David Moss) Do Do Ya Sadi Do MC 15.00
Homo Terra Incognita (= Henk Damen / collaborated with Mark Lane) same MC 15.00
Homosexuals E.P. 12" 79.00
Homosexuals E.P. 12" 79.00
Honey Bane Turn Me On Turn Me Off 2x7" 5.00
Honey Bane Dizzy Dreamers EP 4.00
Honey Bane You Can Be You EP 12.00
Honey Barbara 1-10 & W. Ave. CD 15.00
Honeymoon In Green The Temperature Here 12" 6.00
Honeymoon Killers Subtitled Remix 12" 15.00
Honeymoon Killers Les Tueurs de la lune de miel LP 25.00
Honig Duze Zwierze EP 9.00
Hooley, Terri & the My-Way's (Undertones-related) Laugh at me 7" 9.00
Hope Alone Cassidy (= P.P.P.) How are you Today? 10" 13.00
Hope, Peter & the Jonathan S. Podmore Method (w./ Alan Fish) Kitchenette 12" 4.00
Horaflora / Secret Boyfriend same / Cool Air LP 13.00
Hore Truth & Trust CD 5.00
Horist, Bill Songs from the Nerve Wheel CD 9.00
Horist, Bill Lyric/Suite CD 9.00
Horizon 222 (= Zoviet France) Spirit Level 2x12" 19.00
Hormann, Volker Jungle Guitar Music EP 5.00
Hornissen (+ Walter Dahn & Detlev Kühne) Pale Blue Eyes (Lou Reed) EP 49.00
Horny Toads Wired MLP 9.00
Horse Badorties ...reitet wieder! EP 19.00
Horse He's Sick, The (T.H.H.S.) Concrete Crash MC 49.00
Horus / Houchard, Jean-Louis / Rantes Mail Art 666 Work in Progress MC 49.00
Hostia All is One MLP 11.00
Hot Snax Pressure Drop 12" 5.00
Hotel Room Service 7" 25.00
Hototogisu Robed in Verdigris LP 9.00
Hototogisu Pale Fatal Sister 2LP 19.00
Hototogisu Cuckoo Cloudland LP 99.00
Hotpoints Live at Randys LP 19.00
Housewifes Nightmare (Phil Minton / Lindsay Cooper / Georgie Born) All the World Going to See the Great Exhibition of 1851 EP 15.00
Howard I Know Stand-by Flight 7" 5.00
Hradesin (= Robert William White) + Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Bär Ambienticipation 3CD-R + DVD 49.00
Hublot, Vitor Aller Simple 12" 79.00
Hudak, John Don't Worry About Anything, I'll Talk to you Tomorrow CD 6.00
Hudak, John Helene Marie: Reinterpretations 2CD 12.00
Hue & Cry Here Comes Everybody 12" 19.00
Hugo Klang (pre-Orchestra of Skin & Bone / No) Grand Life For Fools & Idiots 7" 25.00
Huisman, Jeroen & Bakker, Roelof Dont Use Violence MC 9.00
Hula Black Wall Blue 12" 4.00
Hula Cut Me Loose MLP 4.00
Hula 1000 Hours 2LP 5.00
Hum Ether Rider EP 6.00
Hum Projimo (of Glatze des Willens) Ca se Guerit CD 12.00
Human Flesh Songs for the Victims CD 9.00
Human Flesh Penumbra CD 9.00
Human Flesh The 35th Human Attempt LP 44.00
Human Hands (= Dennis Duck, Rick Potts, Juan Gomez, Bill Noland, David Wiley) Jubilee 12" 12.00
Human Head Transplant Hic et Ubique Uno Animo MC 9.00
Human Sexual Response Guardian Angel 7" 4.00
Humid Spaceman Spliff EP 5.00
Huns (w./ Rich La Bonte) 1965 N.Y. EP 49.00
Hunt, Jerry / Krumm, Philip / Mama Bär / Kommissar Hjuler Fluxus LP 49.00
Hurwitz, Jack (Harrison / Chapelle - related) Tones Timbre MC 11.00
Hurwitz, Jack (Harrison / Chapelle - related) Pointillism MC 9.00
Hurwitz, Jack (Harrison / Chapelle - related) Escaping Oposition MC 9.00
Husk / Delphium Measure of Time 2EP 7.00
Husslein, Uwe Fandom Research - Reader und Index zur Fanzine-Szene - International Edition BOOK 5.00
Hval Mus Sum 12" 9.00
Hybrid Kids The Burtons 7" 5.00
Hybrid Kids (= Morgan Fisher w./ Lol Coxhill / Maggie Nicols) Claws LP 15.00
Hybryds Live LP 17.00
Hybryds Mistrust Authority Promote Decentralisation LP 16.00
Hypnolovewheel Secret Star 7" Lathe Cut + MCD 3.00
Hysterica Passio Grey Over Life MLP 179.00
I Mána Sou Eínai O Patéras Sou Eísai I Aderfí Sou CD-R 15.00
I'llbeonthefönetoyou Costofliving MLP 22.00
I-Lands In The Rain EP 19.00
I.A.M. Umbrella Gift of Roots & Wings CD 7.00
I.A.M. Umbrella Semafore MC 15.00
I.C.U. Telephone 7" 8.00
I.C.U. (Intensive Care Unit) Play Dead 7" 5.00
I.E. Art for War's Sake LP 59.00
I.Q. same MLP 49.00
i:wound (= Infected Wound) A Soundscape of Footage of News on the WTC & Pentagon Attacks CD-R 7.00
i:wound feat. DJ Hiv+ Triptych 1: May All Rapists be Happy CDR 9.00
Ibid (= Xper.Xr.) Golden Wonder CD 15.00
IC3 I4C MLP 19.00
ID Battery Lily Events CD 9.00
ID Battery The Foot 7" 7.00
Idea Fire Company Stranded LP 15.00
Idea Fire Company The Island of Taste LP 19.00
Idea Fire Company Crusaders LP 49.00
Idea Fire Company The Fourth Dimension is Money 2LP 19.00
Idea Fire Company Explosion in a Shingle Factory 2LP 19.00
Idea Fire Company Anti-Natural LP 12.00
Idea Fire Company The New Line 12" 39.00
Idea Fire Company / IFCO Rags To Riches DVD-R 5.00
Ideal Blaue Augen 7" 5.00
Ideal same MLP 5.00
Ideal Der Ernst des Lebens LP 5.00
Idiom Flesh Inheritance 12" 55.00
Idiot Cards same MC 29.00
Ielasi, Giuseppe 5 Tracks 18-9-00 CD-R 12.00
Iersel, Rik van (= Der Junge Hund) 99 (Don't Talk) BOOKLET 5.00
If, Bwana Gruntle CD 5.00
If, Bwana Untitled # 651 MC 9.00
If, Bwana Wah Yu Wah LP 13.00
If, Bwana Bird Brain / Bird Bath EP 12.00
If, Bwana / P.S. Bingo Death to the Oppressors / Beware MC 12.00
If-Then-Else (ex-Weirdos) Warhead LP 39.00
Ifthenwhy The Graduation 12" 9.00
Igor's Night Off We're Having A Party! 7" 8.00
Ike Yard same LP 29.00
Ikeda, Ryoji Time & Space 2MCD 19.00
Ilitch Rainy House LP+CD 29.00
Ilitch 10 Suicides LP 59.00
Illusion Of Safety Probe CD 9.00
Illusion Of Safety Rules of the Game MCD 5.00
Illusion Of Safety From Nothing To Less CD 7.00
Illusion Of Safety Of & The 2CD 12.00
Illusion Of Safety Fifteen - Finite Material Context CD 5.00
Illusion Of Safety The Banishing Ritual EP 6.00
Illusion Of Safety Fin de Siecle LP 12.00
Illusion Of Safety More Violence & Geography LP 15.00
Illusion Of Safety (& Kapotte Muziek) Kapotte Muziek by... 7" 9.00
Illusion Of Safety / Köner, Thomas Heartmath / Col de Vence 7" 9.00
Illusion Of Safety / Life Garden / Voice Of Eye The Nature Of Sand CD 5.00
Im Namen Des Volkes (= Matthias Schuster) Ich war da, leergebrannt EP 39.00
Image in Glass Part One 7" 5.00
Imagen Ábu 12" 7.00
Images In Vogue The Spell LP 19.00
Images In Vogue (= Kevin Key / pre-Skinny Puppy) Just Like You MLP 12.00
Images In Vogue (= Kevin Key / pre-Skinny Puppy) In the House LP 15.00
Images In Vogue (= Kevin Key / pre-Skinny Puppy) Rituals MLP 12.00
IMCA (= Frans de Waard / Ios Smolders / John Hudak / Guido Huebner / Isabelle Chemin) same CD 7.00
Imitation Life (Ethan James) Ice Cubes & Sugar LP 5.00
Implied Consent Nobody in Particular 7" 5.00
Impossible Dreamers This House Built On Sand DJ Mix 7" 9.00
Impostor Orchestra Heliopause LP 9.00
Impractical Cockpit Dance Traces LP 9.00
In Camera Fin 12" 19.00
In Camera (= Christoph Heemann & Timo van Luijk) same LP 15.00
In Camera (= Christoph Heemann & Timo van Luijk) Frampton Comes Alive LP 15.00
In Camera (= Christoph Heemann & Timo van Luyk) (= Af Ursin / Mirror / HNAS) Open Air LP 15.00
In Camera (= Timo van Luijk & Christoph Heemann) Rumours LP 15.00
In die Ferne Misogynia MLP 7.00
In Formation Soldiers Sing EP 9.00
In Formation Terminal If LP 25.00
In Search Of Beauty The Arise MLP 149.00
In The Country This was the Pace of my Heartbeat CD 7.00
In The Nursery Twins LP 6.00
In The Nursery Köda LP 7.00
In The Nursery Stormhorse LP 7.00
Inanna (= Mikael Stavöstrand of Archon Satani) Storm I - III CD 12.00
Inbase Christine 12" 65.00
Incontinents Inc the Call LP 19.00
Index Sign ...Entrance LP 19.00
Indian Bingo / Ambulance 10th Anniversary 7" 5.00
Indians In Moscow same LP+7" 29.00
Indians In Moscow same LP 9.00
Indians In Moscow Miranda 7" 4.00
Indians In Moscow JackPelter and his Sex-Change Chicken 7" 7.00
Indicate (= Jim O'Rourke & Robert Hampson) Whelm CD 5.00
Individual Fruit Pie (= J.C. / ex- Metrophase / Disco Volante) Release Me MCD 5.00
Indochine Le Peril Jaune LP+12" 15.00
Indoor Life Searching 12" 8.00
Indra Karmuka (= Raymond Dijkstra) Su'o EP 15.00
Indra Karmuka (= Raymond Dijkstra) Aardster / Bovist LP 9.00
Industrial Strength Excerpts From 7" 29.00
Infant Cycle Secret Hidden Message EP 7.00
Infant Cycle Tulpa MC 9.00
Infections (w./ Mark Ritsema of Spasmodique) Sub-Rosa LP 4.00
Iniciados, Los La Marca de Anubis LP 75.00
Inner City Unit New Anatomy LP 15.00
Inner City Unit The Maximum Effect LP 19.00
Inner City Unit The Presidents Tapes LP 9.00
Inoue, Makoto / Alice Sailor God Save the Queen FLEXI 19.00
Inoue, Tetsu Fragment Dots CD 8.00
Inoue, Tetsu Object and Organic Code CD 7.00
Inoue, Tetsu / Deutsch, Andrew Field Tracker CD 9.00
Inoue, Tetsu / Deutsch, Andrew / Vitiello, Stephen Humming Bird Feeder, Ver 0.2 CD 12.00
Instant Automatons / Hamburger All-Stars / Blue Midnight Love not Devotion LP 59.00
Institut für Feinmotorik Penetrans CD 9.00
Institut Für Feinmotorik Radio Imitat MCD 7.00
Institut Für Feinmotorik Negemergenz LP 8.00
Instituut Voor Betaalbare Waanzin Unterwegs zum Documenta LP 9.00
Intence Triade LP 13.00
Interface Automaton 7" 29.00
Interior T is Talking V 12" 19.00
Internal Autonomy Love & Life EP 6.00
Internal Autonomy Only You have the Power 2EP 6.00
Intimate Strangers Search For Variety LP 7.00
Into The Abyss Kocmotonia LP+12" 19.00
Intretosh Augen schauen 7" LATHE CUT 19.00
Invaders Of The Heart (= Jah Wobble / David Harrow / Justin Adams / Michel Schoots) Without Judgement LP 5.00
Invisible Body Club Zakhara 7" 99.00
Invisible Ghost Luigi same MC 5.00
Invisible Zoo same 12" 6.00
Involution (= Kevin Key of Skinny Puppy) same LP 55.00
Io Aro 1 / Twitch 2 EP 5.00
Ip'so Fac'to Mannequin EP 59.00
Ipso Facto Six and Three Quarters 7" 19.00
IQU with Miranda July Girls On Dates MLP 5.00
Iris To Hypnos Hypodermic 7" Lathe Cut + MCD 9.00
Irmler, Hans Joachim (of Faust) Life Like LP 9.00
Iron Curtain Tarantula Scream 12" 39.00
Iron Curtain Desertion 1982 - 1988 CD 15.00
irr. app. (ext.) + Mykel Boyd Dented Switchery / Compare me to a Shadow 7" 15.00
irr.app.(ext.) / Rats With Wings Sound Snack #1 EP 49.00
irr.app.(ext.) / Rats With Wings Plate Lunch - Sound Track #1 EP 49.00
irr.app.(ext.) / Wyrm Hypothetical Tardigrade Resurrection #1 / Labyrinth Defector 7" 9.00
Irritant Chemwaste 7"Acetate 14.00
Isolation Ward Lamina Christus 7" 15.00
Isolation Ward Absent Heart 12" 19.00
Istari Lasterfahrer The Super 8 Inch Series # 7 8" 19.00
Itch Take Me To Your Leader 12" 19.00
Iversen, Jan-M. (No One)/ Bjerga, Sindre / Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Krankenkasse - "Sociology of Chaos" CD-R 29.00
Ix-Ex-Splue The 36 Steps To Innocence MC 9.00
J C / The Other Man (= Steev Burgess of Metrophase / Disco Volante - related) The Treachery of Clocks MC 149.00
J.C. & Anphibius (ex Metrophase / Disco Volante) Deathbed Recollections CD 15.00
J.C. & Anphibius (ex Metrophase / Disco Volante) Netherworld Rarities MCD 9.00
Ja Ja Ja same LP 19.00
Jack Face TV Junkie 7" 12.00
Jack Or Jive (Dura)2 Du 7" 6.00
Jack the Rapper Dutroux Rap 7" 7.00
Jackman, David Flag of Surrender 7" 15.00
Jackman, David Machine Guns 7" 9.00
Jackman, David Eisen 10" 9.00
Jackman, David Machine Gun Fighting 10" 9.00
Jackman, David (= Organum) Flak 10" 12.00
Jackman, David (= Organum) Gun, Machine, Vickers 7" 25.00
Jackman, David (= Organum) Sol Mara CD 17.00
Jackman, David (= Organum) Laus 7" 9.00
Jackman, David (= Organum) Machine Gun Fighting 10" 9.00
Jacob's Mouse No Fish Shop Parking LP 5.00
Jacuzzi Happens All the Time 7" 9.00
Jailhouse (= Albert Oehlen, Markus Oehlen & Rüdiger Carl) Quilla 7" 7.00
Jailhouse (= Albert Oehlen, Markus Oehlen & Rüdiger Carl) Christmas Day 7" 7.00
Jamnous Ensemble Narcissus / Die Rache (pre-Tesendalo) At the Heart of it All MC 9.00
JAMS a.k.a. Timelords Burn the Beat 12" 7.00
Jane and Barton same MLP 15.00
Jane and Barton I Want to be With You 7" 7.00
Janette And The Planets (w. Andy Prince) Nine Nine Nine 7" 19.00
Janitor (= Lina Baby Doll & BJ Nilsen) Richie LP 9.00
Japan Oil on Canvas 2LP 6.00
Japan Tin Drum LP 4.00
Japan Gentlemen Take Polaroids LP 5.00
Jauniaux, Catherine (w./ Lindsay Cooper / Tom Cora / Tim Hodgkinson / Mario Boyer / Charles Bullen = This Heat) Fluvial LP 19.00
Jay-Double-You Talking To Myself MLP 19.00
Jealous Heart And They Said It Wouldn't Rain MLP 15.00
Jeanette Leo 12" 19.00
Jeanette Hum... LP 15.00
Jeanette Prefab in the Sun LP 6.00
Jeanette Johnny 12" 19.00
Jeremy's Secret (= Colin Lloyd Tucker & Simon Fisher Turner / Deux Filles) The Key to Jeremy's Secret 12" 49.00
Jeremy's Secret (= Deux Filles; Simon Fisher Turner & Colin Lloyd Tucker) The Snowball Effect LP 25.00
Jetzmann / Liquidski (w./ Asmus Tietchens) Nord Jahre Target + Retro/Supra 10"+7" 9.00
Jewell, Ryan Eschew Obfuscation/Espouse Elucidation LP 9.00
Jih (w./ Virginia Ball / produced by Dave Ball) Big Blue Ocean 12" 5.00
Jihad (Mark Dagley / Hi Sheriffs of Blue-related) Bad Timing 7" 9.00
Jivaros Quartet Wrong... 12" 5.00
Jliat The Dancing Horse CD 8.00
Jliat May LP 9.00
Jliat 16:05:94 CD 9.00
Jobson, Richard The Ballad of Etiquette LP 9.00
Jobson, Richard The Right Man 2LP 9.00
Joe + Joe same LP 39.00
Johnson, Philip Year Of The Black Fridge LP 19.00
Johnson, Philip 1982 - Youth In Mourning LP 119.00
Johnson, Philip Completed Album CDR 15.00
Jonathan X & Black Heat Might Is Right 7" 15.00
Josefson, Mathias (= Moljebka Pvlse) Suihkulähde LP 15.00
Joseph, Dan Morpheus MC 12.00
Joseph, Dan No. 3 MC 9.00
Jouissance Dirge MC BOX 19.00
Joy Division Closer LP 12.00
Joy Division Still 2LP 25.00
Joy Division Inside the Line LP 15.00
Joy Division Love Will Tear Us Apart 7" 9.00
Joy Division The Sound and the Fury (Live High Wycombe Town Hall, February 20, 1980 LP 17.00
Joy Division The Nashville London 22.09.79 MC 19.00
Joy, Jerome # 29 MCD 8.00
Ju Suk Reet Meate (Smegma - member) 1978+1979 LP 249.00
Ju Suk Reet Meate / Oblivia / John Wiese Inside and Cut 7" 9.00
Ju Suk Reet Meate / Oblivia / Sixes / Sharkiface / Loachfillet Dr. Octopuss LP 13.00
Jucker, Louis / Diepenmaat, Jeroen / Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Nora-Waldstaetten-Installationen LP 49.00
Jucker, Louis / Diepenmaat, Jeroen / Kommissar Hjuler & Frauker Fluxus LP 19.00
Judge Dread Feel the Touch 12" 4.00
Juicy Pillows A Kinder Gentler Computerized Face MC 19.00
Jujus, Les Le Sorcier Branché 12" 5.00
Jun, Yan At CD-R 9.00
Jung Analysts (= Terry Burrows) The Wishing Balloons LP 25.00
Jungaloos Over Active 7" 29.00
Junge Hund, Der Ridders LP 39.00
Junk Thoughts Slime Fetish CD-R 15.00
Junko (= Hijokaidan) & Mattin same LP 15.00
Jupiter Prophet 35,000 Feet 7" 49.00
Jupitter-Larsen, GX & New Movement / Mama Bär Sandy & Silvia (Malmlund jugendfrei) LP 39.00
Jupitter-Larsen, GX (= Haters) / Mr. California Concrete Backyard 12" 6.00
Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu (= JAMS) Shag Times LP 5.00
K-Group / Omit Slow Movement EP 12.00
K.E.C.K. Im Sonnenstudio 12" 5.00
K.E.C.K. Sex & Gewalt - Ervolksmusik LP 9.00
K2 Iron Kulture 7" 8.00
K2 Renal Ekonomix 7" 8.00
K2 & Haters Noise Tournament Vol. 1 EP 7.00
K2 with Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock Noise Tournament Vol. 4 EP 9.00
Ka-spel, Edward Needles Three CD 25.00
Ka-spel, Edward Inferno 10" 15.00
Ka-spel, Edward O'er a shalabast'r tyde strolt ay LP+CD-R 39.00
Ka-spel, Edward Angelus Obscuros CD-R 39.00
Ka-spel, Edward The Blue Room CD 9.00
Ka-spel, Edward The Painted River of Regrets LP 19.00
Ka-spel, Edward Textures of Illumina 10" 19.00
Ka-spel, Edward Chyekk, China Doll LP 19.00
Ka-spel, Edward Needles Three CD-R 12.00
Ka-spel, Edward An Unlikely Event - Stuttgart 20 June 2003 CD-R 12.00
Ka-spel, Edward O'er a Shalabast'r Tyde Strolt Ay CD 13.00
Ka-spel, Edward Caste O'Graye Skreeëns CD 9.00
Ka-spel, Edward The Painted River of Regrets CD-R 12.00
Ka-spel, Edward Dream Logik Parts 1-3 4LP 99.00
Ka-spel, Edward Devascapes MC 12.00
Ka-spel, Edward Trapped in Amber LP 19.00
Ka-spel, Edward Dream Loops CD 15.00
Ka-spel, Edward The Minus Touch CD 15.00
Ka-spel, Edward CD-R 12.00
Ka-spel, Edward Burning Church CD 15.00
Ka-spel, Edward A Pleasure Cruise Through 9 Dimensions CD 19.00
Ka-spel, Edward A Pleasure Cruise Through 9 Dimensions LP 99.00
Ka-spel, Edward Laugh China Doll LP 19.00
Ka-spel, Edward Eyes! China Doll LP 29.00
Ka-spel, Edward Love and Loud Colours / 090501 CD+BOOK 39.00
Ka-spel, Edward Fire Island MC 12.00
Ka-spel, Edward Trapped in Amber CDR 12.00
Ka-spel, Edward The Blue Room 2LP 19.00
Ka-spel, Edward & Boykova, Alena Red Sky at Night CD-R 12.00
Ka-spel, Edward & Silverman Live in Basel Fr. 30 September 2005 CD-R 12.00
Ka-spel, Edward & Silverman The Whispering Wail CD-R 12.00
Ka-spel, Edward / Stapleton, Steven / Potter, Colin / Rollet, Quentin The Man Who Floated Away / The Closer You Are to the Centre, the Further You Are From the Edge LP 19.00
Kaa Antilope VPRO RadioNome - April 2, 1982 MLP 9.00
Kaars, Peter B. Wegens Opening Gesloten MC 25.00
Kaars, Peter B. Wasps MC 25.00
Kadef Kalojan besucht Dieter LP 49.00
Kadef Statt Disco lullend um sich selbst kreisen CD-R+ANTI-CD 49.00
Kadef Free Jazz MC BOX 39.00
Kadef Armafrvomese MCD-R 19.00
Kadef Spaßbremsungen MC 29.00
Kadef Abschiedssymphonie MC 12.00
Kadef / Sor Zor Sya Sei Sand im Getriebe / Sor Zor Sya LP 15.00
Kains Abels United Colors of Assholes MLP 19.00
Kaiser Nietzsche Heterology LP 15.00
Kaiser Nietzsche / Syogase, Yuzuru same LP 39.00
Kakoulli, Harry Lonely Boy 7" 5.00
Kam Hassah This Forrest MLP 9.00
Kamevaar, John (= Kaiser Nietzsche) Staring in the Dark ( from the soundtracks of Carl Brown's films) CD 15.00
Kamin, Franz / Kommissar Hjuler / Lander, Dan Fluxus MLP 33.00
Kamin, Franz / Kommissar Hjuler / Palsson, Magnus / Dobbelsteen, Jan van den Fluxus / Cosmic Volume Nr. 29 LP 65.00
Kamin, Franz / tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE / Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Fluxus LP 49.00
Kamin, Franz / tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE / Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Fluxus LP 25.00
Kamin, Franz / tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE / Kommissar Hjuler & Frau / Steffens, Walter Fluxus / Transpositions Volume 1 LP 65.00
Kammerflimmer Kollektief / Strings Of Consiousness same 10" 9.00
Kamph (= Mission Papua Holland) Before & After Sex MC 15.00
Kan Kan Changing Trains 12" 25.00
Kangaroo Kourt (= Mauve Sideshow / Lost Patrol) Interstellar Static LP 75.00
Kaoru Tanta Hasha LP 12.00
Kapali Carsi / Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Die Antizipation des Generalized Other CD-R 25.00
Kapazität, Die Leichte Stimmen LP 19.00
Kapella Diffusa same MC 35.00
Kapotte Muziek Threadments 7" 8.00
Kapotte Muziek Verder CD 5.00
Kapotte Muziek Curing without Killing CD-R 5.00
Kapotte Muziek Four Boxes MC 39.00
Kapotte Muziek Magnetic Digital Responses 1 - 5 CDR 15.00
Kapotte Muziek R-Invst MC 9.00
Kapotte Muziek Sind 7" 49.00
Kapotte Muziek Luisteren naar 8" 50.00
Kapotte Muziek Real Time Music EP 15.00
Kapotte Muziek Recycled MC 9.00
Kapotte Muziek The Use of Recycling CD 6.00
Kapotte Muziek History Is What Was LP 29.00
Kapotte Muziek Live in the USA LP 9.00
Kapotte Muziek Columbus, Ohio CD-R 12.00
Kapotte Muziek Electrocute MC 29.00
Kapotte Muziek / Hands To Körperlaute EP 19.00
Kapotte Muziek / Licht-ung Keulen/Seymour geht so 10" 9.00
Kar-Wai, Wong Happy Together VHS 5.00
Karceral Flesh (La Joyaux de la Princesse - related) Closed Eyes on a Bloody & Shameful Past MC 19.00
Karkowski, Zbigniew Consciously Unconscious Unconsciously Conscious MCD 5.00
Karkowski, Zbigniew / Lopez, Francisco Whint 2CD 9.00
Karkowski, Zbigniew / Rehberg, Peter (= Pop) Work Hard Play Harder CD-R 8.00
Karkowski, Zbigniew / Schäfer, Helmut Disruptor CD 9.00
Karlheinz Fucking LP 9.00
Karten FRankreich Segment-Remixes EP 5.00
Kassiber Nur wo Kassiber draufsteht,... LP 19.00
Kastner, Peter (= PAAK / Trans Industrial Toy Orchestra) Bastard 1-5 LP 15.00
Kastner, Peter und Kommissar Hjuler und Frau The Underwater Cube CD-R+DVD-R 44.00
Kastrierte Philosophen Insomnia LP+7" 15.00
Kastrierte Philosophen Nerves LP 6.00
Kastrierte Philosophen Between Shootings LP 9.00
Kat Onoma Stock Phrases 7" 5.00
Kawaguchi, Takahiro / Zarzutzki, Aaron / Hoffman, Nick So Sorry LP 15.00
Kawai, Kenji Innocence O.S.T. - Original Soundtrack Music From The Mamoru Ishii Film "Innocence" LP 19.00
Kaye, van & Ignit A Slight Delay MC 49.00
Kaye, van & Ignit With A Little Help... MC 39.00
Keim (or Keimbefall) be;fallen) blu eme-s.k. CD 5.00
Kelday, Paul Computer Dream 7" 17.00
Kelv Attacking Vessels LP 75.00
Kempen, Mark van Zwartwit MC 19.00
Kera Primary Color LP 9.00
Kergomard, Henri (Glafx-related) Moments Eidetiques CD 5.00
Kevins And So We Meet 7" 9.00
Kevueq same MCD 9.00
Kewi A Gogo Party Life is Like a Penguin LP 7.00
Key Of Shame (= Pat Murano of No Neck Blues Band & Mark Morgan of Sightings & To Live & Shave In L.A.) same 2LP 25.00
Khan Chys Yawn Snapshot MLP 9.00
Ki Sync Pulse (= Raymond Dijkstra's 1st project) same LP 12.00
Kid Courage (She Goes) Coast to Coast / All the Wrong Reasons 7" 8.00
Kid Montana Statistics Mean Nothing 12" 9.00
Kidz, The (Playground Muzak) Pyrotechnique 7" 19.00
Kiiiiiii Al&Bum CD 15.00
Kilbey, Steve Earthed LP 3.00
Killdare!! Love And War 12" 9.00
Killer Bug Cunt Explosion! 7" 5.00
Killing Joke Ha (Live) 10" 9.00
Killing Joke Wardance 7" 9.00
Kim Il Jung (= Uwe Hamm-Fürhölter) w./ John Wise & Peter Weiss From Science to Ritual - X-Rated Music on Radio X - Lärmattacke über dem Frankfurt (w./ Nurse With Wound, Whitehouse, Vivenza, Christian Marclay, MB, Non, Einstürzende Neubauten, Esplendor Geometrico, HNAS, Factrix, Culturcide,...) MC 49.00
Kinetics Snakedance LP 9.00
Kinetics Keeping Up with the Jones' 7" 22.00
King Of Luxembourg (= Colin Lloyd-Tucker & Simon Fisher-Turner / ex-Deux Filles) Trial of Dr. Fancy 7" 9.00
King Of Luxembourg (with Simon Fisher Turner of Deux Filles / Jeremy's Secret) Royal Bastard LP 12.00
Kingdom Scum / Kamp Chaos White is Dead/White Dub LP 12.00
Kippenberger, Martin / Ryslavy, Kurt One Fucking Move FLEXI + BOOK 79.00
Kirchenkampf Probe 7" 7.00
Kirchenkampf Jacob's Ladder MC 25.00
Kirk, Richard H. (of Cabaret Voltaire) Black Jesus Voice LP 9.00
Kirk, Richard H. (of Cabaret Voltaire) Virtual State 2LP 12.00
Kirkegaard, Jacob Eldfjall CD 12.00
Kirlian Camera Pictures from Eternity LP 49.00
Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat The Nebulous Dreams LP 15.00
Kissed Air Kariba 7" 9.00
Kitchen + the Plastic Spoons Icecream to God FLEXI 49.00
Kitchen Of Insanity Dreamaway Sunday LP 13.00
Kixx The Hidden Lover LP 7.00
Klangkrieg Digital/Analog Errors 7" 9.00
Klangkrieg (pre- Felix Kubin) same CD 6.00
Klangkrieg (pre-Felix Kubin) / Reznicek, Günter Konstellationen / Allergie und Gegenwelt LP 9.00
Klangkrieg / Adler, Gunter same LP 9.00
Kleer, Martijn de (of LPD; w./ Cevin Key / Silverman / Ryan Moore) So Close Yet So Far Out 2LP 29.00
Klinik Plague LP 19.00
Klinik Fever 12" 19.00
Klinik (from Sweden) Östern är röd 7" 99.00
Klood Retraction CD-R 15.00
Kloos, Johann (w./ Brian Field& Clive Richards) Magic from the Attic MC 9.00
Knizak, Milan & Kommissar Hjuler / tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE Musik für Anrufbeantworter / Mechanically Repetitive / ReRecorded Records Record LP 65.00
Kno Matter Criticize 7" 6.00
Knoth, Felix (= Kubin, Felix, Klangkrieg) Die Pein vom Haupt entfernen LP Object/Box-Set 49.00
Kokoshkar (ex Sleater Kinney) Allah Akbar Overdrive CD 9.00
Kommissar Hjuler Meine erste Zeitmaschine LP 99.00
Kommissar Hjuler Neu Kopf MCD-R 22.00
Kommissar Hjuler Der innere Raum (Tschernobyl) MCD-R 29.00
Kommissar Hjuler In Genua nichts Neues CD-R 12.00
Kommissar Hjuler ...unter Matrosen MCD-R 15.00
Kommissar Hjuler Welche Automarken sucht Barbarella? MCD-R 29.00
Kommissar Hjuler HJCV Grimmelshausen LP 69.00
Kommissar Hjuler Gymnopedanse MCD-R+BOOKLET 25.00
Kommissar Hjuler Pumpe DVD-R 29.00
Kommissar Hjuler Schwarze Galle MCD-R 25.00
Kommissar Hjuler ...in fremdem Herbst CD 12.00
Kommissar Hjuler Gaylord MCD-R 25.00
Kommissar Hjuler Poeme Partition V MCD-R 23.00
Kommissar Hjuler Raga CD-R 25.00
Kommissar Hjuler Will Quadflieg MCD-R 25.00
Kommissar Hjuler ...i Danmark / Cy.4mm 2LP 149.00
Kommissar Hjuler Deutschland zur See LP 99.00
Kommissar Hjuler Die Anfänge der christlichen Ballonfahrt MCD-R 25.00
Kommissar Hjuler Nein-Sonate LP 69.00
Kommissar Hjuler Komm und ... mich DVD-R 25.00
Kommissar Hjuler Nackedei 10" 79.00
Kommissar Hjuler Gymnopedanti Anti-7" 29.00
Kommissar Hjuler With 19 Mountains DVD-R 25.00
Kommissar Hjuler Die führenden Epithetiker: Ingo Greiner MCD-R 25.00
Kommissar Hjuler Karawane 1917 (Hugo Ball) CD-R 33.00
Kommissar Hjuler Hilfe, meine Frau kackt im Stehen MCD-R 19.00
Kommissar Hjuler Alcoholisme - Brut MCD-R 19.00
Kommissar Hjuler Halluzinationalsozialismus LP 69.00
Kommissar Hjuler Die Mama Bär spart das Geld, und der Papa Bär gibt es wieder aus. CD-R 29.00
Kommissar Hjuler Karawane LP 99.00
Kommissar Hjuler ...hat starke Separationsängste MCD-R 12.00
Kommissar Hjuler Barbarella LP 99.00
Kommissar Hjuler Geile pralle Brüste! DVD-R 29.00
Kommissar Hjuler Butterkatze 2 - Performance zur Selbsteinspielung CD-R 22.00
Kommissar Hjuler Endo-/Exocytose MCD-R 15.00
Kommissar Hjuler EXbroTkatzENDED MCD-R 15.00
Kommissar Hjuler Hörstück 1 MCD-R 22.00
Kommissar Hjuler Ein-/Aus- Wehklagen MCD-R 25.00
Kommissar Hjuler Raumpatrouille Orion DVD-R 19.00
Kommissar Hjuler Radio-Rhythmus - Topor Topor MCD-R 25.00
Kommissar Hjuler Tretmodul 2 MCD-R 17.00
Kommissar Hjuler Politi - De nye Rigspolitichefen text-sound weirdness MCD-R 19.00
Kommissar Hjuler Jobeuysseph MCD-R 19.00
Kommissar Hjuler Funky Wärmechristkind MCD-R 19.00
Kommissar Hjuler Das AK-47 Sturmgewehr DVD-R 29.00
Kommissar Hjuler 2msteerlang DVD 29.00
Kommissar Hjuler Dönitz' Panikraum mit Fluchtfahrrad DVD-R 29.00
Kommissar Hjuler Vier Geschichten die ich in Hannover erzählt habe... 4DVD BOX 99.00
Kommissar Hjuler Brotkatze stellt sich dazu DVD-R 29.00
Kommissar Hjuler Würgereizpumpen MCD-R 27.00
Kommissar Hjuler same MCD-R 33.00
Kommissar Hjuler HJCV Grimmelshausen CD-R 25.00
Kommissar Hjuler Fluxporn-Forvandlingen af Franz Kafka LP 39.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Cy Auch Interview CD-R 22.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Erik Holz Jazz-Stueck MCD-R 27.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Es herrscht Krieg - In elektronischen Schützengräben DVD-R 29.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Stalking LP 79.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Korn + Molinari MCD-R 27.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Das Flugzeug startet - Kleines Einmaleins MCD-R 29.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Frankie Teardrop MCD-R 22.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Da muß Streit rauf MCD-R 22.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Frau The Lion Sleeps Tonight CD-R 25.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Come Josephine MCD-R 29.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Once Again Concrete Poetry MCD-R 19.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Anti Live doch da MCD-R 23.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Der Jordt CD-R 33.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Korn (unretected) MCD-R 19.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Bred you Get MCD-R 29.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Das 77-Retect CD-R 15.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Mikro_Makro / Slupsk (PL) DVD-R 25.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Grimms Märchen 2: Das Rotkäppchen / Der Wolf MCD-R 29.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Frau 3msterdam DVD 29.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Frau To End All Life DVD 19.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Live-Einspielung vom 2. August 2009 DVD+BOOKLET 25.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Wie reagiert ein Publikum mit anderer Erwartungshaltung? DVD-R 29.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Live at Incubate Festival MCD-R + DVD-R 49.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Barbarella MLP 69.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Barbarella MLP 25.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Frau The Lion Sleeps Tonight - Fluxus LP 25.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Sylvi LP 39.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Frau & TITO (= Trans Industrial Toy Orchestra) same 2CD-R 35.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Frau (as Kommissar Dionysos & Ariadne) / Alfred 23 Harth / Jonathan Meese (as Johnny Meese) Datentransfer / The BBP LP 55.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Frau / Heidsieck, Bernard Barbarella / 50/70 LP 66.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Frau / Jürgen O. Olbrich / Jaap Blonk & Braaxtaal Das Kapital LP 19.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Frau / Panicsville Special Edition LP 39.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Frau / Rogaland Hot Club Tatort / Tre pojkar gingo ned sig i det bottenlösa hålet MC 9.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Frau / San Siro Brotkatze -Support 28.05.10 Kunstraum B, Münster 3DVD-R BOX 59.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Mama Bär Spongebob Duell CD-R 22.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Kommissarin Voß Autorenlesung MCD-R 27.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Bär De Nye Rigspolitichefen - Nijmegen DVD-R 27.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Bär Musica Experimental MC 12.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Bär Auftritt im Schnee DVD 29.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Bär Das Fest DVD-R 33.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Bär Rumpelstilzchen MCD-R BOX 29.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Bär Who Knows What? MCD-R 19.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Bär Zwei Eineperson MCD-R+DVD 39.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Bär Volksvergiftung DVD-R 19.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Bär Lea Martini LP 39.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Bär Lea Martini LP 25.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Bär (as U.Moellhusen) Antizipation (version u.m.) CD-R 22.00
Kommissar Hjuler & Mundkrach Fam Fim & 2 Ischip MCD-R 29.00
Kommissar Hjuler & the McKinleys Dirty Tricks/Stranger on the Shore (on the cover) / in fact: Vanity Fare - Southern Woman/Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow Anti-7" 29.00
Kommissar Hjuler (as PO (Police Officer) Scrotchless Panty & the Bottled Milf) Studio Performances LP 65.00
Kommissar Hjuler (Reiner Heuss & der Anti-SHMF) 1. FC Kaiserslautern - FSV Mainz 05 MCD-R 29.00
Kommissar Hjuler + Jürgen O. Olbrich Von Äpfeln und Birnen MCD-R 19.00
Kommissar Hjuler + Mama Bär Funktion + Dreidimensionalität DVD-R 29.00
Kommissar Hjuler / Dissecting Table Nein-Sonate LP 29.00
Kommissar Hjuler / Jeho Kherday So Kharday Karawane (Hugo Ball) / 6 Reveries in Psychopathic Alchemy LP 15.00
Kommissar Hjuler / Joris J. Die Antizipation des Generalized Other MCD-R 25.00
Kommissar Hjuler / Mama Bär Avantgarde Festival Schiphorst DVD-R 25.00
Kommissar Hjuler / Mama Bär Wiederaufnahmeverfahren II/06 LP 9.00
Kommissar Hjuler / Mama Bär Amerikanische Poesie und Alkoholismus LP 19.00
Kommissar Hjuler / Mama Bär / Blood Stereo Blutige Polizei CD-R 9.00
Kommissar Hjuler / Mama Bär / Danielle Lemaire / Jan van den Dobbelsteen Brotkatze für Paul MacCarthy DVD-R 27.00
Kommissar Hjuler / Milan Knizak Answering Machine / BroMuc - AB24 LP 25.00
Kommissar Hjuler / Nov Embudagonn The Nihilist Anticipation Rock of Generalized Other CD-R 22.00
Kommissar Hjuler Allstar De nye Rigspolitichefen CD-R 19.00
Kommissar Hjuler Allstar Band Waldkindergarten MCD-R 19.00
Kommissar Hjuler Allstar Band Wo ist nun Dein Gott, Nigger? MCD-R 19.00
Kommissar Hjuler Allstar Band Brandstiftung MCD-R 19.00
Kommissar Hjuler Allstar Band Vertreibung aus dem Paradies - Live-Dokumentation KKI Flensburg, 17.08.07 DVD-R 19.00
Kommissar Hjuler og Fru Performer og vertele CD-R+DVD-R 44.00
Kommissar Hjuler und Frau Sachen, die ab gehen MCD-R 25.00
Kommissar Hjuler und Frau Mitschnitt vom allabendlichen Schlafengehen CD-R 27.00
Kommissar Hjuler und Frau Heidi MCD-R 15.00
Kommissar Hjuler und Frau Talking Heads MC 12.00
Kommissar Hjuler und Frau Harappian Night CD-R+DVD-R 44.00
Kommissar Hjuler und Frau Harappian Night CD-R 19.00
Kommissar Hjuler und Frau (Kmmisr Hjlzr + Mamuszkr Br) Do Skory Wrazliwej DVD-R 25.00
Kommissar Hluer & Frau Zappanale 2010 DVD-R 22.00
Kompleta Der erste Abrechnung!!! 8" 51.00
Kompleta Ministar 10" 9.00
Komplexx The Reason MLP 6.00
Komplexx ft. PvH (= Peter van Hal) Death No More MLP 6.00
Konk Party MLP 9.00
Konk Machine 12" 5.00
Konk Your Life 7" 19.00
Konstantin (Max Goldt / Foyer des Arts) Sing mir ein kleines Arbeiterkampflied 7" 29.00
Konstruktivists Kontraband MC 12.00
Konstruktivits Baby Boom EP 29.00
Kontakt (= Ron Konings ) Digit 4 MC 29.00
Konzentrat / Technostria Split/Kommunikation MC 8.00
Kopp, Hermann Under a Demon's Mask CD 13.00
Kopp, Hermann (= Keine Ahnung) Aquaplaning in Venedig 12" 66.00
Kopp, Hermann / Lorenz, Daktari / Walton, John Boy / Reeder, Mark / Monika M. Nekromantik Original Soundtrack (Jörg Buttgereit) LP 33.00
Korea Soundblaster same CD 12.00
Korea Soundblaster Live in Germany 7" 9.00
Kosmonautentraum Schöne Weihnacht EP 39.00
Kovac, Boris Ritual Nova LP 39.00
Kraang (= John Murphy) Uro: 1981-83 LP 9.00
Kraftzwerg Müllidyll 7" 6.00
Kraken Aquanaut LP 9.00
Kramer, Marion Bunte Buttons 7" 6.00
Kreutzer Lieblingsfarbe 12" 25.00
Kreutzer, Christoph Ruhm & Reichtum LP 8.00
Krim-Kongo Broadcast Heartbeat + EP 7.00
Kristian, David / SIAN (= Akifumi Nakajima being Aube) Tacoma Narrows Bridge / Someday Anywhere CD 7.00
Kronos featuring the Felching Vampires 9 Punk Poems EP 79.00
Krupps Stahlwerksynfonie 12" 17.00
Krupps Wahre Arbeit, wahrer Lohn 12" Metal Masters 149.00
Kruse, Käthe / Ohm, Gudrun / Die Schule der Tödlichen Doris Elegie im März MLP 15.00
Kryptische Hand, Die Die Späher MC 49.00
Ku-Ling Bros. (Stephen Mallinder / Norton) Space Junk 7" 19.00
Kubin, Felix Matki Wandalki LP 15.00
Kubin, Felix Antarktis Slow Rock 7" 9.00
Kubin, Felix Antarktis Slow Rock 7" 12.00
Kubin, Felix Schnitzler 7" 9.00
Kubin, Felix Die Kulturelle Revolution 7" 19.00
Kubin, Felix & Kucharczyk, Wojt3k TerriTerrorTorium 7" 7.00
Kubin, Felix (= Knoth, Felix) Jane B. ertrinkt mit den Pferden 10" 9.00
Kubin, Felix / Brillowska, Mariola Morgenröte (Dawn) VHS 19.00
Kubin, Felix / Brillowska, Mariola Hotel Super Nova VHS 19.00
Kubin, Felix / Idea Fire Company Bigmag. # 2 LP BOX 19.00
Kubin, Felix / Palminger. Jacques Sabata 7" 19.00
Kubin, Felix / Reznicek, Günter / Mancha, Mark Ipsomat Legrand 10" 9.00
Kubin, Felix feat. Mark Boombastik a.k.a. D Großmutter I Hate Art Galleries 7" 29.00
Kubist Tier Demonstration MC 13.00
Kudo, Tori (= Noise Tenno) La Consumption 4 Atlantic City LP 19.00
Kuerten, Marcus Und das Ei Rolle Rolle MCD-R 29.00
Kuglmüller Live MC 39.00
Kwang, Goh Lee / Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Die Antizipation des Generalized Other CD-R 29.00
Kyborg & Sarah Marrs Bask LP 9.00
Köner, Thomas Unerforschtes Gebiet LP 49.00
Köner, Thomas Teimo CD 9.00
Köner, Thomas Nunatak Gongamur CD 19.00
Köner, Thomas Permafrost CD 19.00
Kört Hörn / Kørt Hørn Sorry But Where Are My Ears? MC BOX 9.00
L@n same LP 5.00
La Casa, Eric L'inspir du Rivage Part 2 & 3 EP 9.00
Lab Rat Angles MC 12.00
Lab Rat / Stymie When Rhythm Fails/Toil & Folly EP 9.00
LaBelle, Brandon Techné CD 9.00
Labelle, Brandon Automatic Radio CD 9.00
LaBonte, Rich (of Mayan Canals) Drums Along the Maple Wood / Chance Circumstance 7" 79.00
Ladd, Brian (Blackhouse / Psyclones) Hammerhead EP 6.00
Ladd, Brian (Blackhouse / Psyclones) The Unsubmitted Themes for Hellraiser CD 9.00
Ladomir Inför Min Dom 7" 29.00
Lagerfeld, Karl / Devendra Banhart / Johan Renck Room Service 7"+DVD+BOOK 49.00
Lagowski, Andrew Nadir MC 9.00
Laibach Boji 12" 15.00
Laibach Skuc LP 29.00
Laibach Life is Life 12" 9.00
Laibach Die Liebe 12" 9.00
Laibach Macbeth LP 12.00
Laibach The Occupied 1985 Europe Tour LP 15.00
Laibach M.B. December 21, 1984 CD 7.00
Laibach Podeba Pod Suncem VHS 29.00
Laibach Live in V2 MC 25.00
Lamb, Alan Primal Image CD 13.00
Lance Live 1988 und im Studio MC 29.00
Land Of Giants Cannibal Dolls 12" 49.00
Lander, Dan Habitation MC 5.00
Landfall Beacons and Baby Electricities CD 15.00
Landscape same LP 6.00
Landscape From the Tea-rooms of Mars... LP 5.00
Lane, Fred / Ron Pate's Debonaires From the One That Cut You LP 15.00
Lane, Mark Misselijkheid is niet intellectualistisch EP 29.00
Lane, Mark Love is so Aggravating EP 29.00
Lane, Mark Inner Most Folds MCD 4.00
Lane, Mark Elephant 7" 7.00
Lane, Mark Shadow Merger MCD 5.00
Lane, Mark Black Lipstick MCD 9.00
Lane, Mark Who's Really Listening? MLP 39.00
Lane, Stew & the Untouchables Play this Song 7" 19.00
Lanzillotta, Eric Water Tower 10" 9.00
Largo Tzu & Ko Songs: The-Lover Feeling MC 15.00
LaRoche, Thomas / Kommissar Hjuler Nail in a FloorBoard / Don't Chase the Chickens / Topos Sociopathicus MC 19.00
Last Chant (pre-Waterboys) Run of the Dove EP 9.00
Last James (ex-When / Lars Pedersen) Grape LP 29.00
Last Men Jimmy Igo 12" 12.00
Latin Lovers Ultimo Bacio 7" 19.00
Lau, Ilse Roundely EP 5.00
Laughing Hands (special thanks to David Chesworth) Dog Photos LP 39.00
Lauterbach, Heiner & Maydell, Sabine von Je t'aime 7" Metal Masters 99.00
Lava same MC 29.00
Lavilliers, Bernard (w./ Francois Breant) Nuit d'Amour 2LP 9.00
Lawless Ready To Rock MC 19.00
Le Mat Waltz of the Fool 7" 13.00
Le Syndicat L'anticipation MCD-R 29.00
League Of Gentlemen / Robert Fripp Heptaparaparshinokh / Marriagemuzic EP 6.00
Leaving This Planet Bühnenmusik zu Coax 'Drifting' 2LP 99.00
Lebbink, Ton (of Mecano) Hongerwinter LP 16.00
Leber, Brian Till CD 5.00
LeBlanc, Keith Stranger Than Fiction LP 5.00
LeBlanc, Keith (w./ Gary Clail/Bim Sherman/David Harrow/Adrian Sherwood) Raw LP 5.00
Leda Atomica Marseille, Bouche de Vieille 7" 5.00
Lee, Rita e Roberto Bombom LP 5.00
Left Hand Right Hand (= Karl Blake) Rise & Fall EP 9.00
Legendary Pink Dots Faces in the Fire CD 7.00
Legendary Pink Dots Live at Café de la Danse, Paris 20 December 2007 CD-R 13.00
Legendary Pink Dots Brighter Now CD 9.00
Legendary Pink Dots Ancient Daze CD 12.00
Legendary Pink Dots Seconds Late for the Brighton Line - 30th Anniversary Album CD 12.00
Legendary Pink Dots Live '89 CD-R 12.00
Legendary Pink Dots Live '85 - '88 CD-R 12.00
Legendary Pink Dots All the King's Men CD 9.00
Legendary Pink Dots Any Day Now Secrets CD-R 12.00
Legendary Pink Dots Live in Hildesheim CD-R 12.00
Legendary Pink Dots All the King's Horses CD 9.00
Legendary Pink Dots Sterre MCD 6.00
Legendary Pink Dots Plutonium Blonde CD 12.00
Legendary Pink Dots Remember me This Way MCD 7.00
Legendary Pink Dots Alchemical Playschool CD 13.00
Legendary Pink Dots Chemical Playschool 8 & 9 2CD 15.00
Legendary Pink Dots All the King's Horses CD 9.00
Legendary Pink Dots Poppy Variations CD 9.00
Legendary Pink Dots Basilisk MC 29.00
Legendary Pink Dots 9 Lives to Wonder CD 9.00
Legendary Pink Dots The French Collection 2CD 19.00
Legendary Pink Dots All the King's Sessions CD-R 12.00
Legendary Pink Dots Human Radio (Live Cafe Desmet, Amsterdam, 14.5.2002) CD-R 12.00
Legendary Pink Dots The Maria Sessions CD-R 12.00
Legendary Pink Dots Live at Montpellier 1994 2CD-R 17.00
Legendary Pink Dots Brighter Now LP 39.00
Legendary Pink Dots Paris in the Fall (Live Le Klub, Paris, November 13, 2009) DVD 15.00
Legendary Pink Dots All the King's Men 2LP 19.00
Legendary Pink Dots The Creature That Tasted Sound CD-R 12.00
Legendary Pink Dots Brighter Now LP 19.00
Legendary Pink Dots Crushed Velvet Apocalypse CD 7.00
Legendary Pink Dots Shadow Weaver CD 5.00
Legendary Pink Dots Curse LP 19.00
Legendary Pink Dots Island of Jewels LP 9.00
Legendary Pink Dots The Lovers LP 15.00
Legendary Pink Dots Chemical Playschool 3 & 4 4CDR 33.00
Legendary Pink Dots Synesthesia CD 12.00
Legendary Pink Dots Nemesis Online 2LP 25.00
Legendary Pink Dots Traumstadt V CDR 12.00
Legendary Pink Dots Traumstadt II 2CDR 18.00
Legendary Pink Dots Live in Melkwzzzzzzzzzze 9/9/84 MC 99.00
Legendary Pink Dots + Attrition The Terminal Kaleidoscope CD 19.00
Legendary Pink Dots / Beequeen Der Aussiedler 12" 49.00
Legion The Show 7" 19.00
Legion Tunnelvision EP 39.00
Legion of Parasites The Prison of Life! LP 29.00
Leibstandarte SS MB (= Maurizio Bianchi) Triumph Of The Will (Leni Riefenstahl) LP 149.00
Leider Keine Millionäre Was zählt MLP 29.00
Leigh, Geoff The Chemical Bank EP 9.00
Leimer, Kerry Imposed Order LP 22.00
Leimer, Kerry Closed System Potentials LP 12.00
Leimer, Kerry Land of Look Behind LP 19.00
Leimer, Kerry Installation View MC 19.00
Lelo same LP 19.00
Lema, Ray Medecine LP 5.00
Lemaire, Jo Concorde LP 7.00
Lemaire, Jo + Flouze Je suis venue te dire que je m'en vais 7" 6.00
Lemon Kittens We Buy a Hammer for Daddy LP 49.00
Lemon Kittens Cake Beast 12" 59.00
Lemon Kittens The Big Dentist LP 29.00
Lemos, Paul & Papa, Joe Music For Stolen Icon MLP 6.00
Leningrad Sandwich Go East LP 25.00
Leon, Craig Visiting LP 29.00
Les I Dans L'Hemisphere Nord LP 22.00
Less Jugar 7" 15.00
Less Funny Beduins Demascerade MC 19.00
Lester, Pep (w./ Jad Fair / Phil Milstein / David Greenberger) The Mathematical Genius of... 2LP 19.00
Lew, Benjamin / Brown, Steven (Tuxedomoon) (w./ Marc Hollander) Douzieme Journee: le verbe, la parure, l'amour - Made to Measure Vol. 15 LP 9.00
LGM 45 Junior 7" 5.00
Liaisons Dangereuses Los ninos del parque 12" 13.00
Libido The Acapulco Adventure LP 9.00
Libido Ne Vat Suku Mask LP 59.00
Licht-ung Die Weiße 10" 15.00
Licht-ung Feldmusik (Glasgow / Helgoland) LP 19.00
Licht-ung Wer ist am Rohr? MCD-R 19.00
Licht-ung / Iblis same EP 6.00
Licht-ung / Magic Platters Takt mit Glfulm 2 / Let Me Go And Live Again 7"+5"+MCD 19.00
Licht-ung / Poostew Tyler Durden EP 6.00
Licht-ung / Ruth Waters Takt mit Glfulm 2 / Spinning Top 7"+5"+3"CD 19.00
Licht-ung / Stahljustiz Ich bin Richter / Klaviermusik EP 19.00
Lichtblick Ist doch egal 7" 7.00
Lichtblick Lichtblick '82 LP 8.00
Lichthaus, Thomas Bundesregierung Keine Zukunft LP 15.00
Liedertafel Margot Honecker (w./ Felix Kubin) Vorwärts, Freie Deutsche Jugend EP 8.00
Lieutenant Caramel Early Tape Works 2CD 9.00
Lieutenant Murnau (Lt. Murnau) Janus Head EP 49.00
Life In Sodom Charader CD 9.00
Life In Sodom Haunting CD 7.00
Liggins, Len A Remedy of Bad Nerves E.P. EP 19.00
Lightdrainer American Flag Sessions CD-R 9.00
Liles Andrew The Gazogene Machines, Seidlitz Powders, Bruising Roots and Rhizomes EP EP 19.00
Liles, Andrew Black Pool CD 15.00
Liles, Andrew Honey Monster 7" 6.00
Liles, Andrew Life is an Empty Place LP 13.00
Liles, Andrew / Siratori, Kenji Black Paper CD 15.00
Liles, Andrew / Wander (= Beequeen) The Astronomical Entomologist 7" 19.00
Liliental (= Asmus Tietchens / Moebius / Okko Bekker / Conny Plank / Helmut Hattler / Johannes Pappert) same LP 35.00
Liminal Lounge Pre-Set CD 4.00
Limited Warranty This is Serious MLP 8.00
Limits ...Vingt MLP 4.00
Lio (Jacno) Amoureux Solitaires 7" 5.00
Lister Oh Sweet Destiny. Seems Like a Mess to me LP 49.00
Litfiba Pirata LP 19.00
Little Annie (= Annie Anxiety w./ Christoph Heemann) Diamonds Made of Glass 12" 12.00
Little Fyodor (Monty Cantsin-related) Beneath the Uber-Putz LP 19.00
Little Fyodor (w./ Ed Fowler) Idiots are Closer to God LP 19.00
Little Fyodor (w./ Monte Cantsin & Walls of Genius) Slither EP 11.00
Lives & Times The Pull of a Tide CD 6.00
Living Daylights Any Way you Want LP 9.00
LLL (= Timo van Luijk, Louise Landes Levi & Bart de Paepe) Ikuro or the Wanderer LP 18.00
Llwybr Llaethog Da! LP 9.00
Lo Yo Yo (Mick Hobbs / This Heat-related) Extra Weapons LP 25.00
Lo-Lite / Belch Eddie's Makeover / In Your Gravy 7" 4.00
Locals Only Catch One MLP 7.00
Loch Ness Monster Mosaic 44 LP 14.00
Loch Ness Monster (w./ Terry Burrows) Industrial Poppies LP 9.00
Loco Lotus Detroit 12" 19.00
Locomotives / X-Men same MC 39.00
Logic System (w. Chris Mosdell) Venus LP 15.00
Logic System (w./ Haruomi Hosono & Chris Mosdell) Orient Express LP 8.00
Logo Businessmen 12" 7.00
Loibner, Bernhard Trans/Mute CD 9.00
Lokomotiv SS same MC 15.00
Lolita Pop Fem Söker en Skatt LP 15.00
Lolita Pop same LP 15.00
Longshoremen Walk the Plank LP 13.00
Longshoremen (w./ Matt Heckert) Grr Huh Yeah LP 13.00
Lontano da Dove Segnali dal nord 12" 15.00
Looney Tunes Rough LP 19.00
Loora, La Heart Entangled LP 9.00
Lopez, Francisco Untitled Single Piece 2 7" 29.00
Lopez, Francisco Untitled Single Piece 1 7" 15.00
Lopez, Francisco Untitled (2006-2007) 2CD 15.00
Lopez, Francisco / Alio Die Fragment 5 MC BOX 19.00
Lost Gringos Troca Troca 12" 7.00
Lost Gringos (w./ Pyrolator) Endstation Eldorado LP 25.00
Lost in Translation same EP 5.00
Lost Jockey Professor Slack 10" 14.00
Lost Jockey same LP 29.00
Lost Pilots Parallel Planes LP 5.00
Loudspeakers same LP 5.00
Love Cage Bang Bang 12" 49.00
Love Of Life Orchestra (= Peter Gordon / David van Tieghem / Larry Saltzman) Geneva LP 19.00
Love Of Life Orchestra (Peter Gordon, David van Tieghem, "Blue" Gene Tyranny, Bill Laswell, Ned Sublette, Larry Saltzman, Fred Maher, Jill Kroesen) Casino 12" 25.00
Lovecraft, H.P. Griezelverhalen ingeleid door W.F. Hermans BOOK 15.00
Loved One Locate & Cement LP 35.00
Lovers Anonymous The Big Dipper EP 9.00
Low Fun New Dictator EP 39.00
Low Life 15 (Phantom 309, Ut, Chris Nelson of Mofungo & Scene is Now, Alan Sondheim, Miekal And, Liz Was,...) MAG 9.00
Lu/Lu's, Le Where did you Learn That? 12" 39.00
Lu/Lu's, Le Africa 7" 5.00
Lucenic, Laco Zastavky na Znamenie LP 9.00
Ludus Pickpocket MC 49.00
Luijk, Timo (= Af Ursin) & Croene, Frederik Voile au Vent LP 15.00
Luijk, Timo van / Croene, Frederik Fortune de Mer LP 17.00
Luijk, Timo van / Vanderstraeten, Kris Arret au Lac Chimere LP 17.00
Lul Hail the Frisians Free LP 5.00
Lul Inside Little Oral Annie LP 7.00
Lullabies Next One - Single Single EP 59.00
Lumine (= Timo van Luijk & Graham Stewart) Quiet Ends LP 17.00
Lumine (= Timo van Luijk of Af Ursin & Graham Stewart of Violence & the Sacred) All the Unnamed LP 17.00
Luna, La Ignorant Buildings 7" 9.00
Lunar Abyss Deus Organum Brusnika EP 6.00
Lunatic Fringe Special Way 12" 19.00
Lunch, Lydia Crimes Against Nature 3CD BOX 19.00
Lunch, Lydia Queen of Siam LP 15.00
Lunch, Lydia & Cervenka, Exene Adulterers Anonymous BOOK 9.00
Lunde, Eric (& Kommissar Hjuler & Frau) Anticipation des Generalised Other CD-R 39.00
Lunde, Eric (w./ Jeph Jerman) Reduplicative Strategies CD-R+DVD-R 29.00
Lunde, Eric / Kikuchi, Yoshihiro 2 Minutes Symphonies Serie, Part 7 & 8 7" Lathe Cut 12.00
Lunde, Eric / Kommissar Hjuler Separture / Grundordnung-Unterschrank-Scooter LP 19.00
Lunde, Eric / Kommissar Hjuler Häusliche Gewalt Aufnahmen Teil 3 Künstler Edition LP OBJECT 99.00
Lunes de Hierro (= Aviador Dro) same LP 39.00
Lurie, Boris / Kirves, Dietmar & Mama Bär / Silvia Kastel & Kommissar Hjuler & Frau NO!art Statements LP 69.00
Lustige Mutanten (w./ Thoraxwach) Un Pop EP 33.00
Lustige Mutanten (w./ Thoraxwach) Un Pop EP 49.00
Lustmord same LP 99.00
Lustmord Paradise Disowned LP 49.00
Lustmord Lustmordekay - Live Evil MC 25.00
Lustmord The Place Where the Black Stars Hang CD 15.00
Lustmord Heresy CD 12.00
Lustmord A Document of Early Accoustic & Tactical Experimentation CD 6.00
Lustmord same LP 79.00
Lustmord Paradise Disowned LP 29.00
Luthe, Wolfgang + Möller, Rolf Jupheidi im Morgengrauen MLP 29.00
Luto The Story of Nipper LP 25.00
Luxus same LP 9.00
Luyk, Timo van / Vanderstraeten, Kris High Noon LP 15.00
Luyk, Timo van / Vanderstraten, Kris (= Af Ursin) Costa del Luna LP 15.00
Lynch, David Wild At Heart VHS 5.00
Lynch, David Blue Velvet VHS 5.00
Lynch, David Eraserhead VHS 19.00
Lynch, David Lost Highway VHS 5.00
M. Erik Re/Cycling Rectangle 7" 12.00
M. Leonhardt Lectures (= Kommissar Hjuler & Frau) Tatort LP LATHE CUT 39.00
M. Nomized & Mr. Moto At Dusk MC 9.00
M.A.D. (= Mind Altering Device) These are Not Dark Days MLP 15.00
M.A.D. (= Mind Altering Device) To Touch the Face of God 12" 9.00
M/S Perturbation Field and the Equilibrium CD 19.00
M3 Vibrations LP 4.00
Ma Gita Dolly Jones Engtanz 12" 12.00
Ma Ja Le & Vir Unis (w./ Steve Roach) Imaginarium CD 15.00
Maat Konstruktionen LP 19.00
Maboul, Aqsak (w./ Fred Frith, Marc Hollander, Chris Cutler, Frank Wuyts, Michel Berckmans, Catherine Jauniaux, Denis van Hecke) Un peu de l'ame des bandits LP 29.00
MacFarlane, Ian (= Violet Lightning) Back from Beyond LP 49.00
MacFarlane, Ian (= Violet Lightning) Planetarium MC 49.00
Machinations Average Inadequacy 7" 29.00
Machinations 4 Track EP 12" 19.00
Machinefabriek & Belfi, Andrea Pulses & Places CD 10.00
Macias, José Luis Regreso a Valencia LP 25.00
Madam I'm Adam same LP 5.00
Mader, Jean Pierre Outsider LP 9.00
Maeror Tri Multiple Personality Disorder CD 9.00
Maeror Tri Subliminal Forces MC 15.00
Maffia Mr. Huws Hysbysebion EP 19.00
Magic Dragon Emotional Landscape LP 49.00
Magic Is Küntmaster Earthworms to Opium MCD-R 36.00
Magmax / Des Esseintes same LP 25.00
Magnet, von I 12" 29.00
Magnetic Head Cleaners I Want to Function with you EP 49.00
Magnetics A Historical Glimpse of the Future LP 89.00
Magnetique, Tristan 2 2MC 19.00
Main Hydra - dedicated to Karlheinz Stockhausen 12" 8.00
Main T Possee (= Paul Weller, Mick Talbot) Fickle Public Speakin' 12" 4.00
Maisch, Angelika / Krüger, Klaus Endlich Satie! 10" 9.00
Major Setback Band (= Kris Dollimore / pre- Godfathers & pre- Del Amitri) Crashing Out! LP 19.00
Makers Of The Dead Travel Fast The Vessels LP 99.00
Makers Of The Dead Travel Fast Why Wont We Wake? EP 59.00
Malaria! Weisses Wasser: White Water 12" 19.00
Malaria! Laufen 12" 35.00
Malaria! (= Gudrun Gut & Bettina Köster) Laufen 12" 33.00
Maldur Atai Holy Grief 7" 9.00
Malice In Wonderland See the Soldiers EP 12.00
Mallinder, Stephen (of Cabaret Voltaire) Temperature Drop 12" 11.00
Mama Baer Fahrradtour in Ehrfurcht LP 25.00
Mama Baer Fahrradtour in Ehrfurcht LP 69.00
Mama Baer / Goh Lee Kwang / Daniel Spicer Die Fluxusmeisterschaften LP 25.00
Mama Bär Seelennebel - Brut MCD-R 22.00
Mama Bär Lichtblicke MCD-R 19.00
Mama Bär Flieg, kleiner Käfer! Flieg! MCD-R 22.00
Mama Bär Eine Zweiperson CD-R 29.00
Mama Bär My Best Harmony MCD-R 19.00
Mama Bär Gravitationsleere EP+CD-R 39.00
Mama Bär Malerin / Galeristin / Experimentelle Musikerin MCD-R 25.00
Mama Bär Ehrfurcht MCD-R 29.00
Mama Bär Drew Rather-Day Who Rush MCD-R 22.00
Mama Bär Perverse Leute Mädchenficker CD-R 22.00
Mama Bär Khmerzen MCD-R 12.00
Mama Bär Words are Crying, But Don't English LP 22.00
Mama Bär Climb-to-go-Tekkno MCD-R 22.00
Mama Bär Melancholie, Zwiespalt & 2 Kochrezepte LP 69.00
Mama Bär My Little Feelings LP 99.00
Mama Bär Asylum Lunaticum LP 99.00
Mama Bär Words are Crying but don't English LP 99.00
Mama Bär Schizophonie LP 99.00
Mama Bär Mein Bagger brennt MCD-R 25.00
Mama Bär Mann Dada MCD-R 25.00
Mama Bär Experimente + Musikerin MCD-R 25.00
Mama Bär Incomplete MCD-R 25.00
Mama Bär Herzklopfen MCD-R 15.00
Mama Bär Rücklaufambitionen MCD-R 27.00
Mama Bär Das Robbie-Williams-Retect MCD-R 22.00
Mama Bär Love to Love you, Baby MCD-R 29.00
Mama Bär Das Dalai Lama Drittel Retect MCD-R 22.00
Mama Bär Die Entscheidung MCD-R 29.00
Mama Bär Kurz-Schnee MCD-R 29.00
Mama Bär Heiseretect MCD-R 39.00
Mama Bär Das 4 DVD-R 29.00
Mama Bär same MCD-R 22.00
Mama Bär Geschreitango DVD-R 39.00
Mama Bär Bildnerei die Geisteskranken Vol. 1 "Es ist so" LP 15.00
Mama Bär Votze DVD-R 39.00
Mama Bär Erdbeertelefon DVD-R 29.00
Mama Bär Eine Geschichte die ich erzählt habe DVD-R 27.00
Mama Bär Bildnerei die Geisteskranken Vol. 2 "Ruhe" LP 15.00
Mama Bär Stupid Time 2DVD-R BOX 49.00
Mama Bär For the Maincontrol MCD-R 25.00
Mama Bär Retect & Hoerbeispiele Fuer Eine Beeintraechtigte Zentrale Kohaerenz LP 59.00
Mama Bär & Cy Toxic MCD-R 25.00
Mama Bär & Kommissar Hjuler DAS-Becken DVD-R 35.00
Mama Bär (w./ Kommissar Hjuler) Klagenfurt-Bearbeitung CD-R 29.00
Mama Bär (wife of Kommissar Hjuler) Hydrophobie MCD-R 12.00
Mama Bär + Cy auch Wegbeschreibung zum Kühlschrank MCD-R 22.00
Mama Bär / Hellmouth Blackanticipation MCD-R 25.00
Mama Bär / Kommissar Hjuler Split LP - Zweiter Stromverteilerkasten von zwei Kästen LP 49.00
Mama Bär / LaRoche, Thomas Hydrophobie I & II / Old Brown Envelope MC 22.00
Mama Bär vs. Closedunruh Rettungsdienst CD 12.00
Mama Bär's Gay Feuerwehr Brandwache DVD-R 25.00
Mama Dada 1919 Slits, Quick EP 49.00
Mambo Taxi Poems On The Underground 7" 5.00
Man Klan Wanting & Waiting 12" 4.00
Mandible Chatter The Drone EP EP 7.00
Manero, Raphael Expression MC 29.00
Manifesto same LP 5.00
Mankey, Earle same MLP 9.00
Mapstation Sleep, Engine Sleep LP 9.00
Marcgraf (= Markus Schmickler) My Belle 7" 4.00
March Violets Crow Baby 12" 5.00
March Violets Walk into the Sun 12" 6.00
March Violets Crow Baby 7" 5.00
Mare Internum In Meditarium EP 7.00
Margorani, Luciano (of La 1919) Home Recording is Killing Studios MLP 25.00
Marhaug, Lasse (& Kapotte Muziek) Kapotte Muziek by... 7" 5.00
Marhaug, Lasse / Bad Kharma Pink Polarbear? EP 19.00
Maria's Garden Space Attack MC 39.00
Marianni, Luc D.G. Portrait LP 33.00
Marianni, Luc Video Screens Control 2LP 33.00
Marianni, Luc Six Synthetic Suites LP 19.00
Marianni, Luc Voyage vers l'harmonie LP 19.00
Marianni, Luc Souvenirs du Futur LP 19.00
Marianni, Luc / Seltae Beat Up & Down CD 12.00
Marie and the Wildwood Flowers (w./ Carl Michael von Hausswolff & Henryk Lipp) same LP 5.00
Mariella same EP 4.00
Marine Life in Reverse EP 5.00
Marionetz Jetzt knallts LP 19.00
Marketing Zo Human Killer 7" 9.00
Marlon Monroe Folklands 12" 9.00
Marlon, John Sister Soul 7" 3.00
Marlow, Robert The Face of Dorian Gray 12" 15.00
Marlow, Robert Calling All Destroyers 7" 9.00
Marlöw, Nicholas City Life Volumes 12" 9.00
Mars (Mark Cunningham / Ikue Mori / Sumner Crane / Don Burg) John Gavanti LP 39.00
Marsfield (= Andrew Chalk & Brendan Walls) Three Sunsets Over Marsfield LP 29.00
Martian Schoolgirls Motion 7" 4.00
Martin, Andreas / Basinski, William / Heemann, Christoph Cloes / Untitled 2x7" 15.00
Martin, Andreas / Heemann, Christoph Lebenserinnerungen Eines Lepidopterologen 10" 22.00
Martin, Kai & Stick! Simmarna LP 19.00
Martin, Kai & Stick! Biomusik! LP 29.00
Martin, Patrick D. Computer Datin' 7" 7.00
Martini, Dino Ferien 12" 15.00
Martinis, Socrates Au Seuil De La Liberté (Diptych) 7" 5.00
Mary's Birthday Quite Contrary MLP 12.00
Masonic Youth Going Down EP 5.00
Masonna Inner Mind Mystique 3x7" 29.00
Masonna Dispersa 7" 9.00
Masonna Mystic Another Selection Of Nurse's Naked Anthology 2MC 99.00
Masonna Recycled MC 5.00
Masonna Destructive Microphone 5" 15.00
Masonna Astro Harshtronism EP 8" 9.00
Masonna Mademoiselle Anne Sanglante Ou Notre Nymphomanie Aureole / Sonic Devil MLP 29.00
Mathieu, Stephan Die Entdeckung des Wetters CD 12.00
Mathieu, Stephan (...) Version 7" 6.00
Mathieu, Stephan & Hudak, John Pieces of Winter CD-R 49.00
Matsunaga, Kouhei Fish Or Woman Or MCD-R 25.00
Matsunaga, Kouhei Snow MCD-R 25.00
Matsunaga, Kouhei This is Ship's Story MCD-R 25.00
Matsunaga, Kouhei Complicated High Still Now... CD-R 5.00
Matsunaga, Kouhei Drawings EP+BOOK 19.00
Matsunaga, Kouhei (w./ RLW) Time to Move with Glass LP 9.00
Matterhorn Project (= P.J. Wasserman / ex-Schaltkreis Wassermann) same LP 44.00
Mattin / Rosy Pariane Agur MCD-R 6.00
Mattin, Rosy Parlane, Eddie Prevost Sakada CD 7.00
Mattinger, Fax same 7" 14.00
Maud Gonne Organic Mortality Intensified MC 6.00
Mauthausen Orchestra Five Years Of Slaughters LP 49.00
Mauthausen Orchestra Mafarka LP 9.00
Mauve Sideshow (= Kangaroo Kourt / Lost Patrol) Dark Flowers LP 79.00
MazzaCane Connors, Loren Evangeline CD 9.00
MB (= Maurizio Bianchi) Genocide Of the Menses 7" ACETATE 222.00
MC Duke & DJ Leader 1 Return of the Dread 1 LP Metal Masters 79.00
McDermott Orchestra, Kevin Bedazzled LP 7.00
McH (Meka cerneho Humoru) Undergroundmusik aus CSSR MC 15.00
McMahon, Paul (w./ Don Hunerberg & Dave Hofstra) same LP 9.00
McShane, Timothy Sean Letters from Erin 7" 29.00
Meat Beat Manifesto Subliminal Sandwich 2CD 5.00
Meat Joy same LP 49.00
Mecano Robespierre's Re-Marx / History Landmarked 7" 25.00
Mecano Autoportrait LP 25.00
Mecano Untitled MLP 25.00
Mecano Untitled MLP 19.00
Mechanical Servants Min X Match MLP 19.00
Media Jackals Vertical Hold EP 15.00
Medium Medium / Kommissar Hjuler Fluxus & Funk LP 59.00
Medium Medium / Kommissar Hjuler Fluxus & Funk Series, pt. II LP 29.00
Meelkop, Roel 3 Stücke im alten Stil 10" 7.00
Meelkop, Roel + Toy Bizarre 4 Pieces CD 9.00
Meelkop, Roel / Waard, Frans de (= Kapotte Muziek / THU 20) Elfde Mixer LP 9.00
Meer Staal Hartslagen LP+7" 19.00
Meese, Jonathan Erzstaat Atlantisis DVD+BOOK 29.00
Meese, Jonathan (as Cowboy Johnny Meese) / Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Bär (as Kommissar Dionysos & Ariadne) Das Personal LP OBJECT 75.00
Meese, Jonathan / Foltergaul / Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Bär / Sukanyan Sunthareswaran For The Maincontrol (Gaul 07) LP 39.00
Meese, Jonathan / Kindermann, Wolfgang / Nu Metal Fighters Vinyl-Artefakt, Rund, Flach, Mittig Gelocht, Hörenswert LP 29.00
Meese, Jonathan / Kommissar Cagliostro & Fanferlüsch (= Kommissar Hjuler & Frau) Tod auf Kepler 452b LP 35.00
Meese, Jonathan / Kommissar Hjuler Reparieren LP 25.00
Meese, Jonathan / Kommissar Hjuler Reparieren LP 64.00
Meese, Jonathan / Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Mia & Clark - Set. no. 2895 LP 39.00
Meese, Jonathan / Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Bär Fluxus in the Kitchen #2 LP OBJECT 129.00
Megaptera Beyond the Shadow CD 15.00
Mehead Brain Collages 12" 5.00
Meier, Dieter (of Yello) Cry for Fame 7" 99.00
Meifert, Arnulf, Marion & Franziska Incredible Familiar Music / Absolute Relative Music 2LP+BOOK 33.00
Mekanik Kommando Snake is Queen LP 29.00
Mekanik Kommando Shadow of a Rose LP 79.00
Mekons Greetings Eight 12" 12.00
Mekons Teeth 2x7" 5.00
Mekons / Gdansk Guardian / A Word FLEXI 9.00
Meloche, Chris Document '90 LP 9.00
Melon Do the Pithecan - Happy Age 12" 5.00
Melt, Roger Pleine Lune 12" 15.00
Melted Men Abdominal Snowman EP 4.00
Melting Eskimo's Paranoia 7" 5.00
Melvins Mangled Demos from 1983 CD 9.00
Memorandum Aux Morts LP 39.00
Memory Boys Send It Across To Me LP 9.00
Men & Volts Hootersville LP 15.00
Men & Volts Tramps in Bloom LP 9.00
Men 2nd Intercorpse 12" 9.00
Menage A Trois Les amants d'un jour 7" 5.00
Menche, Daniel Scattered Remains: Early Rarities 2CD 11.00
Menche, Daniel Furious Eclipse MLP 9.00
Menche, Daniel Screaming Caress CD 5.00
Menche, Daniel Legions in the Walls CD 7.00
Menche, Daniel Field of Skin CD 5.00
Menche, Daniel Incineration CD BOX 9.00
Menche, Daniel Static Burn CD 7.00
Menche, Daniel Rusty Ghosts 2x7" 7.00
Menche, Daniel Vulgar Scratch 7" 5.00
Menche, Daniel Hymns for Sliced Velocities 12" 15.00
Menche, Daniel Deluge MLP 9.00
Mengelberg, Misha (w./ Reinbert de Leeuw) Musica per 17 Strumenti / 3 Intermezzi / Omtrent een Componistenactie LP 7.00
Mens Room same MLP 5.00
Mens, Frank van same MC 49.00
Mens, Radboud (& Kapotte Muziek) Kapotte Muziek by... 7" 5.00
Mental Anguish / P.C.R. same MC 8.00
Mental Floss Subterraneans 12" 15.00
Mentocome (= Axel Grube of Minus Delta T & Rainer Rebowski of Klar-80 Tapes) same LP 29.00
Mercedes No More Dance 7" 5.00
Mercy Giants Hotel Hell Sports & Relax LP 9.00
Merry, Harry Village Life in 1905 7" 7.00
Mertens, Wim Motives for Writing CD 9.00
Mertens, Wim After Virtue LP 12.00
Mertens, Wim Shot and Echo CD 13.00
Mertens, Wim A Man of No Fortune & With a Name to Come LP 9.00
Mertens, Wim / Soft Verdict Maximizing the Audience 2LP BOX 25.00
Merzbow Hummingbird 7" 12.00
Merzbow Minazo Vol. 1 CD 9.00
Merzbow Senmaida CD 10.00
Merzbow A Taste Of... CD 7.00
Merzbow Noisembryo CD 39.00
Merzbow Music For 'Dead Man 2: Return of the Dead Man' EP 9.00
Merzbow Red 2 Eyes 10" 22.00
Merzbow Project Frequency LP 75.00
Merzbow Frog LP 15.00
Merzbow Hannover Interruption LP 29.00
Merzbow Live at 20000V, 30 Sep 1995 MLP 13.00
Merzbow + New Blockaders Oumagatoki 10" 15.00
Merzbow / Band Of Pain The Celebration of the Lizard / March of the Myriapoda LP 9.00
Merzbow / Christoph Heemann Sleeper Awakes on the Edge of the Abyss CD 15.00
Merzbow / Haters Milanese Bestiality / Drunk On Decay LP 19.00
Merzbow / Kapotte Muziek Continuum LP 15.00
Merzbow / Lasse Marhaug Fist Rock / The Great Deciver EP 9.00
Merzbow / MSBR Drain / Destructible Foundation 7" 9.00
Merzbow / Right Brain Audile Music for Bondage Performance CD 19.00
Merzbow plays Smegma Smegma plays Merzbow LP 19.00
Mesa, Luis El Sueno MC 8.00
Mesa, Luis F. Alquimia Detras MC 39.00
Mesmerists Doom Mood & Bohemian Groove CD-R 15.00
Messer für Frau Müller Senors Crakovajk LP 22.00
Messinger, Lynne (Unknown Gender) Who the Hell Wants Their Picture Taken 7" 9.00
Metabolist Hansten Klork LP 39.00
Metabolist Identify 7" 25.00
Metamorphosis Great Babel Gives Birth LP 49.00
Metamorphus Nex (Der Plan - side project) M/Nex LP 66.00
Metamorvoos same MC 15.00
Metamurphosis (= Up Murphy Street) ...From the Murphy Foundation Comes "Metamurphosis...A Selection of Songs to Accompany you Through the Dark Ages MC 39.00
Metaplakia Flames Of Horror MC 5.00
Meterpool Dreamtime MC 49.00
Method Actors Live in a Room! MLP 12.00
Method Actors Little Figures 2LP 9.00
Metro Jets About to Surface EP 13.00
Mey, Jan Paul van der I now the Spot - znajoe majesty LP 19.00
Meyer & Drake Mr. Bill 7" 16.00
MGZ Affection MC 15.00
Mi-Sex Shanghaied LP 4.00
Mich, Ludo Brickman - Performance at the Dennis Tyfus & Vaast Colson Exhibition "Break Down the Walls" DVD-R 19.00
Mich, Ludo 1976 Lysistrata DVD-R 19.00
Mich, Ludo Lysistrata - The Making of Lysistrata DVD-R 19.00
Mich, Ludo Materialization of the Intangible 7" 6.00
Mich, Ludo & Kommissar Hjuler und Frau same CD-R 33.00
Mich, Ludo (w./ Guillaume Bijl & Nicole van Goethem) 1971 Saturnus DVD-R 19.00
Mich, Ludo / Joyous Cosmology Multi D : 2 D DVD-R 19.00
Mich, Ludo / Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Bär Out of Body MCD-R 29.00
Michel D. Psychoactive Itch MC BOX 29.00
Mickey and the Mouses Detectives 7" 15.00
Microstoria (= Jan St. Werner of Mouse On Mars & Markus Popp of Oval) Init Ding LP 15.00
Microstoria (= Jan St. Werner of Mouse On Mars & Markus Popp of Oval) Snd LP 12.00
Microwaves, Los I Don't Want to Hold You 7" 25.00
Middleton, Ian Aural Spaces LP 15.00
Midnight Doctors same LP 13.00
Midnight Oil Bird Noises 12" 12.00
Mighty Shamrocks Condor Woman 7" 6.00
Mihoen! / Sick Terror Mihoen! / A Nova Escoria EP 3.00
Mikami, Gonzalez / Matsumura, Titi (= Gontiti) / Kawashima, Kazumasa Tramart Sound Collection Vol. 1 - Music As Interior 2MC 59.00
Miko (of 1. Futurologischer Congress) Worlds Of Love LP 5.00
Mikron 64 Etwas Zeit 12" 5.00
Milbanke, Stephen & the Inner City Time Machine Spirit of Love 7" 5.00
Militaria (= Jonathan Meese & Tim Berresheim) Untitled 7" 9.00
Milksop Holly (= Kramer & Mara Flynn) Milkweeds CD 8.00
Milland, Ray Talk 7" 6.00
Miller, Jack Keeper of the Gate 7" 19.00
Miller, Jesse Paul (Climax Golden Twins) Secret Records 7" 9.00
Mimetic Field Overrated CD 7.00
Minamata Mit lautem Geschrei MC 22.00
Minimal Man Hunger is all she has LP 9.00
Minimal Man Two Little Skeletons 7" 19.00
Minioon / Signal(s) Das Leben ist schön FLEXI 6.00
Minisex Bikini Atoll LP 7.00
Minisex Eismeer 7" 3.00
Minister Of Noise Voodoo Soul CD 4.00
Minizza (w./ Edward Ka-spel) Music for Girls CD 12.00
Minny Pops Footsteps EP 15.00
Minny Pops Time 7" 18.00
Minny Pops Live EP 19.00
Minny Pops Een kus 7" 15.00
Minny Pops 4th Floor LP 19.00
Minny Pops Standstill to Motion (Live at the Melkweg 19-03-1981) LP 9.00
Minx / Zimmerman Dance 7" 7.00
Mirage 1996 (or Mirage '96) Phoenix LP 59.00
Miranda, Stanton (Thick Pigeon) Wheels Over Indian Trails 7" 13.00
Miro, Steve Trilemna LP 25.00
Miro, Steve Up and About 7" 15.00
Miro, Steve & the Eyes Second Sentence LP 17.00
Mirror Still Valley LP 29.00
Mirror Ringstones LP 22.00
Mirror Under the Sun LP 39.00
Mirror Live in Bern CD-R 59.00
Mirror Visiting Star LP 99.00
Mirror I Paint for Love of Color LP 19.00
Mirror Nightwalkers LP 29.00
Mirror Islands 2LP+7" 79.00
Mirror Front Row Centre LP 19.00
Mirror Viking Burial for a French Car CD 9.00
Mirror (= Christoph Heemann & Andrew Chalk) Ringstones LP 25.00
Mirror (= Christoph Heemann & Andrew Chalk) Places of Light LP 29.00
Mirror (Christoph Heemann / Andrew Chalk / Jim O'Rourke) Die Spiegelmanufaktur LP 25.00
Mirror (Christoph Heemann / Andrew Chalk / Jim O'Rourke) Figures In A Landscape 2LP 49.00
Miss Murgatroid (of Big City Orchestra) & Petra Haden Bella Neurox CD 5.00
Mission Of Burma (Roger Miller) The Horrible Truth About Burma LP 9.00
Mission Papua Holland Love You Baby LP 9.00
Mission Papua Holland June 87 LP 9.00
Missratener Sohn Maximum Hate CD 9.00
Mister Steve One Road 7" 4.00
Mitchell, Gareth (a.k.a. Philosopher's Stone) August; Snow; Pieces CD-R 8.00
Mito Droid 7" 9.00
Mittens, Julie (Martin Luiten) Recorded 23/24072011 LP 9.00
Mizutani, Kiyoshi (Merzbow) The Same Thing Makes Always Her Laugh LP 49.00
Mlehst same LP 12.00
Mlehst Living Without Feeling CD-R 9.00
Mnemonists Gyromancy MLP 39.00
Mo-Dettes White Mice 7" 9.00
Modern Cha Cha Cha 7" 4.00
Modern English I Melt with you 12" 5.00
Modern Times same 12" 9.00
Modern Vision No Way Out MLP 5.00
Modernaires Way of Living LP 9.00
Modest Proposal, A same LP 79.00
Modonese Palumbo, Fabrizio 5" EP MCD 9.00
Modonese Palumbo, Fabrizio 3" CD MCD 9.00
Moev Zimmerkampf LP 19.00
Mofungo End of the World MC 59.00
Moltostuhl Es kitzelt 7" 13.00
Moltostuhl Leben und sammeln LP 9.00
Momentform Lapse MLP 15.00
Momoyo & Lizard Sa-ka-na EP 59.00
Monitor same LP 15.00
Monofonic Orchestra Silver Surfin' 7" 9.00
Monofonic Orchestra (w./ Elliott Sharp) Friends' Portraits 12" 19.00
Monohm Corn Atom EP 9.00
Monopol Weltweit LP 12.00
Monos (= Darren Tate & Colin Potter) Generators 2CD 13.00
Monoton Weiss Rot LP 149.00
Monoton Monotonprodukt 07 CD 25.00
Monoton Monotonprodukt 02 LP 179.00
Monoton (= Konrad Becker) Ancient Futures - Applied Psycho-Acoustic Meta-Mathematics 10" 15.00
Montgomery, Gen Ken Greatest Hits LP 39.00
Montgomery, Gen Ken Onomatopia Meccanica MC 15.00
Montgomery, Gen Ken Kalckreuth Keks MC 29.00
Monument The Final Step MC 12.00
Moore, Thurston / Ranaldo, Lee / Montera, Jean-Marc (Sonic Youth) Les Anges du Peche LP 15.00
Morak Sieger sehen anders aus LP 11.00
Morak same LP 15.00
Moral And Life Is LP 75.00
Morance, Ashley Over the Wall 7" 79.00
Moronics Style Your Hair the Way the Moronics Like It! MLP 8.00
Morosphinx same LP 29.00
Morphogenesis (w./ Michael Prime) same MC 22.00
Morphogenesis (w./ Michael Prime, Gen Ken Montgomery, David Prescott) Prochronisms LP 35.00
Morphogenesis / Clive Graham & Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Die Kunst, einen Sandhaufen zu vergraben LP 25.00
Morphogenesis / Clive Graham & Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Die Kunst, einen Sandhaufen zu vergraben LP 65.00
Morris, Kenny La Main Morte 12" 6.00
Mortal Vision (C.C.C.C.) Great Terrorist or Shiny Teenager 7" 8.00
Mortar From the Grave LP 6.00
Morte de la Maison, La Aaron's Rod LP 12.00
Mortenson, Heidi Circular Tape MC 15.00
Mortification Of The Flesh Le Tresor Maudit LP 29.00
Mortiis Crypt of the Wizard CD 9.00
Mosdell, Chris & the Javelin Opera (collaborated with Logic System) Equasian LP 49.00
Moskwa TV Brave New World 12" 3.00
Moskwa TV Generator 7/8 12" 4.00
Mostly Men Out of the Blue 7" 6.00
Mothmen One Black Dot LP 9.00
Motion Control Bloodless War EP 17.00
Motor Horse Trax CD/DVD 9.00
Motor Totemist Guild Shapuno Zoo LP 15.00
Mouctouris, Philippe de 47s de rouge dans une bible noire EP 29.00
Moulin Rouge Easy 7" 8.00
Mountaineers Self-Catering EP 10" 3.00
Mourmansk 150 Logic of War LP 9.00
Mouse On Mars Varcharz LP 12.00
Mouse, Max & The Radio Free Gorillas Stilla Gorilla MLP 8.00
Mousing Crew Death By Radio 12" 19.00
Mouths (= Jon Mueller / Jim Schoenecker / Werner Moebius) / Haptic (= Steven Hess / Joseph Mills / Adam Sonderberg) 1V2E / Danjon Scale MLP 29.00
Mr. Ebu featuring M.Nomized & Mr. Moto Cosmic Cool CD 5.00
Mr. Natural / Jazkamer Japan 2005 - Limited Edition Tour Single <200> EP 7.00
MSBR Electrovegetarianism 7" BOX 19.00
MSBR Ultimate Ambience LP 149.00
MSBR & Blazen Y Sharp Mass for Dead Insects CD 5.00
MSBR & Blazen Y Sharp Dirty Knobby 7" 8.00
MSBR & Blazen Y Sharp Mass for Dead Insects CD 12.00
MSBR & Spastic Colon Live Electronics at Matsuyama LP 15.00
MSBR (w./ Daniel Menche, Crawl Unit, Basic Noise Collabodestructivists CD 9.00
MSBR / Princess Dragon Mom / Noise Work Shop Rotterdam Noise Feyenoord CDR 12.00
MSBR / Telepherique Amalgam 7" ACETATE 149.00
Mud Hutters Factory Farming LP 15.00
Multer Neskt 10" 5.00
Mummy's A Tree same LP 9.00
Mundane Music EP1 - A Place in Mind 8" Lathe Cut 9.00
Munson, Art Driven to the Point of Abstraction LP 39.00
Mur, Mona (w./ Alex Hacke, F.M. Einheit, J.J. Burnel, Nico Weidemann, Kiev Stingl) same LP 12.00
Murder Corporation Tagged & Bagged CD 5.00
Murray & the Storm, Pauline New Age 12" 8.00
Musical Chairs All We Want LP 19.00
Muska, Olev Old Estonian Waltzes LP 99.00
Muslimgauze Blinded Horses LP 69.00
Muslimgauze Red Crescent Part 3 7" 15.00
Muslimgauze Kabul LP 99.00
Muslimgauze Mazar-i-Sharif CD 9.00
Muslimgauze Uzi LP 19.00
Muslimgauze The Rape of Palestine LP 59.00
Muslimgauze Hajj LP 29.00
Muslimgauze Iran CD 15.00
Muslimgauze Abu Nidal LP 49.00
Muslimgauze Melt 12" 9.00
Muslimgauze Jazirat-Ul-Arab LP 49.00
Muslimgauze Port Said 12" 15.00
Muslimgauze / Bass Communion EP MCD 7.00
Mutagen Grau same MC 29.00
Mutant Data Orchestra vs X-Site Vibrasonics same CD-R 12.00
MX-80 Sound Out of the Tunnel LP 19.00
My 3 Sons In the Beginning EP 15.00
My Cat Is An Alien Speak, Alien, Speak! 3MC 39.00
My Cat Is An Alien Greetings from the Great Void 2LP 15.00
Myers, David (= Arcane Device) / Ross, Alexander Mass Storage of Miniscule Artifacts CD-R 19.00
Myers, David Lee / Oppedisano, Marco Tesla at Coney Island CD-R 13.00
Myers, John Blastula MCD 6.00
Mygelo / Mygel You MC 25.00
Müh, Dieter We're Not Happy 'Till You're Not Happy EP 8.00
Müh, Dieter Cari Saluti CD-R 9.00
Müh, Dieter Stockholm Monsters - Live at Fylkingen Stockholm 17 November 2001 LP 12.00
Müller, Meier, Schmidt & Co Schlechte Karten LP 12.00
Müller, Wolfgang (Tödliche Doris) / Aus der Schule der Tödlichen Doris Bat LP 19.00
Müller, Wolfgang / Tödliche Doris Die allerallerschönsten Interviews von Wolfgang Müller (Lehrmeister aus der Schule der Tödlichen Doris) / BAT, das Buch zur Schallplatte BOOK 9.00
Mysterious Footsteps Like They Do in the Movies 7" 18.00
Mystery Hearsay Apoplexy MC 29.00
Mythen In Tüten Die neue Kollektion LP 9.00
Mz.412 (= Maschinenzimmer 412) Domine Rex Inferum CD 7.00
Mägi, Tonis Kogutud Kodutud LP 4.00
Möbius, Werner Live at Klanggalerie MC 9.00
Möslang, Norbert / Wehowsky, Ralf Einschlagkrater 7" 6.00
Nacht und Nebel Zafari 7" 5.00
Nacht und Nebel Beats of Love 7" 5.00
Nacht' Raum same MLP 99.00
Nada Celmetra LP 9.00
Nadja (= Aidan Baker) Corrasion 2LP 19.00
Nadja (= Aidan Baker) + A Storm of Light Primitive North 2LP+CD 19.00
Nadja (= Aidan Baker) / Edward Ka-spel Under the Jaguar Sun 2LP 19.00
Naevus Backsaddling EP 7.00
Naffi Sandwich / Danny & the Dressmakers Same MC 299.00
Nagoski, Ian Violets for your Furs LP 19.00
Name, The The Driving Rain 7" 6.00
Naos L'indien 7" 8.00
Nardini, Peter A Think You're Great LP 9.00
Narrative Brandewijn Couple Sucklers / Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Bär Porch Pooch Mouthrinse and on a Sick Day with Frau Hjuler CD-R 49.00
Narrow Escape (Niels van Hoorn of Legendary Pink Dots) Delivery LP 19.00
Narwal (= De Fabriek) The Album LP 25.00
Nascent Tocsin CD-R 9.00
Nash The Slash The Million Year Picnic LP 15.00
Nasmak Heartache Blowup 12" 8.00
Nasmak / Gulf Pressure Dishhunt / Balconi FLEXI 6.00
Nasmak / Twice A Man Toy-Line / Balloons FLEXI 7.00
Natural Scientist See Through You 7" 9.00
Nature Unveiled Suspension Device for Scoliosis MC 12.00
Naughtiest Girl Wa A Monitor Is All I Need? 7" 19.00
Naughtiest Girl Was A Monitor Front EP 29.00
Nautical Almanac Diamond Eyes 10" 49.00
Nautical Almanac / Vertonen Split LP LP 9.00
Naux (w./ Fred Maher, Robert Quine, Sussan Deihim, Richard Horowitz, Frank Eaton) Light, Traps and Exploding Wires LP 29.00
Naxos (= Salim Malan) L'horizon Tuméfié MC BOX 9.00
Negative Entropy (Michael Prime & Geert Feytons of Noise-Maker's Fifes) M.S. Stubnitz - Stockholm 9.07.1998 CD 5.00
Negativland A Big 10-8 Place LP 29.00
Negativland same LP 19.00
Neglige-Electronic Underwear (W.Foag / K.F.Gerber / G.Schroth) Pränatal Inferno CD 5.00
Neighbors, Cliff Skidloy Systems MC 12.00
Nelson, Bill Das Kabinet LP 5.00
Nemb (Non-Erotic Male Bonding) Torture EP 39.00
Neo (= Ian North) Tran-sister 7" 25.00
Neon The Cult of Snap 2x12" 4.00
Neon Crimes Of Passion 1 MLP 19.00
Neon Barbs Break Your Chains 7" 5.00
Neon Judgement Horny as Hell LP 5.00
Neon Judgement Concrete 7" 59.00
Neon Judgement 1981-1984 LP 15.00
Neon Knights / Magick Lantern Cycle (w./ David Tibet / Current 93) The Knight and the Wizard - Al-Kitab Alf Laylah wa Laylah Vol. 1 LP 33.00
Neondian (= Jaki Liebezeit / Klaus Dinger / Rheinita Bella Düsseldorf) Neondian (Klausi scheisst auf Hollywood) LP 15.00
Nerell, Loren Lilin Dewa CD 9.00
Nerell, Loren The Venerable Dark Cloud MCD 5.00
Ness, Mick Leave Me Your Ears LP 9.00
Ness, Mick De Ark MLP 29.00
Netzach same LP 9.00
Neue Deutsche Tanzmusik - Neue Deutsche Welle Eine Discographie BOOK 49.00
Neural Circus Exit EP 9.00
New 7th Music & Exploding Headband (Paul Kelday) same MC 19.00
New Asia Gates LP 9.00
New Blockaders Seinsart LP 39.00
New Blockaders Falten 10" 15.00
New Cult Of The Sun Moon (= Rapoon) same 2CD 9.00
New Movement & KH12 Quartet Nichts für Nitsch LP 19.00
New Occupants Blue Light MLP 5.00
New Order Blue Monday 12" 5.00
New Order Ceremony 12" 9.00
New Order Brixton Academy April 1987 VHS 9.00
New Order, The (= William Bennett of Whitehouse & Steven Stapleton of Nurse With Wound) Bradford Red Light District LP 99.00
New Women in Rock (Lydia Lunch, Danielle Dax, Jayne County, Siouxsie Sioux, Patti Smith, Paulien Murray, Nina Hagen, Debbie Harry, Raincoats, Annie Lennox, Pearl Harbour, Honey Bane, Lora Logic,...) BOOK 9.00
Newboys Outside the Cage LP 15.00
Newman, Colin (Wire) Commercial Suicide LP 5.00
News Audio Video 7" 5.00
Newtrament London Bridge is Falling Down 7" 4.00
Nichts Radio 7" 4.00
Nichts Tango 2000 LP 9.00
Nichts same (Made in Eile) LP 9.00
Nichts Aus dem Jenseits LP 13.00
NID Galactic Nebulae CD-R 9.00
NID same 10" 9.00
Niels (Jensen) Inom Mej 7" 12.00
Nightingales In the Good Old Country Way LP 6.00
Nightmare Lodge / Blackhouse Ice-Skin / The Gospel According to the Men in Black LP 9.00
Nightshift same LP 19.00
Nighttime Visitor Visitor LP 9.00
Nihilist Assault Group (= Richard Rupenus of New Blockaders / Stan Reed & Allan Zane of Mixed Band Philanthropist / Michael Gillham / William Rage) Saturation Point X MC 29.00
Nihilist Spasm Band x–x=x LP 25.00
Nihilist Spasm Band Breaking Wind LP 12.00
Nijs, Marnix de Run Motherfucker Run (Witteveen + Bos-prijs voor Kunst + Techniek 2005) DVD+BOOK 29.00
Nils Freispiel 7" 11.00
Nimal (Tom Cora) Voix de Surface LP 9.00
Nimrod Cunttroll FLEXI 5.00
Nippon Art The Enchanted Hand 7" 9.00
Nippon Art Part 1 7" 9.00
Njurmännen Cerebral Player MLP 19.00
Njurmännen Reality Adventures LP 12.00
Njurmännen Vem är pavul? LP 29.00
No (= Jan Iwers) ßen LP 12.00
No (= Jan Iwers) Promo: Dancing Queen / ßen MC 49.00
No (= Jan Iwers) Promo: Tecknolodjie Kamms (Remixed and Altered 1999 Version) MC 49.00
No (= Ollie Olson of Zye Ye Ye, Hugo Klang & Orchestra of Skin & Bone / Marie Hoy of Orchestra of Skin & Bone / Michael Sheridan of Peril) Cell 12" 9.00
No (One) Der geringe Unterschied zwischen unterwegs-sein und weg-sein MCD-R 15.00
No (One) (= Jan Iwers) Moongoon EP 5.00
No / Yppasswdd Daemons Home Computer Cassette MC 9.00
No Immediate Threat (N.I.T.) Die Rückkehr der gehirngestörten Grobmechaniker EP 9.00
No Mans Land Savage Brides 12" 6.00
No Neck Blues Band Ass Run LP 39.00
No Neck Blues Band Languid Red Marchetti LP 19.00
No X Noise Reduction EP 25.00
No X Noise Reduction 7"+MAG 39.00
No-Neck Blues Band / Hog's Hole Ever Borneo! / Siriusly LP+7" 19.00
No-Y-Z Sheer Electronic Din LP 25.00
Nobodius, Berbel (w./ Terry Burrows) Wanton But Windblown LP 14.00
Nobody Special same LP 9.00
Nocturnal Emissions Imaginary Time LP 29.00
Nocturnal Emissions Imaginary Time 10" 9.00
Nocturnal Emissions Songs of Love & Revolution LP 29.00
Nocturnal Emissions Tissue of Lies LP 59.00
Nocturnal Emissions Chaos (Live at the Ritzy, Brixton 9 June 1983) MLP 22.00
Nocturnal Emissions Fruiting Body LP LP 49.00
Nocturnal Emissions Drowning in a Sea of Bliss LP 49.00
Nocturnal Emissions Drowning in a Sea of Bliss MC BOX 9.00
Nocturnal Emissions Befehlsnotstand LP 49.00
Nocturnal Emissions Stoneface LP 9.00
Nocturnal Emissions No Sacrifice 12" 19.00
Nocturnal Emissions The Fight Goes On MC 9.00
Nocturnal Emissions Live In Rome MC 29.00
Nocturnal Emissions Spiritflesh MC 9.00
Nocturnal Emissions The World Is My Womb MC 9.00
Nocturnal Emissions ICA London 9th August 1985 MC 15.00
Nocturnal Emissions Dyskinesia MC 12.00
Nocturnal Emissions Deathday MC 15.00
Nocturnal Emissions Invocation of the Beast Gods CD 7.00
Nocturnal Emissions Viral Shedding LP 17.00
Noddie From Toytown Dance Between The Sheets!! 12" 19.00
Noetinger, Jerome / Piotrowicz, Robert / Zaradny, Anna Crackfinder LP 19.00
Noid Ausflug ins Gruene 7" 9.00
Noir de Soie Deviation 12" 4.00
Noise Camp Super Noise Camp 1994-1998 CDR 6.00
Noise R Us! Let's Go Dancing 7" 12.00
Noise-Maker's Fifes Zona Incerta 10" 9.00
Noise-Maker's Fifes Muzook 10" 9.00
Noise-Maker's Fifes Muzook 10" 9.00
Noise-Maker's Fifes (w./ Timo van Luyk) Intervisage EP 19.00
Noisegate Number 8 (Scratch Orchestra, Luc Ferrari, Drone Records, Hayley Newman,...) MAG 5.00
Noisy Neighbors Video Man MLP 29.00
Noizunzurie Wish you are Here LP 49.00
Nomenklatur, La La Legende Des Voix CD 5.00
Nomex Infiltrate Assimilate Propagate Disseminate LP 8.00
Non Blood & Flame LP 15.00
Non Rise 12" 15.00
Non Physical Evidence LP 19.00
Non + Smegma Smegma + Non EP 19.00
Non + Smegma Smegma + Non EP 25.00
Non Toxique Lost Reichstag lange nicht gebrannt CD-R 14.00
Non Toxique Lost Terre Et Argent LP 7.00
Non Toxique Lost (= NTL) Lachen Eins EP 9.00
Non Toxique Lost (NTL) (w./ Achim Wollscheid) Terre et Argent LP 29.00
None So Blind My Favorite Eyes 7" 5.00
Nonostars same MC 19.00
Noosa Hedz Hoola Hopz 10" 7.00
Nord # 1 LP 129.00
Nord Live Materials 1980-1993 MC 49.00
Norda West Over Seas 12" 19.00
Nordin, Ingvar Loco Kristinelundsrundan CD-R 22.00
Nordland Green Eyes 12" 29.00
Noring, Brian Normal Bias Audio Cassette MC 8.00
Norma Loy 82 - 84 MC 29.00
Normil Hawaiians Gala Failed MLP 25.00
Normil Hawaiians The Beat Goes On 7" 15.00
Normil Hawaiians Whats Going On? LP 29.00
North, Ian My Girlfriend's Dead LP 9.00
Northam, M. Many Rivers Move Along the Surface of the Magnet MLP 6.00
Northam, M. / Grzinich, J. The Stomach of the Sky CD 7.00
Northam, Michael / Stern, Joel Wormwood CD 5.00
Northgate The Blue Builders CD 4.00
Nose Kids / Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Baer Datenverlust CD-R 25.00
Notstandskomitee Automatenmusik LP 6.00
Nov Embudagonn / Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Yume No Naka No Ecstasy / Vandroogenbroeck MLP 49.00
Nova Terranova LP 4.00
November Növelet (= Haus Arafna) From Heaven On Earth LP 59.00
Nox Crowd MLP 12.00
Noyes Brothers Sheep From Goats - 100 Minutes of Solamar / Miro 2LP 19.00
NRA Mud Babies LP 13.00
Nu/Imij Model T.A. EP 35.00
Nuala Energie LP 5.00
Nude Ants Access... MLP 6.00
Nude, The (= Metronomes) Modern Jazz LP 59.00
Nuisance Beacon (Vertonen) same CD 9.00
Nul Nul (pre-Vital) 00 / 007 / 0010 (Kapotte Muziek, De Fabriek, Prilius Lacus, Kanker Kommando, Vidna Obmana, Hilaire Brisdak Ensemble, Narzisse, Arthur Berkhoff, Bla Bla, Korm Plastics, V2, Midas, Bloedvlagprodukt, Therapie Produktie, Stichting Muziek Nieuws, Katharos,...) 3MAG 9.00
Null Ultimate Material III CD 5.00
Null Saishiyu Bushitsu LP 9.00
Null + Void same LP 39.00
Nullkommajosef (& Kommissar Hjuler & Frau) Die Antizipation des Generalized Other (2009) CD-R 25.00
Nullset 21st Century Cry 12" 19.00
Numan, Gary Hammersmith Odeon 1983 MC 9.00
Nun (MB-related) Riv Skf EP 19.00
Nurse Easy-Lover LP 9.00
Nurse With Wound Alice the Goon MLP 39.00
Nurse With Wound She & Me Fall Together in Free Death LP 19.00
Nurse With Wound Thunder Perfect Mind 2LP 19.00
Nurse With Wound An Awkward Pause CD 15.00
Nurse With Wound Insect and Individual Silenced LP 79.00
Nurse With Wound Soliloquy For Lilith 3LP BOX 99.00
Nurse With Wound Homotopy to Marie LP 29.00
Nurse With Wound (w./ David Jackman, Tony Wakeford, David Tibet, Chris Wallis, Douglas P.) Cooloorta Moon 12" 29.00
Nurse With Wound (w./ David Tibet, Diana Rogerson, Clint Ruin & Roman Jugg of Damned) Gyllenskold/Brained LP 39.00
Nurse With Wound / Hafler Trio Hit Again! MC 29.00
Nurse With Wound / Organum A Missing Sense / Rasa LP 59.00
Nurse With Wound / Termite Queen Crank / Wisecrack 7" 15.00
Nuts Looking for Cockaigne LP 9.00
Nuts & Co Kangourou LP 99.00
NYA.Music (= Nos Yeux Aveugles) Installation a Faya-Largeau MC 15.00
NYA.Music (= Nos Yeux Aveugles) A Cheval Sur Le Tourniquet MC 15.00
Nyah Fearties Barrasie EP 9.00
Nyah Fearties A Tasty Heidfu' MLP 19.00
Nylon Euter same LP 7.00
O Yuki Conjugate Scene in Mirage LP 79.00
O Yuki Conjugate Undercurrents (In Dark Water) CD 29.00
O Yuki Conjugate Primitive CD 6.00
O Yuki Conjugate Peripheral Vision VHS 39.00
O Yuki Conjugate Circular EP 39.00
O'Cuthbert, Martin Navigator Through Nowhere EP 19.00
O'Cuthbert, Martin Vocal Vigilante EP 29.00
O'Deth My Child / Ogn-zz Drgz! Drgz! Drgz! LP 9.00
O'Neill, Kevin Compendium MC 9.00
O'Rourke, Jim Remove the Need CD 9.00
O'Rourke, Jim Disengage 2CD 12.00
O'Rourke, Jim Please Note Our Failure 10" 12.00
O'Rourke, Jim The Ground Below Above Our Heads LP 25.00
O'Rourke, Jim Scend LP 15.00
O'Rourke, Jim (w./ Michael Prime) Disengage 2CD 15.00
O'Rourke, Jim / Syllyk Frontieres? CD 15.00
O.J. (A.M. Wijnen & M. Postma) Ojee! LP 299.00
O.R.A.V. / Deutschland Terzett (Xao Seffcheque / Peter Hein / Marcus Oehlen / Gaby Delgado / Jürgen Engler) same LP 19.00
O.R.D.U.C. Bonus Tracks 8" 59.00
Obst, Marcus (= Dronaement) Day in Dwarfs Capital CD-R BOX 15.00
Ocaso Epico Desperdicios MC BOX 15.00
Odal Body & Soul MC 25.00
Odal Megagrap MC 9.00
Odal / Recalcitrant Een geschenk van den duivel...Hail Satan MC 7.00
Off Organisation For Fun LP 5.00
Offbeatles Jeannie / The Whip (Live) 7" Metal Master 49.00
Oficer same EP 99.00
Ogiermann, Christoph / Kommissar-Hjuler Allstar-Band / Jürgen Palmtag & Kommissar Hjuler / Jonathan Meese NO!stalking at Wierszalin LP OBJECT 99.00
Ohama ...on the Edge of the Dream CD-R 4.00
Ohama Midway 12" 19.00
Ohama same LP 25.00
Ohama Meets Dania Love Only Lasts Awhile LP 59.00
Oil Electric Tongue EP 10" 5.00
Oldrat, T. Tales From... MC BOX 19.00
Olive, Tim and Welch, Fritz Sun Reverse the Footpedal CD 5.00
Olson, John & Yeh, Spencer Live at Kathy's Birthday Party MLP 9.00
Olson, John (American Tapes / Wolf Eyes / Graveyards) Qbico handmade Record Object LP Object 49.00
Omala Germ LP 39.00
Omicron The Generation And Motion of a Pulse CD 11.00
Omit Tracer 2CD 14.00
On Target Disciples Of Discipline 12" 15.00
Onde (= Af Ursin / Timo van Luijk & Greg Jacobs) Purple LP 29.00
Onde (= Timo van Luijk of Af Ursin / Greg Jacobs / Marc Wroblewski) (= Noise-Maker's Fifes) Purple LP 15.00
Onde (= Timo van Luijk of Af Ursin / Greg Jacobs / Marc Wroblewski) (= Noise-Maker's Fifes) One LP 16.00
One Starving Day Atlas Coelestis CD 9.00
One, Le Incommunique 7" 5.00
Onodera, Yui Synergetics EP 7.00
Onomatopeia (= Steve Fricker) It's Onomatopeia LP 15.00
Oosterveld, Ernst Square Dance (soundtrack) LP 29.00
Opaque New Ways to Criticise CD 8.00
Open City (= Peter Kolovos & Doug Russell) same LP 12.00
Open Field O.P. II 7"+CD 19.00
Opera Multi Steel Personne ne dort 7" 29.00
Operating Theatre The Early Years 2CD 19.00
Operating Theatre (= Roger Doyle) Miss Mauger MLP 22.00
Operating Theatre (= Roger Doyle)(w./ Bono of U2) Spring is Coming... 12" 9.00
Operating Theatre (= Roger Doyle)(w./ Bono of U2) Queen Of No Heart 7" 9.00
Ophelie Song Opera Minimal MLP 12.00
Opion Somnium Falling into the Gaping Hole, Dark Abyss EP 5.00
Optic Eye Light Side of the Sun 2LP 6.00
Opus (Pur) Vorsicht zerbrechlich LP 16.00
Ora (= Darren Tate & Andrew Chalk)(w./ Daisuke Suzuki Time out of Mind LP 18.00
Orb Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld Patterns & Textures - The Video VHS 9.00
Orb Orbus Terrarum 2LP 19.00
Orbit Service (w./ Edward Ka-spel) A Calm Note From the West CD 15.00
Orbital Time Flies 2x12" 4.00
Orchid Spangiafora Flee Past's Ape Elf LP 49.00
Oren Ambarchi & Martin Ng Reconnaissance LP 9.00
Organ (= Mikko Saarela) Suajele mua vähän Jostakin päin / Neekerisuukkoja 7" 79.00
Organ (w./ Mikko Saarela) Nekrofiilis LP 129.00
Organum Tower of Silence 12" 35.00
Organum Feldzug 7" 15.00
Organum Luel / Wolf 7" 39.00
Organum Vacant Lights / Rara Avis 2CD 17.00
Organum Luel / Wolf 2x7" 19.00
Organum Kanal 7" 13.00
Organum same EP 9.00
Organum Drome 7" 19.00
Organum Crusade 7" 25.00
Organum & New Blockaders Salute CD 9.00
Organum (= David Jackman) Sphyx LP 29.00
Organum (= David Jackman) Submission LP 39.00
Organum (= David Jackman) In Extremis LP 39.00
Organum (= David Jackman) Ikon 12" 39.00
Organum (= David Jackman) Ikon & Sol Mara MLP+12" 59.00
Organum (= David Jackman) Vacant Lights / Rara Avis LP 39.00
Organum (= David Jackman) / Eddie Prévost (of AMM) Crux / Flayed LP 33.00
Organum / New Blockaders Pulp 7" 199.00
Organum / New Blockaders (TNB) Der Graben 7" 9.00
Orgon, Sion ((w./ Thighpaulsandra) Recognition Journal CD 9.00
Origami Galaktika Laos Vegas CD 9.00
Originalton (= Teflon Fonfara) Mein Leben ist ein Werbespot LP 25.00
Orior Elevation EP 22.00
Ornament Yzaniaveis CD-R 15.00
Orphée Because of me 7" 8.00
Ossaserpia Music for Solve et Coagvla CD+BOOK 19.00
Osso Exotico VII EP 15.00
Ostzonensuppenwürfelmachenkrebs Absolut Nicht Frei LP 12.00
Ostzonensuppenwürfelmachenkrebs Leichte Teile 12" 9.00
Ottevanger, Onno Phoebe LP 9.00
Otto & Bärnelli (w./ Tom Dokoupil) Lage(r)bericht LP 5.00
Outl4w Blame the Nation 7" 9.00
Outlet No. 22 (Nurse With Wound, Lemon Kittens, Foetus, Plastic People of the Universe, Monkees, Robert Wyatt, Manchester Sound, Factory Records, New Hormones, Defensive Records,..) MAG 19.00
Outrageous Radioactive Feelings 7" 9.00
Outsets (w./ Garland Jeffreys) same MLP 7.00
Oval / Markus Popp Tortoise Remixed 12" 4.00
Oval Language Intercession with Occupants 10" 9.00
Overdraft Save Your Love 7" 8.00
Ovum Eld CD-R 15.00
Oxford, Clive For Your Future Entertainment 7" 13.00
Oxy and the Morons Music for the Deaf 7" 19.00
P-Orridge, Genesis (of Psychic TV / Throbbing Gristle) Thee Majesty - A Hollow Cast - Spoken Word Series CD 5.00
P-Orridge, Genesis / Bingo, Stan What's History MC 29.00
P. Children P.Ch3 LP 19.00
P. Children Pch 4 10" 12.00
P. Children P. CH 2 EP 15.00
P.A.W. The Carnival CDR 19.00
P.S. Surrealism same LP 119.00
P.T.A’s New Songs FLEXI 25.00
P16D4 Kühe in 1/2 Trauer LP 33.00
P16D4 / SBOTHI Nichts Niemand Nirgends Nie! 2LP 49.00
Paavi Muutoksen puutarhassa LP 9.00
Pablo Picasso Soft Type LP 45.00
Pacific 231 Unusual Perversions LP 59.00
Pacific 231 Stif(f)le - Etat Brut et Balances CD 5.00
Pacific 231 Heuristic Occulsion 7" 29.00
Pacific 231 Oudjat Millenium Phase CD 7.00
Pacific 231 Sachlichkeit MC 9.00
Pacific 231 Power Assume LP 25.00
Pacific 231 & Lieutenant Caramel Just Digging The Crazy Art LP 15.00
Pacific 231 / Kommissar Hjuler Die Antizipation des Generalized Other! MCD-R 29.00
Pacific 231 / Psyclones Psy 231 Live MC 12.00
Pacific 231 / Psyclones International Mail Collaboration MC 11.00
Padeluun und die Publicity Band O.N.M. (= Xao Seffcheque) There Is No Wave Than Sinus-Wave 7" 25.00
Pafpetakel same LP 19.00
Pain same MC 25.00
Pain Jerk & John Wiese Nerima CD 9.00
Painting Petals On Planet Ghost / Boyd, Mykel Losing Consciousness / Silence Takes the Simpler Form EP 5.00
Paisley-Hued Eucalyptus Corkscrew Pavillion Blossoms 3MC 59.00
Palais Schaumburg The Beat of Two 2 12" 8.00
Palais Schaumburg Lupa LP 6.00
Palais Schaumburg / Danse Society Hockey / My Heart FLEXI 7.00
Palestine, Charlemagne & Mama Bär / Kamin, Franz / Bruhin, Anton Fluxus / Von Goldabfischer (Original) LP 149.00
Palm, Jonas Ze Wörmnest LP 89.00
PandaMania In the Days Before the Fire... LP 19.00
Pandora (pre-Tiny Lights) Marianne 7" 4.00
Panik Problem Produkt (= P.P.P. / Hope Alone Cassidy) Here And There And Everywhere MC 19.00
Panoptikon (= Peter Söderquist & Daniel Cronin) Pavor Nocturnus MC 15.00
Panta & Hal 1980 X LP 5.00
Panter, Gary + Cotton, Jay One Hell Sandwich LP 25.00
Panthy Rose Perversity same LP 15.00
Paper Dolls I Shouldn't Do This To Me 7" 15.00
Paper Tulips Orbital LP 7.00
Paperhouse Spongy Comestibles LP 5.00
Para-Noise-Terminal (w./ Konvergenz & Y-Ton-G) Die dunkle Nacht MC 9.00
Parade Of Sinners (= Data-Bank A / Dominion) same MC 29.00
Paradise Garage 2nd CD 14.00
Paradiso Sounds Party 1968-1993 2LP 9.00
Paradox Big Bizniz LP 9.00
Paranoia Goodbye Annaki EP 19.00
Parappa The Rapper Vinyl Killer Volkswagen Soundwagon (Red Version) Soundwagon 129.00
Paregorik & Kommissar Hjuler und Frau Die Mutation, das Impromtu MCD-R 27.00
Parfum de Femme Une Autre Romance 7" 9.00
Parker, Donna (related to Howard Stelzer) Reaches Out - Winter Tour 2005 MCD-R 14.00
Parker, Steve Marionette LP 7.00
Parkin, Nick Island Of Dust CD 5.00
Part Of Art Sound-Gallery LP 49.00
Part!san (Partisan) Rings A Bell LP 7.00
Parts Found In Sea same MLP 9.00
Party Boys No Aggro LP 11.00
Pascal (w./ Mannschreck) Rendez-vous Europe 7" 15.00
Paskharen Jorden, Människorna och Djuren 7" 29.00
Passage Ascendere 7" 5.00
Passepartout Paradoxa LP 17.00
Patent Angemeldet LP 15.00
Patterson, Ben & Brandstifter / Kamin, Franz / Kommissar Hjuler Suxulfart LP 49.00
Patterson, Ben & Brandstifter / Kamin, Franz / Kommissar Hjuler Suxulfart LP 25.00
Patterson, Ben & Brandstifter / Kamin, Franz / Kommissar Hjuler Bounty Piano LP OBJECT 129.00
Patterson, Ben & Brandstifter / Kamin, Franz / Kommissar Hjuler Kinderschokolade-Piano LP OBJECT 119.00
Pavillon 7 B same LP 69.00
Payolas Hammer on a Drum LP 5.00
PBC (w./ Ryoji Ikeda) 21st Century Sweet Lucy 12" 19.00
PBK Macrophage / The Toil and the Reap CD 9.00
PBK Narcosis MC 15.00
PBK Thrill Pictures MC 12.00
PBK Die Brücke MC 19.00
PCR Myths of Seduction & Betrayal MC 9.00
PCR In the Land of Cerberus MC 8.00
Peach Of Immortality Policy & Supporting Positions LP 19.00
Pearcy, Brian & the Good Humor Boys Floyd Freud & the Paranoid Android 7" 7.00
Pedant Still Alive FLEXI 59.00
Peel, D. Simple Simon EP 9.00
Peet, Wayne / Fumo, John Duo (John Fumo is from Neil Young band 'Bluenotes') Bolted Down Collar MC 6.00
Peko & Naka Ageso-Na-Omae 7" 9.00
People Have Names Entertainer 7" 39.00
People's Republic (= Michel van Wassem from Pythagoras / Jaap de Jonckheere from Urban Heroes) Life is Boring 7" 5.00
Perennial Divide Purge LP 7.00
Perfect Jewish Couple Menage a Trois EP 29.00
Perfect Mother Youll No So Wit EP 79.00
Perilstein, Michael Elephants Gliding on Ice CD 9.00
Perilstein, Michael Godzilla vs. Your Mother LP 13.00
Perkins, Philip Drive Time LP 19.00
Perkins, Philip King of the World LP 19.00
Perkins, Philip Tool's Paint 7" 9.00
Pernice, Laurent Details LP 14.00
Peron, Carlos Die Schöpfung der Welt LP 19.00
Peron, Carlos Impersonator LP 25.00
Peron, Carlos Nothing is True; Everything is Permitted MLP 25.00
Perplex Barquettes Snack Today EP 6.00
Perrin, Francois same 10" 9.00
Persian Rugs Burning Passion Pain 7" 9.00
Perspex Spangles The Great Winter 7" 6.00
Perspico Acumine (Holdings) A Perfect Action LP 12.00
Peter, Hans (of Amon Düül 2) Hey, du da 7" 4.00
Petersen les Emotifs Les messages de Cegeste LP 39.00
Petersen, Hans Christian Küsten Aquarelle BOOK 9.00
Petit, Philippe Multicoloured Shadows LP 15.00
Petrie, Blair Noise MC 29.00
PGR The Chemical Bride CD 4.00
PGR A Hole of Unknown Depth CD 5.00
PGR Cyclone par l'Immobile Habité LP 9.00
PGR (= Poison Gas Research) / Thessalonians The Black Field LP 9.00
PGR (= Poison Gas Research) / Thessalonians (w./ AMK) Imbrication 2 MC 19.00
PGR / Merzbow / Asmus Tietchens Grav CD 7.00
Phaedra's Nocturne Memento Mori MC 99.00
Phallus Dei Seelenriff 7" 15.00
Phallus Dei (w./ Gitane Demone) Luxuria CD/CD-R 4.00
Phantom Airwaves / Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Bär Der Geist Meiner Mutter CD-R 27.00
Phasm Some Unstarted Pieces MLP 15.00
Phauss & Firework The Gallery of Water EP 29.00
Phauss (CM von Hausswolff & Zbigniew Karkowski) Audiodrome LP 39.00
Phauss / Zbigniew Karkowski / Ulf Bilting same CD 8.00
Pher same LP 5.00
Phil & the Blanks Multiple Choice LP 12.00
Philisteens (Craig Leon) Turn up the Music MLP 12.00
Phillips, Dave A Collection of Curses CD 9.00
Phillips, Dave (Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock) IIII CD 9.00
Phillips, Dave (Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock) IIIII CD 5.00
Philson, Hubert Nous deux c'est Chewing Gum 7" 19.00
Phizmiz, Ergo Handmade in the Monasteries of Nepal / Eloise My Dolly LP 12.00
Phoenix (w./ Janick Top) Magick LP 15.00
Phonophobia 1979-1983 LP 15.00
Photophobia (= Marc McNulty) Cathepsin CD 9.00
Pi Irrational LP 19.00
Pi Compo Yes I've Heard This All 7" 5.00
Picasso's same LP 15.00
Piccolo's Domestic Exile, Steve Adaptation LP 19.00
Pick-Up .023 Loop End LP 9.00
Pick-Up (= Frans de Waard & Martin Luiten) Mouthless ORANGE Vinyl Handcoloured Cover LP 16.00
Pickle Factory (= Idea Fire Company) Our Pledge LP 15.00
Pickle Factory (ex-Idea Fire Company / Anschluß) Our Pledge CD 5.00
Picky Picnic Lovely Water Peaceful FLEXI 29.00
Pictures In A Dark Room Animals in Music Spiders in Pianos 7" 5.00
Pierrot Le Fou Un Dernier Souvenir 7" 9.00
Pig Hello Hooray MLP 5.00
Pimmon V.P.E. MLP 5.00
Pimp Mobel Renzoku Shasastuma 12" 25.00
Pinch Meeting You MLP 8.00
Pinches, Andrew Below Zero/The Black Zone 2MC 17.00
Pineal Ventana Philosophers Stone EP 9.00
Pinhas, Richard / Merzbow Keio Line 3LP 15.00
Pink same LP 19.00
Pink Hikari-No-Ko LP 19.00
Pink Cyber 2LP 33.00
Pink Traveller 12" 19.00
Pink Industry Forty-Five 12" 45.00
Pink Industry New Beginnings LP 29.00
Pink Industry Low Technology LP 25.00
Pink Industry Low Technology LP 25.00
Pink Military Do Animals Believe in God? LP 15.00
Pink Military Did You See Her 7" 5.00
Pink, Plastic & Panties Anger 7" 75.00
Pinkie and his Band Burn the Citadel Down EP 19.00
Pira, Marc Voices MC 9.00
Pittis, Steve Dedicated to William S. Burroughs CD 5.00
Piva, Enrico Double Bind MC 9.00
Pixies Alec Eiffel 12" 9.00
Plague of Fools Heart of Hearts 12" 9.00
Plain Characters (pre-Gadgets, Colin Lloyd Tucker) Menial Tasks 7" 9.00
Plainfield A Tribute to Britpop 7" Metal Masters 79.00
Plan, Der Brot Klarheit Liebe Tod Einfachheit 7" 19.00
Plan, Der Wat's Dat / Normalette Surprise MLP 19.00
Plan, Der Gummi Twist 7" 16.00
Plan, Der Wat's dat? / Normalette Surprise MLP 29.00
Plan, Der ZZ (Das Fleisch) EP 59.00
Plane Of Section Looking at Pictures of you MLP 49.00
Planning By Numbers 1 LP 4.00
Plasterscene Replicas (Clive Robertson) Turtle Song 12" 15.00
Platzgumer, Hans Denial of Service LP 4.00
Play Dead T.V. Eye 7" 6.00
Play Dead Propaganda 12" 6.00
Playgroup Epic Sound Battles Chapter One LP 12.00
Plethora The Inner Workings of the Mechanism CD-R 15.00
Plethora Musick...Krush & Squash CD-R 15.00
Plexiq (w./ Iain Burgess, Thomas Fehlmann) Bambi Dragon Don't Spit No Fire 2LP 5.00
Plugpoint Music Last Chance LP 149.00
Plus Instruments / Tox Modell Freundschaft / Paris FLEXI 14.00
Pluta Connexion Passions 7" 12.00
PMA Live MC 9.00
PMZone same MLP 29.00
Pockets Yume de Aetara 7" 33.00
Poets Of The Signiture Bourgeois Nouveaux 12" 19.00
Poison Gas Research (= PGR) (= Kim Cascone) Euphoria EP 6.00
Poison Girls The Price of Grain 12" 9.00
Poison Girls Chappaquiddick Bridge LP+FLEXI 23.00
Poison Girls Hex LP+FLEXI 29.00
Polanski, Roman Cul-De-Sac VHS 5.00
Policeband Stereo/Mono EP 29.00
Polly Shang Kuan Band Pink Buffalo MC 5.00
Polonio Bload Stations * Syntax Error LP 49.00
Polyphemus Stonehouse LP 7.00
Pooh Sticks Young People 12" 7.00
Pool Dance it Down 12" 39.00
Pool Dance it Down 12" 39.00
Pop Group We are Time LP 19.00
Pop Group We Are All Prostitutes 7" 15.00
Pop Group / Slits Where There's a Will / In the Beginning there was Rhythm 7" 9.00
Pop Rivets Live in Germany '79 LP 15.00
Popgun Men Behind Dark Glasses 7" 12.00
Popsimonova Brokedown Palace LP 15.00
Popsong's Factory My Pops 7" 149.00
Popular History Of Signs, A Comrades LP 8.00
Popular Voice Home for the Summer 7" 5.00
Pork Queen Sunspot Gila EP 5.00
Pork Queen Strang CD 9.00
Pornosect The Noose and the Spear LP 9.00
Porter Ricks (Thomas Köner) Vol. 1 12" 5.00
Portion Control Purge 12" 9.00
Portion Control Go-Talk 12" 9.00
Portion Control Live in Europe 10" 9.00
Portion Control Psycho-Bod Saves the World LP 9.00
Portion Control Rough Justice 12" 12.00
Portion Control The Great Divide 12" 9.00
Portion Control Simulate Sensual LP 39.00
Portion Control The Great Divide (Remix) 12" 9.00
Posset Friction Rivers MC 7.00
Post Phobia Phobia same CD-R 9.00
Post War Nudes So Now 7" 6.00
Potter, Colin Ten Drills 7" 19.00
Potter, Colin & Bradley, Paul Confluence 1-2-3 + Live CD+CD-R 22.00
Potter, Colin & Bradley, Paul Behind the Very Eyes CD 11.00
Potter, Colin / Chasse, Loren / Mouldycliff, Phil / Rowe, Keith Debris Field - Visual Sound Exhibition CD+MAG 15.00
Poupee Vivante, La (= Timo van Luijk / Frederique Bruyas / Arlette Aubin) same LP 17.00
Pousseur, Denis Recycling CD 12.00
Powder French / Minozin. V Obscurity is not a Virtue LP 15.00
Power To Dream Bodies Gone 12" 5.00
Power To Dream The Faith Healer 12" 7.00
Poysden, Mark (w./ Z'ev) The Mountains are Watching Us CD 12.00
PPF La Belle France CD BOX 22.00
Practica Practica 7" 7.00
Pratt, Andy Israel 7" 19.00
Praxis (Bill Laswell) 1984 12" 5.00
Precedens Vez z pisku LP 5.00
Precedens / Bara Basikova Doba Ledova LP 5.00
Preface American Youth 7" 4.00
Prendin, Bomis Phantom Limb 9"FLEXI 25.00
Prendin, Bomis / Mama Bär Die Zöglinge der Dalaia Lama LP 19.00
Prescott, David (w./ Adam Bohman) From Chance to Probability LP 19.00
Present (Art Zoyd-related) (Daniel Denis of Univers Zero) Triskaidekaphobie LP 35.00
Presser, Gabor Electromantic LP 5.00
Pressler-Morgan (Pere Ubu) One Plus One 7" 22.00
Pressure Detekoi 7" 79.00
Pressure Company (= Cabaret Voltaire) Live in Sheffield 19 Jan 82 MLP 5.00
Prime, Michael Fructification LP 19.00
Prime, Michael Aquifers CD 9.00
Princess Tinymeat (= Virgin Prunes) Sloblands 12" 7.00
Princess Tinymeat (Virgin Prunes - related) Herstory LP 19.00
Prins, Kees / Koch, Herman / Romeyn, Michiel Jiskefet - een selektie uit de seizoenen '91 - '94 VHS 5.00
Pritchard, Bill Three Months,Three Weeks & Two Days LP 5.00
Private Sector This Little Death MLP 8.00
Private View, A same 12" 6.00
Privates I Must be Crazy 7" 17.00
Procer Veneficus How the Heather Moonlit Shivers 2LP 19.00
Proffitt, K.K. Don't Wait 'Til Tomorrow MLP 8.00
Profil Berühren LP 19.00
Profil Ich liebe dich 7" 5.00
Program 82 Pictures LP 15.00
Project 197 (pre- Savage Republic / Bruce Licher) same (7-track EP) EP 75.00
Project Pitchfork Alpha Omega CD 6.00
Promise Will You Come Back Again? 2x7" 12.00
Proof Of Utah Out of Order LP 13.00
Propeller (= Mark Spybey) Rame CD 9.00
Proper ID Sound the Alarm/Electric Boy 7" 19.00
Prophet O' Haphazard Cabaret Nostalgia MLP 9.00
Prose in Cannes A Bold Clam Embalming MC 13.00
Prose In Cannes ?Europe Endless? EP 15.00
Protestants Militair Tehuis (= PMT) 7 CDR 5.00
Providence Übermensch MC 49.00
Pseudo Code Moon Effect EP 25.00
Psy-S Pic-Nic LP 25.00
Psychic TV Live at thee Pyramid LP 19.00
Psychic TV N.Y. Scum LP 19.00
Psychic TV Godstar 2x7" 9.00
Psychic TV Listen Today CD VIDEO 15.00
Psychic TV Live in Paris LP 13.00
Psychic TV Kondole - Ov Dolphins and Whales LP 15.00
Psychic TV Al-Or-Al - Thee Transmutation Ov Mercury CD 11.00
Psychic TV Those Who Do Not 2LP 33.00
Psychic TV Live Hammersmith Palais, London, 19 - 5 - 85 MC 9.00
Psychic TV Live in Gottingen CD-R 9.00
Psychic TV Kondole - Dead Cat LP 12.00
Psychic TV I.C. Water 12" 9.00
Psychic TV Black VHS 9.00
Psychic TV 8 Transmissions 8 VHS 9.00
Psychic TV Maple Syrup VHS 9.00
Psychic TV Joy VHS 9.00
Psychic TV Paramartha - Pandora's Musicbox '84 Zaterdag 22 September 1984 - De Doelen Rotterdam LP 39.00
Psychic TV Ov Power - Live at Klecks Theatre, Hamburg, West Germany - September 16th, 1984 LP 25.00
Psychic TV Live In New York City November, 1983 MC 99.00
Psychic TV / Genesis P-Orridge Force The Hand Of Chance CD 15.00
Psychic TV / Monte Cazazza Southern Comfort - Arena Rotterdam 13 December 1985 LP 39.00
Psychic Youth Step in Time 7" 49.00
Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia (= PWOG) The Key 2CD 5.00
Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia (= PWOG) Peel Session MCD 4.00
Psycho Acoustic Sound Clash vs SLBC vs Vulture Squadron Volume One CD 5.00
Psyclones / Schlafengarten Inprompto LP 15.00
Public Image Limited Public Image 7" 5.00
Public Image Limited First Issue LP 12.00
Public Image Limited The Flowers of Romance LP 9.00
Public Image Limited (= PIL) The Flowers of Romance LP 7.00
Public Image Ltd. Bad Life 12" 5.00
Public Works (= Tape Beatles) Music with Sound 2 CD 9.00
Puissance Let Us Lead CD 15.00
Pulse 8 Locksmith 7" 4.00
Pulsebeat Can it be so Long? 7" 5.00
Pump (w./ Karl Blake) The Decoration of the Duma Continues LP 19.00
Pumulemu Electronica Come CD-R 19.00
Pumulemu Electronica Animamuss 2 CD-R 19.00
Pumulemu Electronica Kindergeburtstag MCD-R 29.00
Push Button Pete Push Button Click 7" 5.00
Putrefier Simulated Vapours LP 39.00
Putrefier Simulated Vapours LP 12.00
PVC Mystery Gang 12" 12.00
Pyroclastic Pontoon Quintet same MC 5.00
Pyrolator Inland - Synthesizer LP 29.00
Q-Feel same LP 4.00
Q-Matic Q-Matisms LP 9.00
Q.R.N.(= Quite Ridiculous Nonsense) Politixually K-Errect CD 15.00
Qrious Collection Out of Prison 7" 25.00
Qruux Adu Xa Does Me Good 7" 19.00
Qst (= Quest / Kapotte Muziek / Frans de Waard / Beequeen) Questionmark? LP 9.00
Quando Quango Pigs + Battleships LP 6.00
Quando Quango Genius 12" 6.00
Quest (= Frans de Waard) Hic Locus Quest CD 9.00
Quest (= Frans de Waard/Kapotte Muziek) Electro-City CD 5.00
Quest (=Kapotte Muziek) Sol 7" 6.00
Question Men I Could Be Wrong 7" 5.00
Quickflight Decent Beat LP 9.00
Quistgard, Peter Toztizok Zoundz 7" 8.00
Qun Qun Las Fases de la Luna 7" 9.00
Qun Qun Desconocida 7" 9.00
Qun Qun Tres Jinetes 7" 9.00
R.O.T. Ceci n'est plus avioth... / Ils chantent pour vous MLP 9.00
R.O.T. L'ecurie LP 9.00
R.O.T. (Laurent Cartuyvels) Loops & Yamaha CS1 MC 9.00
R.Y.N. Whistle & I'll Come to you EP 6.00
R/B (= Vertonen) Two Nights EP 6.00
Rabbits / Under Mountains same 12" 9.00
Rabin, Mark What I Do LP 19.00
Rabotti Bunt LP 29.00
Rache, Die (pre-Tesendalo) Krakau Dora Colditz Riga Ohrdruf Vught Plötzensee Lublin Salapils MC 9.00
Rache, Die (pre-Tesendalo) Commercial War Party MC 15.00
Rache, Die (pre-Tesendalo) Schmalseite MC 9.00
Rache, Die (pre-Tesendalo) Esterwege MC 9.00
Rache, Die (pre-Tesendalo) / Jamnous Ensemble Narcissus At the Heart of it All MC BOX 19.00
Rachel & Vicki Michael Fish 12" 4.00
Racket, Therese Mau Mau 7" 15.00
Radeum The Change LP 19.00
Radio Free Europe Laughoncue LP 15.00
Radio Werewolf The Lightning and the Sun LP 19.00
Radiohead I Might Be Wrong Live Recordings CD 3.00
Radiotext(e) (La Monte Young, Negativland, Nigel Ayers, Muzak, George Orwell, Arnold Schoenberg, Kurt Schwitters, Rev. Dwight Frizzell, Kurt Weill, Ezra Pound, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, Jacki Apple, Leon Trotsky,...) BOOK 15.00
Radwaste (engineered by Ethan James) Cooking & Nothingness 12" 5.00
RAEO (= Mark Cunningham) XV El Diablo 7" 9.00
Raezzmann, Manfred Mondjö! MC 19.00
Raimond, Joseph B. (= Doc Wor Mirran) Edges BOOK 13.00
Rainey, Bhob / Drumm, Kevin 6 Standing Desert / Hasn't LP 15.00
Raionbashi / Daniela Fromberg & Stefan Roigk Der Strick / Blowing up the Master's Workshop LP 13.00
Raison d'etre Collective Archives 2CD 19.00
Raison d'etre Within the Depth of Silence & Phormations CD 14.00
Ramleh / Mauro Teho Teardo Crystal Revenge/Paid in Full LP 15.00
Ramleh / Mauro Teho Teardo Crystal Revenge/Paid in Full LP 11.00
Ranaldo, Lee (w./ Christian Marclay, Alan Licht, Günther Müller & William Hooker) Music for Stage and Screen CD 9.00
Rancid Vat No Royalties No! Loyalties! EP 9.00
Rancid Vat / Antiseen H.H.H.H./Kill the Business 7" 9.00
Random, Eric 23 Skidoo 7" 11.00
Random, Eric That's What I Like About Me MLP 12.00
Random, Eric & the Bedlamites Subliminal Seduction 12" 15.00
Random, Eric & the Bedlamites Mad As Mankind 12" 6.00
Random, Eric & the Bedlamites Subliminal Seduction 12" 13.00
Random, Eric Meets the Bedlamites Earthbound Ghost Need MLP 14.00
Rankine, Alan (of Associates) The Sandman 12" 5.00
Ranko, Slava Arctic Hysteria LP 25.00
Rapoon Jane from Whitley Bay 7" 15.00
Rapoon Just Say the Faith LP 12.00
Rapoon Cold War: Drum 'n' Bass 2CD 9.00
Rapoon Darker by Light CD 12.00
Rapoon Raising Earthly Spirits CD 15.00
Rapoon vs Kinder Atom same CD 5.00
Rasmussen, Carsten B. / Hansen, Grunstad Henrik Evocation of the Will MC 39.00
Ratata Ögon av is 7" 9.00
Rational Youth Heredity LP 9.00
Rational Youth Just a Sound in the Night 12" 19.00
Ratkje, Maja S.K. / Kommissar Hjuler & Frau / Meese Jonathan Teip LP OBJECT 79.00
Ratkje, Maja S.K. / Kommissar Hjuler & Frau / Meese Jonathan Das Kepler-452b-Pre-Sequel LP 29.00
Rats With Wings same CD-R 15.00
Rats With Wings Ain't Heard it Yet, it's New to you! CD-R 9.00
Rats With Wings Black Label 7" 7" 19.00
Rausch Massive LP 9.00
Ravers same MC 29.00
Raviolette, Nini Suis-je Normale 12" 59.00
Raybeats (Contortions / Eight Eyed Spy) Guitar Beat LP 9.00
Razoul Üzlü (= Raymond Dijkstra / Asra / Indra Karmuka) Lost and Found Adventures LP 9.00
RBE (= Raudive Bunker Experiment) same 2LP+7"+CD BOX 49.00
RBE (= Raudive Bunker Experiment) same 2LP 19.00
RBE (= Raudive Bunker Experiment) Falling 7" 5.00
Re/Search # 3 (SPK, Johanna Went, Sordide Sentimental, Circus Mort(pre-Swans), Sado-Masochism, Kathy Acker, Death & Fashion, Science Fiction, Flipper, Fela Anikulapo Kuti,...) MAG 13.00
Real Time Music Mother & Son EP 19.00
Reble, Jürgen Passion VHS 19.00
Recchion, Tom Where Were You On Christmas? 7" 7.00
Recchion, Tom The Incandescent Gramophone / The Song of Mister Phonograph 78 RPM 10" 14.00
Recchion, Tom (of LAFMS) (w./ David Toop) I Love My Organ CD 9.00
Recchion, Tom / Eastley, Max Sweetly Doing Nothing - For Hugh Davies CD 12.00
Red Balune (= Fred Frith/Tim Hodgkinson/Geoff Leigh) Capitalist Kid c.w Spider in Love 7" 19.00
Red Math same MLP 9.00
Reflections (=Karl Blake & Alternative TV) Slugs and Toads LP 19.00
Regicide Bureau #13: Rakshasa in Silhouette MC 25.00
Regular Music (= Charles Hayward of Chamberwell Now) same LP 19.00
Rehnlund, Jeff Smoke from the Mirror LP 13.00
Reifenstahl Rex LP 15.00
Reifenstahl Die Wunderwaffe LP 29.00
Reininger, Blaine L. (of Tuxedomoon) Byzantium LP 5.00
Reininger, Blaine L. (of Tuxedomoon) Live in Brussels 02/1986 LP 5.00
Reitz, Edgar Heimat - Eine deutsche Chronik 5VHS 25.00
Religious Overdose I Said Go 7" 9.00
Remote Viewer Surface Shake off your Cares 12" 4.00
Remsing, David Lonely Streets MLP 9.00
Rendell, M. Pravda MC 29.00
Renou, Christian (= Brume) 7 Kisses CD 9.00
Renou, Christian (Brume) / Blanchard, Philippe Play:Lunch CD 6.00
Rental, Robert Paralysis - Acc 7" 25.00
Rental, Robert & the Normal Live at West Runton Pavillon, 6-3-79 MLP 19.00
Rental, Robert & the Normal Live West Runton Pavilion 6/3/79 MLP 12.00
Reporters Computer World 7" 29.00
Reptile House Testtube 5th Anniversary Extra FLEXI+MAG 5.00
Rescue One Movie Viewers LP 9.00
Research same LP 45.00
Residents Commercial Album LP+7" 25.00
Residents 13th Anniversary Show LP 29.00
Residents Stars & Hank Forever LP 29.00
Residents Meet the Residents LP 15.00
Residents The Big Bubble - Part 4 of the Mole Trilogy LP 15.00
Residents Eskimo LP 35.00
Residents Demons Dance Alone CD 9.00
Residents Stars & Hank Forever! LP 9.00
Residents Freak Show BOOK 15.00
Residents From the Plains to Mexico w./ Book "An Almost Complete Collection of Lyrics, 1972 to 1988" EP+BOOK 25.00
Residents From the Plains to Mexico w./ Book "An Almost Complete Collection of Lyrics, 1972 - 1988" EP+BOOK 19.00
Residents Pal TV LP LP 15.00
Residents Eskimo LP 33.00
Residents Fingerprince LP 25.00
Residents featuring Snakefinger 13th Anniversary Show LP 29.00
Residents featuring Snakefinger For Presidents LP 39.00
Resistance She Went Walkin' 7" 5.00
Restless Hurts to Heal EP 13.00
Retro U Boat 7" 6.00
Retro-A.K.A. Synaethesia CD 5.00
Reuber Ruhig Blut LP 9.00
Reutoff ReuTRauM VI 7" 5.00
Reutoff ReuTRauM VI 7" 15.00
Reutoff Das Absterben CD-R 15.00
Reutoff ReuTRauM II EP 3.00
Rev. Jim Jones Thee Last Supper LP 39.00
Revell, Graeme (of SPK) The Insect Musicians LP 25.00
REVO Operation Re-Information EP 7.00
Reyes, Jorge Viento de Navajas LP 39.00
Reynolds, Ambrose Kelly (= Pink Industry) Greatest Hits LP 49.00
Reznicek Stube CD 5.00
Reznicek / Sitting Moon / TBC 6 Hydrografien / Naßklickersprudel LP 12.00
Reznicek, Günter Audi & Goggo 10" 5.00
Rheingold Dreiklangs-Dimensionen 7" 4.00
Rhythm & Noise (w./ Diamanda Galas / Z'ev / Michael Belfer / Alaric) Chasms Accord LP 19.00
Rhythm Invention Inventures in Wonderland CD 5.00
Rhythm Monkeys Last Night MLP 4.00
Rhythm Tendency Party Politics! - Come Back 12" 5.00
Riad Koalition 7" 7.00
Ribcage Wrestlers Are Playing EP 44.00
Rice, Boyd Ragnarok Rune CD 9.00
Rice, Boyd (= Non) same (Black Album) LP 15.00
Rice, Boyd (= Non) & Frank Tovey (= Fad Gadget) Easy Listening for the Hard of Hearing LP 29.00
Rice, Boyd (of Non)/ McDowall, Rose (of Death In June) Johnny Remember Me 7" 12.00
Rich, Robert Trances MC 19.00
Rich, Robert Live MC 15.00
Rich, Robert Numena CD 13.00
Rich, Robert Trances / Drones 2CD 15.00
Rich, Robert Below Zero CD 9.00
Rich, Robert Numena LP 23.00
Rich, Robert / Lustmord, B. Stalker CD 9.00
Ricorico Street Culture Book and CD-ROM CD-R+BOOK 9.00
Ridder, Willem de + Crawl Unit Voice & Sound EP 6.00
Ridder, Willem de / Crawl Unit Voice & Sound EP 9.00
Ridder, Willem de / Pontiac, Peter / Dolce Vita, Rita / Puerto, Else del / Houwelingen, Cisca van God - Nederlands eerste klankblad voor niet blinden LP 15.00
Rijnsoever, Bas van / Wieringen, Hannah van Bas 7" 5.00
Riley, Marc & the Creepers Cull LP 9.00
Rimarimba Chicago Death Excretion Geometry LP 19.00
Rimarimba Below the Horizon LP 19.00
Rinf (produced by Adrian Sherwood) Rubber on Rider 12" 5.00
Rinf + Sherwood, Adrian Der Westen ist am Ende - The Complete Sessions LP 9.00
Ritsch, Winfried Woodscratcher LP 17.00
RLW (= Ralf Wehowski) An Archivist's Nightmare CD 7.00
RLW (= Ralf Wehowski) with Aube, Asmus Tietchens, Christoph Heemann, Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock, Jim O'Rourke, Merzbow, John Duncan a.o. Tulpas 5CD BOX 25.00
RLW (= Ralf Wehowsky / PD / P16D4) eaRLy W - one (recordings from 1980-1981) LP 15.00
RLW (= Ralf Wehowsky) Eyes EP 8.00
RLW (= Ralf Wehowsky) Acht CD 6.00
RLW (= Ralf Wehowsky) When Freezing Air Stings Like Ice I Shall Breathe Again CD 9.00
RLW (= Ralf Wehowsky) Views CD 7.00
RLW (= Ralf Wehowsky) Pullover CD 6.00
RLW (= Ralf Wehowsky) 14 - Recordings from 1980 - 1993 CD 9.00
RLW (= Ralf Wehowsky) Points of Reference CD 12.00
RLW / Ralf Wehowsky (= PD, P16D4) Early W Two (Nur die Tiere blieben übrig) LP 11.00
RLW / Ralf Wehowsky / PD / P16D4 Early W 4 CD 5.00
Roach, Steve Midnight Moon CD 5.00
Roach, Steve Structures from Silence CD 5.00
Roach, Steve Quiet Music 2CD 9.00
Roach, Steve On This Planet CD 7.00
Roach, Steve World's Edge 2CD 7.00
Roach, Steve & Fayman, Jeffrey with Robert Fripp & Momodou Kah Trance Spirits CD 5.00
Roach, Steve (w./ Jorge Reyes) Pure Flow - Timeroom Editions Collection 1 CD 8.00
Roach, Steve / Rich, Robert S!ma (or Soma) CD 7.00
Roach, Steve / Vidna Obmana Well of Souls 2CD 7.00
Roach, Steve / Vidna Obmana Cavern of Sirens CD 9.00
Roach, Steve / Vir Unis Body Electric CD 9.00
Robair, Gino New Dimensions in Styrofoam EP 9.00
Rocchetti, Claudio These Are The Days LP 9.00
Rocco, Roland Bilder 7" 25.00
Rock Feller 6 Titres 12" 49.00
Rocket Science and the Nigger Loving Faggots same LP 15.00
Rockets Pi 3, 14 LP 15.00
Roden, Steve Ecstasy Shorewed Its Petals with the Full Peal of the Bells MCD 5.00
Rodondo Rocks (w./ Floros Floridis) Standard Deviation LP 19.00
Rogaland Hot Club One Hour Closer to Death CD-R 9.00
Rogerson, Diana & Liles, Andrew No Birds Do Sing CD 13.00
Romans You Only Live Once LP 6.00
Romans The Last Days at the Ranch LP 9.00
Romans (Juan Gomez) The Last Days at the Ranch MC 8.00
Romulus & Remus Zalmosis 10" 29.00
Romulus / Remus Hekate 10" 29.00
Rondos Which Side Will You Be On? EP 39.00
Rondos Red Attack LP+FLEXI 29.00
Ronin Wir schreiben das Jahr 2007 EP 19.00
Room 101 One By One 7" 9.00
Room 101 (= Mark Hanley / Tudor Nightmare Village / pre- Sister Ray) Annabella / Moondog 7" 19.00
Room 101 (= Mark Hanley / Tudor Nightmare Village / pre- Sister Ray) Red No. 5 / Another Holiday 7" 19.00
Rorie with A*T*H (of A-Musik & Luna Park Ensemble) Door Dream EP 15.00
Roro Roro Freedrum Tape MC 5.00
Rosa Crux In Tenebris 12" 49.00
Rosachrom Ausserhalb des Kreises MLP 9.00
Rosemary's Baby Love Songs LP 66.00
Ross, Allen Citizen LP 8.00
Roughage (w./ Aube, Masonna, Merzbow, Dislocation, Kadura) Yen For Noise CD 5.00
Rousers A Treat of New Beat LP 27.00
Route 28 (= Erik Lindgren) Another Cape Cod Summer 7" 8.00
Rowenta, Frank Raumstudien # 03 2CD-R 16.00
Rowenta, Frank / Reed, Stan / Jabs, Gregor Apoplexia 1973 CD 12.00
Roxid (ex-Scala 3) 9 Out Of 10 LP 19.00
Royston Long Distance Love 7" 4.00
Rozz (w./ Wolfgang Müller) Eisbrecher LP 5.00
RTC Seropositive LP 15.00
RTC Tomorrow We Talk About Your Career 2LP 66.00
Rubber Rodeo (Richard Bone) Jolene 7" 29.00
Rudimentary Peni Cacophony 2LP 29.00
Ruinens Brant Living Walls 12" 15.00
Rumble Strips Zombie Rhythm EP 19.00
Rumpeln The Super 8 Inch Series # 2 8" 19.00
Runaway Train (Hafler Trio related) same MLP 12.00
Rund um den Watzmann 10 different catalogues from the last years 10 MAG 10.00
Runes Order No Future CD-R 12.00
Runes Order Winter CD 8.00
Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock Morx und Kotschlag CD 15.00
Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock / Merzbow / Due Process (w./ Rudolv Eb.er / Vehikel & Gefäss / Caroliner Rainbow) Je Rumpelsturz desto Burzelblock LP 49.00
Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock / Rudolf Eb.er Bock Mist Bock 7" 19.00
Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock / Sudden Infant Prozession 000092/er (m. arsch) / Radio-Aktion 920518 EP 9.00
Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock with Raionbashi / Rudolf Eb.er / Mama Bär Il Portale delle indipendenti CD 12.00
Rupin, Larsen Contredanses CD 14.00
Rupp, Olaf same EP 7.00
Russell, Bruce Project for a Revolution in New York LP 9.00
Russell, David Architecture EP 12.00
Russia Heat Tell me your Name 12" 9.00
Ruth's Refrigerator (ex Deep Freeze Mice) Suddenly a Disfigured Head Parachuted LP 9.00
Ruts The Crack LP 15.00
Ruts DC Animal Now LP 5.00
Ryjel Dance or I'll Kill you 7" 11.00
Ryth-A-Rama Weird!? 7" 23.00
Rössel, Martin & the Dum Dum Boys (w./ CM von Hausswolff) Heartbreak Hotel & Pablo Picasso 7" 15.00
Rössel, Martin (of Dom Dummaste) same LP 9.00
S-Core Tarnish EP 7.00
S-Core Finger Mark EP 15.00
S-Core Sediment CD 5.00
S-Core Pretension MC 9.00
S-Core Alter MC 15.00
S-Core My Candle Has Died LP 19.00
S-Core Missing Volume LP 19.00
S-Core / Biasin, Stefano same MC 15.00
S-Core / Cat-Dog Lost Motion / Decalcomanie MC 29.00
S.B.O.T.H.I. (= Swimming Behavior Of The Human Infant) Schweinegerede LP 99.00
S.B.O.T.H.I. / Merzbow Collaborative LP LP 39.00
S.Core Vermin 7" 5.00
S.E.T.I. (Lagowski / Legion) Waves 7" 35.00
S.E.T.I. (Lagowski / Legion) Pod CD 5.00
S.K.V. Null SoundRide Live MC 9.00
S.K.V. Null Hebraïc and Palestinian MC 9.00
S.K.V. Null Pan-Void MC 9.00
S.K.V. Null Impact Sonore MC 9.00
S.K.V. Null Tanger Project MC 9.00
S.K.V. Null Printemps 2000 MC 9.00
S.K.V. Null Cremation; Why? MC 9.00
S.K.V. Null 3 Days After MC 9.00
S.K.V. Null Karmanic Collection MC 9.00
S.Q.E. Wahid EP 6.00
S.Y.P.H. same LP 22.00
S.Y.P.H. (w./ Holger Czukay) Pst LP 25.00
Saarela, Mikko & Organ Kundi Meikkaa 7" 59.00
Saarela, Mikko (of Organ) Lili Marlene 7" 49.00
Sable Mouvant Out of the Nightmare 7" 5.00
Sack & Blumm (= Harald Sack Ziegler & Frank Schültge Blumm) Shy Noon CD 7.00
Sack (= Harald "Sack" Ziegler) & Blumm 2x5 10" 5.00
Sack, Harald Ziegler Sack auf Kassette MC 12.00
Sack, Harald Ziegler Raahh!!? MC 12.00
Sack, Harald Ziegler meets Trigger-B & Hindemith Quintett Dubblegum Bubbledub MC 9.00
Sackgasse Alles klar?! EP 19.00
Sad Among Strangers Here Come the Caesars 7" 9.00
Safe Skin 7" 4.00
Saigon Gothic Bop 12" 9.00
Saigon The Green Carnation 7" 9.00
Saints Always in the Mirror 7" 8.00
Sakac, Branimir (w./ Dubravko Detoni & Paul Pignon) Matrix-Symphony / Ad Litteram / Barasou / Synthana LP 59.00
Saken D.A.R. Compilation MC 25.00
Sale Timbale (= Pierre Bouchet w./ Kasper T. Toeplitz & Jerry Hunt) Du caillou au joujou CD 9.00
Salo Mentale Sensationale 1983-1988 MC 39.00
Sam Gas Can / D. Moor The Decadent Tape MCD-R 7.00
Samartzis, Philip / Lunding, Rasmus B. (w./ Goodiepal) Touch Parking LP 15.00
Same Why EP 45.00
Sample And Hold The Luxury of Limitation EP 9.00
San Siro & Kommissar Hjuler 41251 / Geschreitango / Zug Abe CD-R 25.00
Sanderson, Philip (Organum / Storm Bugs) Seal Pool Sounds CD 7.00
Sandy Duncan's Eye same LP 9.00
Sapho (w./ Bernard Szajner) Le Paris Stupide LP 5.00
Satellite Spies Gonna Have to Change 7" 4.00
Satellite Spies Private Detective!? 7" 5.00
Satori Invisible Rhythm CD 15.00
Saunders, Bryan Lewis mit Kommissar Hjuler & Frau A/Mei/Sen CD-R 15.00
Savage Republic Tragic Figures LP 15.00
Savage Republic Studio ZZZ Los Angeles 30.1.83 / LA Radio 1983 MC 15.00
Savage Republic Jamahiriya LP 13.00
Savage, Ed "Moose" Crawfish with a Vengeance 7" 4.00
Savant (= Kerry Leimer / Marc Barreca) Stationary Dance 12" 39.00
SB Who Will Feed Them LP 15.00
SBOTHI And LP 9.00
Scabs Royalty in Exile LP 5.00
Scala 3 Gefühl & Härte MLP 9.00
Scala 3 Schizo-Kid City 7" 7.00
Scanner Underwater 7" Lathe Cut + MCD 39.00
Scarlet Geulle d'Amour 7" 5.00
Scarlet Letter Friss oder stirb LP 15.00
Scatterbrain Strip the Future 12" 15.00
Scattered Order Free Sandy Nelson MC 19.00
Scha, Remko Guitar Mural 1 featuring The Machines MC 59.00
Schaefer, Janek Out CD 7.00
Schaefer, Janek Location Stories 2EP 9.00
Schaefer, Janek Weather Report CD 5.00
Schaefer, Janek Early Electronic Compositions 7" 6.00
Schaefer, Janek / Flores, Christopher same LP 9.00
Schaefer, Janek / Pan-American Fat Cat Split Series #3 LP 9.00
Schaefer, Janek / Zardo, Gino Walking East MCD 5.00
Scheerder, Sasker Boomcar 7" 5.00
Scheiß die Wand an name:ø titel:ø LP 59.00
Schimpfluch-Gruppe (= Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock / Rudolf Eb.er / Joke Lanz / Mike Dando / Con-Dom) Aktion 950908 Taipei, Taiwan EP 15.00
Schimpfluch-Gruppe / Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock Mama (Das Fest) LP 25.00
Schlaflose Nächte (= Peter Prima / Berni von Braun / Gila Moussou) Flüstern 7" 9.00
Schlammpeitziger Augenwischwaldmoppgeflöte LP 9.00
Schlammpeitziger Restwasserstreitgebettel 7" 4.00
Schlick, Jörg & Megabody Farbenlehre III (A. Oehlen) / Megabody (A. Dorau) 7" 15.00
Schloss Tegal The Soul Extinguished CD 15.00
Schloss Tegal Procession of the Dead 7" 9.00
Schlussphase (Rainer Herzog) same LP 19.00
Schmidt Love + Respect LP 7.00
Schneider TM Moist CD 4.00
Schneider, Henry Coal Aberrations MC 9.00
Schneider, Henry The Brodley Codex MC 9.00
Schneider, Henry / Lux Aeterna / Astralingua same MC 7.00
Schnitzler, Conrad / Gen Ken Montgomery & Mama Bär / Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Gen Con Flux - Bailey Ryder LP 75.00
Schoene-Hjuler-Memorial Fond (Kommissar Hjuler, Mama Bär & Kids) ...auf die Plätze, fertig, los! CD-R 39.00
Schoene-Hjuler-Memorial-Fond, Der Weissweinachten DVD-R 27.00
Schouten, Ricky The Convalescent State MC 13.00
Schreiber, Wolf D. / Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Bär + San Siro Geschreitango (Live in Giessen 6.2.2010) / Piano Experiments (Video Paintings) CD-R+DVD-R 49.00
Schrott, The Volle Pulle EP 59.00
Schulz, Rolf Baumsarg - Thema Tod / Thema Tabu LP 39.00
Schulz, Rolf Tambora - Klangfeuer LP 29.00
Schumacher, Michael J. / Vitiello, Stephen Untitled/Exchange CDR 8.00
Schuster The Brutal Arc 7" 19.00
Schuster, Matthias Ritual 12" 29.00
Schuster, Matthias Atemlos LP 29.00
Schutze, Paul Various Engines - The Ulm Concert october 1996 / London september 1997 / Tokyo january 1998 / The Gazing Engine august 11, 1999 3CD-R 29.00
Schwarz Weiss In Farbe LP 22.00
Schwarze Bewegung same LP 19.00
Schwarze Seiten '97 Service für Sammler von Schallplatten und CD's - Die wichtigsten Adressen und Termine MAG 5.00
Schwarzen Schafe, Die 1989 EP 5.00
Schwill, Markus Drawing Atmospheres And Sounds MC BOX 15.00
Schwump (Residents-related) Thank you, Planet Earth EP 19.00
Schütze, Paul Nine Songs from the Garden of Welcome Lies CD 12.00
Schütze, Paul The Rapture of Metals CD 12.00
Schäfer, Peter Zeitsuche MC 49.00
Schön Tanz doch EP 22.00
Schön same LP 5.00
Scorn Gyral 2MLP 29.00
Scorpion Wind (= Boyd Rice of Non / Douglas P. of Death In June / John Murphy of Kraang) Heaven Sent 2LP 19.00
Scott, Cynthia Juggler of Hearts 12" 4.00
Screaming Bamboo World of Tomorrow 12" 7.00
Scuffy (= John E.) Lipstick & Wire MCD 9.00
Scurr, David Industrial Vacation MC 9.00
Sea Potato Somersault in a Pair of Long Gutters MC 5.00
Sebastian's Men It's So Bizarre! 7" 5.00
Second Come You LP 29.00
Second Layer World of Rubber LP 49.00
Secret Thiefs 3 First Grand Constitution & Bylaws CD 9.00
Section 25 Je veux ton amour 7" 15.00
See Band (Holger Bischoff) / Kommissar Hjuler und Frau Bearbeitet Kommissar Hjuler und Frau CD-R 29.00
Seen Links, Schlösser Rechts Le Cowboy 7" 19.00
Seffcheque, Xao & der Rest Ja Nein Vielleicht LP 19.00
Segal, Aharon (alias MFG / Message From God) Demo '94 MC 999.00
Segura, Javier same MLP 75.00
Seksu Roba same LP 9.00
Self Control Broken Up LP 14.00
Sellam, Michael Scratch MLP 15.00
Sema S.Minor Ghosts FLEXI 49.00
Sema Theme From Hunger LP 79.00
Sempiternels Ekphrasis MC BOX 25.00
Sensurround Orchestra (Masami Akita = Merzbow / Akifumi Nakajima = Aube / K.K.Null / Zbigniew Karkowski / Kasper T. Toeplitz / Peter Rehberg / Tetsuo Meltdown of Control CD 9.00
Sentimental Fools (= Kommissar Hjuler / Mama Bär / Taro Misawa) Anticipation Generalized Other 10" 25.00
Sentimental Fools (Kommissar Hjuler & Frau) Anticipation Generalized Other 10" 29.00
Sergeant, Will (of Echo & the Bunnymen) Themes for 'Grind' LP 9.00
Set Fatale 26.10.87 Cookys' Frankfurt am Main MC 49.00
Seth Nihil Uva MCD 5.00
Sets (= Rod Summers / David Garcia / Anny Wright) Vinyl Man and Others EP 49.00
Seventh Son Man in the Street 7" 5.00
Severed Heads Hot with Fleas MLP 22.00
Severed Heads Stretcher LP 49.00
Severed Heads Clifford Darling, Please Don't Live in the Past - Obscure Snippets recorded 1979-1983 2LP 25.00
Severed Heads Rotund for Success LP 7.00
Severed Heads Come Visit the Big Bigot LP 9.00
Severed Heads Hot with Fleas 12" 4.00
Severed Heads Bulkhead LP 9.00
Severed Heads Bad Mood Guy LP 5.00
Severed Heads Big Car Remix 12" 5.00
Severed Heads Gashing the Old Mae West MLP 12.00
Severed Heads Greater Reward 12" 5.00
Severed Heads Stretcher LP 19.00
Severed Heads / Tom Ellard Co Klo Pop CD-R 19.00
Sex Correlation Coefficient / (I'm Not Black) I Can Sing 7" 99.00
Sex Wholly Belief / Sex Holy Disbelief Inorganic MC 12.00
sh (Kumiko Suyama w./ John Duncan) The Elegy of Luthien EP 29.00
Shadow Of A Doubt (= Bog-art / Ampzilla's Delight) Disagreeable Mental Defective (The God's Curse) 10" 6.00
Shadows Of Dreams Asunder LP 5.00
Sharcott, Les (of Terry Gilbert) The Big Flash EP 8.00
Sharp, Elliott w./ Orchestra Carbon Neos Edition Vol. 2 - SyndaKit CD 9.00
Shea, Mike & Razortalk Animal Age MLP 8.00
Shear, Jules If She Knew What She Wants 7" 5.00
Sheba Wore No Nylons Post Mortem 5MC BOX 49.00
Sheffield, Colin Andrew First Thus CD 9.00
Sheffield, Colin Andrew same 7" 8.00
Shelley, Pete Sky Yen - Performed On Purpose Built Oscillator, March 1974 LP 25.00
Shepherds Deep in the Heart of Texas MC 39.00
Shi-Shonen Do Do Do 12" 33.00
Shi-Shonen Harvest 12" 33.00
Shiflet, Mike Those That Truly Love Music Know That it Must be Destroyed CD-R 13.00
Shiflet, Mike / Boyd, Mykel MS/MB LP 22.00
Shifts (= Frans de Waard / Kapotte Muziek) Mechanica CD 9.00
Shifts (= Frans de Waard / Kapotte Muziek) No Go Area 7" 15.00
Shifts (= Frans de Waard / Kapotte Muziek) Grond / Shore 7" 9.00
Shifts (= Frans de Waard / Kapotte Muziek) Love Two 7" 25.00
Shifts (= Frans de Waard) Trees/Leaves LP 12.00
Shifts (= Frans de Waard/ Kapotte Muziek) Eight Line LP 9.00
Shifts (= Frans de Waard/ Kapotte Muziek) Leaving LP 75.00
Shifts (Frans de Waard / Kapotte Muziek) Branches MCD 5.00
Shim, Kunsu / Stäbler, Gerhard / Kommissar Hjuler Futurism & Dada EP 27.00
Shinbun, Kyoufu Tenraku Shi (occultic junk noise unit) FLEXI 12.00
Shinsei Nation Solipsiste LP 5.00
Ship Of Fools Metal Box Caos MC 19.00
Shoc Corridor Fever 12" 9.00
Shock Headed Peters (= Karl Blake) Not Born Beautiful LP 9.00
Shock Headed Peters (= Karl Blake) The Kissing of Gods 12" 12.00
Shogun Kunitoki Vinonaamakasio LP 15.00
Short Term Memory Guilty Pleasure EP 15.00
Shriekback Jam Science LP 9.00
Shriekback Knowledge, Power, Truth & Sex 12" 5.00
Shrin Rin Liminal Switch Volume Three LP 5.00
Shrug Nevil Wanless E.P. 12" 15.00
Shut Up Hell in a Handbasket LP 15.00
SIAN (= Akifumi Nakajima = Aube / Shohei Iwasaki = Monde Bruits) Still / Act 7" 9.00
Sian (= Akifumi Nakajima = Aube / Shohei Iwasaki = Monde Bruits) Synapse / Atmos LP 15.00
Sian (= Storm in a Nutshell) Anatomy 7" 19.00
Siberry, Jane same LP 9.00
Sie-Ger 1957 (Holger Kielgas - Gesang) Regen über Tokio EP 19.00
Sielwolf Nachtstrom CD 5.00
Sielwolf same LP 12.00
Sielwolf Traumschlaf I - XII MC 19.00
Sievey, Chris (Freshies) Baiser Last 7" 4.00
Sievey, Chris (Freshies) Big Record LP 7.00
Siglo XX The Art of War 12" 19.00
Sigmund Und Sein Freund Sacred 12" 7.00
Signal(s) / Minioon Das Leben ist schön FLEXI 5.00
Silent Guests In my Secret Garden LP 7.00
Silent Rite Greatest Show 7" 25.00
Silicon Scientist Poly LP+CD 16.00
Silver Stars (w./ Edward Ka-spel) Tripping Louder Attitude CD 7.00
Silverman Finisterre MC 9.00
Silverman (= Legendary Pink Dots keyboarder) Sun with a Beating Heart CD-R 12.00
Silverman (= Legendary Pink Dots keyboarder) Woodland Calling CD-R 12.00
Silverman (= Legendary Pink Dots keyboarder) Spectral Artifact MCD-R 9.00
Silverman (= Phil Knight of LPD)(w./ Edward Ka-spel) Dream Cell 2CD-R 18.00
Silverman (LPD) Dream Cell 2LP 19.00
Silverman (LPD) State of Union CD-R 9.00
Silverman (LPD) Nature of Illusion LP+CD 29.00
Silverman (LPD) Nature of Illusion 2CD 15.00
Silverman (LPD) Time On Thin Ice CD 15.00
Silverman (of Legendary Pink Dots) Elemental CD-R 12.00
Silverman / Ka-spel, Edward The Thirty Year Itch CD 15.00
Simmons, Desmond (Dome - related) Alone on Penguin Island LP 29.00
Simonetti, Gianni-Emilio / Kommissar Hjuler / Palsson, Magnus Fluxus LP 25.00
Simonics In This Heat 7" 5.00
Simple Minds Don't you 7" 7.00
Simple Minds Sanctify Yourself 7" 7.00
Simpletones (w./ Danny Devos of Club Moral) Wir sind wieder da! 12" 66.00
Simpletones / Danny Devos (of Club Moral) / DDV Gibst mir dein Hand und geht mit mir auf dem Strand EP 79.00
Sin Africa same LP 5.00
Sinden, Tony Functional Action Parts 2 & 3 LP 39.00
Sinden, Tony / Baker, Alan & the Insects Magnificent Cactus Trees 7" 19.00
Sindy & the Action Men Steven Phone Home 7" 12.00
Sindy and the Action Men Who's She? 7" 12.00
Singing Fools The Apocalypso 12" 8.00
Sink Manhattan Bleakhouse LP 8.00
Sinking Ships The Cinema Clock 7" 5.00
Siouxsie & the Banshees Juju LP 9.00
Siouxsie & the Banshees The Scream LP 9.00
Sir Ashleigh Grove (= Metgumbnerbone) The Nimply Power Sessions Parts I - VII - Audio Memoirs of a Gentleman Aestete CD 13.00
Sirens Call same MC 499.00
Sister Europe Open Heart EP 9.00
Sisters Of Mercy Sessions & Demos MC 9.00
Sisters Of Mercy / Mission 1st & 2nd Gigs + Live Rarities / Demos MC 9.00
Six Comm Paradise Calling 12" 19.00
Six Plys Tzar Pa Bha Dah MLP 13.00
Sixteens same (Recorded Live @ Interset Studios) LP 39.00
Sixth Comm The Taste for Flesh 12" 19.00
Sixth Comm Grey Years CD 12.00
Skalp Registratur/Ambivalenz 10" 9.00
Skin One Thousand Years 12" 5.00
Skin Blood, Women, Roses LP 9.00
Slab! Descension LP 5.00
Slab! Sanity Allergy LP 6.00
Slab! Music from the Iron Lung MLP 9.00
Slack (w./ Bruce Fowler of Captain Beefheart Band & John Fumo of Neil Young Band) Bigger Than Breakfast LP 9.00
Slane, Keith Star Captain MLP 29.00
Slant (w/ Philip Jeck) Hive LP 12.00
Slap Songs from the Cross LP 9.00
Slap Downtime LP 9.00
Slap Bed of Nails CD 9.00
Slap / Happiness Boys / Belt (= Stephen Nester) Ghost Stories CD 9.00
Slashdeath (= Arnulf Meifert / Kommissar Hjuler / Mama Bär) Kein Mitleid MLP 19.00
Slaug, H. & H. Live Frying - A Trx Attake MCD 25.00
Slaug, H. & H. / ExPx (= Eating People) Live Frying MC 25.00
Sleep Chamber Liez in the Skyz EP 25.00
Sleep Chamber Sleep, or Forever Hold your Piece LP 15.00
Sleep Chamber Satanic Sanction LP 12.00
Sleep Chamber Babylon 12" 15.00
Sleep Chamber Secrets ov 23 CD 6.00
Sleep Chamber Sexmagick Ritual LP 29.00
Sleepers (Ricky Williams / Michael Belfer) Holding Back 7" 9.00
Sleeping With The Earth A Corpse Upon the Road of Night CD-R 15.00
Sleepless Nights same LP 9.00
Slim Twig A Hound at the Hem CDR 5.00
Slits same LP 12.00
Slits Cut LP 29.00
Sloth same LP 8.00
Slushy Penge CD 5.00
Small Cruel Party Stain On Pure Glass/The Waking of the Leafy Pools LP BOX 29.00
Small Cruel Party La La / Ka Jengbarsi Wolinje MC 25.00
Small Cruel Party In Thicket 10" 23.00
Small Cruel Party Stercoranism MC 19.00
Small Cruel Party Three Simple Eyes of the Insect Ancestor MC 19.00
Small Cruel Party Seminal Brainpan EP 9.00
Small Cruel Party The Subtle Body 7" 6.00
Small Cruel Party To Have Been Seen EP 14.00
Small Cruel Party Anodyne Effect Of Habit 2x7"BOX 79.00
Small Cruel Party Islands of Sleep MLP 19.00
Small Cruel Party Three Simple Eyes Of The Insect Ancestor CD 12.00
Small Cruel Party / Mizutani, Kiyoshi Split MLP 19.00
Smear Don't Come Close to Me 12" 8.00
Smegma Live at No Fun Fest LP 19.00
Smegma Nattering Naybobs of Negativity LP 25.00
Smegma Glamour Girl 1941 LP 129.00
Smegma Pigs for Lepers LP 69.00
Smegma Can't Look Straight 7" 59.00
Smegma Walkie Talkie 7" 15.00
Smegma Thicket 7" 9.00
Smegma Boils & Carbuncles 7" 9.00
Smegma The Whey EP 12.00
Smegma Ever And Anon LP 15.00
Smegma First Ten Years VHS 79.00
Smegma / Hell Cows Tent / Idiodyssey 7" 9.00
Smegma / Kommissar Hjuler und Mama Bär Polizei unter der Vorhaut MC 12.00
Smegma / Sissy Spacek & Kommissar Hjuler & Frau (w./ Ju Suk Reet Meate & John Wiese) split LP 25.00
Smegma Plays Merzbow Merzbow Plays Smegma LP 19.00
Smell & Quim The Jissom Killers LP 15.00
Smell & Quim A Sod's As Good As a Wanker to a Blind Arse MC 15.00
Smell & Quim Jim Seed Collector EP 5.00
Smell & Quim Scum-Grief FLEXI 8.00
Smell & Quim Piss With Drills Of Blood 7" 5.00
Smell & Quim Non-Stop Robotic Fornication EP 7.00
Smell & Quim Jesus Christ LP 9.00
Smell & Quim / Macronympha Transexual 7"+BOOKLET 15.00
Smell & Quim / Onomatopoeia Fanny Batter CD 4.00
Smell & Quim / Taint Death Baby Fuck / Apidocere! EP 5.00
Smell & Quim / Taint Death Baby Fuck / Apidocere! EP 5.00
Smell & Quim / Tea Culture The Psychedelic Sounds Of... 7" 6.00
Smell & Quim /Taint Death Baby Fuck / Apidocere EP 6.00
Smersh The Beat from 20,000 Fathoms LP 29.00
Smersh The Part of the Animal that People Don't Like LP 12.00
Smirhes, Quentin / Kommissar Hjuler Fluxus +/- LP 19.00
Smog Red Apple Falls CD 4.00
Smolders, Jos Music for CD-Player CD 7.00
Sneaky Feelings Coming True 7" 19.00
Snowy Red I'm Allright 12" 9.00
Snowy Red same LP 59.00
Snäp! same LP 6.00
Snöleoparden same LP 19.00
So Feww I'm Not Automatic 7" 29.00
Social Climbers (= Mark Bingham / A. Leroy / Jean Seton Shaw) same LP 29.00
Societe Des Timides A La Parade Des Oiseaux L'enciversel Marsac MCD 8.00
Societe des Timides, La A la Parade des Oiseaux CD 12.00
Society Highes Boots 7" 5.00
Sodality (ex-Mauthausen Orchestra) Orgies of Crime 12" 19.00
Soft Cell The Art of Falling Apart LP+12" 9.00
Soft Focus Emergence Delirium 7" 5.00
Soixante Etages Heatproof Cauldrons for Wanglers LP 15.00
Solar Lodge Heartbeat of the Roses MC 39.00
Soldercup (= Rhodri Davies & Louisa Hendrikien Martin) same LP 15.00
Soldiers Of Fortune Waiting for World War III MLP 15.00
Soleilkraast Choresonic Preludes to a Dark Cycle EP 5.00
Solid Eye Blue Ninja Tar in Habitat CD-R 12.00
Solid Eye (= Rick Potts, Joseph Hammer & Steve Thomsen) / Skaters Live at WFMU, September 13, 1998 / Wind Drapeing Incense LP 5.00
Solter, Scott The Brief Light CD 6.00
Soma Holiday Shake Your Molecules 7" 19.00
Some Now Are (Peter Hook of Joy Division) Truth to Tell EP 9.00
Someone & the Somebodies Bops on the Head 12" 13.00
Somnambulist / M.Bryo (w./ lyrics by Jan Fabre) split EP 9.00
Songs Of Norway (Volcano The Bear) Despite the Cloak LP 12.00
Sonic Architecture (= Bill Buchen) M-M-M-Manhattan MLP 9.00
Sonic Catering Band Live from the Canteens of Atlantis 2CD 5.00
Sonic Youth Slaapkamers met Slagroom LP 15.00
Sonic Youth / Instant Composers Pool (I.C.P.) / Ex, The In the Fishtank 9 LP 9.00
Sonic Youth / O'Rourke, Jim Invito al cielo / Hungara Vivo / Radio-Amatoroj LP 12.00
Sonic, Dominic Cold Tears LP 5.00
Sonorite Jaune, La Eneis MC 19.00
Sons Of God (= Kent Tankred & Leif Elggren) The Object CD 9.00
Sons Of God (= Leif Elggren & Kent Tankred) The Object CD 5.00
Sons Of Silence (O Yuki Conjugate) Bobby Dazzler 7" 5.00
Sons Of Silence / Spoke (O Yuki Conjugate side-project) Indurain EP 49.00
Sort Joey Ready to Rock LP 9.00
SOS (w./ David Vunk & Spacemaker) Wallonie 12" 9.00
Sotos, Peter (of Whitehouse) Total Abuse - Pure * Tool * Parasite - Collected Writings, 1984-1995 BOOK 111.00
Soul Patrol / Hägisch Bäst i Stan MCD 5.00
Sound Cage, The same LP 15.00
Sound On Sound (= Peter Gillis) Macho 7" 9.00
Sounds Of Thee North American Radiator Sounds Of Steam MC 5.00
Sound_00 Micronoise MCD 9.00
Soviet Sex Everything is Beautiful 12" 5.00
Space Cadets same LP 8.00
Space Machine (= Masonna) 3 2LP 29.00
Space Turkeys (= Simon Driscoll of Stranger Station) Fun With a Social Worker 7" 19.00
Spacemen 3 Big City Drive 7" 6.00
Spacemen 3 Dreamweapon CD 15.00
Spanner Thru Ma Beatbox (= Nocturnal Emissions) RPM 33 BPM 111/113 LP 7.00
Sparifankal Negamusi 2LP 39.00
Spear In Search of Sparks CD BOX 9.00
Special A.K.A. featuring Rico Too Much Too Young 12" 8.00
Specials same LP 9.00
Specimen 37 The Endless Looping Game CD 6.00
Speed Limit & the Rhythm Machines (produced by Mark Stewart) The Sound of Music EP 29.00
Speedy J Public Energy No. 1 CD 5.00
Spelt Like This Contract of the Heart 7" 2.00
Spencer Spencer I Think it's Raining 7" 99.00
Spencer Spencer Treble MLP 149.00
Spencer, Jon Blues Explosion Magical Colors 7" 4.00
Spencer, Jon Blues Explosion Wail EP 4.00
Spiders On Phasing (= Asmus Tietchens & Felix Kubin) The Scorpions Studio-Outtakes 1-6, 7-15 LP 12.00
Spiral Echo Velvet Shadow 12" Acetate 39.00
Spit The Pips Up A Gum Tree 12" 9.00
Spivs Yellow & Blue MLP 7.00
Spizzenergi Where's Captain Kirk? 7" 5.00
Spizzles (= Spizzoil / Spizzenergi) Spikey Dream Flowers LP 4.00
Spizzoil 6.000 Crazy EP 5.00
Spizzoil Cold City: 4 EP 5.00
SPK Leichenschrei LP 39.00
SPK Zamia Lehmanni LP 19.00
SPK Leichenschrei CD 9.00
SPK At The Crypt MC 15.00
SPK Zamia Lehmanni LP 9.00
SPK Oceania LP 12.00
SPK San Francisco, Kezar Pavillon, .05.81 MC 25.00
SPK Wiesbaden (Neroberg) 02/12/82 MC 25.00
Splassh (w./ Jean-Pierre Boyer of End Of Data & Marquis de Sade) Working 7" 13.00
Splendorhead Mirth LP 9.00
Splinter Heavyrock aus Berlin MC 19.00
Splitter (w./ Peter Ortmann of Klopferbande) Privatkabine 1,- DM 7" 15.00
Spoils And Relics Turner EP 8.00
Sponge Erika Linde EP 59.00
Sponge Relation Between a Production of Image and the Flesh in a State of Consciousness - Dedicated to the Residents EP 49.00
Spore Pogged EP 15.00
Spot Picking up where I Left Off... LP 8.00
Sprint The Robot LP 9.00
Sprung aus den Wolken Roundandaround LP 25.00
Sprung aus den Wolken Story of Electricity LP 25.00
Sprung Aus Den Wolken Sei still 7" 9.00
Sprung Aus Den Wolken (Alexander von Borsig / Peter Prima / Niki Mono) same LP 39.00
Sprung Aus Den Wolken / Borsig Werke / Aus Lauter Liebe Meisterwerk MC 64.00
Spukkin Faceship / DJ Sunflowrfish Beat Matching is Optional 7" 9.00
Spykes / Casket Sinkers Spykes with the Casket Sinkers LP 14.00
Square Root Of Sub (= Mark Poysden) Strophe Area 1: Ur Voice Comes from the Bees LP 7.00
St-Onge, Alexandre Viorupeeeeihean LP 15.00
St. James, Jon Fast Impressions LP 22.00
St. Vitus Dance She 7" 18.00
St. Vitus Dance Love Me Love My Dogma LP 7.00
Staalfagel same LP 15.00
Staalfagel Sällskapa mig genom natten LP 15.00
Stabat Mors Ich bin so wild nach deinem Erdbeermund EP 9.00
Stabat Stable Gainsaid Facts MLP 29.00
Stagnancy In Trade Sometimes I See 7" 12.00
Stahlbau Die Macht der Reichen MC 29.00
Stahljustiz / Licht-ung Klaviermusik / Ich bin Richter EP 19.00
Stahlwerk 9 Oradour LP+7" 17.00
Stalin Stop Jap...The Stalin.. 2LP 15.00
Stangl, Burkhard / Kurzmann, Christof Schnee_Live CD 9.00
Stanley a.k.a. Stefan Römer / Bauer, Uschi / Weyell, Klaus Die Erweiterung des Alphabets EP 15.00
Stano Room 7" 9.00
Stapleton, Steven / Tibet, David (= Nurse With Wound / Current 93) Musical Pumpkin Cottage CD 25.00
Starfish Pool Interference '96 CD 5.00
Starfish Pool Rituals for the Dying CD 7.00
State (= Stanza of Bourbonese Qualk) Control CD 7.00
Static Cling The Brady Bunch 7" 6.00
Static Effect (= Randy Greif) Certain Random Firings LP 15.00
Stavöstrand, Mikael (Archon Satani / Inanna) Illuminence CD 9.00
Stavöstrand, Mikael (Archon Satani / Inanna) Delgenelralton CD 5.00
Stebbing, Tim Skylines MC 11.00
Steding, Walter (w./ Robert Fripp) same LP 6.00
Steinbrüchel Granulat Live Series No. 3 - End 5 / siXsiX 6 EP 6.00
Steltch The Last Person on Earth Look-Alike Contest MC 4.00
Stepp & Stax Art Anti-Depressiva MC 25.00
Steppin' Razor Studio Junkies LP 9.00
Stereo Taxic Device same LP 5.00
Stereolab Iron Man 7" 7.00
Stewart, Mark Hypnotized 12" 5.00
Stewart, Mark Metatron LP 9.00
Sticken-In Chinese LP 9.00
Stiff Little Fingers Nobody's Heroes LP 9.00
Stil Putovanje LP 9.00
Stiller Geräusche LP 13.00
Stillife (= Tom Recchion / Chas Smith / Michael Le Donne-Bhennet / Dennis Duck / Michael Jon Fink) Rubrica 10" 39.00
Stillstand Schein CD-R 15.00
Stilluppsteypa Reduce by Reducing CD 9.00
Stimulus A Motion Signal CD 9.00
Stimulus Who Makes the Machines that Make the Machines? LP 99.00
Stimulus A Motion Signal 2LP 19.00
Stimulus Programme Music 10" 9.00
Stimulus A Motion Signal CD-R 9.00
Stimulus A Motion Signal + More Stimulus CD+CD-R 25.00
Stock, Hausen & Walkman Organ Transplants Vol. 1 LP+EP 29.00
Stolz, Norbert Some Tracks Before... MC 19.00
Stone Glass Steel Industrial Meditation CD 5.00
Storm Bugs Up the Middle Down the Sides LP 15.00
Storm Bugs Metamorphose 7" 39.00
Stormboy's Wasted On Me 7" 9.00
Story of Failure (= Scott Foust / Idea Fire Company / Anschluss / Pickle Factory / Tart) Negative Fufillment on the "83" Spitting Circuit EP 19.00
Strafe Für Rebellion Moor CD 7.00
Strahler 80 Das kann jeder... EP 6.00
Strange Circuits Industrial Living 7" 25.00
Strange Devotion Again the New Formation 7" 8.00
Strange Meetings Alien Party 7" 9.00
Strange Sounds Orchestra Strange Sense of Liberty EP 5.00
Strangeness Beauty Back to Nowhere LP 12.00
Stranger Comforts New Year 7" 9.00
Strangulated Beatoffs Days of Our Lives LP 12.00
Straps Just Can’t Take Anymore 7" 13.00
Strawberry Switchblade Jolene 12" 5.00
Stray Dags Lemons Alive! LP 11.00
Strength Through Joy Star Strangled Banner MC 39.00
Strength Through Joy (Douglas P. of Death In June) Dark Rose 7" 9.00
Stretto Ganz entspannt 7" 11.00
Strings Chicago 7" 7.00
Stripe Light 23 Tracks Of Non-Sense CD-R 9.00
Stripe Light Files CD-R 9.00
Stripe Light / Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Bär Intro Bitte = Please / Bearbeitung der Antizipation des genralized other CD-R 29.00
Strull Fluxus EP 7.00
Strutz We are so Fine 7" 10.00
Stuckens, Guy & M.Nomized Duettiste MC 29.00
Stumpff, Tommi Seltsames Glück 12" 15.00
Stun Dame's Opus MC 5.00
Stupid Set Don't be Cold 12" 9.00
Stylus Eisteddfod CD 9.00
Styrenes (= Paul Marotta) One Fanzine Reader Writes 12" 9.00
Ständer, Don Gassenhauer 1 EP 19.00
Ständer, Don Gassenhauer II EP 19.00
Störung This is Future LP 69.00
Subraum Kader Henny Porten 12" 5.00
Subterranean Dining Rooms Ghosts in the Sun LP 15.00
Sudakistan Caballo Negro CDR 5.00
Sudden Infant Things That Happened LP 15.00
Sudden Infant Psychotic Einzelkind CD 9.00
Sudden Infant Bandenkrieg CD 14.00
Sudden Infant & No Is E Finals 990217 EP 8.00
Sudden Infant & No Is E Finals 990217 EP 8.00
Sudden Infant / Giffoni, Carlos (Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock) Oslo Oscillation Orgy MLP 12.00
Sudden Infant / Guilty Connector Remixes EP 6.00
Sudden Infant meets Linako Live in Vienna 7" 19.00
Sudden Sway Ko-Opera LP 5.00
Sueno Sueno Tapas! MC 29.00
Sugarcubes Birthday 7" 4.00
Suicide Why Be Blue CD 5.00
Suicide Revega / Pop Before... LP 25.00
Suicide same LP 19.00
Suigin-Lamp Flamenco Party MC 13.00
Summers, Rod An Occluded Front at Full Moon MC 19.00
Summers, Rod / tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE / Kommissar Hjuler / Palsson, Magnus Fluxus EP 39.00
Summers, Rod / VEC Helgisaga - An Audio Drama for 34 Voices Booklet 29.00
Summers, Rod / VEC Audio The Sound of an Unsound Mind - Audio Stories & Sound Poems MC 19.00
Summers, Rod / VEC Audio (w./ Richard van Dellen, John M. Bennett, Pierre-Andre Arcand, Dinn, Miroslaw Rajkowski, Tom Winter, Peter Kelly, Keith Bates Memorial for the Bee-Eater MC 15.00
Summers, Rod / Winter, Tom / VEC Audio A Frayed Doily of Lunar Ice MC 15.00
Sun And The Moon same LP 9.00
Sun Dial Fazer 12" 3.00
Sun Dummy Sea of Turbulence, Sea of Storms 3 CD-R 59.00
Sun Of The Seventh Sister Farben Raum CD 4.00
Sung, Li Chin (w./ John Zorn & Otomo Yoshihide) Past CD 12.00
Sunken Colony No. 666 in Heaven MC 5.00
Suns Of Arqa (w./ Eric Random) Vol. IV - India? LP 25.00
Surkamp, David (Pavlov's Dog Lead Singer) Louie, Louie 7" 19.00
Surplus Stock Live (We Love You...Thanks for all the Flowers) LP 9.00
Survival Research Laboratories A Scenic Harvest from the Kingdom of Pain VHS 49.00
Suspended Memories (= Steve Roach / Jorge Reyes / Suso Saiz) Forgotten Gods CD 8.00
Sutcliffe Jügend XI 7" 8.00
Svensson, Per El/ Element 1 MC 12.00
Svätsox Empty Covers EP 15.00
Swagger, Zach TV True Tonight 7" 29.00
Swagger, Zach Empty Highways 7" 29.00
Swallow Tongue Got to be There 12" 5.00
Swamp Thing A Cow Come True LP 4.00
Swamptrash Bone MLP 5.00
Swamptrash It makes No Never Mind LP 9.00
Swans Omniscience MC 9.00
Swans Children of God 2LP 25.00
Swans A Screw 12" 6.00
Swell Maps Whatever Happens Next... 2LP 49.00
Swell Maps Let's Build a Car EP 15.00
Swords Project same CD 5.00
Symbols Speed of Light 12" 29.00
Sympathy Nervous Automaticism LP 19.00
Symphonique Elegance Act One LP 111.00
Synaesthesia Ephemeral CD 5.00
Synaesthesia Ephemeral CD 5.00
Synchronize Houmonsha 7" 25.00
Syncopation same 7" 29.00
Syndicat, Le Macisto Fuzztanz CD 5.00
Syndicat, Le Ignitur LP 9.00
Syndicat, Le Second Empire LP 19.00
Syndicat, Le Interaction Sociale LP 19.00
Syndicat, Le / Paak / Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Bruitiste LP 39.00
Synthenphall Laut + deutlich EP 9.00
Synthetic Dreams ....Obsession 7" 14.00
Synthetic Dreams Sulphate Suicide......Voices 7" 12.00
Synthetic Products (ex- System 56 ) We Have Been Notified EP 39.00
Synthetic Sun Synthetically LP 12.00
Synthetik, Peter Captain Berlin - Original Jörg Buttgereit Soundtrack 12" 19.00
Synthetik, Peter Captain Berlin - Original Jörg Buttgereit Soundtrack 12" 29.00
Synthetische Mischgewebe The Harvest of Magnetism LP 23.00
Synthetische Mischgewebe, Das (w./ Jörg Thomasius, Oval Language, Artificial Memory Trace, TBC, Erg) The Escape of the Electrified Dermatologist Epitomises his Dissent with the Comp... 2CD 7.00
System The System is Murder EP 25.00
System 56 Beyond the Parade MLP 66.00
System 56 same LP 9.00
Systematics What we Did in the Afternoons 2LP 25.00
Systematics My Life in the Field of Cows EP 99.00
Sütterlin Bandscheibe LP 19.00
Sütterlin same CDR 299.00
Szajner, Bernard Superficial Music LP 19.00
Szajner, Bernard (w./ Klaus Blasquiz & Bernard Paganotti) Some Deaths Take Forever LP 29.00
Szava-Kovats, Andy (= Data-Bank-A, Dominion, Parade Of Sinners) / Dowden, Andy A Tale of Two Andy's MC 29.00
Szigethy, André Geisterfahr'n 12" 49.00
T.A.G.C. (= Antigroup) Digitaria LP 12.00
T.C. Matic Middle Class & Blue Eyes 12" 7.00
T.C. Matic same LP 6.00
Tabasco Tabernacle / Global Frequency Music A Project for Maximum Stimulation of Audio-Visual Senses DVD+BOOK 9.00
Taboo Zoo My Town MLP 9.00
Tachibana, Hajime Hm LP 15.00
Tachibana, Hajime H LP 25.00
Tachibana, Hajime Hm LP 9.00
Tackhead Friendly As A Hand Grenade LP 5.00
Tackhead / Gary Clail Reality 12" 5.00
Tackhead Sound System / Gary Clail Tackhead Tape Time LP 5.00
Tadlock, Tom Body Ad 7" 9.00
Tagmemics Chimneys EP 17.00
Taint When You Meet A Stranger - Case History Number Two 7" 15.00
Taint Strange Feeling, Shit Coming MC 19.00
Taint Recycled MC 5.00
Taint When You Meet A Stranger 7" 16.00
Taint Indecent Liberties LP 99.00
Takt Nie Wieder 7" 14.00
TallJenny & Day Room Puzzles / JaDaMaBaPa (= Kommissar Hjuler & Frau / Jan van den Dobblesteen / Danielle Lemaire) Fluxus +/- LP 79.00
TallJenny & Day Room Puzzles / JaDaMaBaPa (= Kommissar Hjuler & Frau / Jan van den Dobblesteen / Danielle Lemaire) Fluxus +/- LP 29.00
Tam Quam Tabula Rasa Cotidie Morimur 7" 5.00
Tam Quam Tabula Rasa In Absentia CD-R 15.00
Tam Quam Tabula Rasa Cotidie Morimur EP 15.00
Tankred, Kent A Revelation CD 9.00
Tankred, Kent Ordinary Things CD 5.00
Tards Pissed you in the River 7" 5.00
Tarkatak Skarva EP 9.00
Tarkatak Eko CD-R 15.00
Tarkatak (w./ Siegmar Fricke) Slow MC 9.00
Tarkatak / Reider, C. The Druser Pricid CD-R 9.00
Tart (ex-Idea Fire Company / Anschluss / Pickle Factory) Radio Orange LP 9.00
Tasaday (= Die Form & Nulla Iperreale) Riflessi Sensibili MC 15.00
Tate, Darren / Bradley, Paul Sometime Today CD 9.00
Tate, Darren / Holloway, Ian Wet Rat Year CDR 15.00
Tattoo Hosts Vision On! same LP 19.00
Taylor, Gregory Virtual Terrain MC 19.00
TBC Gute Luft EP 5.00
TBC Stendal CD-R 5.00
TBC / Funck, Stefan Sediment / Demar LP 12.00
Tea Set Keep On Running EP 8.00
Tear Garden (= Edward Ka-spel & Cevin Key) Tired Eyes Slowly Burning LP 19.00
Teardo, Mauro Teho Live at Zul MC 29.00
Tebeo Conversacion Privada LP 9.00
Technoise / Hyware System 12" 5.00
Technoquake Crack Baby 12" 9.00
Tecnoville / Cabaret Voltaire Input Out / Over & Over FLEXI 8.00
Telepherique Kein Teil dieser Welt LP 15.00
Telepherique & K2 Wolkenphänomen CD 9.00
Telepherique + Maurizio Bianchi (= MB) Zehn Tage (Touka) CD 9.00
Telepherique / Doc Wör Mirran / Tesendalo Schaschlik 7" Object 79.00
Telepherique / Maeror Tri Simulationswelten 7" 9.00
Television Personalities The Painted Word LP 35.00
Temper Temper Friday Night 7" 8.00
Temple Dance Devoted To You 7" 15.00
Ten Inch Men My Arms are Open Wide MLP 4.00
Tent Uncertain and Wild LP 5.00
Tenzenmen Quarrychase LP 29.00
Terminal Cheesecake King Of All Spaceheads LP 9.00
Terminal Fun Great Moments 7" 11.00
Terrorvision same MC 5.00
Terrorzone Twee MC 15.00
Tesendalo Wendezeit LP 9.00
Tesendalo Muuh! LP 9.00
Tesendalo Laura LP 9.00
Tesendalo Einklang CD-R 9.00
Tesendalo Bandwurm MLP 9.00
Tesendalo / Doc Wör Mirran / ANA Orchester Sewing Me, Sewing You 10" 9.00
Tesendalo with Telepherique Natur Naht LP 19.00
Test Department The Unacceptable Face of Freedom LP 9.00
Test Department Brith Gof Gododdin LP 12.00
Test Department Program for Progress (82-84) VIDEO VHS 39.00
Test Department Ecstacy Under Duress MC 29.00
Test Department Compulsion 12" 12.00
Test Department Brith Gof Gododdin 12" 9.00
Test Department European Network 1985 MC BOX 29.00
Test Dept. Pax Americana 12" 5.00
Test Dept. The Faces of Freedom 1, 2 & 3 12" 5.00
Testcard # 3 - Sound (Zoviet France, Organum, Kraftwerk, Le Syndicat, Art Of Noise, Drone Records, John Cage, Morton Feldman, Christoph Schlingensief, Die Anfänge elektronischer Klangerzeugung, Artware Audio, Beach Boys, Sounds & Noises, Avantgardistische Geräuschmusik...) BOOK 15.00
Testcard 4 - Retrophänomene in den 90ern (Residents, Einstürzende Neubauten, Anthony Braxton, Neo-Dada & Retro-Futurism, Apocalyptic Folk, Die Goldenen Zitronen, Trans Am,...) BOOK 15.00
Testcard 5 - Kompaktes Wissen für den Dancefloor - Kulturindustrie (AMM, Nirvana, Stereolab,...) BOOK 15.00
Thane Enterthanement LP 6.00
The The Soul Mining LP 5.00
The The Infected LP 5.00
Theatre Of Hate / Puber Kristus Poppies / The Gasstation FLEXI 6.00
Thee Majesty (= Genesis Breyer P'Orridge) Vitruvian Pan CD 15.00
Thee Wand (= Genesis P'Orridge as Megs'on, Z'ev & Gini Ball) Test Ov Eyes MC 99.00
Themis, John Ulysses & the Cyclops LP 6.00
Then Tingari same MC 9.00
Thessalonians Untitled MC 19.00
They Fade In Silence Traveller - What Have You Seen LP 19.00
Thieves Of Impressions Trifolium EP 12.00
Thilges 3 Neurotitan MCD 5.00
Third Spain same LP 7.00
Thirteen Moons Origins LP 9.00
This Final Frame The Mask (Falls Away) 7" 19.00
This Final Frame The Mask (Falls Away) 7" 12.00
This Future Day Breaks Again 12" 4.00
This Heat Health And Efficiency MLP 59.00
This Heat Live at Krefeld 1980 MC 29.00
This Heat same LP 33.00
This Heat Deceit LP 49.00
This Heat / Albert Marcoeur Revue-cassette Tago Mago MC 59.00
This Heat / Elliott Sharp Duo Izgon Bojazni iz Komune MC 399.00
This Mortal Coil Filigree & Shadow 2LP 9.00
This Mortal Coil It'll End in Tears LP 12.00
Tho-So-Aa Dying Reveal EP 6.00
Thomas The Voice (= Steve Beresford / John Williams / Hywel Thomas) I Was a Young Man 7" 9.00
Thomas, Claire / Vezey, Susan Reprint MC 99.00
Thomas, Ken (w./ Patti Palladin) (producer of Psychic TV / Throbbing Gristle / Coil etc.) Beat the Light LP 25.00
Thomet Conception of an Instint to be Extirpated CD-R Box 15.00
Thorax-Wach Euch geht's ja noch viel zu gut LP 15.00
Thought Criminals Edge of Time 7" 99.00
Thrift Bakery Freshness Test LP 7.00
Throbbing Gristle S.O. 36 Berlin 10" 29.00
Throbbing Gristle We Hate You Little Girls EP 25.00
Throbbing Gristle Funeral in Berlin LP 17.00
Throbbing Gristle D.o.A. The Third and Final Report LP 49.00
Throbbing Gristle Sacrifice LP 19.00
Throbbing Gristle Dimensia In Excelsis - Live in L.A. 22.5.1981 LP 15.00
Throbbing Gristle 20 Jazz Funk Greats LP 39.00
Throbbing Gristle Heathen Earth LP 29.00
Throbbing Gristle Heathen Earth LP 19.00
Throbbing Gristle Blood Pressure LP 12.00
Throbbing Gristle In the Shadow of the Sun (Derek Jarman Soundtrack) LP 19.00
Throbbing Gristle D.o.A The Third And Final Report LP 79.00
Throbbing Gristle Rafters LP 9.00
Throbbing Gristle Once Upon a Time... LP 13.00
Throbbing Gristle Something Came Over Me / Subhuman 7" 39.00
Throbbing Gristle Adrenalin / Distant Dreams (Part Two) 7" 39.00
Thu 20 (= Frans de Waard / Roel Meelkop / Jos Smolders / Peter Duimelinks / Jac van Bussel) Tilburg LP 9.00
Thug Mechanical Ape/Proud Idiots Parade LP 25.00
Thug Thug 7" 39.00
Thurnemans (= Lina Baby Doll / Deutsch Nepal) Wilhelm 7" 5.00
Thurnemans (= Lina Baby Doll / Deutsch Nepal) Hatha Yoga 7" 5.00
Thurston Lava Tube The Pink Elephant with Nipples for Tusks CD 9.00
TI*TO / Soltau, Thorsten (w./ Ditterich von Euler-Donnersperg) Inventur EP 9.00
Tibet Les Crabes EP 25.00
Ticklish (= Richard Sanderson, Phil Durrant & Kev Hopper) same CD 7.00
Tidal / Duimelinks, Peter (THU 20) Ablution MCD 7.00
Tietchens, Asmus Musik aus der Grauzone MC 19.00
Tietchens, Asmus Adventures in Sound + Nachtstücke 2CD 17.00
Tietchens, Asmus Monography MCD+BOOK 29.00
Tietchens, Asmus Seuchengebiete LP 149.00
Tietchens, Asmus Leuchtidioten 10" 19.00
Tietchens, Asmus Teils Teils LP 15.00
Tietchens, Asmus Eine Menge Papier MCD 9.00
Tietchens, Asmus Geboren, um zu dienen LP 39.00
Tietchens, Asmus Formen letzter Hausmusik LP 39.00
Tietchens, Asmus Sinkende Schwimmer CD 6.00
Tietchens, Asmus Das Fest ist zu Ende. CD 12.00
Tietchens, Asmus Von Mund zu Mund 1 EP 9.00
Tietchens, Asmus Zwingburgen des Hedonismus MLP 15.00
Tietchens, Asmus Spät-Europa LP 35.00
Tietchens, Asmus Ptomaine 3LP 19.00
Tietchens, Asmus Eisgang LP 19.00
Tietchens, Asmus Dämmerattacke LP 24.00
Tietchens, Asmus Nachtstücke LP 49.00
Tietchens, Asmus Stupor Mundi CD 12.00
Tietchens, Asmus (& Kapotte Muziek) Kapotte Muziek by... 7" 9.00
Tietchens, Asmus / Burrows, Terry Watching the Burning Bride LP 15.00
Tietchens, Asmus / Liquidski Monoposto LP 49.00
Tietchens, Asmus / Matsunaga, Kouhei / Y-Ton-G Yak CD 5.00
Tietchens, Asmus / Mueller, Jon 7 Stücke CD 7.00
Tietchens, Asmus / Myers, David Lee (= Arcane Device) Flussdichte CD 5.00
Tietchens, Asmus / Rutman, Robert Schritt um Schritt/Buzz Off EP 9.00
Tietchens, Asmus / Vidna Obmana Syrenia 2 CD 9.00
Tiger hinter Gittern Entfesselung LP 9.00
Tights Itsu Ka Doko Kade LP 25.00
Tights Golden Pops 10" 25.00
Timber (Rick Brown / Mark Howell / Janny Wade) Parts and Labor CD 6.00
Timberlake, Jane Al the Alligator MC 9.00
Time Dance Picture...You See 7" 4.00
Ting Tings We Started Nothing CD 5.00
Tiny Lights Flowers Through the Air 12" 7.00
Tiny Lights Prayer for the Halcyon Fear LP 5.00
Tircis Nature MC 29.00
Tirez Tirez Etudes LP 15.00
Titan Katzen Achtung Debakel! 7" 5.00
TM Network Self Control LP 19.00
TM Network Humansystem LP 19.00
To Kalon Coming to Get you 7" 9.00
Tobacconists (= Frans de Waard / Kapotte Muziek & Scott Foust / Idea Fire Company) Luxury MC 9.00
Tobacconists (= Frans de Waard of Kapotte Muziek & Scott Foust of Idea Fire Company) The Dark Secrets of Doctor Perati EP 8.00
Tobacconists (= Scott Foust of Idea Fire Company & Frans de Waard of Kapotte Muziek) Streetlight LP 15.00
Toemass (= Gregorian George) The Hydro-Triad LP 13.00
Toll (w./ Tim Gane, now Stereolab / Pacific 231 / Controlled Bleeding) Christ Knows LP 39.00
Tolley & Dara Cutheart LP 49.00
Tolley & Dara You Know You Know LP 49.00
Tom & Marty Band New Wave Twist EP 49.00
Tominaga, Atsushi 056 7" 9.00
Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata Il Teatro della Crudelta' LP 9.00
Tomutonttu Tomutonto CD 7.00
Tomutonttu same LP 12.00
Ton Steine Scherben IV 2LP 19.00
Tone Stick in your Mind 7" 29.00
Tong, Winston (of Tuxedomoon) Reports from the Heart MLP 7.00
Tong, Winston with Tuxedomoon Stranger 7" 39.00
Tonic Wise Boy 7" 12.00
Toniutti, Giancarlo Q Alsamtimutk Italuc'ik - Sound-field for Rattle-harp CD 13.00
Toniutti, Giancarlo La Mutazione LP 49.00
Toniutti, Giancarlo Epigenesi LP 22.00
Toniutti, Giancarlo / Chalk, Andrew Tahta Tarla LP 15.00
Tools You Can Trust Cut a New Seam 7" 9.00
Tools You Can Trust Red Energy 12" 12.00
Tools You Can Trust Say It Low 12" 7.00
Tooth Kink / Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Bär To End All Life - Bearbeitung MCD-R 29.00
Toothkink / Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Anticipation of the Generalised Other CD-R 29.00
Top Top Box 10" BOX 7.00
Top Fuel Marco Polo 7" 9.00
Topping, Simon Prospect Park 12" 8.00
Torturing Nurse / Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Bär Anrticipation des Generalized Other CD-R 29.00
Tote Hosen / Der Wahre Heino Blau blau blau blüht der Enzian 12" 5.00
Toten Hosen, Die Bommerlunder EP 5.00
Totstellen / Low.File Girls Like Boys MC 6.00
Tovah (= John Olson) Cabin Fever MLP 15.00
Tovey, Frank (ex-Fad Gadget) Snakes & Ladders LP 5.00
Toy Shop The Maze 7" 59.00
Traddodiad Ofnus Rh. 2 12" 9.00
Trafic D'Influence Lipsync LP 49.00
Trance Guitar Noise EP EP 5.00
Trance Automatism CD 5.00
Trance (w./ Jim O'Rourke / Emil Beaulieau / Joe Papa / Allegory Chapel Ltd) Contents Under Pressure (Live 1991-1993) CD 6.00
Tranquil Via the Principals EP 5.00
Transmission / Bloodmouse / Shadow Ring Put Out C-Out 10" 9.00
Trek w/ Quintronic same LP 59.00
Trek with Quintronic Landing LP 39.00
Treutronics '81 EP 9.00
Triangle same (There are No Guitars on this Record...Synthesizers) LP 39.00
Trickbeat Vietnashville 10" 15.00
Trickbeat (w./ Achim P. Li Khan) Fötenturbo Prolocaust LP 25.00
Trike same CDR 19.00
Trio same LP 7.00
Trio Anna (English version) 7" ACETATE 99.00
Triogulaire (w./ Kora) same MC 29.00
Triptic Of A Pastel Fern Star Versus Cube MLP 15.00
Trisomie 21 Chapter IV LP 18.00
Trisomie 21 Wait & Dance 12" 12.00
Trisomie 21 Million Lights LP 12.00
Trisomie 21 Million Lights LP 9.00
Tritone (pre-Gangster Fun) I Dream of Freud LP 19.00
Troldmandens Laerling same LP 35.00
Troum Autopoiesis LP 15.00
Troum (& Kapotte Muziek) Kapotte Muziek by... 7" 9.00
Troum (ex- Maeror Tri) Tjukurrpa Part Two CD 7.00
Troum (ex- Maeror Tri) Darve Sh 10" 19.00
Troum (ex- Maeror Tri) Ljubmaya 10" 12.00
Troum / Vance Orchestra Demo MC 29.00
Troum / Yen Pox Mnemonic Induction 2LP 15.00
Truth Club (= Robert Haigh / pre- Sema) / Fote Sleight / Looking for Lost Toy 7" 29.00
TSRS (= Tasty Shit Remove Sensation) Live! EP 49.00
Tsuchiya, Kaori Aisyu no Orient Kyukou LP 12.00
Tubbax, Rick Credo 7" 4.00
Tucker, Colin Lloyd (= Gadgets) Toybox LP 9.00
Tucker, Colin Lloyd (of Gadgets) Mind Box MLP 19.00
Tudor Nightmare Village (= Room 101 / Mark Hanley / pre- Sister Ray) Page 213 / Another Day EP 15.00
Turmoil Suspended Animation CD-R 13.00
Tuu One Thousand Years MC 9.00
Tuulen Laulu (= Kommissar Hjuler & No) Soße 2LP 49.00
Tuulen Laulu (pre- Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Bär) Da geht die Sonne auf MC 29.00
Tuxedomoon Desire LP 12.00
Tuxedomoon Joe Boy...The Electronic Ghost 7" 29.00
Tuxedomoon Desire LP 29.00
Tuxedomoon Time to Lose 12" 15.00
Tuxedomoon Short Stories 12" 15.00
Tuxedomoon Desire LP 9.00
Tuxedomoon Une nuit au fond de la frayere 7" 79.00
Tuxedomoon No Tears 12" 9.00
Tuxedomoon Darkness LP 49.00
Tuxedomoon same LP 39.00
Tuxedomoon Title X - Reims, France, May 22, 1982 2LP 39.00
Tuxedomoon Joeboy in Rotterdam LP 19.00
Tuxedomoon Half-Mute LP 9.00
Tuxedomoon / Maurice Bejart Music from the Ballet Divine LP 19.00
TV Babies Rock Around the Corporations LP 12.00
TV Personalities Where's Bill Grundy Now? EP 25.00
Twelve Cubic Feet Straight out the Fridge 10" 55.00
Twice A Man Works In Yellow LP 8.00
Twice A Man Works on Yellow LP 9.00
Twilight And The Endless River Flows 1990 New Age of Atlantis Rising: Visions of the Hidden City Complete LP 59.00
Twilight Circus Dub Sound System (= Ryan Moore / ex- Legendary Pink Dots) In Dub Vol. 1 CD 9.00
Twilight Circus Dub Sound System (= Ryan Moore / ex- Legendary Pink Dots) Volcanic Dub LP 13.00
Twilight Circus Dub Sound System (= Ryan Moore / ex- Legendary Pink Dots) Featuring Big Youth Love Is What We Need 10" 9.00
Twilight Idols Beyond Good And Evil LP 9.00
Twisted Avenues Motion Pictures 7" 19.00
Two Chains of Desire 12" 6.00
Tykwer, Tom Winterschläfer VHS 4.00
Type Non (w./ Dino Oon, Konrad Kraft & Phase Pervers) same CD 6.00
Tödliche Doris Chöre & Soli Live im Delphi-Palast Sylvester 83/84 MLP 25.00
Tödliche Doris Losspielen MC 15.00
Tödliche Doris Angeldust 2LP BOX 59.00
Tödliche Doris Der siebenköpfige Informator MLP 25.00
Tödliche Doris Angeldust 2LP 39.00
Tödliche Doris Musiken - 1983 2EP BOX 22.00
Tödliche Doris Nr. 1 - Pantoffeltieramöbe LP 99.00
U-Unity / Masakazu Nakagawa Yoh 8" FLEXI 29.00
U.V. Pop No Songs Tomorrow LP 39.00
UBSB (= Ulf Bilting / Edwin van der Heide / Zbigniew Karkowski / Atau Tanaka) Traceroute LP 6.00
Ugly Culture / Claude Vivier & Tom Johnson Pulau Dewata / Narayanas Kühe MC 25.00
Uhlig, Mirko Vivmmi LP 9.00
Uit Je Bol Eindelijk 12" 13.00
Ultima Thüle Furthest Point of Discovery MLP 9.00
Ultimatum Countdown 7" 19.00
Ultra Stain CD 7.00
Ultra I Can't Stand a Bitchy Chick 7" 12.00
Ultra Milkmaids Jain Umpoulet 7" 5.00
Ultra Milkmaids Vorely CD 5.00
Ultra Milkmaids Pop Pressing CD 5.00
Ultra Milkmaids Jain Umpoulet 7" 12.00
Ultra Milkmaids Disco 2k_ep 10" 9.00
Ultra Milkmaids Peps CD 5.00
Ultra Milkmaids & Cornucopia Basement CDR 12.00
Ultra Milkmaids & Imagho "By Mail..." CD 7.00
Ultra Milkmaids (w./ Troum / Vance Orchestra / Telepherique / Goem / Captain Black / Icon Zero / Celluloid Mata / Etereo Expandeum Club) Vorely Relay CD 9.00
Ultra Milkmaids + Celluloid Mata Acti-Room 10" 9.00
Ultra United Ultra Audience CD 5.00
Ultra-Red / Anna Planeta Fat Cat Split Series #14 LP 15.00
Ultrasound Hamesh CD 5.00
Ultrasound Woonsocket LP 15.00
Ultrasound Loom LP 15.00
Ultrasound Analogic (= Ultrasound) same 2LP 9.00
Umebeyashi, Shigeru Bazaar LP 19.00
Un Departement Je serai clement EP 19.00
Under For (= Martin Hall) Warfare 12" 15.00
Under For (= Martin Hall) Apparently all the Same LP 29.00
Under Two Flags Lest we Forget 10" 12.00
Undercurrent / Bill Jaeger Songs for Awakening CD 5.00
Underthesnow / Under The Snow (= Stefano Gentile & Gianluca Favaron w./ Vittore Baroni) Popsongs CD+BOOKLET 19.00
Undertones Hypnotised LP 5.00
Unis, Vir / Short, Christopher The Yellow House CDR 9.00
Unit Black Flight Where is Carlos MLP 12.00
Univers Zero Crawling Wind MLP 29.00
Universal Indians Monster Approach LP 19.00
Unkle War Stories 2CD BOX 15.00
Unknown Gender Exposé LP 15.00
UnknownmiX IXI MC 8.00
Unknownmix UX MC 15.00
Unlimited Dream Company featuring Nuts (= Momoyo) Moth-lah 12" 99.00
Unmono The Super 8 Inch Series # 6 8" 19.00
Uno (w./ Ken Thomas, Anna Domino, Jimmy Somerville, Ray Lema) same LP 6.00
Unrest Work & Play Informs LP 35.00
Unrest Work & Play Sound Every Day 12" 19.00
Unter Den Linden Utom vara liv LP 15.00
Until December same LP 4.00
Unzipp Me same MC 9.00
Up Murphy Street (Homosexuals - related) same LP 99.00
Up-Maker Kiki EP 29.00
Urban Heroes Yellow Creatures in the Night 7" 4.00
Urban, Max Phlegm Fatale LP 7.00
Use Your Pain (= Kadef) / Tem Oph Ab Collaboration Tape MC 15.00
Use Your Pain (= Kadef) w./ Outermost Surreal Imaginations Part III MC 15.00
Ushmi, Mark & Reverend Galloway There Must be a (Brinkmann) Remix 12" 5.00
Usurper Sticky Foster CD-R 9.00
V2 Schneider Document LP 12.00
VA - 11 Ways To Get Out - A Lmoor Compilation (Union Morbide, Oxo, Avonden, Stonefree, Antic Hay, Passionate Heartless, Knolcyperus, Something Happening, Little Mary Big, Toilet Area, Vietzpaddeh) LP 5.00
VA - 110 Below - Journey in Dub Volume 1 (Killing Joke, Primal Scream, Paul Weller, African Headcharge, Tricky, Nusfrat Fateh Ali Khan, Julian Cope, Urban Jungle, Leftfield/Lydon, Beaumont Hannant) 2LP 6.00
VA - 12" Disco Dance Time - Volume 1 (Divine, Wham, Ryan Paris, Julius Brown, Whodini, Nick Straker, Clubhouse, Hazell Dean, Sylvester, Charade featuring Jessica, Shirley Lites, Tapps) 2LP 5.00
VA - 16 SQ F _ (Arcane Device, Kommissar Hjuler, Markus Kupferblum, Emil Siemeister, Susanna Feferle) LP 25.00
VA - 17.6.82 SO 36 (Alu, Unlimited Systems, Leningrad Sandwich, Dreidimensional, Rauschender Beifall, Diese Seite (La Noia), Wirkungsgefüge D/E) LP 49.00
VA - 1980: The First Fifteen Minutes (Clock DVA, Vice Versa, I'm So Hollow, Stunt Kites) EP 39.00
VA - 2 Turds & a Golfball (Big City Orchestra, Haters, Hemmorhoy Rogers, Sockeye, Buttfinger, Happy Flowers, Klepto Maniac Zoo/Gen Ken Montgomery, Anal Cunt,...) CD 12.00
VA - 2000 Töne (Schatten unter Eis, Generation N., Hyde Parkas, Zsa Zsa Garbo, Peter Pan, Sixty Nine, Kantik, Knüppelhart, Impotenz,...) LP 19.00
VA - 2:00 Matinee (Idea Fire Company, Crank Sturgeon, Quarreling Xenophobic Waitresses, Save Yourself, Jason Lescalleet, Foom, Domains,…) CD 5.00
VA - 4 Your Ears Only (Luddites, Party Day, Red Guitars, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry) 12" 5.00
VA - 40 Wings (Nightmare Lodge, Hybryds, Ah Cama Sotz, Stupor, Chöd, Throbberstalk, Osira Vetum, Ä.C.S., Mercantan) LP 15.00
VA - 6 x 10 = 60 Volume 1 (Merzbow, Falx Cerebri, Comando Bruno, Bande Berne Cremetoire, Asod Dvi, Throw Me Your Finger) MC 9.00
VA - 6 x 10 = 60 Volume 1 (Merzbow, Falx Cerebri, Bande Berne Crematoire, Throw Me Your Finger, Comando Bruno, Asod Dvi) MC 19.00
VA - 6 x 10 = 60 Volume 2 (SBOTHI, Bourbonese Qualk, No Unauthorized, Coup De Grace, Het Zweet, Hjarntortyr Med Slacktmaskin) MC 19.00
VA - A Bead to a Small Mouth (Nurse With Wound, Zoviet France, Mother Tongue/Hafler Trio, Graeme Revell & Anthony Mannix) CD 5.00
VA - A Bead To A Small Mouth (Nurse With Wound, Mother Tongue (= Hafler Trio), Zoviet France, Graeme Revell (of SPK), Anthony Mannix) LP 9.00
VA - A Bead To A Small Mouth (Nurse With Wound, Mother Tongue (= Hafler Trio), Zoviet France, Graeme Revell (of SPK), Anthony Mannix) LP 19.00
VA - A Bell is Just a Bowl Till it's Struck (Legendary Pink Dots, Troum, Eric & Tanith Lanzillotta, Stimulus, Abrasion Ensemble, Okazaki Fragments) CD-R 59.00
VA - A Box Full of Ghosts (Christian Marclay, Otomo Yoshihide, TV Pow, Incapacitants, Liminal, Kazumoto Endo, Melt Banana, Xome, Flexible Products) 3x7"+CD-ROM BOX 29.00
VA - A Chance Encounter (Some, Existence, Caplo Banaal, Nightshade, Yaks, Living Legend, Cards, Death Obsession, Siren, Angels Are Go!, Captain Lemming and the Cliff Hangers, Shakers, Thesis) LP 69.00
VA - A Consonant Vowel - The C.A.G.E. Record Project (Minoy, Charlotte Pressler, Tom Mulready, Auquatics Ever Tarnish, Ed Meyers, Dennis Maxfield, Blackyard Mechanics For Language, David Lewis, John Bennett, Lopez Sophisticates, Amy Sparks, Contraption #37, Daryl W. Keeling, Gail Williams,...) LP 75.00
VA - A Drop in the Ocean (Zoo Bootique, Divert Off Centre, Pure Pink Paraffin, Elite, Frets, Velvasheens) MLP 22.00
VA - A Gnomean Haigonaimean (Etant Donnes, P16D4, Arcane Device, Max Eastley, David Toop, Brume, Cranioclast, Godfried-Willem Raes, Osso Exotico, Vox Populi!, Un Drame Musical Instantane, Le Syndicat, Contrastate) LP 13.00
VA - A Person's Healthy Guide To Listening (Muslimgauze, Asmus Tietchens, Konstruktivits, Bourbonese Qualk, Illusion Of Safety, Nocturnal Emissions, Jouissance, Due Process, Das Kunst, Contact With A Curve, Shock City) MC BOX 29.00
VA - A Rendering of the Veil (Legendary Pink Dots, Eric Lanzillotta, Dave Knott, Rick Reed, Karl Miller, Steric Entropy, Spiral Limbus, Brekekexkoaxkoax) CD-R 29.00
VA - A Secret Liverpool LP (Ex Post Facto, Roy Gbiv, Kindergarden Paint Set, Cranes, Riotous Hues, La's, Esprit!, Holidays For Strings, Ellagaru, Harts, High Five, Unknown Artist) LP 19.00
VA - A Slice Of Life (Veetdharm Morgan Fisher, Soft Weed Factor, Ubazakura, Haitokusha) LP 39.00
VA - A Tribute to Anthony Braxton (Albrecht D., Der Mußikant, Conrad Schnitzler, Wolfgang Seidel, Pyrolator, Kommissar Hjuler & Frau) LP 59.00
VA - A Tribute to Anthony Braxton (Albrecht D., Der Mußikant, Conrad Schnitzler, Wolfgang Seidel, Pyrolator, Kommissar Hjuler & Frau) LP 25.00
VA - A Wonderful World of Feedback (Zimmerman, Kompleta, LGM 45, Tjaco van Cromvoirt, Roel, Commando Cauldron, Frank Dirkx) LP 9.00
VA - A&M's Pre-Release Sampler # 46 (August 1981) (Alternative TV, Henry Badowski, Wall Of Voodoo,...) LP 4.00
VA - AA Magazine 2 (Alivia Zivich, Blake Hargreaves, zzzzz, Zac Davis, Raphael Lyon, Will Benedict, Joshua Nathanson) FLEXI+MAG 19.00
VA - Abattoir Dogs - 15 Shots Of Rock'n'Roll Weirdness - A Vox Tribute to the Films of Quentin Tarantino (John Lee Hooker, Link Wray, Cramps, Embers, Phantom Chords, Gladiolas, Fatback band, Margaret Lewis, Tommy McLain, Run-A-Ways, Johnny Allen, Richard Berry, Sparkle Moore, Elmore James) MC 5.00
VA - Abschied aus Berne (Asmus Tietchens, Klangkrieg, Günter Reznicek, D.S.I.P., Y-Ton-G, TBC, Genickschuss, Robert Klammer, Umschöpfung: Selenfleh) LP 9.00
VA - Absolute (Current 93, Zoviet France, Clair Obscur, In The Nursery, Click Click, Pink Industry, Mark Stewart & Mafia, Shockheaded Peters, Hula, Revolting Cocks, Fini Tribe) MC 19.00
VA - Abt Nr 409 Copulation (Xerxes von Munsrhein, Copvlation, Abteilung Nr. 409) LP 15.00
VA - Adskillige Titlen (Jonathan Meese, Kommissar Hjuler & Frau, GP & PLS (= Goodiepal), Family Fodder) LP 59.00
VA - Adskillige Titlen (Jonathan Meese, Kommissar Hjuler & Frau, GP & PLS (= Goodiepal), Family Fodder) LP 22.00
VA - Alchemy (SPK, Portion Control, Tödliche Doris, Lustmord, Mark Pauline of Survival Research Laboratories, Test Department, Nocturnal Emissions, La Loora, Art Core, Walter Gramming, Andrew Hickinbotham, P & R Rupenus of New Blockaders, Robert) MC 35.00
VA - All Ears (Johannes Brandt, Robert Levin, Malcolm Tambo, Curt Sachs, Philippe Hausmann, Scott Anderson, Yakichi Nukarya, Tiina Aste, Marika Piiri, Michael Fry, Lorenza Kolosimo, Rudolf Kraus) CD 9.00
VA - All My Sins Remembered - The Sonic Worlds of John Murphy (SPK, Whitehouse, Genocide Organ, Associates, Krang, Gerechtigkeitsliga, Lustmord, Hugo Klang, Krank, Orchestra Of Skin & Bone, Whirlywirld, Blood & Iron, Vhril, Wertham, Of The Wand & The Moon, Blood Axis, Nikolas Schreck, Andrew King,...) 3CD 19.00
VA - Allianz (Wumpscut, Maeror Tri, John Watermann, Die Rache, Trümmerfrauen, Rudi Ratzinger + Das Antlitz, Total Disease, Einsatzkommandos, Ham Burger, H.N.A.S.E., Schädelbasisbruch, Nobdrun, Foxbat, Herb Krauter) MC 18.00
VA - Altered States of Consciousness (Merzbow, Asmus Tietchens, Dissecting Table, Maschinenzimmer 412, PGR, Thessalonians, Trance) CD 9.00
VA - Amazing H23/RRR EP / H23 Magazine Number 2 / Winter 89/90 (EP: Sleep Chamber, Randy Greif, Kim Cascone, PGR, Floating Concrete Octopus / MAG: Genesis P'Orridge, Conrad Schnitzler, Arthur Potter, Sleep Chamber, Randy Greif, Poison Gas Research, Carl Howard, Floating Concrete Octopus) EP+MAG 15.00
VA - Ambient Intimacy Volume 3 (Vance Orchestra, Smell & Quim, Klangwart, Vidna Obmana, Anemone Tube, Infant Cycle, Wildberry, Amy Love, Implicit Order,...) CD-R 14.00
VA - Ambient Systems (Terre Thaemlitz, Facil, Omicron, Sub Dub, Seti, Evolve Now, Mysteries Of Science, Adham Shaikh, Human Mesh Dance, Deep Space Network) 2CD 9.00
VA - America the Beautiful (Idea Fire Company, Haters, Randy Greif, Chop Shop, Small Cruel Party, Nicolas Collins, Con Demek, TAC, John Wiggins, Thomas Dimuzio, Negativland, Borbetomagus, Lee Ranaldo, AMK, Hands To, Philip Perkins, Blowhole, Nisi Period, Crawling With Tarts, Goosew 2CD BOX 16.00
VA - American Music Compilation (Richard Bone, Doctor Wize (= Dennis Weise alas Denis Wize), Anode, Jasun Martz, Eddie Jobson, John Luttrelle) LP 66.00
VA - Amuck (Tone Set, Soylent Greene, Meat Puppets, Mask, Teds, Happy People, Sun City Girls, Destruction, International Language, Jody Foster's Army, Dali's Daughter, Precious Secrets, Knebnagauje, Paris 1942, Killer Pussy, Victory Acres, Poet's Corner) LP 25.00
VA - An Afflicted Man's Musica Box (Nurse With Wound, Anima, AMM, Foetus, Jacques Berrocal, Operating Theatre) LP 49.00
VA - An Uncommon Nature (Mirror, Jonathan Coleclough, Monos, Agog, Richard Lerman, Mike Shannon, Dave Knott, Jeph Jerman, Climax Golden Twins) LP 12.00
VA - Anomalous Silencer # 5 (Ain Soph, Mark Lane, Dementia Precox, Blacklight Braille, Mourmansk 150, Guenter Schroth, Frrranck C.,...) CD 5.00
VA - Antitrade (Bruce Gilbert, S.E.T.I., Leif Elggren, AER, Hazard, Disinformation, hhh) CD 5.00
VA - Arbeit Macht Klang - Nürnberg Sampler (Die Rache, Silent Voices, Kopfschmerztablette, Context, U.P.M., Ceremony Like Luxary, Roland S., M.U.T.E., P.C.R., Frank R., Instant Passion) MC 12.00
VA - Arcana Coelestia (Asmus Tietchens, O Yuki Conjugate, Controlled Bleeding, Peter Frohmader, Robert Rich, Terry Burrows, Twice A Man, Jeff Greinke, Paul Lemos & Joe Papa, Peter Bryngelsson) LP 16.00
VA - Arezzo Wave 90 (Pankow, Mano Negra, Urban Dance Squad, Circle, Rausch, La Busqueda, Malcom X, Unit, Statuto, Luxure, Waiting Life,...) 2LP 12.00
VA - Arrhythmia II - Compilation Of Percussive Music (Voice Of Eye, Left Hand Right Hand, Trance, Life Garden, Illusion Of Safety, Randy Grief, Crash Worship ADRV, Mobius Operandi, Jonathan Kane, Bill Quinn, Beat Mistress, Timothy North, Simone White, John Loose, Trondant Shaman,...) CD 9.00
VA - Arrival (Andrew Pinches, Kevin O'Neill, N.R. Hills, Steve Hillman, Michael Neil, Leif Keane, Tony Gunning, KO'N) MC 9.00
VA - Art Is The Handmaid Of Human Good (Data-Bank-A, Due Process, Ingrid, Jughead, Screaming Alpha, Bill Wright, Al Moody & the Fringe Element, Bop Apocalypse, Bob Coltman, Carptones, Thwipp!, Curious Voltage) LP 15.00
VA - Art-Serie / Vol. 1 - Musik (Brume, S-Core, De Fabriek, Faktor X, Møhr, Entre Vifs, DSIP, Technostria, Kombinat, Closed Circuit, SEA 261, Rise & Decline, Koe, Amputation Group, Etat Des Stocks) MC 15.00
VA - As Yet Untitled (Illusion Of Safety, Randy Greif, AMK, Static Effect, Arcane Device, Haters, Architects Office, Hands To, PBK, Thomas Dimuzio, John Wiggins, Dimthingshine, Michael Chocholak, Wisconsin Conservatory Of Noise, Murray Reams) CD 9.00
VA - Assemblage (S.B.O.T.H.I., Kapotte Muziek, Yeast Culture, Ios Smolders) EP 19.00
VA - Assorted Desecrations & Magnificent Mutations (Sardine, Hummingbirds, Deadly Hume,...) LP 9.00
VA - Audio Odditions # 2 (Edward Ka-spel, Troum, Voice Of Eye, Orchis, S.Q.E., U-R-I, Blood Box, Sebastien, Kaosmik Kitty, Ion Sports) CD 7.00
VA - Audiologie No 3 - 1985 - Compilation Alternative - Funk 2 (Die Form, Bourbonese Qualk, Ony, P16D4, Vox Populi!, Son Of Sam, Scoop!, Kosa, 3M, Vox & Man, Les Nouveaux Entrepreneurs, Capital Funk, Denis Young, Chuck Green, Human Backs, Zoohtee, K. Man & S. Principato, Stanislas Noel) MC BOX 79.00
VA - Audioscope - New Electronic Music from Madrid (Francisco Lopez, Luis Mesa, Miguel A. Ruiz, Orfeon Gagarin, Markus Breuss, El sueno de Hyparco, Antonio Garcia, Juan P. Monreal) CD 6.00
VA - Audiotoop (CD + Booklet: Bohman Brothers, Vernon en Burns, Jeroen Kuster, Quinten Dierick, Jan Schellink, Jana en Bertin, Jörg Piringer en Elffriede, Freek Lomme en Remco van Bladel, Lem en LeMoineau,... / Booklet: Felix Kubin, Birgit Knoechl,...) CD+BOOKLET 14.00
VA - Auftauchen (John Duncan, Michael LeDonne-Bhennet, Tom Marioni) LP 49.00
VA - Aural Fixation (Savage Republic, Schlafengarten, Theatre Of Ice, F/i, Haters, Dreamhouse, Smersh, Girls On Fire, Chris Gross, Abstract Belief, Youth Hostel, Psychological Warfare Branch, Sleepless Knights) MC 15.00
VA - Autoficial (Chop Shop, Con-Dom, Smell & Quim, Haters) EP 5.00
VA - Automation (Telepherique, Christian Renou(= Brume), Ultra Milkmaids, Troum, Spear, Contagious Orgasm, Drape Excrement,...) 2LP 39.00
VA - Awaken (Cecilia +-, Anna Homler, Twist Of Fate, Lizzie Wilcox, Factory, Killerwail, The Vampyre Garden) LP 15.00
VA - Bad Alchemy 23 (Maeror Tri, Hithlahabuth, Reinhold Brunner) MC+MAG 12.00
VA - Bad Alchemy 25 (MC: Abner Malaty, Nunc, Alexei Aigi / MAG: C.M. von Hausswolff, When,...) MC+MAG 9.00
VA - Bad Alchemy 26 (Achim Wollscheid, Zoviet France, Rick Potts, Joseph Hammer, Voice Crack, Mixed Band Philantropist) MC+MAG 15.00
VA - Bad Alchemy 32 (EP: Tesendalo / MAG: Dada, Fetisch Park,...) EP+MAG 11.00
VA - Bad Alchemy 4 (MC: Zoviet France, Video-Aventures, Un Drame Musical Instantane, Helene Sage, Look De Bouk, Virgule 4, Michele Buirette,... / MAG: Albert Marcoeur, Etron Fou Leloublan, Swans, Sun Ra, Conrad Bauer, Shelley Hirsch, Wondeur Brass, Doctor Nerve,...) MC+MAG 19.00
VA - Bad Alchemy 9 (Master Slave Relationship, Jad Fair, Steaming Coils, Kalahari Surfers, Yukio Yung, Jody + The Creams, Amy Denio with Tone Dogs, Orthotonics, Proof Of Utah, Chris Freeman & Janet Smith, Cruel Frederick, Unita Minima) MC+MAG 17.00
VA - Bad Alchemy No. 35 (EP: Perlon / MAG: Musique Concrete, When, Japanese New Music,...) EP+MAG 9.00
VA - Bad Alchemy Nr. 10 (MC: DDAA, Valentina Ponomareva, Sergey Kuryokhin, Snow Children, Arhangelsk,... / MAG: P16D4, Henry Kaiser, Eugene Chadbourne, Os Mutantes, DDAA,...) MC+MAG 17.00
VA - Bairisches Kruzefix (Sparifankal, Wuide Wachl, Minga Mob, Born Bavarian, Bazis, Gratla Bänd) EP+MAG 9.00
VA - Barcelona Ficcion Romance - Transformadors Volumen 2 (Macromassa, La Fura des Baus, Claustrofobia, Gringos, Matavacas, Jumo, Leo Marino & Juanjo Ezquerra, Zush-Tres, Victor Nubla,...) LP 25.00
VA - Becket House (Durutti Column, Are You Mr. Riley, Pooh Sticks, Telescopes, Becketts, John Cunningham, Breaking The Illusion, Brighter, All Over The Place, Synchro System) LP 12.00
VA - Beginners Night at the Tape Loop Club (Sindre Bjerga / Iversen, Dogfrog, Joey Chainsaw, Terje Paulsen, Spoils & Relics, Sky Limousine, Dream Safari, Stefan Kushima, Pal Asle Pettersen) CD-R 9.00
VA - Berliner Berlin in Berlin (Conrad Schnitzler, Gregor S., Populäre Mechanik, Hertz, Tank Of Danzig, Rolf Jungklaus) LP 89.00
VA - Blackpool Rox E.P. (Section 25, Membranes, Syntax, Kenneth Turner Set) EP 49.00
VA - Blorp Esette - Volume One (Residents, Smegma, Le Forte Four, Ju Suk Reet Meate, Cheezit Ritz, Patients, Frank Bedal, Gods Of The Pits, Electric Willy, Dr. Odd, Mr. Foon, Ace=1, Daniel Stewart,...) LP 149.00
VA - Body Section (Die Form, Kirlian Camera, Litfiba, Diaframma, Frigidaire Tango, Rinf, Vox Rei, Modo, Monuments, Jeunesse d'Ivoire) LP 9.00
VA - Body Sounds (Haters, Blackhumour, Odal, John Hudak, Minoy, David Prescott, Adam Bohman, If, Bwana, Die Rache, Mental Anguish, M.A.P., Semantics Could Vanish, Cephalic Index, Indian Rope Burn) MC 9.00
VA - Bommen Bandstand Vol. 1 (Nevskij Prospekt, Crew Of Corpse, Laser Jesus, Soul Patrol, Scanners, Jerker Green, Drug, Blue Crow Men,...) LP 5.00
VA - Bottom of the World - A Compilation of New New Zealand Music (Omit, Sandoz Lab Technicians, Surface Of The Earth, RST) EP 9.00
VA - Bratenstücke - Dom Elchklang 15th Anniversary Edition (Damenbart, Brigitte & the Hansen Experience, Frank Rowenta, Dr. P. Li Khan, Anemonengurt, Korea Soundblaster, Grillhaus, Otto Vokal, Finsternis, Dieter Bauknecht, Coastal Guard, Piano Conrads) CD 12.00
VA - Bright Lights, Big City (Konk, Bryan Ferry, New Order, Prince, M/A/R/R/S, Depeche Mode, Narada, Donald Fagen, Jennifer Hall, Noise Club) LP 4.00
VA - Bruitiste (Esplendor Geometrico, P16.D4, Vivenza, Etant Donnes) 2LP 33.00
VA - Burning The Midnight Sun (Fra Lippo Lippi, Blue Mathue, Popol Vuh, Svart Klovn, Holy Toy, Tim Story, Eyeless In Gaza, De Press, Bearburger, Paha Sapa) LP 25.00
VA - Cadavres Exquis (Nurse With Wound, Legendary Pink Dots, P16D4, Konstruktivits, Van Kaye & Ignit, Human Flesh, Bene Gesserit, Sylvie & Babs, Blind Hunters, Dtress Factor, Red Shift, Human Remains, Seppuku Gala, Subunit, Fat, Moisan,...) MC 49.00
VA - Canoe O & 1 (VHS: Clair Obscur, Un Departement, Nini Raviolette, Lucrate Milk, Orchestre Rouge, Venise, Latin Go / MC: Souvenir de Paris, Latin Go, Odessa Swing, Bela Kis, Crimnee) MC+VIDEO 66.00
VA - Captured Music (P16D4, SBOTHI, Asmus Tietchens, Nachtluft, Christian Marclay, Hafler Trio, Nicolas Collins, Psychic Television, Elliot Sharp, Genesis & Paula P'Orridge) LP 15.00
VA - Cassandwich (Dada Action Group, Caroliner, Crawl Unit, Half Japanese, Noggin, Deerhoof, Cloudland, Shrunken Heads, Crushed Donkey Skull, Kalberer Hotel Supply, Unknown Artist) MC 39.00
VA - CD Side 11 (Rosa Crux, Noisex, Soft Cell, Alec Empire, Shinjuku Thief, Black Lung & Xingu Hill, Sieben, Manufactura, Feindflug, Filter, Neuroticfish, Blood, Retrosic, Terence Fixmer, Manu Le Malin, In Strict Confidence) CD 4.00
VA - CD Tremplin Special Scene Francophone (Violet Stigmata, Lambwool, Afterglow, Flint Glass, Jailbird, Wired Brain, Insane Mamories, T.O.W., Obszön Geschöpf, Pistrix, Blood Under Nails, Olen'k) CD 4.00
VA - Chaos en France - Volume No. 1 (Komintern Sect, No Class, Camera Silens, Collabos, Trotskids, Drei Oklok, Blank SS, Decontrol, Kidnap, Sub Kids, Foutre, Snix, Reich Orgasm) LP 29.00
VA - Charmed (Paul Lemos, Joe Papa, Cyrnai, Ditto, Ben Kettlewell, Triptic Of A Pastel Fern, Jack Hurwitz, Brian Gingrich. Todd Fletcher, George Fox, Stolen Government Binder Clip) LP 9.00
VA - Chart Attack (Der Böse Bub Eugen, Swimming Mannequins, Up! Arts, Teenbeats, Reaction, Del-Pharaohs, Bermuda Idiots, Freds Freunde, Hydrogen Candymen, Magic Mushrooms, Pneumonia Party, Kleopatra Ramses) MC 25.00
VA - Cheese Live (Strange Day, Daltons, Vacuum Cleaner, Iron Fist, Dutch Courage, Challenger) LP 49.00
VA - Choker Set (Doc Wör Mirran, New Carrollton, 1348, Grey Wolves, No Idea, Victor Victim, Trevor Blake, Die Rache, If, Bwana, Fovea, Esruk, Aborted, Za Dharsh, Cephalic Index, K. Jarson, Themis, Resilient Stomache) MC 19.00
VA - Chrematophobia (Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock, Esruk, Odal, S-Core, Juryen, Nostalgie Eternelle, Skeletal Remains, Harald Sack Ziegler, Mental Anguish, James Bailey, Black Flowers, White hand, Audiosyncracy, Za Dharsh, Paul Tyzek, Dust That Collects) MC 15.00
VA - Ciguri (HNAS, P16D4, Asmus Tietchens, Nox, Vox Populi!, Pacific 231, PGR, Thessalonians, Dreaming Together, A.C.E.M.S., Eleve Modele) LP 15.00
VA - Cleaned Out! (Sleepyhead, Uncle Wiggly, Kickstand, Airlines, Giant Mums) EP+FLEXI 9.00
VA - Clear Cut (This Heat, Fall, Red Crayola, Robert Wyatt, Josef K., Orange Juice, Delta 5, Scritti Politti, Essential Logic, Gist, Raincoats, Girls At Our Best) LP 39.00
VA - Climax Productions 2 (Electronic / Experimental) (Absolute Body Control, De Fabriek, Force Dimension, Frontline Assembly, Vomito Negro, Suicide Commando, Danton' s Voice, Bambix, Traxx, White House White, Mi 5, Blue Garden, Unknown European Group) LP 49.00
VA - Close Encounters Of... Sprouts (TC Matic, Mad V, 3W, Stroff, Ice Creams, Crapule Deluxe, Singles, Spitfires, Pebbles, Wild Ones, Clocks, Dany Lademacher's Innersleeve) LP 13.00
VA - Coal Heart Forever (Pseudo Code, Kaa Antilope, Waving Ondulata) LP 33.00
VA - Collaboration (Ramleh, Falx Cerebri, Controlled Bleeding, Pacific 231, Egas L., Next, Mary-Uses Rated) MC 35.00
VA - Color the Reality (Romans, Mysteries, Strong Silent Types, Hesitations) LP 19.00
VA - Communicate!!!! Live at Thames Poly (Sonic Youth, Marc Riley with the Creepers, Poison Girls, Mekong, A Witness, TV Personalities, Mission, Big Flame, Toxic Shock, Nightingales, Ut, June Brides, Mark Perry, Membranes, Very Things, Conflict, Bogshed, The Ex, Pastels, Palookas, Five Go Down T 2LP 12.00
VA - Compilation (Oto, Dick Tracy, Geins't Nait, Double Nelson, Candidate, Gangrene, Kod, Blockaus Babies, Jacques C., Schwantz) LP 19.00
VA - Composite Drawing - Underground Compilation (Big City Orchestra, Sacred Denial, Earwax, Instigators, Spiderbaby, Necromantix, Damage, Acid Reign, Artistic Decline, Ultraviolet Eye, Angel Of The Odd, Piano Moscow, Riding Rails, Malcontento, Climbing Thieves, Picture This, Sosumi,...) LP 12.00
VA - Composition (Henri Chopin, Achim Wollscheid, Pan Sonic) CD 13.00
VA - Condom in Me Um (Doc Wör Mirran, Katharsis, Der 7. Versuch, Le Crap, MCH Band, Joke Project, Blurbs, 2nd Reality,...) MC 9.00
VA - Contactdisc # 4 (Twilight Ritual, Tranquil Eyes, Vox Populi, Kapotte Muziek, X Ray Pop, De Fabriek, Bearcage, S.C.I., Panta Rhei, Frozen Ducks, eM, Figurants, Mystic In Eye Flight) LP 59.00
VA - Contactdisc 3 (HNAS, Mark Lane, Diseno Corbusier, De Fabriek, 5ive Ximes Of Dust, Neel Holst & Hero Wouters, L'Eponge Synthetique, Lost Attic, Tranquil Eyes, Metal Thought, Era Ora, Mystic In Eye Flight) LP 39.00
VA - Contactdisc Nr. 1 (De Fabriek, Hero Woiters, Vittore Baroni, Haters, Andre De Koning, Doxa Sinistra, Onnyk, S. Nakatsu, Act Of God, Gerrit Hoekma, Stereoland, Dier, Vovo Kai, Venezie 5-55, Infatuation, Attic, Enif Omnivorius, Bart Terlaak, Willem Hagen,...) LP 79.00
VA - Contactdisk 2 (Mark Lane, De Fabriek, Hero Wouters, W. Hagen, R. Loots, Stereoland, Nicola Frangione, Klang, CBM 64, Lost Attic, Secreto Metro, Unovidual, Era Ora, Jack Art, Venezia, Smexmec) LP 39.00
VA - Core (Coil,, Lustmord, John Duncan, Boyd Rice, CTI, Joe Potts, Monte Cazazza, Robert Wyatt) LP 15.00
VA - Core - A Conspiracy International Project (Coil, Monte Cazazza, Lustmord, Boyd Rice, John Duncan, Joe Potts, CTI (= Chris & Cosey), Robert Wyatt) LP 9.00
VA - Crash - A Tribute to J.G. Ballard (Clock DVA, Raw, Slow Motion, Electroware, Aima, Advanced Art, Collapse, Pankow, Lazar U.U., Diva Futura, Nova State Conspiracy, Behavioral Control Squad, Michael Briel, Forward Music Quintet, In Trance 95, Sabotage Q.C.Q.C.?) CD 12.00
VA - Crepuscule Collection 1 - The Quick Neat Job (Blaine L. Reininger, Kid Montana, Paul Haig, Pleasure Ground, Anna Domino, Be Music, Cheyne, Wayfarers) LP 13.00
VA - Cultural Terror Volume One & Two - A Zeal SS Sampler (Grey Wolves, Unkommunity, Irritant, Kapotte Muziek, Ramleh, Con-Dom, Nails Ov Christ, New 7th Music, Comando Bruno, Pax Romana, Verboten & Tabu, Stasis, Human Trapped Rhythms, La Otra Cara De Un Jardin, Bomb The Daynursery,...) 2MC 39.00
VA - Da, Da, Da, Das war die Neue Deutsche Welle - 20 Hits der NDW, Einzigartig auf LP (Der Plan, Ideal, Andreas Dorau, Zaza, Trio, Fehlfarben, UKW, Grauzone, Peter Schilling, Joachim Witt, Steinwolke, Combo Colossale, Extrabreit, Clit, Falco, Vera Kaa, Frl. Menke, DÖF, Hubert Kah) LP 9.00
VA - Danish Pastry (Global Guaranty Orchestra, Random Opera, Dub Tractor, Clone Cult, Ramton, Picnic, Nina & Frederik, Hunk Ai, Tzarina Q Cut, Ginnungagab, Cats Cradle, Cockpit Music, Foss/Hoeg/Schneidermann, Linda Lovelace Fanclub, Kim G.,...) MC 9.00
VA - Dansa med Fig. 13. (Cortex, Peyr, Kitchen & the Plastic Spoons, Zoo, Automn 82, Iodine Jupiter & Multi Media Movement, Indikation, Elektriska Cellskapet, Salaligan, Temp, Carl Myren, Johan Vavare) LP 159.00
VA - Dark Beloved Cloud Vol. 2 (Fly Ashtray, Phoaming Edison, Azalia Snail, Michael Evans, Dymaxion, World (Without End), Shock Exchange, Uncle Wiggly) EP 5.00
VA - Darker Skratcher (Le Forte Four, Non, Dennis Duck, Jad Fair, Airway, Doodooettes, Boyd Rice, Daniel Miller, B People, Human Hands, Foundation Boo, Monitor, 45 Grave, Rick Potts Band, Vetza) LP 49.00
VA - Das digitale Vertrauen (Edward Ka-spel, Asmus Tietchens, Jetzmann/Liquidski) 2CD 8.00
VA - Das ist Schönheit (Conrad Schnitzler, Holger Hiller, Thomas Fehlmann, Walter Thielsch, Claus Böhmler, Insook, T.W.A., Karin, André Rademacher, Oliver Hirschbiegel, Jürgen Heimes, Angela Marcus, Rainer Oehms, Peter Reitberger, Saskia Czchoch, Jelle Fargo,...) 2LP 99.00
VA - Daytime (Passion Trade, Andrew Horrey, Electric Dog Sex, Steve Herridge) EP 25.00
VA - De Hondenkoekjesfabriek (Monobrain, Spermatak, Truck van Rental, Headhunter, Civic TV, Planet Art, Bastaman, Mayoman, Total Security, Les 1, Pid Pi, Pie Die Pie, Weak-End Quizz, Dr. Drek) DVD-R 12.00
VA - Debüt No. 3 (Schwachsinniges Geklimper, Thotes Schwein, La Dolce Vita, Lacrima, Cöln, Kinder Corps, Vollton, Dallas,...) LP 15.00
VA - Decay (Francisco Lopez, Graham Lewis, Hecker, Noto, Fennesz, Panacea vs Advanced Academy, Aer, Anton Nikkilä, Shirt Trax, Put Put) CD 9.00
VA - Dedication - Zweite Auslese (Aube, Nord, Andrew Chalk, Hijokaidan, Small Cruel Party, Chop Shop, Miguel Ruiz, Macronympha, Putrefier, Dislocation, Alan Lee, D.D. Dobson, Freudwerk, Cement Women) CD 9.00
VA - Deepnet (Lustmord, Monte Cazazza, CTI, TAGC, Robert Rich, Atom Heart, Coma Virus, Psychophysicist, Octopus) 2CD 9.00
VA - Demoni 2 (Original Soundtrack Dario Argento) (Pierce Turner, Dead Can Dance, Cult, Fields Of Nephilim, Smiths, Simon Boswell, Art Of Noise, Peter Murphy, Gene Loves Jezebel, Love & Rockets, Caduta Massi, Producers) LP 9.00
VA - Denk Daran! (Pyrolator, Der Plan, Croox, Xao Seffcheque & die Pest, SYPH, ZK, 3125/Padeluun, Lemminge, Don Bartnick, Not Mean Themselves, Rigoletto, Vorsprung (ex-Male), Adolf & Eva) LP 22.00
VA - Density 100 (Aube , Monde Bruits, Mortal Vision, Thirdorgan) 2MC 39.00
VA - Density 100 Part II (MSBR, Pain Jerk, Hyper Ventilation, Yellow Cab) 2MC 39.00
VA - Der Sampler (This Heat, Modern Art, Set Fatale, The Blech, Shizzo Flamingos, Poison Dwarfs, Blue Kremlin, Nirwana Press, Collectionism, Crack Foundation, Parchment Prayer) LP 22.00
VA - Der Todesking (Soundtrack by Jörg Buttgereit) (Hermann Kopp, Daktari Lorenz, John Box Walton) EP 39.00
VA - Der Werkpilot (Die Werkpiloten, Prinz Eisenhart, Landungsbrücken, Rhabarberkompott, Vorkriegsrausch) MC 29.00
VA - Destined To Decay (Unkommunity, Grey Wolves, Con Dom, Opera For Infantry, Final, Death Mag 52, Mental Health Act, Ashenden, Last Exit, Mesh, Mindless Scum, Crusade, Virullex, Dead Pulp, Family Patrol Group, City Of The Red Lights) MC 19.00
VA - Deux Lapins (Frontline Assembly, 2+2=5, Dazibao, Sack, Dead Goldfish Ensemble, Keeler, Ak Ak, Losp, Brode Tango, Klimperei, Guz, Laurent Fauconnet, Jaj Enterprise, Terry Gray, Jacqueline Hemmings, Morgan Bryan, L'Edarps A Moth, Claude Seyve,...) MC 39.00
VA - Devastate to Liberate (Coil, Nurse With Wound, P16D4, Hafler Trio, Sema, Current 93, Legendary Pink Dots, Shock Headed Peters, Crass, Annie Anxiety, D&V, Who Will Carry My Arms) LP 35.00
VA - Die Alien-Brains-Story und Kartei-Karten (New Blockaders, Roel Meelkop, If, Bwana, Kommissar Hjuler & Frau, LP 59.00
VA - Die Allround - GMBH (Frank Drake, Jonathan Meese, Kommissar Hjuler & Frau, Jürgen Schneider & Softday, Vrillon, Ashtar Galactic Command) LP 49.00
VA - Die Rueckkehr In Parallel-Meeseversum (2. Kepler-452b Pre-Sequel) (Frank Drake, Jonathan Meese, Kommissar Hjuler & Frau, Jürgen Schneider & Softday, Vrillon, Ashtar Galactic Command, Kommissar Teotihuacan und die Gefiederte Schlangenfrau) LP 23.00
VA - Die Stadt Compilation (Organum, Asmus Tietchens, Hafler Trio, CM von Hausswolff, Ditterich von Euler-Donnersperg) EP 13.00
VA - Die Stille nach dem Schuss (New Blockaders, Roel Meelkop, If, Bwana, Kommissar Hjuler & Frau) LP 25.00
VA - Directions (Camera Obscura, Fracture, Peter Parish, Climbing Frame, David Black & the Despatches, Alchemist Exvention, Andrew Buckingham, False Dots, 400 A.S., S.A.55., Fatal Kiss, Lionel & the L.A. Stars, Words & Pictures, Ice, Savage Hearts,...) 2LP 69.00
VA - Disco Sucks (Merzbow, Windy + Carl, 30 Amp Fuse, Füxa, Exit, Bis, Delgados, Bardo Pond, Bear, Spare Snare, Majesty Crush, C-Clamp, I'm Being Good, Golden Mile) 7x7" BOX 14.00
VA - Disco-Mortem (Merzbow, Hands To, Grey Wolves, Macronympha, C.C.C.C., No Festival Of Light) 3EP 15.00
VA - Discotheque Bruitisme (Mouse On Mars, Hematic Sunsets, Jetzmann/Liquidski, Reznicek, Wrag Naroda, Groenland Orchester, TBC,...) CD 5.00
VA - DMC 5 - 1988 (Dungannon Musicians Collective) (Another Rainy Day, When We Are In Turmoil, Trivial, Place, Balance Is Everything, Seasons, Time Flies, Over The Mountain, Persona, Showbands Must Go) LP 79.00
VA - Do the Maru (Noyes Brothers, 41 Degrees, Steve Solamar, Roger Blackburn) LP 25.00
VA - Doctor Deaths Volume III (Legendary Pink Dots, Data Bank A, Clair Obscur, Controlled Bleeding, Front Line Assembly, Die Bunker, Bill Pritchard, Heavenly Bodies, Psyche, Beautiful Pea Green Boat, Drowning Pool) CD 12.00
VA - Document 01 - Trance / Tribal (Paul Schütze, Shinjuku Filth, Zen Paradox, Hanging Garden, TCH, Soma, Loggerhead, Suntoy, Synapse Interrupt, DNA Lounge, Garry Havrillay, Melbourne University Dept. of Zoology) CD 5.00
VA - Domestic Sampler (Milk From Cheltenham, Tres, Klamm, Boris, Entr'acte, Amos + Superslick, Logotipo, Hostiapaths, El Grito Acusador, Detra's Band 10, Error Genetico, Secreto Metropolitano, Mimi Piner) LP 99.00
VA - Dossier Bordeaux '84 (Anne Gillis, Bernard Nguyen, Zarfati Bund, Patrice Eresue, Yuca Ferdanzen, Jocelyn Medrano, Serge Teyssot-Gay, Thierry Dumaine) MC 39.00
VA - Double Art (D.A.F., John Foxx, Human League, Modern Eon, Heaven 17, OMD, Japan, Simple Minds, Devo) LP 5.00
VA - Douze Pour Un Vol. 2 (Anne Gillis, Video Aventures, Neo Museum, Look De Bouk, Szentendre, Soixante Etages, Shub Niggurath, Quidam, Virgule IV, Buirette / Cabannes / Fonfrede, Art Moulu Trefin, Des Traces, Elle Est Belle Ou La Ligne Est Claire) LP 25.00
VA - Down Among the Z Men (Factor X, Fake Throat, Blur Clique, Roger Crompton, Steve Honeywill, Sharon, Rupert Loydell) MC 29.00
VA - Drone Records- Substantia Innominata 10" Series Promo CDR Vol. 5 01/2018 - SUB-21 to SUB-25 - One Track Of Each 10" (Toy Bizarre, Bass Communion, Yannick Dauby, Hitoshi Kojo, Moljebka Pvulse, Kreng) CD-R 8.00
VA - Dry Lungs (Neo Zelanda, John Duncan, HNAS, Mieses Gegonge, Esplendor Geometrico, Controlled Bleeding, Sleep Chamber, Merzbow, P16D4, SBOTHI, Vivenza, Toll, Etant Donnes, Le Syndicat, Maybe Mental, Problemist, Pacific 231, Dog As Master, ANKH,...) LP 15.00
VA - Dry Lungs 3 (Die Form, Greater Than One, Cranioclast, John Wiggins, Maybe Mental, C.M. von Hausswolff, Z. Karkowski, Paul Lemos, Helene Sage, Un Drame Musical Instantane, Nox, Arthur Potter, Phantom Tollbooth) LP 15.00
VA - Dry Lungs II (Asmus Tietchens, Severed Heads, Hijokaidan, Jeff Greinke, Randy Greif, Controlled Bleeding, YBO2, Jarboe, Tim Story, Un Drame Musical Instantane, If, Bwana, Croiners, Monochrome Bleu) LP 15.00
VA - Dry Lungs IV (Minus Delta T, Robert Rich, Dissecting Table, Controlled Bleeding, Gerogerigegege, Paul Lemos, James Levine, Un Drame Musical Instantane, Helene Sage, Francis Gorge, Heinrich Mucken, Printed At Bismarck's Death) LP 9.00
VA - Dry Lungs V (Etant Donnes, Masonna, Merzbow, Cranioclast, Controlled Bleeding, Null, Arcane Device, Incapacitants, Phallus Dei, Hijokaidan, Paul Lemos, Joe Papa, Un Drame Musical Instantane, Helene Sage, Bernard Vitet, PGR, Carl Stone, Solmania,...) 2CD 13.00
VA - Dubnology - Journeys Into Outer Bass - Cassette 2 of 2 (Rootsman, Loop Guru, Underworld, Meat Beat Manifesto, Eat Static, UVX, Banco De Gaia, Woodshed, Trans-Global Underground, Knights Of The Occasional Table) MC 5.00
VA - Durchschnittsanfall 1 / 2 (Haters, X-Ray Pop, Kapotte Muziek, If, Bwana, Pacific 231, Costes, No Unauthorized, Grey Wolves, Doc Wor Mirran, Victor/Victim, Berserker, Die Rache, Enstruction, PCR, Context, Der 7. Versuch, Une Le Würg Production, Phaenomenalismus,...) 2MC 25.00
VA - Durchschnittsanfall 3 / 4 (Lieutenant Caramel, Smersh, Con-Dom, S-Core, Big City Orchestra, De Fabriek, Modern Art, Attrition, Merzbow, David Prescott, Architects Office, Nostalgie Eternelle, LSD, JFK, Prima Materia, Arnovah, Vandal X, Sack, Zombies Under Stress,...) 2MC 19.00
VA - Durchschnittsanfall 5 (Mental Anguish, Merz, Der Pilz, Het Hilaire Brisdak Ensemble, Odal, Die Rache, Dead Goldfish Ensemble, Victimized Karcass, Prima Materia, Arnovah, Funeral Souvenir, Solanaceae Tau, Ethnic Acid, Abessinier, Silent Voices, JFK, H 64, No Idea,...) MC 9.00
VA - Durchschnittsanfall 6 (Bene Gesserit, Siegmar Fricke, Ampzilla's Delight, U.P.M., PCR, Cancel, Nostalgie Eternelle, Smersh, Severance, Solanaceae Tau) MC 15.00
VA - Dutch Fidelity (Beequeen, Thu20, Radboud Mens, Kapotte Muziek, Jos Smolders, Freiband, Goem, Roel Meelkop, Shifts, Peter Duimelinks, Ad van Buuren, Boca Raton, DMDN, Slo-Fi, Zona Fumatori, Surge) EP+CD-R 19.00
VA - E=mc2+/-1db (or More Music to Fold Towels by) (Steve Fisk, Cheri Knight, Bruce Pavitt, Charles B.R. Mitchell, Michael Land, Chris Bingham, Alex Stahl, Mark Vale,...) 2LP 33.00
VA - Ecstasy By Current 1 (Memorandum, Randy Greif, Jeff Greinke, G*Park, Katharsis, Solanaceae Tau, Subtle Reign, Dim. Retire,...) LP 9.00
VA - Ecstasy By Current II (Vidna Obmana, Dissecting Table, Illusion Of Safety, Yref, En Halvkokt I Folie, Deleted, Dead Tech, Hybrids, In Slaughter Natives, Katharsis) LP 9.00
VA - Efa's Tönende Musikschau 1 (Scatterbrain, C.U.B.S., John Cale, Kip Henrahan, Toshinori Kondo, Guest Stars, La Danza Moderna, Pegasus, Watermelon Man, Plan B.) MC 9.00
VA - Ein Beruhigungsmittel für strapazierte Nerven (De Fabriek, No Unauthorized, Exterminator, Stenka Bazin, Phänomenalismus Sound, Michele Madrange) MC 9.00
VA - Ekhnaton (TAC, Tasaday, Maze 1066, Evitaxal) LP 15.00
VA - Electronic Facts / Facts by Facts II (Ran Slavin, Dove, Finkelstein, D.Fire, Coma, Ariel Caine, Gaza, Fog Child, Tsuky, Zegunder, Binya Reches, Subsoniq, Undrey Acute, Gelbart, Guy Landver,...) 2CD 39.00
VA - Electronic Techno Music Lassigue Bendthaus, Placebo Effect, Time Zone Control, Beborn Beton, Sigbefia Five) LP 39.00
VA - Embraced (Small Cruel Party, Daniel Menche, AMK, Speculum Fight) 2MC BOX 29.00
VA - Endless 2 (Thomas Köner, Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Null, Voice Of Eye, Mandible Chatter, Final, Controlled Bleeding, Bill Laswell, Nicky Skopelitis) CD 5.00
VA - Enfants Terribles (Cruel When Complete, Brainbombs, Orphans, 99 Systems, Pure Pain, Browneye, Disharmonikerna, Queeweed, Spjuver Derivata, Lucky Stroke) LP 19.00
VA - England / United Kingdom (Smell & Quim, Sponge, Osiris, Webcore, Factor X, Schuster, Michael Sefton, Peace & Freedom) MC 9.00
VA - English As A Second Language (Rich La Bonte, Charles Bukowski, Craig Leon, Marina Swingers, Kim Fowley, Randall Kennedy, Henry Rollins, Chuck Bukowski, John Trubee, John Doe, Jane Bond & the Undercovermen, David Roback, Wanda Coleman, Chris D., Odyssey Girls, Ivan E. Roth, Jackson de 2LP 49.00
VA - EP Rayé (Bene Gesserit, X Ray Pop, Trespassers W, Antoine Molaire et l'Ensemble Pandorra, Benedict Ghola) EP 6.00
VA - Epitaph for John (John Watermann, Merzbow, Asmus Tietchens, RLW, Freiband) CD 9.00
VA - Er ist tief und dein Wasser ist dunkler (Yeast Culture, C-Schulz, Arcane Device, PFN) LP 12.00
VA - Esplendor Geometrico 002 (Avant-Dernieres Pensees, 32 Guajars Garagüit, Camino Al Desvan, Melodinamika Sensor) LP 39.00
VA - Europe in the Year Zero (Sudeten Creche, Colour Me Pop, Yazoo) 12" 9.00
VA - Even Anti-Art is Art...That is Why we Reject it (Whitehouse, Vivenza, MB, Organum, New Blockaders, John Duncan, Ramleh, Uncommunity, Krang, Incapacitants) MC 19.00
VA - Exitos del Verano '82 Vol. 2 (U.A., Plastic Bertrand, Two Man Sound, Nöel & the Red Wedge,...) LP 9.00
VA - Experiments With Truth (Legendary Pink Dots, Silverman, People Like Us, Rapoon, Mark Spybey, Nocturnal Emissions, Niels van Hoorn, Scorn, Converter, Red Shift,...) CD 4.00
VA - Explosive (Mystery Band, Food Chain, Notions, Bridge Climbers, Radio Milan, Mad Daddies, Great Scott, Jacks, Square Force, Skyscrapers, Mighty King Snakes, Anthony & the Lookouts, David Burdick) 2LP 15.00
VA - Fake 10 (EP: Helgoland, Zoppo, Biochip C, Prop & Lilani / MAG: Kid 606, Reuber, Knitting Factory,...) EP+MAG 8.00
VA - Fake 9 (EP: Felix Kubin, Fonda 500, Zea, Anton Price / MAG: Pan Sonic, Oren Ambarchi, Oscar Smit, Meeuw, Koen Lybaert,...) EP+MAG 9.00
VA - Fear Drop 10 (Thomas Köner, Scanner, Contagious Orgasm, Roger Rotor, Joe Colley, Alain Basso, Ven Voisey, Nex, Szkieve, Cdatakill,...) CD+MAG 9.00
VA - Fear Drop 11 - Lagrimas de Miedo (Beequeen, Vromb, Daniel Menche, Coelacanth, Yannick Dauby, Rafael Toral, Orphx, B.J. Nilsen, Liquid Sphere, Cordell Klier, C-Drik) CD 5.00
VA - Feeble Efforts (Dept Of Nature, Sec, Fluid, Tony Platon, Invisible Chains, Plebs, D. Boon, Jack Brewer, Ken Starkey, Gary Jacobelly) EP 19.00
VA - Feierwerk Sommerfest 2001 (Legendary Pink Dots,...) CD 9.00
VA - Fiddeliddefittanlej (LL, Pax Romana, Lena, Cutters From Space, Rummet, Liljeholmsrocken, Arvid Tuba, CP-Snacs, Ominious Igelkott, Lärljungar På Vandring, Pro 3, Kropp, Idag Är Alla Döda, Djupfryst Igelkott) MC 29.00
VA - Fight! (Soviet France, Shockheaded Peters, In The Nursery, Pink Industry, Clair Obscur, Revolting Cocks, Hula, Young Gods, Project GK) LP 9.00
VA - Finish (Aube, Brume, MSBR, Contagious Orgasm, Thirdorgan, Macronympha, Astro, Salt) 2EP 19.00
VA - First Cut - The Oxford Sound (Steve Zucker, Animal Grace, Colour Me Pop, Love Attack, Pressure, Ears To The Ground) LP 15.00
VA - First Wave - A Compilation of Young Independent Bands (Chain, Passion Of Ice, Vulcans, All Over The Place, Trees, Airlane, This Change Is Everything, Price, Raindogs, Innocents) LP 25.00
VA - Flowmotion (Legendary Pink Dots, David Jackman, Chris & Cosey, Ian Boddy, Colin Potter, Eyeless In Gaza, T.L.A., Carl Matthews, Paul Nagle) LP 49.00
VA - Flurschaden (Lt. Murnau, 20th Century Zorro, Pero, T.O.L.L., Sovetskoe Foto, S.A.A.B., Gassenhauer, Comix, Volvox, Big Three, Stuff, Ffuts, No Commercial Potential, Harry Der Hirsch, Modell Des Amtes, Dagi Bernhard, Milch Machtz Möglich) MC BOX 39.00
VA - Flux! Porn / The No! Art Statements (Kommissar Hjuler & Frau, John M. Bennett, Bibiana Padilla Maitos, Texas Patti, Violet Storm, Boris Lurie, Dietmar Kirves, Mischa Badasyan, Steve Dalachinsly) MLP 49.00
VA - Fluxus (Milan Knizak, Wolf Vostell, Dada Action Group (Yeast Culture), Kommissar Hjuler & Frau, Daniel Spicer, Paul Ramsey, Keith A. Buchholz, FluxRus) LP 89.00
VA - Fluxus (Milan Knizak, Wolf Vostell, Dada Action Group (Yeast Culture), Kommissar Hjuler & Frau, Daniel Spicer, Paul Ramsey, Keith A. Buchholz, FluxRus) LP 79.00
VA - Fluxus (Milan Knizak, Wolf Vostell, Dada Action Group (Yeast Culture), Kommissar Hjuler & Frau, Daniel Spicer, Paul Ramsey, Keith A. Buchholz, FluxRus) LP 25.00
VA - Fluxus (Albrecht D, Kommissar Hjuler, Jaan Patterson, John M. Bennett, C. Mehrl Bennett, David Dellafiora) LP 89.00
VA - Fluxus (Albrecht D, Kommissar Hjuler, Jaan Patterson, John M. Bennett, C. Mehrl Bennett, David Dellafiora) LP 69.00
VA - Fluxus (Albrecht D, Kommissar Hjuler, Jaan Patterson, John M. Bennett, C. Mehrl Bennett, David Dellafiora) LP 25.00
VA - Fluxus (Wolfgang Sterneck, Claus Sterneck, Kommissar Hjuler & Frau, Tooth Kink, Brandstifter, Reed Altemus, Wataru Kasahara, Kollektiv VII, Tibo Leone, Eel D. Retke) LP 69.00
VA - Fluxus (Wolfgang Sterneck, Claus Sterneck, Kommissar Hjuler & Frau, Tooth Kink, Brandstifter, Reed Altemus, Wataru Kasahara, Kollektiv VII, Tibo Leone, Eel D. Retke) LP 25.00
VA - Fluxus (Mama Bär, Andy Ortmann, Lasse Marhaug, Nonoko Yoshida, Andre Borges, Allan Revich, Maja Solveig, Kjelstrup Ratkje, Alex Lozupone, Paul Feitzinger, Jörg Piringer, Zuzana Husarova, Cecilie Bjorgas Jordheim, Demosthenes Agrafiotis) LP 69.00
VA - Fluxus (Mama Bär, Andy Ortmann, Lasse Marhaug, Nonoko Yoshida, Andre Borges, Allan Revich, Maja Solveig, Kjelstrup Ratkje, Alex Lozupone, Paul Feitzinger, Jörg Piringer, Zuzana Husarova, Cecilie Bjorgas Jordheim, Demosthenes Agrafiotis) LP 19.00
VA - Fluxus +/- (Sven-Ake Johansson, Kommissar Hjuler & Frau, Peter Ablinger, Bill Dietz) LP 25.00
VA - Fluxus +/- INSPEKTORCLOUSEAU der beste Mann bei Interpol blakeedwards (Richard Ramirez, Mama Bär, Daniel Svandberg Bøtcher, Le Scrambled Debutante) LP 22.00
VA - Fluxus = Cars w/o Panties (Danielle Lemaire, Mama Bär, Paak, C. Mehrl Bennett, Emil Siemeister, Magnus Palsson) MLP 49.00
VA - Fluxus III (Kommissar Hjuler & Frau, Mama Bär, Daniela Flörsheim, Shaun Robert) MC 29.00
VA - Fluxus Means Cars Wearing No Panties (Mama Bär, Danielle Lemaire, Paak, Catherine Mehrl Bennett, Magnus Palsson, Emil Siemester) MLP 25.00
VA - Foam (Perfect Mother, R.N.A. Organism, Mad Tea Party, Noizunzuri, Airyfarm, Merzbow, Salaried Man Club, Hyperspace, Bushman 19, Dildos, Base, Shinobu, Amerikakorps, A.T. Rhythm, Minimal Lethal Dose, Mono Sexion, Interon,...) 2LP 149.00
VA - Folds And Rhizomes (Mouse On Mars, Main, Scanner, Oval, Hazan + Shea) CD 7.00
VA - Follies Bizarre (Neil Clark, Linda Britto, Kevin Nixon, Don Larsen, Mery Zema, Ted Kutcher, Brian McCully,...) LP 49.00
VA - For Films - Selected Tracks For Films, Friends & Fiestas: Edit 4 (Einstürzende Neubauten, Relais, Helgoland, Panacea & Hanayo, Rocko Schamoni, Billie Ray Martin, Audiodope, Gator, Umo, Nonplade Urban Field, Hypnotic Neurotic Toys, Senor Coconut, Martin Ayres, Rotosonics, Fettes Brot, Eins Zwo,...) CD 5.00
VA - For Your Ears Only (Edward Ka-spel, Jung Analysts, Attrition, Bushido, Beautiful Pea Green Boat, Konstruktivits, Simon Fisher Turner, Frontline Assembly, Intimate Obsessions, Bill Pritchard, Badland, Credit, All Singing All Dancing, Tragic Venus) 2LP 12.00
VA - Forgotten Futures (Accumulitive Poison, Quazor, Unit, Blabois, Response, Exercise One, Wounded Knee, India, Strikene, Final Prayer, Jhavangelismo Relic, Gurt Stonkers, Chapter 29) LP 19.00
VA - Format 5 (Frank Bretschneider, Golden Tone, Fennesz, Zeitblom, Signal, Carsten Nicolai, Olaf Bender, Berliner Theorie, Wolfgang Mitterer, o + a) CD 5.00
VA - Four Years in 30 Seconds (Nurse With Wound, Faust, Konstruktivits, Merzbow, Idea Fire Company, Bee Queen, Illusion Of Safety, Lee Ranaldo, Contrastate, RLW, Incapacitants, Dual, Headbutt, Band Of Pain, Satori, Splintered, Stefan Jaworzyn, Pessary, Shadow Ring,...) 10" 9.00
VA - Four Years in 30 Seconds (Faust, Nurse With Wound, Idea Fire Company, RLW, Illusion Of Safety, Lee Ranaldo, Merzbow, Konstruktivists, Incapacitants, Pessary, Beequeen, Satori, Dual, Splintered, Pickle Factory, Stefan Jaworzyn, Headbutt, Shadow Ring, Contrastate,...) 10" 9.00
VA - Friends (Klinik, ORDUC, De Fabriek, Solenoid, Ulois, Kapotte Muziek, Gerrit Hoekema, A.D. Eker & M. faincare, Michel Timmerman, Hans Paus, G.E.N., Bearcage, Das Ding, L.Y.I.) LP 15.00
VA - From Torture To Conscience (Current 93, Death In June, In The Nursery, Clair Obscur, Iron In Flesh) LP 39.00
VA - Für Ilse Koch (Nurse With Wound, Whitehouse, Musique Concret, Leibstandarte SS MB, Come, Etat Brut, Aleister Crowley, Heinrich Himmler, Charles Manson, Lebensraum, Imperial Japan, Wiking DDV) LP 149.00
VA - Games of Divinity (Notorische Reflexe, Menschliches Allzumenschliches, Lakune, Autistike Barn, Arranged Accident, Colour of Red, Memphis Tennessee, Probably Dead, Wahn) MC 9.00
VA - Geluidpost (Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock, Rudolf Eb.er, Merzbow, Janek Schaefer, Francisco Lopez, Steve Roden, Machinefabriek, Staplerfahrer, (ad)vance(d),...) 2CD 12.00
VA - German Canadian Friendship (Martin Basic, Stratis, Dissidenten, Reptiles, Büdi Siebert, Singing Fools,...) LP 39.00
VA - German Noise By Animal Art (Marc Behrens, Boche, LSDAP, Loops And Lah-Lah's, Musical Minorities, Ho. Turner) MC 9.00
VA - Geräusch Musik - NOP VA 2 (S-Core, Noizart, Crazy SKB, Aniera, May, S.M.P. Murders, Milkteens, Bloody Cum, Trial Run,...) MC 29.00
VA - God Bless America (Tom Recchion, Blackhouse, Smegma, Borbetomagus, Controlled Bleeding, Sleep Chamber, Eugene Chadbourne, Dimthings, Psyclones, Un-Film, Screaming Dukduks, Noizclot, Jonathan Briley, Walls Of Genius, Maybe Mental, PGR, Art Simon,...) 2MC BOX 12.00
VA - Going (Jan van den Dobbelsteen, Peter Fengler, Majorca, Leon van den Langenberg, Tijmen Smit,...) LP 12.00
VA - Going Nowhere Slow (Pandemonium, Detonators, Dissent, Instigators, Sofa Head, Marginal Man, Knifedance, Wut, Collaps, Dead Silence, Angry Red Planet, Problem Children, Stengte Dorer, Billy & the Willies, Everything Falls Apart, Sons Of Sadism, Anti Heroes) LP 9.00
VA - Good Morning Mister Presley (Gee, Mr. Tracy!, Marc Riley & the Creepers, Yeah Yeah Noh, Microdisney, Fire Hydrant Men, Five Go Down To The Sea?, Bomb Party, Botha Boys, Laugh Away Rain, Ordinaires, Les Garcons, Janitors, Finals, Big & Beautiful, Ronnie Can You Hear Me?) LP 9.00
VA - Groeten uit Amsterdam (Workmates, Presse Papier, Clinch, Dutch, Heat, Infantile, Bullet, Bunkers, Tante Libido, Rollende Zelfdestruktie Revue, Brown Jenkin, Rock Bottom) LP 14.00
VA - Groeten uit Nijmegen (Bambix, Maximum Bob, Poppi Uk, Bips, Frugifer, Shanks) LP 9.00
VA - Groeven uit Heerenveen (Contrast, Het Beest, Cold Steel, Reach Me, Friends, Oh, What A Day, Can't Treat You Cool, Love Without Living, Like A Pinned-Up Butterfly, Hilversumse Kliek) LP 19.00
VA - Guru Means Slayer of Darkness (Illusion of Safety, Bee Queen, Hands To) CD 7.00
VA - Halogen Ball (Dieter Müh, Alchemy Of The 20th Century, Mnem, Grey Park) CD-R 12.00
VA - Have Faith (Con-Dom, AMK, Nails Of Christ) MC 29.00
VA - Hayfever # 1 (EP: Robert Scott, Simon Joyner, Bilderine & the 20 Minutes, Azalia Snail; Mag.: Shadow Ring, Terminals, Furtips, Magick Heads, Trash, Thanes, Aardvarks, Pin Group,...) EP+MAG 5.00
VA - Hayfever # 2 (EP: Flying Saucer Attack, Cakekitchen, Furtips, Yips; Mag.: John Davis, Siltbreeze, Able Tasmans, Peter King Records Lathe Cut,...) EP+MAG 5.00
VA - Hayfever # 4 (EP: Schlammpeitziger, Produkt, Kissyfur, Flying Luttenbachers; Mag.: Conrad Schnitzler, Tony Conrad, Kiwi Animal, Moonshake, Raster Noton,...) EP+MAG 5.00
VA - Headcheese (Christus Christus, Random The Serpent, Zeta, 100 Iced Animals, Attack Decay, Squares, Gumshoe) MC 5.00
VA - Hennie V. Compilation Laibach - Clips & Live / Diamanda Galas - Double Barrelled Prayer / Coil & Marc Almond - Tainted Love / Sound of Progress Film feat. Coil, Foetus, Current 93, Test Dept / Throbbing Gristle - Live Oundle School / Experiments in San Diego VHS 5.00
VA - Hit the Floor (Doppler Effect, Boys Say Go, Minks, Alpha Bettys) LP 39.00
VA - Hoisting the Black Flag (Nurse With Wound, Whitehouse, Lemon Kittens, Truth Club, Mental Aardvarks, Paul Hamilton & Joseph Duarte, David Cross) LP 149.00
VA - Home-Made Universe (Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Bär, Louis Jucker, Jeroen Diepenmaat, Spyon, Clemens Schittko) LP 19.00
VA - Hometown Atrocities (Headless Chickens, Mad At The Sun, Jackson Penis, Beaver Patrol) EP 29.00
VA - Hot Tracks, Series 9, Issue 5, Record C/D (Cabaret Voltaire, Crew 49ers, Sandra) 12" 6.00
VA - Hyperdelic Tape Vol. 1 Psychic TV - 8 Transmissions 8 / Richard Kern & Lydia Lunch - Fingered / Cabaret Voltaire - I WantYou (Promo) / SPK - Necorpolis (Film) & Live Paradiso Amsterdam / Chris & Cosey + John Lacey - Elemental 7 VHS 5.00
VA - I Spy My Little Eye (Absolute Body Control, Pascal Comelade, De Fabriek, Max Axe, Maniacs, Jezebel, Le 5me Procede, Philippe Laurent, Hot Bip, Fate, Cul de Sac, Husband, Mark Hanley) LP 69.00
VA - I Will Live Only Within The Fraction Of A Second That Is This Moment - A My Castle Of Quiet Companion (Kommissar Hjuler & Frau, CM, Umberto, Nuit Noire, Kevin Shields, Grasshopper, Liturgy, Enslaved By Owls, Slasher Risk, C. Lavender, Telecult Powers, Two Years On Welfare, Jabladav, Caldera Lakes) CD-R 9.00
VA - I'm So Bored With The USA (People Like Us, Felix Kubin, Hrvatski, Aerospace Soundwise, While, Jake Mandell, Office Products, Lesser, Suetsu & Underwood, Epecitir, Pomassl, Vengloss Advocaat, Wobbly/Wet Gate, Passarani 2099, Max Kleydersturm, Cartesian Faith) LP 15.00
VA - I.D. Art # 2 (Smegma, Le Forte Four, Mr. Foon, Fredrik Nilsen, Joe Potts, Ace & Duce, Juan Gomez, Harold Schroeder, Gordon Shields, Maureen Abbott,...) CD 12.00
VA - id/lp (Felix Kubin, Victor Marek, Monolake, Automato, 100 Records, Patrick + Casio Kid, Kotai / Bader, Tim (Don't Dolby) + Osto) LP 8.00
VA - Identikit (Beyond Belief, Third Down, False Idols, Progression, Leopold Bloom, Mobius Strip, A Boy Called Mary, Knutz With a "Z", Martin Howard, 'Appen It Will) LP 25.00
VA - Il Cielo Visto Dalla Luna (Inner Circle, Latrina, Avanguardia, Obscurae Lune, Electric Mescaleros, Acid Dub Sistem, Drunk Penguins, Nervous Breakdown, Heidi Hesse, GM, Davide Riccio,...) LP 5.00
VA - Il Sium e il Vencul (Autumn, Ataraxia, Neither/Neither World, Ordeal, Nobody, Sisygambis, Dead Leaves Rising, Tempesta Noire) LP 6.00
VA - Im Namen des Volkes (Konrad Kraft, Frigorex, Goldfinger) MC 8.00
VA - Impact! (Auto-Edit) (Portion Control, Sonic Youth, Hula, Okapi Fever) MLP 5.00
VA - Implements Of Entertainment - Mixed Bag Number 1 (21 Faces, New Blood, Mr. Bizz-ard, Big Back Yard, Tin Gods Of Promise, Asambu) LP 12.00
VA - In Demand (Ohama, Eva Everything, Radio Silence, Surge Forward, OD, Chop Sticks Haul Water, Kurt Swinghammer, Fatales, Scott McGregor Moore) LP 19.00
VA - In die Zukunft (Din A Testbild, ZK, Hans-A-Plast, Geisterfahrer, KFC, Buttocks, Male, Big Muff) LP 29.00
VA - Incursions In Illbient (DJ Spooky, Byzar, We, Sub Dub) CD 5.00
VA - Infera Sinfonia (Merzbow, Mauthausen Orchestra, Sodality, Pacific 231, Blackhumour, Le Syndicat, Haters, If, Bwana, TV Cherubs, Bruno Cossano) MC 25.00
VA - Influx One (Radio Moscow, Indicators. First Aid, Carl Lewis, Another Room, Stranger, Good Blokes, Scratchers, Grandma Moses, Kevin Salinger, Jimmy Nipper Five) LP 15.00
VA - Insane Music For Insane People Vol. 1 (Human Flesh, Pseudo Code, Cortex, I Scream, Bene Dessert, Mecanique Vegetale, M.A.L., Japanese Genius, Subject) MC 29.00
VA - Insane Music For Insane People Vol. 13 (Human Flesh, Bene Gesserit, D'Archangel II (= Edward Ka-spel), Human Dance, Le Lu/Lu's, Alain Neffe, Craig Burk, Paul Kelday, Denis Mpunga, Kaoru Todoroki, Collectionism, Rik Rue, Bill Pritchard, Thalassa Kollectif, Ninove, Jean-Louis Descloux) LP 35.00
VA - Insomnia Vol. 1 (Savage Republic, Helios Creed, Haters, Maybe Mental, We Never Sleep, Architects Office, Human Head Transplant, Blackhumour, Greater Than One, Bourbonese Qualk, Monochrome Bleu, Banned Production, Unknown, Amnesia Quartet,...) 2CD 8.00
VA - Insomnia Vol. 2 (Hunting Lodge, Greater Than One, Matt Heckert (of Survival Research Laboratory), Human Head Transplant) 2MC BOX 25.00
VA - International Friendship (Maurizio Bianchi, Conrad Schnitzler, Yoshi Wada, De Fabriek, Giancarlo Toniutti, Rüdiger Lorenz, Ken Matsutani, Die Aussenminister, Rollkommando, Wolfgang Fenchel, Mario Peach, Freddy Frank, Terra De La Sera) LP 39.00
VA - International Sound Communication 2 (Final, Martha & Straggianopff 99, Ulf Knudson, Unknownmix, Last Exit, S.O.D., Zanstones, 4 Thousand Million, Partners In Crime, Stupids, Western Front, TM-Tribe, Dennis Carleton, A Technicolor Dream, La Masque, Mass Of Black) MC 29.00
VA - International Sound Communication 4 (Klinik, Pseudo Code, Unovidual, Unknownmix, Synthetic Products, Miasma, Narzisse, D.V.A. Minuta, Electro Hippies, If, Bwana, M.A.L., F/i, Drag, Affairs, Anathema, Bloody Hypocrites, Les Bouseux Psychedeliques, Submensa's) MC 29.00
VA - Intredent Fansette (Klinik, Autumn, P16D4, Julius, Z'ev, Twilight Ritual, Hypnobeat, Circles, Tara Cross, Unovidual, Surplus Stock, Problems, De Fabriek, Kapotte Muziek, Denier Du Kulte, Vox Populi, Synthetische Mischgewebe, Man's Hate, Sack, Dino Martini, Trax, Solomonoff 3MC BOX 69.00
VA - It - Era Vulgaris (Lustmord, Attrition, Lassigue Bendthaus, Black Dog, Nebula, Astral Body, Monomorph, Red Sector A) LP 9.00
VA - Italy (Subliminale, Stefano Barban, Das Synthetische Mischgewebe, Womb, Teatrino Della Volpe, Majorana, Crime O Nautix, Black Flowers) MC 9.00
VA - Jock Rocker # 1 (Smegma, Rectal Pizza, Hugh Swofford, Matt Schulte) EP 29.00
VA - John Cage & Helmut Kohl (Rod Summers, Conrad Schnitzler, Jan van den Dobbelsteen, Kommissar Hjuler & Frau, Wolfgang Seidel, Franz Kamin, Jürgen Olbrich, Maja Gehrig, Vasiliki Tsagkari, Kaspar König, Keith Buchholz, Allan Revich, Bibiana Padilla, Maltas, Deborah Boardman, Tricia) LP 25.00
VA - Journey Into Pain - American Groovy Garbage / Weird Sweet Music / Scummy Trash Noise / Meditative Experiment (Gerogerigegege, Masonna, Asmus Tietchens, Frank Dommert, P16.D4, Muslimgauze, Enrico Piva, Sponge, Incapacitants, Half Japanese, Eugene Chadbourne, Cranioclast, Callabris, Autopsia, Denier Du Culte, Sloth, Victor Nubla, Core, Odal,...) 4MC 59.00
VA - Journey Into Pain 3 (Nord, Sodality, Giancarlo Toniutti, Hanatarashi, Hijyokaidan, Incapacitants, Bruno Cossano, Boredoms) MC 25.00
VA - Jubiläumsplatte (Neu, Stunde Null, Liebe im Kraftraum, Alles zu spät, Zwischen Himmel & Erde) 2EP 25.00
VA - Judgement Day - Electronic Music Compilation (X-Ray Pop, Theatre Of Ice, Peach Of Immortality, Emil Beaulieau, Alien Planetscapes, Swine Bolt 45, Menticide, Viktimized Karcass, Mental Anguish, White Hand, Cancerous Growth, Pierre Perret, I.T.N., Cephalic Index, Chuck, H.W.K.,...) 2MC 19.00
VA - Just About Now (Vol. 1) (Carsten Nicolai, Francisco Lopez, Frans de Waard, Ryoji Ikeda, Peter Duimelinks, Roel Meelkop) CD 7.00
VA - Just About Now (Vol. 2) (Frans de Waard, M/S, Justin Bennett, Roel Meelkop, Reinier Schimmel, Edwin van der Heide, Peter Duimelinks, BMB.con, Masahiro Miwa, Jio Shimizu, Toshiya Tsunoda) CD 7.00
VA - Karma Collection (Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Dead Can Dance, Björk, Moby, Lambchop, Dave Pike Set, Clannad, Ride, Stereo MC's, Future Sound Of London, Craig Armstrong, Fug, Grand Tourism, Deepak Chopra feat. Demi Moore, Jakatta, Ghostland, Zero 7,...) 2CD BOX 9.00
VA - Karma Collection 2003 (Moby, Jah Wobble & Bill Laswell, Ravi, Ghostland, Dum Dum Project, Leftfield, Cosmic Rockers, Radar, Bonobo, Bent, Cleveland Watkiss, Thievery Corporation, S-Tone Inc., Ive Mendes, Lemon Jelly, Koop, Tom Naim & Joyce Hoze, Oakenfold,...) 2CD BOX 9.00
VA - Katacombe Vol. 3 (Kapotte Muziek, De Fabriek, Het Zweet, Y Create, Friends In Low Places, Drive, Arthur Berkhoff, MTVS, Throw Me Your Finger, Zombies Under Stress, Disturbed Life) MC 9.00
VA - Keats Rides a Harley (Human Hands, 100 Flowers, Tunneltones, Gun Club, S Squad, Meat Puppets, Toxic Shock, Leaving Trains, Earwigs) LP 33.00
VA - Klinik 1 / 2 / 3 (N.D.E., Presage 84, Couch' Coulette, Goitre De Galine, Sekü, Barbaque La Noblesse, Les Nouveaux Paraplegiques, Dock' Duplick, Eric And The Pedalos, Le Bouffon, J-P. Feray, Domi Delande,...) 3MC 49.00
VA - KLR (Pita, Francisco Lopez, Zbigniew Karkowski) CD 5.00
VA - Kollabaris (Legendary Pink Dots, Tear Garden, Mimir, Karoline K. of Nocturnal Emissions, Lydia Tomkiw of Algebra Suicide, Artwork) CD-R 12.00
VA - Kontaminierung Entekelung (Kommissar Hjuler & Frau, Kommissar-Hjuler Allstar-Band, Amor Fati, Cody Brant, Hate Poem) LP 39.00
VA - Kram Production (Cargo Culte, Roma, Parade, Uncertain Call, Formule Tag, Ja Ich Bin, No Man's Land, Black Maria) LP 39.00
VA - La Legana Sinfonica (Daniel Johnston, Chris Knox, Quintron, Subsonics, Reverend Beat-Man, Solex, Watzloves, Goblins, Black Lips, Cheater Slicks, Negaminus, Pretty Fuck Luck, Country Teasers, Rag Cutter, Detergente, Lo-Lite, Dead Brothers, Bob Log III,...) 2LP 25.00
VA - La Unica Alternativa (La Caida de la Casa Usher, La Gran Curva, Cadena Perpetua, Duncan Dhu, Affaire Ninamonica, Boda de Rubias, Cocina Masai, Gente Corriente, La Dama se Esconde) 2LP 49.00
VA - Labyrinth Vol. 1 (Liquid G., Lost Attic, De Fabriek, E! Truncheon, Nostalgie Eternelle, Osso Exotico, Macromassa, S-Core, Context, Suicide Commando, A Thunder Orchestra, Jörg Thomasius, Die Rache, M.Nomized, Stefano Barban, A Place To Pray, L'ego,...) MC 25.00
VA - Lactamase - The 10" Series - Special Art-Edition w./ Bonus 10" + Bonus CD-R (Coil, Edward Ka-spel, Tony Conrad, Noise-Maker's Fifes, Troum, Aranos, Volcano The Bear, Whitelodge, Vas Deferens Organisation, Stimulus, Rick Reed, Miroslaw Rajkowski, Charalambides) 13x10"+CD-R+POSTER 450.00
VA - LAFMS - The Emergency Cassette - Light Bulb Magazine (John Duncan, Smegma, Tom Recchion, Jad Fair, Slimy Adenoid & the Fab Pablums, Doodooettes, Asmus Tietchens, Bridge, Decayes, Rick Potts, Frederik Nilsen, Neef, Dennis Duck, Pep Lester, Foundation Boo, Bruce Licher, Them Rhythm Ants, B People,...) 2MC 79.00
VA - LAFMS: The Lowest Form Of Music - Bootleg Edition (Le Forte Four, Chip Chapman, Airway, John Duncan, Doo-Dooettes, Smegma, CV Message, Dennis Duck, Kevin Laffey, Foundation Boo, Slimy Adenoid & Pablums, Monitor, Rick Potts, Tom Recchion, Gerald Bole, Dinosaurs With Horns,...) 12CDR BOX 66.00
VA - Le Sacre Du Printemps (Muslimgauze, Etant Donnes, Deutsch Nepal, Vidna Obmana, Lee Ranaldo, Anna Homler, Morthound, Starfish Enterprises, Elvis Peeters, Fred Angst, Everything Is Slow, Budha Building) CD 5.00
VA - Leben - Humming Voice Vol. 10 (Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Pinguin Café Orchestra, Michael Rother, Paul Vincent, Majo Rolyat) LP 7.00
VA - Licht & Schatten - 17. Juni 1981 SO 36 (P1/E, System, Tank Of Danzig, Der Moderne Luftkampf, Unknown, Rubberbeats, Django & Maria, Die Gelbs) LP 33.00
VA - Lieber zuviel als zuwenig - Zickzack Sommerhits 81 (Kosmonautentraum, Einstürzende Neubauten, X-Mal Deutschland, Tödliche Doris, Abwärts, Palais Schaumburg, Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle, Andreas Dorau, Wirtschaftswunder, Nachdenkliche Wehrpflichtige, Andy Giorbino, Zimmermänner, Radierer, Saal 2, Front,... LP 39.00
VA - Life Out There (Gents, Jim Wheat, Jeff Wrenn, Frenetics, Banda Eclipse, Dogs Of Texas, Reverse Heck, Subtropix, Joshomisho, Celeste Dubois, Seven Powers, Jerry Ozdych, Judith Romero, Joe Nick Patoski Y Los Dupa-Kats) LP 19.00
VA - Lift 1 (Nighttime Visitor, Agnes Grey, Lemmon, Suster Poppy, Silver Lining, Thane) LP 5.00
VA - Light Bulb, Issue 3 (Ju Suk Reet Meate, Rick Potts, Dennis Duck, Tom Recchion, Frederik Nilsen, Chip Chapman, Le Forte Four, Child Molesters, Half Japanese, Mr. Foon, Dr. Id, Amy DeWolfe, Mr. Foon, Patients, Joe Potts, Ace =1, Reverend Toad-Eater, Vetza, Spudbud,...) MC 69.00
VA - Linke Soep (Niteshift, Strange Fruit, Aboriginals, Kliek, Emergency Exit, Eyeliner, Cold Sweat, Beatnik Party, Drift, Exist, So Watt,...) LP 19.00
VA - Liquidski & Freunde - Mit festem Gruß (Asmus Tietchens, Cinema Verite, Jetzmann, Liquidski, 8 TNT, Andreas Hoffmann, M. Peinemann) LP 9.00
VA - Lof 1980-1981 (Topaz, Buzz, Exit, Splinter, Rotor, Troll, Sunrock, Click Clack, Stormy Monday, Gonzo, Bet, Clown) LP 9.00
VA - Lof 5 - 1983-'84 (La Linea, Beau Geste, Boots, Korrel, Occupe, Right Measure, Missing Link, J.G. & Passion, T.-Red, Camouflage, Point, Dealwood) LP 29.00
VA - Lonely Is An Eyesore (Dead Can Dance, This Mortal Coil, Cocteau Twins, Clan Of Xymox, Dif Juz, Wolfgang Press, Colourbox, Throwing Muses) LP 9.00
VA - Look What I Found - Casper's Cover Compilation (Bevis Frond, Ruth's Refrigerator, Levellers 5, Ostzonensuppenwuerfelmachenkrebs, Painted Air, Cockroach Attack, Grumble, Provisorios, Blind Lemon Ollie And His Swinging Allstars, Fino Alla Morte, Hellelujah Ding Dong Happy Happy,...) LP 9.00
VA - Look What's Coming to the Surface Volume One: Home Grown (Desert Heart, Company, Gift Of Alien, Octave Tweilight, Respectfully Yours, This Side Of Paradise, Boo To The Goose, Judith Brick, Diet Diet Every Home Should Have One, Riyadh) LP 15.00
VA - Lotnicza - Polska (Kult, Variete, T.Love, Pancerne Rowery) MC 39.00
VA - Lunatic (Criminal Party, Freaks, Datsustora, Mep) EP ACETATE 79.00
VA - Lyrics By Ernest Noyes Brookings (Jad Fair, Eugene Chadbourne, Rebby Sharp, Erik Lindgren, Men & Volts, Rev. Fred Lane & Ron 'Pate's" Debonairs, Kramer, Brave Combo, Michael Bloom, Brian Cullman & David Hansen, Johnny D & the Domestics, Christmas, Bits, John Foster,...) LP 9.00
VA - Macro Dub Infection Volume One (Coil, Tortoise, Scorn, Omni Trio, Tricky, Rootsman, Automaton, New Kingdom, Golden Palominos, Mad Professor, 4 Hero, Earthling, Laika, Wagonchrist, Extremadura, Spring Heel Jack, Disciples, Skull vs Ice, Bandulu, Bud Alzir,...) 2CD 5.00
VA - Maschinenfest (Vromb, Synapscape, Asche, NKVD, Scorn, Imminent, Converter, Winterkälte, Xingu Hill, Celluloid Mata, Klangstabil, Ms Gentur, Tunnel, Monokrom, Silk Saw, Somatic Responses, Mono No Aware, S.I.N.A., Proyecto Mirage,...) 2CD 7.00
VA - Massa (Blässe, Roter Stern Belgrad, EKG) 3MLP BOX 59.00
VA - Masse Mensch (Nurse With Wound, P16D4, Smegma, DDAA, Laughing Hands, Work) LP 49.00
VA - Mein Bester Freund ist tot (Treue Seelen, Philippe & Phluffie, No-Bell-Preis, Nacktmull 1) EP 9.00
VA - Melodies & Structures Volume 1 (Machinepop, Northern Electric, Paperhouse/ex-Click Click, Cabaret, Only Michael, Napalmed, Sintetik, Abuse, Krelisys, Imiafan, Kitten Majestique, Martin Burlas) CD-R 5.00
VA - Mesmer Variations (CM von Hausswolff, Bruce Gilbert, Ryoji Ikeda, Koji Maruani, Edvard Graham Lewis, S.E.T.I., Daniel Menche, Gescom, Quest, Drome, Steve Williams, PITA, Resolution, Robert Hampson, René Hassinger, Put Put) 2CD 9.00
VA - Messfeld (Hithlahabuth, Terpsichore, Syntagma, Plastic Indsmen, Madon&Swanscombe, Testimonium, Order Of Obesity, Gyn/Ner, Inplot) MC 12.00
VA - Mind the Gap Vol. 3 / Gonzo Circus No. 16 (Rapoon, O Yuki Conjugate, God, Scorn, Main, Kong, Revolutionary Dub Warriors, Xingu Hill,...) CD+MAG 12.00
VA - Mind The Gap Volume 2 / Gonzo Circus No. 12 (CD: O Yuki Conjugate, Zoviet France, Beequeen, Horizon 222, Hafler Trio, Raksha Mancham, Sielwolf, Revolutionary Dub Warriors, Rapoon, Exquisite Corpse, Nacturnal Emissions / MAG: Beastie Boys, Elliott Sharp, Autechre, Karlheinz Stockhausen,...) CD+MAG 9.00
VA - Mineral Composition (Die Form, Anne Gillis, Legendary Pink Dots, Z'ev, DDAA, De Fabriek, Tara Cross, Neo Zelanda, Fetus Productions, Johanna Went Masaki, Stabat Stable, Picky Picnic, S.C.I., George Matthewson, Y. Yoshikawa) LP 69.00
VA - Minutes (William S. Burroughs, Tuxedomoon, Winston Tong, Monochrome Set, Jean Cocteau, Richard Jobson, Louis Philippe, Jacques Derrida) LP 45.00
VA - Modulation & Transformation 3 (Oval, Thomas Köner, Scanner, Max Eastley, DJ Spooky, Pluramon, Jim O'Rourke, Thomas P Heckmann, Kerosene, Fetischpark, Steel, Panacea, Gas, Arno Peters, Terre Thaemlitz, Cristian Vogel,...) 2CD 9.00
VA - Modulation & Transformation 4 (Thomas Köner, Kim Kascone, Noto, Panacea, Arno Peeters, Terre Theamlitz, Freiland, Mouse On Mars, Lithops, Rehberg & Bauer, T. Brinkmann, DJ Spooky, Scanner, Kouhei Matsunaga, Masami Akita, Pluramon, Ryoji Ikeda, Achim Wollscheid,...) 3CD 9.00
VA - Monte Video München wünscht sich einen Guten Morgen (Gleitzeit, Instant Music, P.E., Variete Kontrast, Ampzilla's Delight, Dreieier, Fluxus Luxus, Lorenz Lorenz, Comic Kassanova, Real Sharks, Mint Slices, Strange Fruit, Takashi, Maxmanara, Toni Titt and the Torpedos, Huba Huba Hopp,...) LP+EP+7" 69.00
VA - Mother Sister Wife Daughter Grandmother Mother-In-Law (Nurse With Wound, Legendary Pink Dots, Andrew Liles, Volcano The Bear, Troum, Earthmonkey, STPO, Else Teicher, One Starving Day, Orbit Service, Nadja, Armchair Migraine Journey, Un Festin Sagital, CJ Boyd, Expo, Seven That Spells) CD 9.00
VA - Mother's Night in a Turkish Bath (Het, Jack Marlow, Les Objets Insolites) MC 9.00
VA - Motop 1 (Absolute Body Control, Vidna Obmana, Con-Dom, Kapotte Muziek, New Carrollton, Merzbow, Doc Wor Mirran, ORDUC, Esruk, Luis Mesa, Gazza November, 1348, Lampshade, Phaeton Derniere Danse, DVA Met DVA Nichts, De Fabriek, Asod Dvi,...) LP 22.00
VA - Motop 2 (Genocide Organ, Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock, De Fabriek, S-Core, Merzbow, Kapotte Muziek, Onomatopeia, Anenzephalia, Maeror Tri, Frak, L.S.D., Jörg Thomasius, Alain Basso, Mike Shannon, Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide, Wolfgang Foag,...) CD 13.00
VA - Muckraker’s VI (LaDonna Smith & Davey Williams, Shaking Ray Levis) EP+MAG 9.00
VA - Multimood Records Sampler 1986-1996 (Asmus Tietchens, Peter Frohmader, Vidna Obmana, Roedelius, Jeff Greinke, Phauss, Sonic Fractal, Brannon Hungness, Keeler, Michael Winnerholt, Tim Story, Dwight Ashley, Djen Ajakan Shean, Rob Angus) CD 5.00
VA - Murder (Edmund Emil Kemper, Henry Lee Lucas, Kenneth Bianchi, Theodore Robert Bundy) 2EP 15.00
VA - Mushroom Evolution Concert (Models, Jam, Sports, Swingers, Fives, Jo Jo Zep & the Falcons, Madder Flake, Chain, Sunnyboys, Paul Kelly,...) 3LP 19.00
VA - Music from the Dead Zone 2 USA (Haters, Hunting Lodge, For Against, Little Fyodor, F/1, Smersh, Psyclones, Schlafengarten, Corpses As Bedmates, Boy Dirt Car, Digital Sex, Gestaltung) LP 9.00
VA - Music to be Murdered by (Pascal Comelade, Geins't Nait, Sprung aus den Wolken, N.L.C., Laurent & Dominique Petitgand, Nox, Laurent Pernice, Hanzel & Gretzel, 60 Etages, Jaggernaut, Grill) CD 9.00
VA - Musica Metropolitana (Sharks, A, D.H.G., Long Vehicle, Frend, Casbah, Elio E Le Storie Tese, Caimi & Kaimano Band) LP 19.00
VA - Musical Emissions by... (Colin Potter, Paul Nagle, Carl Matthews, Michael Neil, Tim Stebbing, Ben Kettlewell, Mark Griffiths, Kevin O'Neill, Growing Concern, Keith Scarterfield, Synthetik, Steve Hillman, Vietgrove, Ron Berry, Jonathan Miller, John Costello,...) MC 19.00
VA - Musik ur Filmen G (Nasa, Barn, Intro, Eva Dahlgren, Nürnberg 47, Freestyle) LP 19.00
VA - Musik zur Zeit (Throbbing Gristle, Slowdive, Hope, Destroyer, Courtney Barnett, Kurt Vile, Ben Frost, Mauno, Zlur, Zhala, Matias Aguayo & the Desdemonas, Alex Lahey, Andreas Spechtl, Jamila Woods, Noname) MAG+CD 5.00
VA - Musikvideos aus dem OFF - For Promotional Use Only # 2 (Felix Kubin, Malaria, Holger Hiller, Die Goldenen Zitronen, Thomas Brinkmann, Blumfeld, Rocko Schamoni, Marc Richter, Jan Jelinek, Schneider TM, Akiko Hada, Chicks On Speed, Mariola Brillowska, Hanayo, Karl Bonnie, Die Türen,...) DVD 9.00
VA - Nature Morte Two (Small Cruel Party, Lieutenat Caramel, Chop Shop, Legion, Rudolv Eb.er, Möslang / Guhl, M.Northam) MC 19.00
VA - Necronomicon 2 (Non Toxique Lost, P16.D4, F/i, Architects Office, Weltraumforscher, Psyclones, Vox Populi!, Smersh, Falx Cerebri, Schlafengarten, Tasaday, Merz, Avant-Dernieres Pensees, Recursos Ajenos, White Hand, Linea Tactica, El Obscuro Interior,...) 2MC 19.00
VA - Neighborhood Rhythms (Rich La Bonte, Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Brad Laner, Henry Rollins, Bob Flanagan, Kim Fowley, Chris D., Kid Congo, Randall Kennedy, John Trubee & the Ugly Janitors of America, Charles Bukowski, Mike Watt, Michael C. Ford, Nancy Lopez, Bob Sherman,...) 2LP 22.00
VA - Neue Deutsche Post Avantgarde (HNAS, SBOTHI, P16D4, Werkbund, Frieder Butzmann, Thomas Kapielski, Cranioclast, Gerechtigkeitsliga, Cinema Verite, Mullah, Graf Haufen) LP 25.00
VA - Neue Muster Volume 5 & 6 (Tara Cross, Conrad Schnitzler, Human Flesh, Pacific 231, Big City Orchestra, X-Ray Pop, De Fabriek, Merzbow, Haters, F.A.R., Modern Art, Asmus Tietchens, No Unauthorized, Smersh, Sleaze Art, Architects Office) 2MC 29.00
VA - Neuengamme (Whitehouse, Maurizio Bianchi, P16D4, Esplendor Geometrico, Ramleh, Consumer Electronics, Krang, Sutcliffe Jugend, Kleistwahr, Phallus Dei) LP 23.00
VA - Never See You Again - Augsburg 1982-85 (Schatten Unter Eis, Wahnvorstellung, Flow My Tears The Policeman Said) 2EP 22.00
VA - New Beat Generation Vol. 1 (White House White, Berliner Meisterschaft, S.M. Taboo, Shakti, Dirty Harry, New Beat Generation, Secrets Of China, Honey Dolly, Fruit Of Life, Opium Monks, Believe It Or Not) LP 4.00
VA - New Music From Long Island (Inner Landscapes, Michael Adam Pollack, Industry, Hidden City, Runaway Horses, Paul Seal, Howard Seal, Bob Stack, Al Lowe, Mike McMullan) LP 59.00
VA - New Noise Year's Party - Wo. 31 Dec 86 (Club Moral, Con-Dom, Victor/Im, H64, Iron Brotherhood, Export) 3MC 39.00
VA - Next To Nothing - A Collection of Tuxedomoon Covers (Simon Fisher Turner, Scanner, David Venech, Ramuntcho Matta, Deux Pingouins, Stensil, Versari, El Tiger Comics Group, Palo Alto, Laurent Pernice, Norscq, Wild Shores, AKA_Bondage, Non Finito Orchestra, Black Sifichi, Jacques El,...) CD 15.00
VA - Nine / Underground (Jarboe, 349, Incest, Clubfoot, Young Schizophrenics, Sequence 3, Accidents Of Culture, PCV Precinct, Pillowtexans) LP 19.00
VA - No Big Business (Absolute Body Control, Siglo XX, Luc van Acker, Didi de Paris, Cinema Rasch, Motives, Suspects, Fizik, Spermicide, Underdogs, Minz, Neue Sachlichkeit, Scabs) LP 29.00
VA - No Big Business 2 (A Blaze Colour, Neon Judgement, M-Bryo & D.M.T., Men 2nd, Kebab, Portrait Bizarre, Primitifs, Sovjet War, Maid in Belgium, Nightcap) LP 69.00
VA - No Borders (Conrad Schnitzler, Gen Ken Montgomery, Morphogenesis, Arcane Device, David Prescott, Rollkommando, Iancu Dumitrescu, Jörg Thomasius, Stefan Tischler, Charles Cohen, Michael Chocholak) LP 29.00
VA - No New York (DNA, Mars, Contortions, Teenage Jesus & the Jerks) LP 35.00
VA - Noise Nonsence & Nothing (Smegma, Hidious In Strength, Due Process, Emil Beaulieau, Jonathan Briley, Noizclot, Zewizz (= Sleep Chamber), Seven From Life, Mahcanik) MC 19.00
VA - Normal Tape 10 (Sema, Homosexuals, An Bene & Pierre Lambow, After Dinner, No Trend, Richard Barone & James Mastro, By Products Of America) MC 9.00
VA - Normal Tape 11 (Possession, Fetus Productions, Certain General, Gordons, Karl Biscuit, Marie & the Atom) MC 9.00
VA - Normal Tape 7 (Metamorphosis, Bourbonese Qualk, Savage Republic, Zazou/Bikaye, Romans, Michael Zentner) MC 9.00
VA - Normal Tape 8 (Legendary Pink Dots, Bomis Prendin, XX Committee, Living Daylights, News From Babel, Jane Bond) MC 9.00
VA - Normal Tape 9 (Pseudo Code, Kerry Leimer, 3 Teens Kill 4, Direct Hits, Unrest Work & Play, 10,000 Maniacs) MC 9.00
VA - Northern California Is A Noisey Place Indeed (negativland, Crawling With Tarts, Schlafengarten, Big City Orchestra, Thessalonians, AMK, Psyclones, Brook Hinton, Monks Of Doom, O, Kingshouse, Johnny Primitive, Box O' Laffs) MC 12.00
VA - Not Alone (Nurse With Wound, Antony, Coil, Edward Ka-spel, Charlemagne Palestine, Current 93, Aube, Hafler Trio, Jim O'Rourke, Tom Recchion, Thurston Moore, Marc Almond, Jad Fair, Bevis Frond, Bonnie Prince Billy, Keiji Haino, Mirror, Colin Potter,...) 5CD BOX 29.00
VA - Nothing Changes (Autechre, Meat Beat Manifesto, Plaid, Squarepusher, Plug, Bowling Green) CD 5.00
VA - Nouvelle Vague Celluloid (Cabaret Voltaire, Normal, Artefact, Mathematiques Modernes, Jacno, Rectangle, Suicide Romeo, Prag Vec, Garcons, Orphelins, Modern Guy, XXX, Party) MC 15.00
VA - Novamute Kompilation (Speedy J, Luke Slater, Darren Price, Space DJ'z, Aftrax, JB3, Fawn) 2LP 5.00
VA - Nuremberga In Vertebris (Doc Wör Mirran, Glatze Des Willens, PCR, Die Rache, Kopfschmerztablette, Parade, Der7. Versuch, C.O.D., Die Weisse Rose, 2nd Reality, Le Volksbüro, Thumper, Canardo Pigs) LP 15.00
VA - Objekt 5 (Blackhouse, T.A.C., Vox Populi, Haters, Nightmare Lodge, De Fabriek, Psyclones, Lilith, Dive, Vidna Obmana, Cyrnai, S-Core, Q.R. Ghazala, In The Distance, Ralph Carney) CD 9.00
VA - Objekt 5.5 (Smegma, Blackhouse, Human Flesh, Haters, Lilith, Ralph Carney, Vocokesh, Q.R. Ghazala, Free Zone, John Trubee & the Ugly Janitors ff America, Death & Taxe$, Living End) MC 19.00
VA - Objekt No. 2 (Asmus Tietchens, Minimal Man, Bernard C., Vox Populi!, Viscera, No Trend, Blackhouse, Pacific 231, Psyclones, If, Bwana, Walls Of Genius, Psi-Field, F/i, Schlafengarten, ABC Mutes, Architects Office, Human Flesh, P.W.B., Problemist,...) MC 12.00
VA - Obscure Independent Classics Volume 5 (HNAS, Asmus Tietchens, Deep Freece Mice, Attrition, Controlled Bleeding, Enski Bonski, R. Stevie Moore, Chrysanthemums, Loch Ness Monster, Lydia Tomkiw (= Algebra Suicide), Terry Burrows, Bill Pritchard,...) LP 29.00
VA - Occupied Territories - Muslimgauze (played by) (Zoviet France, O Yuki Conjugate, People Like Us, Panasonic, Sons Of Silence, Starfish Pool, Bryn Jones, Zion Train, LOSD, Drome, Extremadura, Quest, Square Root Of Dub, Nonplace Urban Field, Human Beings, Elke Dag, Clika,...) 2CD 12.00
VA - Of This Men Shall Know Nothing (Richard Ramirez, Rotten Piece, Olivia Block, Mechanical Arm, 13, Shiva The Destroyer, Factory Press, Matthew Jackson, Lectura, DRJ, Mazinga Phaser, Isaac Hampton, Sivad, Sean A. Donovan, Fallen Vlods, Sad Housewives With Acoustic Guitars) MC 9.00
VA - Ohrensausen (Coil, Sema, Nurse With Wound, Smegma, Asmus Tietchens, P16D4, Chrystal Belle Scrodd, Duka Bass Band, Mieses Gegonge) LP 39.00
VA - Ohrenschrauben (Nurse With Wound, Whitehouse, Current 93, P16D4, H.N.A.S., Organum, New Blockaders, Vagina Dentata Organ, Haters, Toll) LP 111.00
VA - On A Wing And A Prayer (True North, Outfit, Secret History, Secret Garden, Trixter, Restrictors) LP 39.00
VA - On-Slaught 1 (Mark Lane, Neef, TV Toy, Alan R.) FLEXI 9.00
VA - One Little Indian - Greatest Hits Volume 2 (Sugarcubes, Anna Palm, Sleeping Dogs Wake, Fini Tribe, Pinkie MacLure, They Might Be Giants, Kitchens Of Distinction, Shamen, Mute Drivers,...) 2LP 9.00
VA - One Of A Number - Part Of A Whole (Klinik, Alien Sex Fiend, A Split Second, Poesie Noire, Men 2nd, Masai, Sigmund und sein Freund) LP 12.00
VA - Oral Works (Jan Yun, Lao Yang, Xiao He, Lin Zhiying, Zhong Minjie, Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, Torturing Nurse, Li Zeng Hui, Zheng Shijia, Mai Xiao Guo Da Shi) CD-R 9.00
VA - Oscotarach (Carsten Vollmer, Hidden Technology, Spherical Disrupted, Skalpell) 2LP 12.00
VA - Oslwmmgib (Masami Akita / Merzbow, Let's Have Healthy Children, Delmas Rosenquist & A.J. Anes, Mnee Chorischnooto) MC 15.00
VA - Out Of Depression No. 11 (Nachtluft, Andreas Bosshard, Christian Buess, Alfred Zimmerlin, String Field, Phil Edelstein, Günter Müller, Ernst Thoma) MC+MAG 25.00
VA - Out Of Standard!! Deutschland 1 (P16D4, SBOTHI, Conrad Schnitzler, Non Toxique Lost, Didaktische Einheit, Cinema Verité, Chazev) MC 25.00
VA - Out Of Standard!! Italia 2 (Christina Kubisch, Roberto Laneri, Luca Miti, Raffaele Serra, Riccardo Sinigaglia, Evitaxal, Alessandro Bruno, Mario de Leo) MC 19.00
VA - Out Of The Unknown (Exploring Venus, Ritzy, Enigma Force, Sonic Mushroom, No You Turn, Phonetic Scheme, Silent Majority, Basta Roc, Near Legendary Blind Eye, Jean Jane, Tim Smith) LP 39.00
VA - Out There - A Thread Through Time (Coil, Zoviet France, Horizon 222, Re:Search, Chris & Cosey, CTI, Black Dog, Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia, Greater Than One, Abraxas, Unit Moebius, T&B, Secret Agent No. 1, Free Space Comm.,...) 4MLP 29.00
VA - Overload Extasya (P16.D4, Fetus Productions, Null, Tibeta Ubik, Hanatarashi, Twilight Oaum) MC 29.00
VA - Overtone 2 - The Progressive Album (Karmann, No Exit, Print Cuts, Nassau Effect, King's Magic Suit, Never The Ring, Atrachi, Judi Ferrado Band) LP 49.00
VA - Overtone 4 - A Selection of Scottish Pop Music (Geisha Boyz, Action Station, Wardance, Led, Phase II, Common 5/8, A's For Igloos, Alphaswitzens) LP 49.00
VA - Painting the Fence Red (Cultural Thugs, Easter and the Totem, Keeping Up with the Reagans, Best Foot Forward!) LP 15.00
VA - Palace Of Lights (Kerry Leimer, Savant, Marc Barreca, Anode) EP 29.00
VA - Pandora's Wooden Bucket (Cinema Verite, Vox Populi!, Odal, Die Rache, F.A.R., Lyke Wake, No Unauthorized, Death Pact) 2MC BOX 29.00
VA - Panic Panic (Monty Cantsin, Biohazard, Red Shift, Charles Foucrault, Suzie Cue, Wonderland & Lilyput, Vomit & the Zits, Terapi, Clicks, Septyx, Culture Shock) LP 19.00
VA - Paper & Plastic (Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock, Yeast Culture, Inzekt, Small Cruel Party, Chop Shop, Sudden Infant, Achim Wollscheid, Merzbow, Kapotte Muziek, Wash Your Brains, Das Synthetische Mischgewebe, All Fours, Ios Smolders, Agog, Appi, TAC, Emil Beaulieau, Native X, 2CD BOX 29.00
VA - Pardon Me For Barking In Like This... - M Squared Rare Recordings 1979 - 1983 (Scattered Order, Systematics, Makers Of The Dead Travel Fast, Patrick Gibson, A Cloakroom Assembly, Height/Dismay, Pleasant Peasants, Prod, Michael Prowse, Shane Fahey, East End Butchers, A Volatile T Shirt, Jonathan Dunshea) 5LP+10"+T-Shirt BOX 89.00
VA - Paris Tokyo (Merzbow, DDAA, Jacques Berrocal, Jacques Doyen, La Fondation, Video-Aventures, Satellite, Kumiko Suyama, Richard Pinhas, Haco, MLD, Isansozokunin) MC 25.00
VA - Parocktikum - Die anderen Bands (Der Expander des Fortschritts, AG Geige, Die Anderen, Die Art, Die Skeptiker, Zorn, Sandow, Rosengarten, Feeling B, Hard Pop, Cadavre Exquis) LP 19.00
VA - Pas De Deux (Algebra Suicide, Bene Gesserit, Psyclones, Deux Pingouins, Diseno Corbusier, Viscera, Lied An Die Freude, Cheiron, Enhänta Bödlar, Influenza Prods.) LP 75.00
VA - Pathological Resonance (Maeror Tri, Tesendalo, Aube, Kapotte Muziek, K2, 1334, Das Synthetische Mischgewebe, Rudolf Eb.er, Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock, True Romance, Oval Language, Terpsychore, Testimonium, Cupio Dissolvi) MC 39.00
VA - Performing Humans (Omming For Woks, Dig Vis Drill, Monotony Commission, Film Polski) EP 49.00
VA - Perpetual State Of Oracular Dream (Genocide Organ, Asmus Tietchens, Hirsch Quadrat, Arcane Device, Cranioclast, Crash Worship, Haters, Mimir, Premature Ejaculation, Plecid, Dept Of Nature, Blackhumour) LP 25.00
VA - Philosophy Of A Knife (Brighter Death Now, Contagious Orgasm, White Walls, Irm, Brandkommando, Kristus Kut, Dry Greed, Bagman, Staalkracht, Barrikad, Atrabilis Sunrise) CD 12.00
VA - Pillows & Prayers (Thomas Leer, Eyeless In Gaza, Piero Miles, Monochrome Set, Five Or Six, Felt, Passage, Kevin Coyne, Everything But The Girl, Attila The Stockbroker, Nightingales, Quentin Crisp, Tracey Thorn, Ben Watt, Joe Crow, Felt, Misunderstood, Marine Girls) LP 9.00
VA - Plaies - Compilation Amanita (Anal Disaster, Oharu, De Ku Dilacht, Gollum Taatum, Steer Vegs, My First Toy, Shunatao, Skullduggery, Heliogabale, Hash Over) LP 15.00
VA - Playword (Freiband, Jan van den Dobbelsteen, Machinefabriek, Erwin van Looveren) EP 6.00
VA - Poetry Olympics Vol. 1 (John Cooper Clarke, Attila The Stockbroker, Michael Horovitz, Fran Landesman, Roger McGough, James Berry, David Henderson, Heathcote Williams, Miles Dasvis Landesman, Liz Lochhead, Elizabeth Smart, Seething Wells) LP 19.00
VA - Poetry Slam / Once Again (Kommissar Hjuler & Frau, Fee, Tonya Ingram, Sabrina Benaim, Nora Gomringer, Xochil A. Schütz) LP 49.00
VA - Poetry Slam / Once Again / A-Soma & Eve Libertine (Kommissar Hjuler & Frau / A-Soma & Eve Libertine LP 66.00
VA - Poltergeist I (Der Akteur, F/i, Falx Cerebri, Merzbow, Trigger B, Dr. Strangelove, Smersh, Louis Pasteur, Berserker, Rumble, Inconsequent Nihilistz, AKAK, Zuffnick, Lila Blocksberg, For Beast And Beauty, Fem Diriö, Z.d.L., Gai Saber) MC 19.00
VA - Poltergeist II (Bogart, Horse He's Sick, Ritus, No Unauthorized, Louis Pasteur, Mario Marzidovsek, Action Room, Die Söhne Onans, Mataprada, Paul Kelday, Das Synthetische Mischgewebe, Trigger B, Herzschlag, Thomas Wegner) MC 19.00
VA - Pop-Ei Presenteert (Tempo di Marcia, Ronde Stip, Beau Yama, Chaos, Human Device, Lipstick) LP 49.00
VA - Pordenone - The Great Complotto (Mind Invaders, Cancer, Musique Macanique, Tampax, Hitler SS, Andy Warhol Banana Technicolor, Mess, W.K.W., Sexy Angels, Little Chemists,...) LP 66.00
VA - Position Underground (Monsieur, Omicron X, Acid Warlordz) EP 5.00
VA - Profiles On Parade (Cast(e), Prophiles, Oxymoron) EP 49.00
VA - Project 91 (Muslimgauze, Deux Filles, Z'ev, Boyd Rice, Pornosect, Barry Adamson, Robert Anton Wilson, Kathy Acker, T.A.G.C., Heights Brothers, Peter Shyjka, Sow, Andrew Lewis) CD 9.00
VA - Psst! Wanna Buy Record? (Bing Selfish, Murphy Challengers , Lenin Lads, Employees, El Narciso, Los Delectantes, Sycophants, Lepke Buckwalter, Tennis Ball's Bigger Than the Golf Ball, Appel Singh Bankboy's Five O'Clock Train, Mari L'ou, Thoth, DJ Taj & the New Language) LP 19.00
VA - Psykoscifipoppia (Felix Kubin, Groenlandorchester, Brezel Göring, Electric Helgoland, Max Kleyderstorm) LP 15.00
VA - Psyquil-Sampler (No Comment, Giants Causeway, Ordinary Strange, Nachzehrer, B-Ha, Lloydt And Me, Charlottes Manie, Echophrasia, Planoforce, Mülli Schokoladi) MC 33.00
VA - Ptolemaic Terrascope 20 (Sundial, Mayo Thompson, Jessamine, Brother J.T.) EP 7.00
VA - Ptolemaic Terrascope 21 (Neutral Milk Hotel, Tom Rapp, Hampton Grene Band) EP 9.00
VA - Ptolemaic Terrascope 24 (Guided By Voices, Electric Prunes, Pelt, Lazily Spun) EP 9.00
VA - Pudel Produkte 2 (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang w./ Theobi, Rocko Schamoni & Lenia, Candie Hank, Miki Mikron, Plemo, Bodenständig 2000, School of Zuversicht, Ricardo Prosetti & Kazyushi Frogati) MLP 7.00
VA - Pudel Produkte 3 (Felix Kubin, Mark Boombastik, Rocko Schamoni, Phono, Jan Peter, John Callaghan) MLP 5.00
VA - Pursuit Of Happiness (Port Said, Algebra Suicide, Tara Cross, Klystron, Psyclones, Slab, Sombrero Galaxy, Dead Art, Audio Leter, Beat Happening, Fundamentalists, diaTribe,...) MC 19.00
VA - Radio Tokyo Tapes - Volume 2 (Kommunity FK, Food & Shelter, Bay Of Pigs, 17 Pygmies, Fibonaccis, Red Wedding, Alex Gibson & Passionnel, John Trubee, Psychobud, Chill Factor, Pleasure Mask, Animal Dance, Outer Circle, Shadow Minstrels) LP 9.00
VA - Rare Record Price Guide 1995 Record Collector BOOK 5.00
VA - Redemption - Extreme Electronik 1986-1993 Vol. 1 (Merzbow, Club Moral, Pacific 231, Con-Dom, Gum, Haters, Final Solution, Arvid Tuba, Brutal Love, Door Of Shame, L'Akstremauncio, Tox Movement) MC 22.00
VA - Reflections 1 (Ariel Kalma, Colin Potter, Carl Matthews, Rieg) MC 59.00
VA - Relay Eight (Bohman Brothers, Phil Minton, Mark Wastell, Phil Durrant,...) CD 8.00
VA - Resonance - A Nettwork Compilation (Skinny Puppy, Single Gun Theory, Brainbox, Wild Strawberries, Mystery Machine, Dreamlogic, Weed, Sully) CD 5.00
VA - Retro Retry Sonic Youth - EVOL (Hitmachine, ZZZ, Petrified Host, Gifkip, Pfaff, Blues Brother Castro, Franco Formica, Gone Bald, Makazoruki, Finecaina Superbone) CD 8.00
VA - Rising from the Red Sand Volume 3 (Nurse With Wound, Sylvie & Babs, Legendary Pink Dots, David Jackman, P16D4, Portion Control, Konstruktivits, Bene Gesserit, Metamorphosis, Bushido, We Be Echo, Onnyk, James Braddell) MC 29.00
VA - Rising from the Red Sand Volume 5 (Tödliche Doris, Smegma, Colin Potter, DDAA, Conrad Schnitzler, Ptose, Irsol, Radio Free Europe, Merzbow, David Knight, Sirius B, Kopf Kurz, Philippe Laurent, Hula, Dave Jones) MC 29.00
VA - Ritual Dos Sadicos (Pacific 231, Vox Populi!, Nox, Clair Obscur, Berlinerluft, Parazite, N.N. End, Art Remains Tangible) MC 39.00
VA - Ritual Dos Sadicos II (DZ Lectric, Vox Populi!, Pacific 231, A.I.Z., Denier Du Culte, Egas L., Nox, Man, JP 118) LP 39.00
VA - RL (Rune Lindblad, CM von Hausswolff, Leif Elggren, Kent Tankred, Edvard Graham Lewis, Jean-Louis Huhta, Brommage Dub, BJ Nilsen) MLP+CD 19.00
VA - Ro (Muslimgauze, Bourbonese Qualk, Royal Family & The Poor, Het Zweet, Ideas Beyond Filth, Bodhi Beat Poets) LP 12.00
VA - Rockactive 1 (No Trouble, Steam, Fog, Crack Jaw, Locomotion, M.T. Wizard, Nur So, Addis, P.L.O., Elaine, So-Wie-So, Black Eagles) LP 15.00
VA - Rocket Fuel (Fatboy Slim, Scorn, Charlatans, Red, Pressure Drop, Mark E. Smith, Funki Porcini, DJ Food, Purr, A.P.E., Swag, Dr. Rockit, Wolfgang Press, Killer Moses, Ramshackle, Environmental Science, Bob Holroyd, Black Star Liner, Spacelink, T. Power,...) 2CD BOX 5.00
VA - Rockgarage Compilation Vol. 4 (2+2=5, Frigidaire Tango, Diaframma, Plasticost, Degada Saf, Pyramids, Crepesuzette, Detonazione, Go-Karts) LP 49.00
VA - Rough Road (Lord Creator, Al Campbell, Don Tinglin, Isaacs) LP 9.00
VA - RRR 5th Anniversary Boxset Thing (Merzbow, Due Process, Emil Beaulieau) 5LP BOX 39.00
VA - Rumponia - An Answer Within (Syndromes, Exit Girls, Insect Flak, Cellar 16, Damyata, Workshop, Armpit Orchestra, Skating For Cover, Groovy Underwear, Bullets For Silver) LP 44.00
VA - Samples Only (Kitsch Putsch, Ruins, Art Deco, R.A.Ra, European Stage LP 9.00
VA - Santa Claus Comes - Oscar's X-mas Carols 1985 (Mark Lane, DDAA, Doxa Sinistra, Bene Gesserit, Genetic Factor, History Of Unheard Music, Panta Rhei, Jacques van Erven, Otto J. Grünbauer, Bump, V.O., Grandmaster O.) MC 35.00
VA - Sarcophagus 1 - 4 - Seeds of Peace (Bubblegum Pheonix, Bug Sized Mind, Blast City, Dave Public) CDR 9.00
VA - Schallmauer 001 Sampler (Originalton West, Östro 430, KFC, Clox, Motherfunker, Modern Heroes, Popstars, VD) LP 22.00
VA - Schau Hör Main Herz ist Rhein (P16D4, No Aid, Toto Lotto, Jean Gilbert, Fröhliche Eiszeit) LP 19.00
VA - Scrape 2 (Nux Vomica, Big City Orchestra, Chris Hill, John M. Bennett, Dead Air, Chris Winkler, Field Trip, O Troubled Man, Mike Miskowski, Jake Berry, Pascal Uni, Wisconsin Conservatory of Noise, Hernia Retraction Accordion, Relevant, Al Perry,...) MC 9.00
VA - Sehr gut kommt sehr gut (Kraftwerk, Der Plan, DAF, Siluetes 61, Xao Seffcheque + Die Pest, Wirtschaftswunder, Lemminge, O.R.A.V., Sternhagel, Nachdenklichen Wehrpflichtigen, Residenz, Vielleichtors, Geldschweine, Not Mean Themselves, Mittagspause, KFC) LP 29.00
VA - Selektion Compromize (P16D4, Achim Wollscheid, RLW, Joachim Pense, Stefan E. Schmidt, Charly Steiger, Cornelia Franke, EWW, Timelock, Spin, Markus Caspers) CD 5.00
VA - Sexorama Vol. 3 (Merzbow, Vittore Baroni, Mauthausen Orchestra, Gerogerigegege, Etant Donnes, Bourbonese Qualk, Controlled Bleeding, Nord, Hanatarashi, Klang, Solmania, Le Syndicat, Mentalvoid, N.B.N., Boh Boh, Tetsuya Fukui, Carlo Ardissono) 2MC 39.00
VA - Sexorama Vol. 4 (Asmus Tietchens, S-Core, Agencement, Haters, NP, Das Synthetische Mischgewebe, Smersh, Merzbow, Shitengo, Sensugawara, Ponchans, Toukaseibunshi) MC 29.00
VA - Shades Of The Goddess (Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia, Numb, Swains, Minister Of Noise, Insekt, Cat Rapes Dog, Dogpile, Plastik Noise Experience, Sloppy Wrenchbody) VHS 9.00
VA - Shots In The Dark (Crowd Control, Stares, Mystery Guests, Magnetics, Predators, Graphics) LP 15.00
VA - Signal (Mark Wastell, Semiconductor, Ian Halliwell, Lee Patterson, Lawrence English, Anonym, Rob Mullender, Benjamin Gwilliam, Vincent Epplay, Charlotte White, Night Night, Kings & Queens, Knut Aufermann, Angus Carlyle, Edric Brown,...) 2CD 12.00
VA - Signal To Noise Set (Informatics, Second Glance, Nuvo Bloc, Modern Jazz (= Metronomes), Into The East, Human Backs, Dono Detti, Software Seduction, Shanghai Au Go-Go) LP 59.00
VA - Sing the Song of the Unknown (Big City Orchestra, Daniel Menche, Noise-Maker's Fifes, Cisfinitum, RLW (= Ralf Wehowsky), Asia Nova) CD-R 5.00
VA - Singles Club '93 (Konrad Becker / Monoton, Gunter Damisch, Josef Danner, Franz Graf, Fritz Grosz, Richard Hoeck, Peter Kogler, Andreas Kunzmann, Zobernig) 9x7" 199.00
VA - Six Pack (Yahoo, Too Loose, Lunatics, Strange Day, Pierino, Back Alley) LP 15.00
VA - Six Quarters (Asmus Tietchens, Haters, Konstruktivists, Infera Sinfonia, Paroxodon, In Advance Of A Broken Arm) EP 25.00
VA - Slam / Flux (Kommissar Hjuler & Frau, Fee, Tonya Ingram, Sabrina Benaim, Nora Gomringer, Xochil A. Schütz) LP 25.00
VA - Slumbermusic (Zoviet France, LOSD, Maeror Tri, Beequeen, Charlesworth Family) CD 5.00
VA - Smorgasbird (Smegma, Yeast Culture, Ultra, Strength Through Joy) 2EP 29.00
VA - Smorgasbored (Yeast Culture, Ultra, Smegma, Birdturd) 2EP 39.00
VA - So You Think We're All Farmers... (Ian Elms, Reasonable Strollers, Bulk Erasers, Rank Amateurs, Motives, Tony Phillips, Box, Smarties, Figures Of Fun, Brand New Fool, Bandaxis,...) LP 99.00
VA - Somewhere in the Skeleton (Liquid G, Margaret Freeman, S.D.F. DRP, Paranoid, Tilt!, Operating Strategies, Voice of the Mute) LP 15.00
VA - Sonic Circuits X - Selections from the 10th Annual Festival of Electronic & Electro-Acoustic Music (Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Barry Schrader, Jon Christopher Nelson, Gary Verkade, Rod Stasick, Malte Steiner, Michelle Kinney, Peter Blasser, Sawako Kato, Atsushi Yamaji, Christopher Coleman, William Price) CD-R+Booklet 9.00
VA - Sonora 2/91 (Legendary Pink Dots, In The Nursery, Roger Eno, Arturo Stalteri, S+Doubling Riders, La 1919, Cudu, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Elektric Third Ear Band, Pankow, Novalia, Bigazzi.Bigazzi & Descheemaeker, Harmonia Ensemble, Al Aprile & Electricart) CD 9.00
VA - Sound Affects # 5 (Pixies, Chemistry Set, Mega City Four, Soul Patrol) FLEXI 4.00
VA - Sound Cosmodel (Nurse With Wound, John Bender, Die Form, Art Zoyd, Ludus, Z'ev, Bene Gesserit, Pseudo Code, Human Flesh, Carlos Peron, Conrad Schnitzler, Deux Filles, 1/2 Japanese, Amos & Sara, Fred Frith, Jon Rose, Kevin Harrison, Nasmak, Geoff Leigh, Chris Cutler,...) LP 65.00
VA - Sound of Sydney Volume 1 (Spy vs Spy, Products, Moving Parts, Fast Cars, Division 4, Allniters, Personnel, Progression Cult, Skolars, Girlfriends) LP 49.00
VA - Soundtrack For The End Of The World (Aube, Haters, Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock, Con-Dom, Thomas Dimuzio, Taint, Violent Onsen Geisha, S-Core, Macronympa, Native X, Skin Crime, Diesel Guitars) CD 5.00
VA - Spain (Das Synthetische Mischgewebe, Merz, Tecnica Material, Professional Error at Auto-Reverse, Alquimia Detras) MC 8.00
VA - Spire - Live in Geneva Cathedral Saint Pierre (Philip Jeck, Fennesz, BJ Nilsen, André Jolivet, Henryk Gorecki, Marcus Davidson, Liana, Alexandra) 2CD 19.00
VA - Spiritual (Hybryds, M.Nomized, Tuu, Antonym, Marias Bad, Dino Oon & Konrad Kraft, Belt, Jack Hurwitz, Martin Franklin,...) MC 9.00
VA - Starfighter Productions Volume 1 (Squealer, Vince, All Ages, Missing Link, Duce, Basic, Black Out, Longmountain, Morning Major, Laura, Justin, R.T.7, Maxwell & Reeves, Maurice Jansen) LP 19.00
VA - Stars Aus 58 (Alles aus Hagen II) (Kein Mensch, Caprifischer, Wolfgang Luther, Rolf Möller, Judith Leihhaus, Lolitas, Din-A-4, Extrabreit, Nena, Orchestra Stravagante, Mauss, Schwindelfrei, Bernd Walter, Erste Weibliche Fleischergesellin nach 1945, Diese Herren) LP 29.00
VA - Stator (Etant Donnes, Greater Than One, Zoskia, Bourbonese Qualk, D.D.A.A., Nox, Die Wohnhaft, Olea-Fragans, LP 12.00
VA - Steve Colby (Kommissar Hjuler & Frau, Kommissar-Hjuler Allstar-Band, Amor Fati, Cody Brant, Hate Poem) LP 22.00
VA - Stimme des Volkes (Human Flesh, Bourbonese Qualk, Konrad Kraft, Phase Pervers, Mynox Layh, Dino Oon, Seventh Day, Red Ant Feet, Sons Of Care, Bad Examples, Deux Baleines Blanches) LP 15.00
VA - Storage Kompilation (Felix Kubin, Klangkrieg, Weltraumforscher, Jetzmann/Liquidski, Helgoland, Kreidler, Grönland Orchester, Messer für Frau Müller, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Pia Burnette, Hammafest, Idee des Nordens, Nova Huta,...) CD 9.00
VA - Suck (Einstürzende Neubauten, Laibach, Pink Industry, Hardcorps, Gangway, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Shop Assistants, Paul Haig, Okapi Fever, Crucifixion of Sean Penn, A Primary Industry, Faint Fifi Sweetheart) VHS 19.00
VA - Suck This, Asshole! (4 Horsemen, Mainstreet, Rock Dragon, Face to Face, Nicky Ricci, Scoundrels, Kitchen, Scanners, Pull & Push,...) LP 15.00
VA - Summer and Smiles of Finland (Kemialliset Ystävät, Risto, Es, Kiila, Islaja, Shogun Kunitoki, Paavoharju, TV-Resistori) CD 5.00
VA - Survival Dance Report (Richard Bone, Play, Thirteen At Midnight, Tik + Tok, Faith Global, Eddie + Sunshine) LP 12.00
VA - Svenska Happa (Brunst, Frak, Grismannen, En Halvkokt I Folie, Enema Syringe, Enhänta Bödlar, Braindamage, Studio SS, Commando Laarz, Fatal Casualties, Klaustostudio Darkstars, Handysound Orchestra, Cls/r, Pågens Pinnar,...) MC 9.00
VA - Swarm of Drones (Rhythm & Noise, Steve Roach, Jeff Greinke, KK Null, James Plotkin, Vidna Obmana, Robert Rich, Robert Fripp, Michel Redolfi, Lull, Maryanne Amacher, Ned Bouhalassa, X-Ray,...) 2CD 19.00
VA - Synthetic Sounds from Accelerating Blue Fish (Page, Ausgang Verboten, Sista Mannen pa Jorden, Libido & the Thin Male Nude, Random Toxy, Sofia Antenn) LP 39.00
VA - Syrens - Female Noise Compilation (Laura Maes, Zipper Spy, Timisoara, Maisie, Mammal Holiday, Allun, Reiko A., Cyclisms, Nuclear Pig Shit, Angelica Rosenthal, S. Isabella) 10" 7.00
VA - T.I.T.U.S One (DDT, Object Kark, Endzeitgeneration, B.S.E, Ratio-N, Monoid, Unnatural Bleeding, Chemoskin, Waste Matrix, Sustanz T, U Ime Mira, Escoria G.V.D) MC 9.00
VA - Table For Six: All Quiet? (Tarkatak, Cisfinitum, The (Law-Rah) Collective, 33 Mhz, Kendo Nagasaki, Civyiu Kkliu) CD 9.00
VA - Table For Six: All Quiet? # 2 (Brian Lavelle, Laurent Perrier, Andrea Marutti, Objekt 4, Lutnahimat, June 11) CD 9.00
VA - Table For Six: All Quiet? #3 (Frans de Waard, (ad)vance(d), Anemone Tube, Stormhat, Bruno de Angelis, Neuestrasse) CD 9.00
VA - Tabloid Vol. 2 (Grey Wolves, Psychaural Research, Ustad, Nostalgie Eternelle, Kapotte Muziek, Zoogz Rift, Scott Joplin,...) MC 9.00
VA - Take 5 (Spacemen 3, Yukio Yung, Cud, Jackdaw With Crowbar, House Of Love, Dog Faced Hermans, Bachelor Pad, King of the Slums, Boy Hairdressers, Kilgore Trout, Death by Milkfloat) LP 12.00
VA - Tape A Break (Edward Ka-spel, Andrew MacKenzie (= Hafler Trio), Aube, Small Cruel Party, Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock, Randy Greif, If, Bwana, Lab Rat, Mike Hovancsek, Krybdyr, Shlomo Arzti Orchestra) CD 15.00
VA - Tape Projects TAPR 06 (Severed Heads, Ernie Althoff, Joel Stern, Dave Phillips, Philip Samartzis, Der Kosmonaut, DJ Rainbow Ejaculation, Lawrence English, Matthew Davis,...) LP 19.00
VA - Tarantismo Summit Vol. # 1 (Smegma, K.K. Rampage, Insect Joy, Ghost Moth) LP 9.00
VA - Ten Grand Tonearm (RLW / Ralf Wehoswki, Vitamin B12, Marco Fusinato, Sun of the Seventh Sister, Werewolf Jerusalem / Richard Ramirez, Mark Harwood, William de Cunting, Cygnus, Rahdunes, Castings, Arse Lunch, Loachfillet, xNoBBQx, Pigs In The Ground, Misty Lavender,...) LP 9.00
VA - Ten Years Of Madness - Behind the Iron Curtain (Blutharsch, Novy Svet, Les Joyaux De La Princesse, Ain Soph, Hybryds, Troum, Reptilicus, Dissecting Table, Reutoff, Inade, Turbund Sturmwerk, Sektion B, Sanctum, Blood Axis, Ataraxia, Shinjuku Thief, Bad Sector, Stahlwerk 9, First Law,...) 2CD 9.00
VA - Terra Incognita II (Twilight Ritual, Randall Kennedy, Attrition, Det Wiehl, Danny Alias, Kastrierte Philosophen, Zazou-Bikaye, Denis Mpunga & Paul K., Etienne Brunet) LP 29.00
VA - Testament (SBOTHI, Illusion Of Safety, Arcane Device, Randy Greif, John Wiggins, Eric Lunde, Geins't Nait, Massimo Toniutti, Sink Manhattan, Native X, Rik Rue) LP 15.00
VA - Testament (Gum, Phauss, Leif Elggren, Agog, Lieutenant Caramel, Voice Crack, Rune Lindblad, Kent Tankred, Cranioclast, Nachtluft, Appi, Zbigniew Karkowski, Jane Studer) 5EP BOX 19.00
VA - The Archangels of Sex Rule the Destruction of the Regime (Metgumbnerbone, Sleep Chamber, Zero Kama, Ain Soph, Ewald Spiss, Coming To Now) MC 35.00
VA - The Art Of Solving Problems - Leeds First Rock Compilation (Side Effect, Forst, Gimmicks, Beans, Cat, Motivators) LP 9.00
VA - The Auto Drifters & the Relaxed Mechanics meet the Fabulous Nudes & the Pelaco Bros. (Auto Drifters, Relaxed Mechanics, Fabulous Nudes, Pelaco Bros.) LP 9.00
VA - The Dark Side of the Brain I (Telepherique, John Watermann, Trance, Christine 23 Onna) LP 12.00
VA - The Divine Album - From Nowhere to Eternity (Mecano, Flue, Fra Lippo Lippi, End Of Data, Complot Bronswick, Eskimo, Tanit) LP 19.00
VA - The Elephant Table Album (Portion Control, Legendary Pink Dots, SPK, Nurse With Wound, Bourbonese Qualk, Coil, Lustmord, Nocturnal Emissions, Muslimgauze, David Jackman, Konstruktivits, Chris & Cosey, Attrition, Metamorphosis, New 7th Music, Bushido, We Be Echo, Sirius B, MFH,... 2LP 59.00
VA - The Eyes of Barbara Steele (Eyeless In Gaza, Kevin Hewick, Jane, Monochrome Set, Marine Girls, Fantastic Something) MLP 9.00
VA - The Fight Is On (Coil, Current 93, Robert Haigh, Organum, Nurse With Wound, Lustmord, Hafler Trio) LP 29.00
VA - The Fire This Time (Michael Stearns, Barbed, Aphex Twin, Speedy J, Higher Intelligence Agency, Soma, Orbital, Ashra, Pan Sonic, Kait Gray, Bass Communion, Naseer Shamma, Bola, AMBA) 2CD 7.00
VA - The First Act of Autonomy - The Autonomia Si!-Mixes (Kapotte Muziek, M.Nomized, Infected Wound, No One, Emmanuel Haubry (= Klood)) MC 9.00
VA - The Great New World In Environment & Acceleration (Small Cruel Party, Illusion Of Safety, Haters, Kapotte Muziek, Lieutenant Caramel, Ron Kuivila, Barney Haynes, Emanuel Dimas, Melo Pimenta, Pedro F. Bericat, Steina Vasulka, Michael Saup,Alex Adriaansens, Joke Brouwer) CD 6.00
VA - The Harvest of the Arm (Pacific 231, Enema & Gejonte, Systema Scrotum, Cruel When Complete) EP 12.00
VA - The Kulture Shot (Herb Mullin & Clop Neplat, G-Hörsturz, Deep, End Of Silence) EP 9.00
VA - The Last Faith - Sample A (Vidna Obmana, Sudden Demon, Art 52, Intra-Communique) MC 29.00
VA - The Noise is All in Your Head (Thurston Moore, Volcano The Bear, Oren Ambarchi, Lasse Marhaug, Rats With Wings, Julian Bradley, Neil Campbell, Noxagt,...) CD 5.00
VA - The Pale Plague (Nurse With Wound, Whitehouse, Savage Republic, Deviation Social, Instant Automatons, Alien Nation, Slab, Rodney Oakes, Exist As Death, G. Siksik, Nick the Poet, Terence Alaric, Tiab Guls, Soapdance) MC 59.00
VA - The Passing Gods (Chop Shop, Asmus Tietchens, Kapotte Muziek, Frank Dommert, Das Synthetische Mischgewebe, Hybryds, PBK, Vidna Obmana, S-Core, Tems Perdu?, Brume, Hesskhe Yadalanah) CD 9.00
VA - The Real Poison Tape 2 (Haters, Peach Of Immortality, PGR, Smersh, Abstract Belief, Urbain Autopsy, Robin James, Portentious Portal To Cephalic Satiation, Mechanic Demonic Azreal Hologram) MC 9.00
VA - The Recommended Sampler EP (Homosexuals, Faust, R. Stevie Moore, Peter Blegvad) EP 16.00
VA - The Right Hand Gives The Left Takes Away (Leigh Clarke, Adam Gibbons, Skinny Girl Diet, Bob & Roberta Smith, John Strutton, Riccardo Carbone, Boyle & Shaw, Sofie Alsbo) CD+BOOKLET 9.00
VA - The State of E:Motion Vol. 6 (Monolake, DJ Low, I-F, Susumo Yokota, Electric Universe, Full Moon Scientist, Dubadelic, Gas, Age, Surgeon, DJ Naughty, DMX Crew,...) 2CD 5.00
VA - The Third Mind (In The Nursery, Solar Enemy, Front Line Assembly, Ganzheit, Beautiful Pea Green Boat, Son Of Sam, Faction, Terror Against Terror) LP 6.00
VA - The Throne Of Drones (Vidna Obmana, Biosphere, Jeff Greinke, Rhythm & Noise, Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Maryanne Amacher, Ray Guillette, David Darling, Naut Humon, Gregory Lenczycki, Iso Ambient Orchestra, Xopher Davidson) CD 5.00
VA - The Train to Disaster! (Billy Synth & Turnups, Slickee Boys, Ronnie Urini & Last Poets, Velvet Monkeys, Yard Trauma, Left, Mad Violets,...) LP+FLEXI 19.00
VA - The Walls are Whispering... Volume II (Vance Orchestra, Ah Cama-Sotz, Reutoff, Eric La Casa, Lasse Marhaug, Y Create, Radboud Mens, Brainquake, Law-Rah Collective, Ian Robert McKenzie) CD 9.00
VA - The Wire Tapper 13/14 (This Heat, John Surman, Cage, Alexander Hacke, Merz, Nels Cline, Wally Shoup, Matt Elliott, Fovea Hex, Tu M', Mandarin Movie, Cobra Killer, Ray Russell, Secret Mommy, Black To Comm, Moha, Deviationists, Akinori, Junkboy, Nick Castro, Kid 606, XXL,...) 2CD 4.00
VA - The Year 25 / 25 Years Korm Plastics (Edward Ka-spel, Asmus Tietchens, Z'ev, Haters, KK Null, Idea Fire Company, Big City Orchestra, Silverman, Illusion Of Safety, Francisco Lopez, Machinefabriek, Jos Smolders, Stephen Mathieu, Radboud Mens, Freiband, Howard Stelzer,...) MC 9.00
VA - The Zulu Compilation (Pink Industry, Ambrose Reynolds, Shiny Two Shiny, Philip Renshaw, Urban Jazz Ritual, S.T.F.O.T.P.A., Wrecked Career, Project,...) LP 29.00
VA - Things That Happened (Government Alpha, Notstandskomitee, TBC, Audible Pain Wäldchengarten, Praying For Oblivion) 2CD-R 15.00
VA - Thirteen (Asmus Tietchens, Konstruktivits, Illusion Of Safety, Aube, C.O. Caspar, Chris Carter, S.E.T.I., Attrition, Brian Ladd, Werner Moebius, Fetisch Park, Venus Fly Trap, Binary) CD 9.00
VA - This Infernal Love Of Life (Phauss, Karkowski, White Stains, Eld-Omala, LP 19.00
VA - This Is Body-Techno (Fast Head Unendlich, Formal Defect, Infam, Eternal Afflict) LP 49.00
VA - Three Into One Vol. 1 (Siegmar Fricke, Teatrano Della Volpe, Der Pilz) MC 9.00
VA - Three Into One Vol. 2 (Die Rache, Not 1/2, Berserker) MC 9.00
VA - Three Into One Vol. 3 (Weltschmerz, Harald Sack Ziegler) MC 9.00
VA - Three Into One Vol. 4 (Haters, Yref, Bloody Cum, Nickola) MC 9.00
VA - Three Into One Vol. 5 (Doc Wör Mirran, Le Syndicat, Entre Vifs, Mental Angish, Sturmovik) MC 9.00
VA - Tina Table Pool (Kommissar Hjuler, Mama Bär, Lieutenant Caramel, Cody Brant) LP 22.00
VA - Tool (Goem, Slo-Fi, Surge, Richard Chartier) EP 5.00
VA - Total Beat Factor (Portion Control, Scattered Order, Smersh, Frontline Assembly, Poesie Noire, Uvegraf) 10" 9.00
VA - Touch - Feature-Mist (Tuxedomoon, Eric Random, New Order, Robert Wyatt, Flesh, Simple Minds, Soliman Gamil, Death & Beauty Foundation, Vladimir Mayakovsky,...) MC 25.00
VA - Touch Ritual - Lands End (Zoviet France, Nocturnal Emissions, Gilbert & George, Lol Coxhill, Det Wiehl, Suns Of Arqa, Regular Music, Wolfgang Wiggurs, Graeme Miller, Sudden Sway, Elliott Sharp, Pink Elln, Ricotti & Gulland) MC 15.00
VA - Touch Travel (General Strike, Andrew Poppy, Jah Wobble's Invaders Of The Heart, 1000 Mexicans, 3 Mustaphas 3, Piedro Insipiedo, Cremation Gamelan, Quimantu, Yanomamo Shamanism, Swastika Bells, Old Silk Route, Frank Ricotti & Brian Guilland, Eithne ni Bhraonain, Jon Ke MC 19.00
VA - Town & Country # 1 (Amy Denio, Crawling With Tarts, Azalia Snail, Mud Pie,...) 2EP 5.00
VA - Tra Special Berlin (Einstürzende Neubauten, Tödliche Doris, Alexander von Borsig, Sprung aus den Wolken, La Voix de Paris, Christiane F., Malaria, Matador) MC+MAG 49.00
VA - Tracks On The Green (Sleep, Mode M, Lat, Fish Band, A La Tierre, Switch, One Liners, Tim Mell, Time Square) LP 19.00
VA - Tracks West - Platform 1 (One To One, Sil Wilcox, Band On The Moon, Maxwell Street, Crazy House, Opposite Man, Frontier, Hi-Fi, Morrokko, Alice The Mongrel) LP 19.00
VA - Training im Achter (Metamorphosis, Reinhart Hammerschmidt, Ilse Lau, Dr. Treznok, Tim Tetzner, Diazo, Endliche Vis.Sat, James Din A4) EP 5.00
VA - Transmission Sampler 01 (Savage Republic, Seminal Snoids, Hysteric, Obfuscator, Ruggedy Annes) EP 11.00
VA - TRAX 0983 Anthems (DDAA, Merzbow, Van Kaye & Ignit, P16D4, Renaldo & the Loaf, Naif Orchestra, Olho Seco, Prhemm, Spirocheta Pergoli, No Night Sweats, 001011011100...Cancer) LP 19.00
VA - TRAX Notterossa / Rednight (Vittore Baroni, Alain Neffe, Mecanique Vegetale, Pseudo Code, Rod Summers, Nicola Frangione, John M. Bennett, Amok, Anne Dexter, Gianluca Becuzzi, Piermario Ciani, Daniele Ciullini, Cortex, Culturcide, Trio Improvvisazione, André Stitt,...) 2CD 15.00
VA - Tri Mix (Asmus Tietchens, Beequeen, Ultra Milkmaids, Scanner, Troum, S.E.T.I., Freiband, Tu M',...) CD+DVD 9.00
VA - Tunes That R... (Nine Circles, Poeme Electronique, Paul Chambers, This Perfect Day, Zeit Echo, Belief, Phone, Soulless Party, Shibuya Station, Le Chocolat Noir, Future Commuter, Cerati & Di Angelo, Bethell & Hounds, Red Fetish, Half A Twin) LP 13.00
VA - Turritopsis Nutricula (For 35mm Dia Slides) (Paul Fuchs & Zoro Babel, Laurent Fairon, Mama Bär, Cody Brant, Kommissar Hjuler & Frau, Magnus Palsson, Louis Jucker) LP 44.00
VA - Turritopsis Nutricula (For 35mm Dia Slides) (Paul Fuchs & Zoro Babel, Laurent Fairon, Mama Bär, Cody Brant, Kommissar Hjuler & Frau, Magnus Palsson, Louis Jucker) LP 23.00
VA - Twilight Earth (O Yuki Conjugate, Jeff Greinke, Steve Roach, Paul Schütze, Human Flesh, Hybrids, Vidna Obmana, Jorge Reyes, Alio Die, Voice Of Eye, Dino Oon & Konrad Kraft, Temps Perdu?, Tun) CD 5.00
VA - Two Inch Each (Zero Zero At The Olympics, Side Effect, Agents Of Decay, Obvious, New Gate, Frizz) MLP 17.00
VA - Tübinger Töne (Morgenrock, Eulenspygel, Neckarfront, Endstufe, Blutgruppe, Bridge, Ernst, Fazit, Dreschflegel, Black Cat Bone) LP 15.00
VA - Unbecoming (John Duncan, Randy Greif, Empirical Sleeping Consort, Allegory Chapel Ltd., PGR, Pierre-André Arcand, Plecid, Dead Masochistic Gut, Crawl / Child, W.A. Davison) CD 5.00
VA - Und Richard ging nach Hause (Joe Kacker, Wolfgang Schliemann, Oliver Lammert, Thomas Siefert, Dirk Marwedel,...) MC 12.00
VA - Underground Issue #4 (Graham Harwood, Peter Plate, Sick Puppy, Invisibles, Le Dernier Cri, Resister, Helen Bowling, R. Le Cawunn & L. Burren, Passive School Of Cultural Inertia, Matthew Fuller,...) MAG 2.00
VA - Undying (Organum, Ultra, Dog As Master, Ellen Fullman, Kaiser Nietzsche, Giancarlo Toniutti, Entre Vifs, Empirical Sleeping Consort, If, Bwana, Violence & the Sacred) LP 12.00
VA - Unifying Themes (Gerritt Wittmer, Francisco Meirino, Paul Knowles, Kam Hassah, Alleypisser) LP 15.00
VA - Unsound Volume 3 Number 1 (Tödliche Doris, Vittore Baroni, Audio Leter, Joseph Nechvatal, Richard Kostelanetz, Church of the SubGenius,...) MAG 15.00
VA - Unter schrecklichem Lärm und Getöse beginnen die Folterungen... (Taint, Thirdorgan, Stabat Mors, Söldnergeist, Richard Ramirez) LP 25.00
VA - Used and Recovered By... (Not Drowning Waving, Celibate Rifles, Shivers, Killjoys, Ripe, Intoxica, Bored,...) LP 9.00
VA - Vage Geluiden (Af Ursin, Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock, Masonna, Aube Rudolv Eb.er, Kapotte Muziek, Beequeen, Peter Duimelinks, Schimpfluchgruppe, Hyware, LOSD, Mark Poysden, Christoph Heemann, Astro, Odal, Roel Meelkop, Ultrasound, Ward Weis,...) 10" 12.00
VA - Vancouver Independence (Si Monkey, B-Sides, No Exit, Subhumans, Metros, Droogs, M.E.C., Singing Cowboys LP 29.00
VA - Vanité (Rapoon, Scanner, Aube, Legion, Haters, Sons Of Silence, Fennesz, Christof Kurzmann, Thirdorgan, Werner Möbius, Makoto Takashima, King Lear's Convulsions) EP 49.00
VA - Vanity - Finest Selection 1978-81 (Sympathy Nervous, Tolerance, Dada, Morio Agata, Perfect Mother, RNA Organism, Mad Tea Party, Normal Brain, Kiiro Radical, Aunt Sally, BGM, Arbeit) LP 25.00
VA - Variations 3 - A London Compilation (Hastings Of Malawi, Bob Cobbing, Clive Graham, Phil Durrant, Andrew King, Syngen Brown, Wits, Voltage, Aquiles Pantaleao) CD 9.00
VA - Vaultage 79 - Another Two Sides Of Brighton (Vandells, Chefs, Golinski Brothers, Billettes, Ajax All Stars, Woody and the Splinters) LP 6.00
VA - Verfassung (Asmus Tietchens, Audible Pain, Evapori, Hydh, Y-Ton-G, TBC, Gregory Büttner,...) LP 12.00
VA - Vhutemas Archetypi (SPK, Lustmord, Gerechtigkeitsliga, Hunting Lodge, Laibach) CD 9.00
VA - Villa Zuid moet blijven! (Ex, Svätsox, De Groeten) FLEXI 39.00
VA - Vinyl 16 / Gang Of Four / Five Or Six (Flexi: Gang Of Four, Five Or Six / Mag: Fall Of Saigon, Jacques Berrocal, Univers Zero, Etron Fou Leloublan, Irmin Schmidt / Can, Philip Glass, Material, Passage, Felt, Mathilde Santing, Gang Of Four, Five Or Six,...) FLEXI+MAG 19.00
VA - Vinyl 20 / David Thomas / Ben Watt (Flexi: David Thomas, Ben Watt / Mag: David Sylvian, Gun Club, Polyphonic Size, David Thomas, Mick Karn, Ben Watt,...) FLEXI + MAG 15.00
VA - Vita Nova International 3 (Nurse With Wound, Tödliche Doris, Savage Republic, Etant Donnes, Deviation Social, Bruno Cossano, Angst, Victor Nubla) MC 25.00
VA - Voices End Abruptly (QRN, Haters, Redshift Subunit, Fuoku, Blind Hunters, Convulsive Trance, Coda 3 Dr. Ama, Debasement, Human Remains, Words Of Anger) LP 39.00
VA - Vol. J (John Duncan, Joseph Hammer, Jon Rose, John Wiese, Justice Yeldham) CD 7.00
VA - Vol. L (Legendary Pink Dots, Lionel Marchetti, Lasse Marhaug, Leather Bath, Lee Gamble, Leticia Castaneda) CD 7.00
VA - Vorwärts (Can, Grinderman (w./ Nick Cave), Mick Harvey, Yann Tiersen, Big Deal, Liars, Josh T. Pearson, Yeasayer, Polly Scabbergood, S.C.U.M., Simon Fisher Turner, Espen J. Jörgensen) LP+CD 9.00
VA - Wahrnehmungen 1980/1981 (P16D4, Permutative Distorsion, Ertrinken Vakuum, LLL, Der Apatische Alptraum, Kurzschluss) 3LP+7" BOX 59.00
VA - Waiting Room (Slight Seconds, Mediaters, Picture Chords) LP 19.00
VA - War Is The Health Of The State (Bocal 5, Der Akteur, Problemist, Schlafengarten, Die Desultorische Detonation KG, DZ Lectric & Anthon Shield, Mystery Hearsay, If, Bwana, Sonic Exorcists, Ceramic Madonna Head, Zanstones, Ken Clinger) MC 15.00
VA - Weird Culture Weird Custom - National Student Radio 1986 (Jean-Paul Satre Experience, All Fall Down, Crawbilly Creeps, Wetbacks, Cassandra's Ears, Leaning Men, Puddle, Pikelets, Battling Strings, Two White Eyes, Remarkables, Putty In Her Hands) LP 9.00
VA - Welcome to Dreamland - Another Japan (Keiji Haino, After Dinner, Che-Shizu, Chie Mukai, A-Musik, Tenko/Honeymoons, Kenichi Takeda,...) LP 19.00
VA - Wertstabil / Neue Gangart (Fehlfarben, D.A.F., Grauzone, Stahlnetz, Rheingold, Angela Werner, Fix & Fertig, Minisex, Drahdiwaberl,...) LP 5.00
VA - What you Can't See Won't Hurt you (Brian Brain, Spy Gods, Lunar Bear Ensemble, 15,...) LP 6.00
VA - White Trash Motherfuckers (Ascension, Splintered, Cosmonauts Hail satan, Beautiful Penis, Derv, Mike Post Mortem) CD 7.00
VA - Wienmusikk (Peter Weibel + Hotel Morphila Orchester, Minisex, Leider Keine Millionäre, Rosachrom, Novak's Kapelle, Flamingo, Standart Oil, Roter Rot, Ernste Jugend, Gelbe Zone, Tom Pettings Herzattacken, ) LP 45.00
VA - Wo die Liebe hinfällt, wächst kein Gras mehr (Kommissar Hjuler, Andreas Lechner, Anton G. Leitner, Gerhard Stäbler) LP 25.00
VA - Woundz Never Heal! Vol. 1 & 2 (X-Ray Pop, Arms Of Someone New, Dog As Master, Nature & Organisation, bene Gesserit, Randy Grief, Big City Orchestra, John Wiggins, Minoy, F/i, If, Bwana, Dave Prescott, Parade Of Sinners, Darren Copeland, Mental Anguish, Die Rache,...) 2MC 29.00
VA - X-Rated - The Electronic Files (Coil, Holger Czukay, Lustmord, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Tangerine Dream, Bourbonese Qualk, Scanner, Klaus Schulze, Vidna Obmana, Pete Namlook, Biosphere, Banabila, Chris Meloche, Atom Heart, Kim Cascone, Michael Wells, Multicide,...) 2CD 12.00
VA - Ymond Pop (Pitchband, Low, Out Of Reach, Nightshift, Mad Mill, Fake, Double Use) LP 9.00
VA - Yokomono 02 (Charlemagne Palestine, Phill Niblock, CM von Hausswolff, Justin Bennett, Fennesz, Ignaz Schick, Anton Nikkilä, Radian, Tim Hecker, Ilpo Vaisänen, FM3) LP 9.00
VA - Yokomono 03 (Blixa Bargeld, Merzbow, Ditterich von Euler-Donnersperg, Main, Zbighniew Karkowski, Alexei Borisov, G.X. Jupitter-Larsen, Jason Forrest, Telakka Mika Vainio, Nordic Prince Petri Kuljuntausta, Staalplaat Soundsystem,...) LP 15.00
VA - Young Blood - Deckham Music Collective (Shadowlands, Glass Palace, Delirious, Kennedy, Bananafish, Halfway House, Nell Mangel vs Robinsons, Hyssop Sticks) LP 19.00
VA - Your Biggest Problem Is Behind You (Non, Merzbow, Smegma, Earl X, Ray & Peter, Archipelago Brewing Company, Bringdownz) EP 15.00
VA - Zeven Sloten Tegelijk (La Neue Name, A Sceptic View, ZerX, Back Alley, Winter SAun Knights, Alcatraz, Pure Ace) LP 19.00
VA - ZK Samplers 1992>93 (Dado, Yellow Cab, Ufo or Die, Convex Level, House Side, DMV,...) CD 12.00
VA - Zondig (Club Moral, Merzbow, Haters, Blackhouse, Etant Donnes, Luis Mesa, Odal, 6de Kolonne, Prilius Lacus, DVA Met DVA Nichts, THU20, Post Destruction Music (=Kapotte Muziek), Generated Progression) LP 29.00
VA - Zwei Hemden & zwei Hosen, Vol. 2 (Inox Kapell, Zeno Synthesizer, News On Friday, D.A.t.b.e.S.z.S.) EP 29.00
Vacuum Boys (Gert-Jan Prins / Heimir Björgulfsson / Dan Armstrong / Guy Amitai) Songs from the Sea of Love CD 5.00
Vacuum Boys (Gert-Jan Prins / Heimir Björgulfsson / Dan Armstrong / Guy Amitai) Space Breakdance Challenge MCD 5.00
Vagina Dentata Organ Music for the Hashishins LP 49.00
Vagina Dentata Organ Cold Meat LP 29.00
Valen, Toni Zelda LP 49.00
Valentine Six same LP 8.00
Van Gogh's Secrets 12" 9.00
Vance Orchestra Monstrance 7" 5.00
Vance Orchestra Slow Age Decay Musick CD-R 19.00
Vance Orchestra Vance Plays Vance CD-R 15.00
Vance Orchestra I Love Vance MC 17.00
Vance Orchestra 78-45 2x10" 59.00
Vance Orchestra No More Boleros CD 12.00
Vance Orchestra Hot Water Music EP 5.00
Vance Orchestra Hot Water Music EP 5.00
Vance Orchestra Vance Plays Vance CD-R 9.00
Vance Orchestra At Random Again CD 6.00
Vance Orchestra / Troum Found Ear Presents MC 29.00
Vandike, Greg Clone 7" 9.00
Variant Cause Complete Details 7" 9.00
Vas Deferens Organisation & Christopher Suspension LP 12.00
Vas Deferens Organization Queas and Art CD 9.00
Vasilisk Acqua LP 29.00
Vazz Pearls 12" 9.00
VEC Audio (Neutronics / Rod Summers) Endless Silence ANTI-MC 15.00
VEC Audio Exchange (Neutronics / Rod Summers) Programme One December 1978 MC 29.00
Veeda, Rig Bi-Joopiter Presents Callous Friends MC 9.00
Vegetarian Bavarian In Exile (Elke Skelter & Edward Ka-spel) Ja soa Schmarrn 12" BOX 750.00
Vehikel & Gefäss (& Ventilator) (= Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock) Live - Akcion 7" 19.00
Veil Surrender LP 15.00
Veillerobe, Jennifer Luftlöcher MLP 12.00
Veldhuis, Maarten Talking, Talking 7" 5.00
Velvet Monkeys (= Thurston Moore, Don Fleming, Jay Spiegel, John Hammill) Rake (Original Soundtrack Score) LP 5.00
Vendino Pact Identical Twins 7" 15.00
Vendrame Rom Blumen MC BOX 19.00
Verboten / Tabu The Sensual Art of Wading MC 25.00
Verfolger (= TBC) same 10" 5.00
Vermelho, Barao Bete Balanco EP 8.00
Vermette, Bil Katha Visions LP 69.00
Vernon Walters Hoodoo - Do Da Coruba EP 9.00
Vertical Slit Twisted Steel and the Tits of Angels CD 12.00
Vertonen Heat EP 9.00
Vertonen The Women Men Leave Their Wives For EP 9.00
Vertonen Stendac CD-R 12.00
VHF One Chance MLP 5.00
Vice Versa Music 4 EP 69.00
Victory Acres / Joke Flower same LP 9.00
Video Just Might Happen Again 7" 15.00
Video La Ventana 12" 5.00
Vidna Obmana The River of Appearance CD 9.00
Vidna Obmana Anthology 1984-2004 CD 7.00
Vidna Obmana The Surreal Sanctuary CD 14.00
Vidna Obmana Twilight of Perception CD 9.00
Vidna Obmana Revealed by Composed Nature CD 19.00
Vidna Obmana The Circuit Abstract MLP 12.00
Vidna Obmana & Djen Ajakan Shean Parallel Flaming CD 9.00
Vidna Obmana & Jan Marmenout Spirits CD 19.00
Vidna Obmana &/ Serge Devadde The Shape of Solitude CD 7.00
Vidna Obmana with Djen Ajakan Shean, Robert Rich, Steve Roach & Alio Die The Spiritual Bonding CD 9.00
Villa Åbo same 2LP 15.00
Village Of Savoonga Score LP 9.00
Village Of Savoonga Score CD 9.00
Village Of Savoonga 14 - 09 - 01 CD 5.00
Village Of Savoonga Score CD 5.00
Vincent Units Carnival Song EP 5.00
Vinyl 5e Jaargang - 1-12 Complete (Foetus, SPK, Coil, Anti Group, Virgin Prunes, Cabaret Voltaire, Yello, Associates, Stranglers, Robert Wyatt, Cocteau Twins, Peter Hammill, Tuxedomoon, Ramones, Harry de Wit, Blixa Bargeld, Nick Cave, Marc Almond, Captain Beefheart, Brian Eno, Jon Hassell 11 MAG 25.00
Violence and the Sacred The Song of Labrador CD 5.00
Violence and the Sacred Scrote - Live Improv. Oct 21 / 89 MC 29.00
Violence and the Sacred Failure Parade MC 19.00
Violence and the Sacred (w./ texts by William Burroughs, Samuel Beckett, Maurice Blanchot, Penthouse Letters) Suture Self LP 9.00
Violence and the Sacred / Not 1/2 Baptized & More Involved MC 19.00
Violent Onsen Geisha Balloon Collector in the Wilderness EP 13.00
Violet Grind Flying Fox CD-R 15.00
Virago Traversing the Intangible Expanse CD 7.00
Virant, Christiaan / Jian, Zhang Buddha Machine II Music Box 19.00
Virful Obirsa / Zero Zero Zero (both pre-Yeast Culture) Fearful Oblation (1986-1990) 2MC BOX 59.00
Virgin Dance Desire 7" 5.00
Virgin Prunes A New Form of Beauty Parts 1-4 2LP 22.00
Virgin Prunes A New Form of Beauty 2 10" 9.00
Virgin Prunes Heresie 2x10" 15.00
Virgin Prunes If I Die, I Die LP 12.00
Virgin Prunes The Faculties of a Broken Heart 12" 9.00
Virgin Prunes A New Form of Beauty 1 7" 12.00
Virgin Prunes Moments & Mine EP 12.00
Virgin Prunes Reptiles LP 66.00
Virgin Prunes Gombeen Men - Radio / TV / Demos '78 - '82 MC 12.00
Virgin Prunes Live Doornroosje Nijmegen 3.11.'82 MC 19.00
Virgin Prunes Tivoli Utrecht 29-9-84 MC 13.00
Virgin Prunes Twenty Tens EP 12.00
Virgin Prunes The Faculties of a Broken Heart 12" 5.00
Virgin Prunes The Moon Looked Down & Laughed LP 12.00
Virgin VS Virgin same LP 49.00
Viridian Sun Solar Noise CD 6.00
Vis-A-Vis (Glamatron-related) Heart and Soul MLP 29.00
Visible Indicible Frequence 7" 25.00
Vision Factory Bird from Fez 7" 9.00
Visit All the Walls 7" 15.00
Visitor Nighttime Visitor LP 9.00
Visual (= Otso Pakarinen of Tapa Paha Tapa) Division by Zero LP 59.00
Visual Spheres Endless Distance MC 5.00
Vitabeats Difficult Ideas 7" 5.00
Vitapup A Hour With Vitapup LP 6.00
Vitiello, Stephen / Bode, Peer / Deutsch, Andrew Autumn Light CD 9.00
Viva! I splitter av ljud LP 9.00
Viva! (= Stefan Falk) A Rainbow At The Edge Of The Shadow LP 12.00
Vivacide (Trickbeat) Gold - Permanent Remix 1 CD-R 14.00
Vivenza Machines 12" 49.00
Vivenza Realites Servomecaniques LP 39.00
Vivenza Machines 12" 39.00
Vizki, Morti (Keyboards)(chief engineer: Tömrer Claus) The Golden Hour of LP 15.00
Voag, L. (= Homosexuals) The Way Out LP+7" 129.00
Voag, L. (= Homosexuals) Move EP 49.00
Vogel featuring Ivor Cutler Guten Morgen Arschloch 7" 9.00
Vogelbacher, Ral Partha Kite vs Obelisk CD 5.00
Vogue 2000 Diamond Skies MLP 9.00
Voice Crack Earflash CD 9.00
Voice Crack (= Andy Guhl & Norbert Möslang) Below Beyond Above CD 9.00
Voice Crack / Peter Liechti Kick That Habit DVD 15.00
Voice Farm Johnny Belinda 12" 7.00
Voice Of Eye Mariner Sonique CD 15.00
Voisey, Ven Blown CD-R 9.00
Volcano Suns All-Night Lotus Party LP 6.00
Volcano The Bear Volve CDR 9.00
Volcano The Bear Tunnels and Wheels 7" 5.00
Volcano The Bear The Mountains Among Us CD 12.00
Volcano The Bear Volvfur CDR 9.00
Volcano The Bear Volseptor CDR 9.00
Volcano The Bear Xvol CDR 9.00
Volcano The Bear Vol No No CDR 9.00
Vollmer, Carsten Arbeit Nummer 7 7" 4.00
Voltz, Larry The Last Rainbow LP 45.00
Vomito Negro Compiled CD 25.00
Von Magnet El Sexo Sur-Realista LP 9.00
Vopo's Dead Entertainment LP 15.00
Vorgruppe Im Herzen von Nielsen 2 LP 12.00
Vorkriegszeit Cystis LP 7.00
Vorkriegszeit Cystis CD 5.00
Vorkriegszeit Horizonte MC 9.00
Vote Robot In Meorm Na LP 9.00
Vote Robot h.waiian blue 7" 6.00
Vrtacek, C.W. Days of Grace CD 9.00
Vrtacek, C.W. Days & Days LP 29.00
Waard, Frans de (= Kapotte Muziek) Klankschap #4 MCDR 6.00
Waard, Frans de (= Kapotte Muziek) / Stelzer, Howard Torn Tongue CD-R 9.00
Waard, Frans de (= Kapotte Muziek) w./ David Myers & Jeph Jerman Corona Rewind Tapemusic MC 25.00
Waard, Frans de / Stelzer, Howard Gravity @ Half Speed / A Sunburned Grotto 7" 8.00
Wagner A Way of Life MLP 29.00
Wake Harmony LP 29.00
Wake, The Harlot 7" 19.00
Waldo The Dog Faced Boy Gifts of Finest Wheat LP 15.00
Walker, Jason B. Another Side of Me LP 15.00
Walking Wounded The New West LP 5.00
Walls Have Ears Die Abenteuer des Maschinisten Flux Garden LP 8.00
Walls, Brendan Outposts LP 9.00
Walls, Brendan (w./ Christoph Heemann & Andrew Chalk) Cassia Fistula 7" 15.00
Wander same MCD 5.00
Wander same CDR 15.00
Wander (= Beequeen) same 10" 19.00
Wander (= Beequeen) same CD 11.00
Wander (same duo as Beequeen / Frans de Waard & Freek Kinkelaar) same 7" 5.00
Wang Bros., The While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Beatles-Cover) 12" 8.00
Wannabe, Marc (featuring Jürgen Ploog, Ralf Schalinski, Andrew Loadman) (vs. Britney Spears, Molly Luft) Alte Faltige Roboter LP 5.00
Warnerbring, Jonas same LP 5.00
Warning Journey to the Other Side 7" 4.00
Wat Nu Skandal 7" 17.00
Watermann, John Warmth is the Fifth Room LP 15.00
Watermann, John Illusions of Infinite Bliss LP 15.00
Watermann, John The Dead Calm of Bashing Coca Cola LP 15.00
Watkins, Kit Labyrinth LP 5.00
We Are Yu The Big Picture 7" 49.00
Weard, Roy & Last Post Fallout LP 29.00
Weathermen Beyond the Beyond LP 5.00
Weathermen Deep Down South 12" 5.00
Weathermen Take It Off! MLP 5.00
Web & Foss (= Tony Webster & Michael Foster) 3 Swinging Party Hits FLEXI 45.00
Wedding Bells One Step Closer MC 19.00
Weekend (= Alison Statton of Young Marble Giants) La Varieté LP 7.00
Wehowski, Ralf (= RLW) Merry Merry 7" 6.00
Wehowski, Ralf (= RLW) with K2 Noise Tournament Vol. 3 EP 7.00
Wehowsky, Ralf Nameless Victims MCD 4.00
Wehowsky, Ralf / Courtis, Anla Return of the Stone Spirits CD 7.00
Wehowsky, Ralf / Drumm, Kevin Cases CD 6.00
Wehowsky, Ralf / Marchetti, Lionel Vier Vorspiele / L'Oeil retourné CD 9.00
Weibel, Peter / Menche, Daniel / Kommissar Hjuler Gemeinsame Zeit verbringen LP 49.00
Weihnachten (= Jonathan Meese & Tim Berresheim) Wir sind die Musiker 2LP 19.00
Wejdas Zemes Alsavimas (Atmen der Erde) CD 6.00
Weltraumforscher Zivilisation der Farben LP 12.00
Welttraumforscher Zwanzig Jahre auf dem Mond MC 29.00
Went, Johanna Hyena LP 29.00
Went, Johanna (w./ Mark Wheaton) Slave Beyond the Grave 7" 29.00
Werkbund Weit draussen LP 15.00
Werkbund Stahlhof LP 25.00
Werkbund / Mechthild von Leusch Ou Wirnith - Rungholter Tänze, erstes Buch LP 75.00
Wermut / Rod Droid An die Natur/Lotek Warrior EP 15.00
Werner, Jan / Ziegler, Harald "Sack" Wir leiden mit ihm FLEXI 5.00
Wesen, Das Nocturne 12" 19.00
Wesen, Das Anyone 12" 19.00
Wesen, Das Who Had A Heart 12" 15.00
West End The Servant 7" 5.00
Westgeest, Jan Paul Get Item Value LP 5.00
Westgeest, Jan Paul Get Item Value CD-R 5.00
Westgeest, Jan-Paul Get Item Value - pre-mastered demo CD-R 5.00
Westland same EP 5.00
Wham-O same LP 9.00
Whe Said Charge? Sunarise 7" 79.00
Wheaton, Mark (Survival Research Laboratories / Johanna Went) The Labyrinth of the Guilt Complex MC 8.00
Whelan, James & Piches, Andrew Wizard on Wizard MC 11.00
When People Were Shorter & Lives Near the Water Dandy EP 8.00
Whirling Dervishes Affordable World 12" 5.00
White Cross Landscapes of War 2MC 19.00
White Door Flame in my Heart 12" 7.00
White House White Ouverture 12" 22.00
White Light Playing in a Band LP 9.00
White Stains Misantropotantra CD 5.00
White Trash, Inc. same EP 6.00
White, James & the Blacks Contort Yourself 12" 12.00
White, James And The Blacks Off White LP 13.00
White, Kevin Commuters Dance 7" 15.00
Whitehouse 28-7-90 Club Volts Inmotion EP ACETATE 139.00
Whitehouse Live Action 1 LP 66.00
Whitehouse Las Grabaciones Mas Violentas (Live Birmingham 27th of August 1983) LP 79.00
Whitehouse Great White Death LP 39.00
Whitehouse The Sounds of Sadism MLP 49.00
Whitehouse Thank Your Lucky Stars EP 19.00
Whitehouse Bird Seed CD 12.00
Whitehouse Cream of the Second Coming 2LP 39.00
Whitehouse Mummy and Daddy CD 15.00
Whitehouse Cruise CD 15.00
Whitehouse Are Coming to Humiliate you 7" 39.00
Whitehouse Live Action 4-11-83 Slaughterhouse, Denver CO. USA LP 66.00
Whitehouse Total Sex LP 39.00
Whitehouse Try and be Grateful VHS Video 29.00
Whitehouse Halogen CD 15.00
Whitehouse Twice is Not Enough CD 19.00
Whitehouse Thank Your Lucky Stars CD 15.00
Whitehouse Birthdeath Experience LP 79.00
Whitehouse Thank Your Lucky Stars LP 29.00
Whitehouse Dedicated to Peter Kurten LP 99.00
Whitehouse Dedicated to Peter Kurten LP 79.00
Whitehouse Never Forget Death CD 33.00
Whitehouse / Come Organisation Come Organisation Publications BOOK 66.00
Whitelodge Stream of Dreams 10" 9.00
Whitelodge same LP 13.00
Wick(ed) (= Mars of Vance Orchestra) Publication No. 1 Anti-7" 33.00
Wiehl, Det Undersewer 55 CD 5.00
Wiese, John / Mama Bär / Kommissar Hjuler same CD-R 29.00
Wiggins, John Particle Music MC 12.00
Wiggins, John Anagenic MC 12.00
Wiggins, John Anagenic LP 12.00
Wiggins, Paul Soundscapes MC 9.00
Wiklund, Lotten / Stavöstrand, Mikael (& Kapotte Muziek) Kapotte Muziek by... 7" 5.00
Wilde Pinguin, Der Viel zu nah 7" 29.00
Will, Alan Standing on the Keys - Electronic Music LP 39.00
Willems, Richard Iron Heart 12" 99.00
Willowbrook Hanging from the Ribs like Rags from a Clothes-line FLOPPY DISC 5.00
Wilson, Robert same CD 7.00
Winterkälte Progressive 10" 9.00
Winterkälte Structures of Destruction CD 8.00
Winterkälte Greenwar MCD 5.00
Winterkälte Greenwar 10" 7.00
Winterkälte Structures Of Destruction 3x12"BOX 15.00
Wio / Köhn Lullabies 10" 5.00
Wir3o (= Wire & Hafler Trio) The First Last Number MLP 12.00
Wirkus, Paul / Mapstation Forest Full of Drums LP 9.00
Wirtschaftswunder Television & Kommissar 7" 18.00
Wirtschaftswunder Tscherwonez LP 9.00
Wiseblood (= Foetus) Motorslug 12" 7.00
Wiseblood (= Swans) Motorslug 12" 6.00
Wishart, Trevor Journey Into Space MC 29.00
Wishart, Trevor Journey into Space MC 49.00
Wismeer, Pepe / Müller, Thierry (= Ilitch) L'echo des chiens dans le sang de la tactique 2CD 15.00
Wissem, Jos van (= Jozef van Wissem) (with Mark Kramer) Uncut MC 99.00
Wissem, Jozef van Narcissus Drowning CD 12.00
WKGB Non-Stop 7" 9.00
Wobble, Jah Bedroom Album LP 9.00
Wobble, Jah (w./ PIL, Jaki Liebezeit, Holger Czukay, Brian Eno, Harold Budd, Pharoah Sanders, Sinead O'Connor, Evan Parker, Bill Laswell,...) Anthology - I Could Have Been A Contender 3CD BOX 12.00
Wolf D / Kommissar Hjuler und Frau Schreiber (Die Antizipation des Generalized Other) CD-R 29.00
Wolke Möbelstück / Oliver Minck & Benedikt Filleböck (w./ Harald "Sack" Ziegler) Op. 3 LP 9.00
Wollscheid, Achim Der gefaßte Raum - Über die japanische Noise Culture MC 12.00
Wollscheid, Achim Acts CD 5.00
Wollscheid, Achim Shifts CD 5.00
Wollscheid, Achim / Tietchens, Asmus Repetetive Movement CD 8.00
Women Of The SS SS Orgy / SS Bitch 7" 49.00
Wondeur Brass Ravir LP 19.00
Wood, Bill / Sevendal, Fredrik Ness Song of Degrees LP 11.00
Woods It's Like This LP 6.00
Woodshill, Mark Factory Fred 7" 19.00
Woofing Cookies Such a Mistake 7" 13.00
Words Of Anger Codage Technologique MC 12.00
Work (= Amos of Amos & Sara / Chris Cutler / Tim Hodgkinson / Bill Gilonis) Live in Japan LP 29.00
Work (= Mick Hobbs / Tim Hodgkinson / Catherine Jauniaux) Slow Crimes LP 22.00
Workforce (= Doppler Effect) Driving is Easy 12" 15.00
Workforce (= Doppler Effect) Is It Safe 12" 19.00
Workmates Live in Berlin EP 15.00
World According To (= WAT) Defreeze MLP 8.00
Worlds Space Age Hero LP 25.00
Wouters, Hero (of Two / Legendary Pink Dots) Fiction (film music) LP 19.00
Woz (= Dale Wozny) You are Here LP 7.00
Woznicki, Paul (w./ Stephen Spera) WOZ LP 29.00
Wrag Naroda (ex-Appi) Recordings MC 9.00
Wrekmeister Harmonies Pittsburgh - Recorded at the Andy Warhol Museum MLP 19.00
Wrigley, Bernard The Bolton Bullfrog LP 9.00
Wrikken 8ste Mixer 7" 5.00
Wumpscut Evoke - Snippet CD CD 3.00
Wyman, Mark Space Invaders 7" 12.00
X Ray Pop Fuzzy Christmas 7" 15.00
X Ray Pop Cosmofuzz Balroom LP 18.00
X-Ray Mr. Razzle Dazzle 7" 7.00
X.S. Energy Eighteen EP 9.00
Xavier, Io (produced & recorded by Joseph T. Jacobs) Radio World (original soundtrack) LP 29.00
Xenia Tko je to Ucino? LP 9.00
XL Capris Where is Hank? LP 59.00
XX Century Zorro La Volpe du XX Siecle LP 59.00
XX Century Zorro same MC 199.00
XX Committee (= Scott Foust) (pre-Idea Fire Company, Tobacconists, Anschluss, Pickle Factory, Y Front, New Peculiars, Tart) Network LP 39.00
XXX Boite de nuit 7" 6.00
Ya Ya Choral Hit 12" 25.00
Yasuo (pre-Mask of the Imperial Family) same EP 179.00
Überhaupt Cowboy EP 25.00
YBO2 Alienation LP 29.00
YBO2 Doglamagla 7" 25.00
Yeah Yeah Noh When I am a Big Girl... MLP 5.00
Yeast Culture same MC 49.00
Yeast Culture Dueterium - Yeast Culture Improvacoustic Series Vol. 1 MC 9.00
Yeast Culture (w./ Kapotte Muziek / Dada Action Group) Shit on a Shingle 3MC BOX 39.00
Yeast Culture w./ Achim Wollscheid & All Fours Red Light Remixes MC 25.00
Yeast Curd Barefoot in the Dark MC 5.00
Yello You Gotta Say Yes to Another Excess 12" 7.00
Yello Solid Pleasure LP 12.00
Yello / Renaldo & the Loaf Take It! - Third Eye Issue (Mag: Fred Frith, Willie Alexander, Angry Samoans,...) FLEXI+MAG 19.00
Yen, Johnny Go Crazy 12" 5.00
Yen, Johnny / Lister Pop Cycles LP 59.00
Yo Charm World LP 12.00
Yoggy It's Alright 7" 5.00
Yoko, Nagisa & Simon, Justin Kayoko Nonsense MLP 9.00
Yonemoto, Minoru / Eso Steel Memories of Iron / Anglo-strura 8" 29.00
You Are Coming LP 39.00
You Neek LP 19.00
Young Executives Honey, I'm Home! 12" 8.00
Young Gods same LP 12.00
Young Lions (= Rob Scholte / Tim Benjamin / Ronald Heiloo / Harold Schellinkx / Peter Mertens) No News, Strange Rumours 12" 19.00
Young Marble Giants Final Day EP 15.00
Young, John Paul The Life of Ermie Scub 7" 39.00
Young, Matthew Recurring Dreams LP 79.00
Youth & Ben Watkins The Empty Quarter LP 9.00
Yximalloo (w./ Sympathy Nervous / Yoshifumi Niinuma / Tomiko Ishimaru / Takashi Korgo) 15 Songs MC 55.00
Z'ev 5.14.93 MCD 5.00
Z'ev Ghost Stories CD 9.00
Z'ev 1968-1990: One Foot the the Grave 2CD BOX 29.00
Z'ev My Favorite Things LP 25.00
Z'ev The Hottest Night MC 19.00
Z'ev Production and Decay of Spacial Relations LP 29.00
Z'ev Schönste Muziek LP 19.00
Z'ev Opus 3 CD 8.00
Z'ev Production And Decay Of Spacial Relations LP 18.00
Z'ev & Ramona Ponzini Ankoku CD 5.00
Z'ev / Lopez, Francisco Buzzin' Fly / Dormant Spores CD 9.00
Z'ev / Saunders, Bryan Lewis / Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Der Mutter Objekt für die Hunde MC 15.00
Z'ev / Thomas Köner & Ulrich Krieger Untitled 7"+EP 9.00
z.B.u.ä. (= Kapotte Muziek / Phänomenalismus Sounds / M.S.L. & R.C.L. / A.T.S.C. / Scan Corp. N.H.K.) Buuhndahmaging MC 25.00
Z.O.A. Off Black 12" 19.00
Zaboitzeff, Thierry (of Art Zoyd) Promethee LP 19.00
Zajec, Marjanov Cudni Svinjam Diamante LP 29.00
Zammuto Soutiore of Stareau: Disc One CD 5.00
Zanti Misfitz Heroe's Are Go! MLP 4.00
Zbirka, Miro Chlapec Z Ulice LP 5.00
Zebra (= Freiband & Leif Elggren) Last Night a DJ Saved my File 7" 5.00
Zebu! Bloody Lips EP 5.00
Zed (Bernard Szajner) Energy / Sharing Your Love 7" 7.00
Zeit Geist Leidenschaft 7" 5.00
Zeitgeist Wherehaus Jamb EP 4.00
Zeitgeist Wherehaus Jamb EP 4.00
Zeitgeist Shake-Rake 7" 5.00
Zen Paradox The Voyage MLP 6.00
Zeni Geva (= KK Null & Mitsuru Tabata) How to Kill LP 35.00
Zero Divide Cine-Club 7" 9.00
Zero Kama The Secret Eye of L.A.Y.L.A.H. MC 49.00
Zeroes Heroes LP 9.00
ZGA Riga LP 12.00
Zhivago, Jimi Fire with Fire LP 5.00
Ziamaluch V8 MLP 19.00
Ziegler, Harald Sack Punkt CD 6.00
Ziegler, Harald Sack Kopf Zahl Bauch CD 7.00
Ziel same 12" 5.00
Zimbo Chimps (= Mark Erskine of Savage Republic) In a Cave EP 5.00
Zimihc / Thomas, David / Scheele, Dirk (w./ Gerrit Komrij / Ted van Lieshout / Paul van Ostaijen / Herman Gorter) Zielsve'el CD+BOOK 29.00
Zimmerman (of Minx / Zimmerman) same 10" 19.00
Zimmerman, Aldomir (of Minx / Zimmerman) Electronic Kapellmeister Music LP 12.00
Zimmermann, Reinhard Black is Coming 7" 9.00
Zinthetyzer (Rational Youth) Green Onions MLP 9.00
Zizzania / Watanabe, Koichi Come - Bind 1 EP 9.00
Zlatanos, Thanasis Nekropolis LP 99.00
Zona Fumatori (= Martijn Tellinga) Enteng CDR 9.00
Zona Industriale Requiem MC 29.00
Zone Sword of the Sun LP 49.00
Zoo Boutique Forgive and Forget 7" 5.00
Zooks Ten Years, Tangier 7" 9.00
Zos Kia / Coil Transparent MC 29.00
Zoskia / Sugardog Groove to Get Down 12" 6.00
Zoskia meets Sugardog That's Heavy Baby 12" 9.00
Zoviet France Ritual CD 15.00
Zoviet France Norsch 12" 49.00
Zoviet France Ritual MLP 39.00
Zoviet France Loh Land MC 19.00
Zowiso Beat per Minute EP+MAG 29.00
Zuvuya & Terence McKenna Shamania MC 9.00
Zwei, Die Countryboy 12" 8.00
Zzzang Tumb Swedish Model Home 7" 6.00
[Law-Rah] Collective Isolation CD 7.00
Ärzte Musik Express Sound FLEXI 5.00
‘s Go Abbreviated LP 9.00